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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 14 rolls, T626-800 to T626-813
Enum. District
for County #36
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-800 1 to 12

Ward 1; Ward 2 (Part)
Institution(s): Catherine Club; Convent of the Sisters Servants of Mary; Home for Homeless Young Women; Kingsley House; Rescue Workers Home; Soniat Leonce Memorial Mercy Hospital; St. Michael's Convent of Our Lady of Mercy; St. Rita's Surgical Infirmary; St. Vincent's Infant Asylum; Warrington Boys Home; Women and Children's Home (Volunteers of America); Y.W.C.A.

T626-801 13 to 38

Ward 2 (Part); Ward 3 (Part)
Institution(s): Dominican Convent; Hotel Dieu Hospital; House of Detention; Louise Home; New Orleans City Hospital for Mental Diseases; New Orleans City Jail; New Orleans Maternity Home; Norwegian Seamen's Mission; Sacred Heart Convent; St. Mary's Dominican Convent; St. Theresa's Convent; Straight College Dormitories; Y.M.C.A.

T626-802 39 to 60

Ward 3 (Part); Ward 4 (Part)
Institution(s): Charity Hospital and Breaux Memorial Hospital; College of Immaculate Conception; Corinne Casanas Memorial Hospital; Delgade Memorial Hospital; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital; Flint Goodrich Hospital; House of the Good Shepherd; Illinois Central Railroad Hospital; Louisiana Child Finding and Home Society, Inc.; Mt. Carmel Convent; Municipal Boys Home; Orleans Parish Prison; Richard Milliken Memorial Hospital; Y.W.C.A.

T626-803 61 to 91

Ward 4 (Part); Ward 5; Ward 6 (Part)
Institution(s): Christian Women's Exchange; Convent and Novitiate of the Sisters of St. Joseph; Convent and Novitiate of the Sisters of the Holy Family; Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Lourdes; Evangelical Lutheran Seamen's Bethel; French Hospital; Home for Homeless Men; Lafon Asylum of the Holy Family; Lepers Home (Isolation Hospital); Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Children; Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum and Convent of Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Salvation Army Industrial Home; St. Joseph's Academy; St. Mary's Academy; St. Vincent's Hotel; Teresian Convent of the Sacred Heart; U.S. Marine Hospital; Volunteers of America Men's Home

T626-804 92 to 105

Ward 6 (Part); Ward 7 (Part)
Institution(s): Convent and Novitiate of the Sisters of Mt. Carmel; Louisiana State Soldiers Home; Milne Home for Destitute Orphan Girls; Maison Hospitaliere; Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Children; Monastery of Sts. Joseph and Teresa Discalced Carmelites; St. John Berchman's Asylum; St. Mark's Hall; Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum; Convent of Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Warrington House

T626-805 106 to 124

Ward 7 (Part); Ward 8 (Part)
Institution(s): Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Poor; Bethany Home; Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament Convent; Sisters Servants of Mercy; St. Aloysius College; St. Boniface Convent

T626-806 125 to 140

Ward 8 (Part); Ward 9 (Part)
Institution(s): St. Joseph's Convent of Perpetual Adoration; Convent of the Most Holy Sacrament; Sts. Peter and Paul Convent; St. Benedict's Convent; Novitiate of Our Lady of Lourdes Convent

T626-807 141 to 152

Ward 9 (Part)
Institution(s): Mt. Carmel Female Orphan Asylum; Academy of the Holy Angels and Provincial House and Novitiate of the Sisters Marianites of the Holy Cross; St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Asylum for Boys; Holy Cross College; Bethlehem Lutheran Orphan Asylum

T626-808 153 to 179

Ward 9 (Part); Ward 10; Ward 11 (Part)
Institution(s): Children's Home of the Protestant Episcopal Church; Convent of Our Lady of Mercy; Frank B. Williams Nurses Home; Gaudet Normal and Industrial School; Jackson Barracks U.S. Army Post; Lafon Orphan Asylum for Colored Boys; New Orleans Hospital Dispensary for Women and Children; Perpetual Adoration Convent and Academy of the Holy Child Jesus; Priests' Home; Seamen's Bethel; Sisters of Mercy Working Girls' Home; St. Anna's Asylum; St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum and Convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame; St. Vincent's Seamen's Haven; West Rigolets U.S. Lighthouse

T626-809 180, 181 (void), 182 to 202

Ward 11 (Part); Ward 12 (Part)
Institution(s): Julius Weis Home for Aged and Infirm; Lafon Old Folks Home; Liners Harvest Home; Memorial Home for Young Women; Protestant Orphans Home; Touro Infirmary; Travelers' Aid Home

T626-810 203 to 226

Ward 12 (Part); Ward 13 (Part)
Institution(s): Baptist Hospital; Chenet Institute; Fink Asylum; Home for the Aged (St. Mary's Little Sisters of the Poor); Jewish Widows and Orphans Home; New Orleans Female Orphan Asylum; New Orleans University Dormitories; Our Lady of Good Counsel Convent; Our Lady of Lourdes Convent; Sacred Heart Convent and Academy; Sisters of Christian Charity Convent; Touro Infirmary Nurses Home; Touro Nurses Home; Widow's Faith Home

T626-811 227 to 246

Ward 13 (Part); Ward 14 (Part)
Institution(s): Depaul Sanitarium; Holy Name of Mercy Convent; Louisiana Freedman's Asylum; Loyola Jesuits College; Poydras Orphan Asylum for Females; Sophie Newcomb College; St. Mary's Dominican Convent, College, and Diocesean Normal School; Touro Shakespeare Home and Sophie L. Gumbel Memorial Home; Tulane University; Ursuline Convent; Xavier University

T626-812 247 to 265

Ward 14 (Part); Ward 15; Ward 16 (Part)
Institution(s): St. Claire's Monastery; U.S. Marine Hospital; U.S. Naval Station

T626-813 266 to 277

Ward 16 (Part); Ward 17

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