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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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Essex County, Massachusetts - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 10 rolls, T626-894 to T626-903
Enum. District Numbers
for County #5
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-894 1 to 11

Towns: Amesbury and Andover
Villages: Andover, Ballard Vale, and Shawsheen
Institution(s): Abbott Academy; Amesbury Almshouse; Amesbury Hospital; Andover Almshouse; Andover Home for Aged People; Birch Haven Hospital; Home for Aged Women; Huntington Home; Phillips Academy; Sacred Heart Convent; St. Augustine's Convent; St. Jospeh's Convent

T626-895 12 to 35, 50, 285, 51, 80 to 82

Beverly City: Wards 1-6
Towns: Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamilton, and Ipswich
Villages: Groveland and South Groveland
Institution(s): Beverly City Infirmary; Beverly Hospital; Beverly School for Deaf; Carleton Home for Aged; Georgetown Town Farm; Danvers Home for Aged; Danvers State Hospital; Ipswich Town Poor Farm; Cable Hospital; Kendall Hall; New England Home for Deaf Mutes; Old Ladies Home; Plum Island Coast Guard Station; St. John's Preparatory School (Xaverian Brothers); St. Mary Star of the Sea Convent; St. Stanislaus Convent and School

T626-896 36 to 49, 52 to 57, 61 to 69

Gloucester City: Wards 1-8
Haverhill City: Wards 1, 2, 3, and 5
Five Pound and Ten Pound Islands
Institution(s): Addison Gilbert Hospital; Convent of the Sisters of Mercy; Garton Pew Vessel Co. Ship Crews; Gilbert Home for Old Ladies; Gloucester City Home and Hospital; Gloucester Coast Guard Station; Huntress Home for Old Ladies; John Chisholm Co. Vessel Crews; J. M. Marshall Co. Vessel Crews; St. Joseph's Convent; Marist Brothers Home; St. Mary's Convent

T626-897 58 to 60, 70 to 79, 83 to 100

Haverhill City: Wards 4, 6, and 7
Lawrence City: Wards 1 and 2
Institution(s): Bradford Academy; Clover Hill Hospital; Essex Co. Training School; Franciscan Sisters; German Old Folks Home; Hale Hospital; Haverhill City Farm; Riverside Rest; Haverhill Old Ladies Home; Gale Hospital; Lawrence General Hospital; Lawrence Home for Aged People; Lawrence Municipal Hospital and City Home; Mcvey Hospital; Morris Home; Polish National Home; Pythian Sisters Home; St. Lawrence Convent; Venerini Sisters

T626-898 101 to 108, 116 to 125, 109 to 115, 126 to 134

Lawrence City: Wards 3-6
Institution(s): Essex Co. Jail and House of Correction; Lawrence Tuberculosis Hospital; Protectory of Mary Immaculate; Sacred Heart Convent; Sisters of the Good Shepherd Convent; Marist Brothers; St. Mary's Convent; St. Patrick's Convent; Xaverian Brothers

T626-899 135 to 136, 141 to 151, 137 to 140, 152 to 161

Lynn City: Wards 1-4
Institution(s): Lynn Home for Aged Women; Lynn Young Women's Home; St. Joseph's Convent

T626-900 162 to 173, 187 to 189, 174 to 186, 190 to 192

Lynn City: Wards 5-7
Towns: Lynnfield and Manchester Town
Manchester Village
Institution(s): Bakers Island Light House; Hahn Home for Aged Couples; Lynn City Home; Lynn Contagious Hospital; Jennie P. Kneale Home; Lynn Home for Aged Men; Lynn Hospital; Manchester Almshouse; Sacred Heart Convent; St. Francis Convent; St. John the Baptist Convent; St. Patrick's Convent; St. Theresa's House for Working Girls; St. Mary's Convent; Union Hospital

T626-901 193 to 197, 211 to 222, 198 to 210

Newburyport City: Wards 1-6
Towns: Marblehead, Merrimac, Methuen, Middleton, Nahant, and Newbury
Villages: Clifton and Marblehead
Middleton Colony
Institution(s): Anna Jaques Hospital; Barr Sanitarium; Brockhouse Sanatorium; Dummer Academy; Essex Co. Hospital; Essex Co. Industrial Farm; Home for Aged Men; Home for Aged Women; Home for Old Ladies; Homeopathic Hospital; Horton Home; Immaculate Conception Convent; Marblehead Almshouse; Mary A. Alley Emergency Hospital; Methuen Town Farm; Middleton Colony (Danvers State Hospital Branch); Nahant Coast Guard Station; Nevins Memorial Home; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel's Convent and School; St. Aloysius Convent; St. Anne's Orphanage; St. Louis Convent; Whittier School for Girls

T626-902 223 to 256

Peabody City: Wards 1-6
Salem City: Wards 1-4
Towns: North Andover, Rockport, and Rowley
Villages: North Andover, Pigeon Cove, and Rockport
Institution(s): Bertram Home for Aged Men; Brooks School; Cape Ann Light House; Immaculate Conception Convent; North Andoover Town Home; Peabody Almshouse; Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys; Rockport Town Infirmary; Salem Co. Jail and House of Correction; Salem Home for Aged and Destitute Women; Salem Hospital; Salem Infirmary; Seamen's Children's Home (Carpenter Street Home); St. Anne's Convent; St. James Convent; St. John the Baptist's Convent; St. John's Convent; St. Joseph's Juniorate of the Xaverian Brothers; Stratsmouth Coast Guard Station; Stratsmouth Light House; Sutton Home for Aged Women

T626-903 257 to 268, 282 to 284, 269 to 281

Salem City: Wards 5 and 6
Towns: Salisbury, Saugus, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, and West Newbury
Institution(s): Florence Crittenden Home for Girls; House of the Angel Guardian; North Shore Babies Hospital; Salisbury Beach Coast Guard Station; Saugus Town Home; St. Chretienne Convent and Academy; St. John the Evangelist Convent; St. Joseph's Convent

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