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Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 12 rolls, T626-1193 to T626-1204
Enum. District Numbers
for County #48
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-1193 1 to 16, 21 to 26, 17 to 20, 27 to 32 Ward 1 and Ward 2 (part)
Institutions: Sisters of St. Joseph; St. Simon's Nursery Home (Colored); Church of God Rescue Home; Emergency Hospital; Detention Home for Children; Convent of Our Lady of Mercy; Helping Hand Institute; Jackson Co. Jail; Sisters of Mercy; Kansas City Southern Railway Employees Hospital; Association Hospital; Grace Hospital; Grace Hospital Nurses Home; Kansas City Univ. of Medicine; Girls Club; Sisters of St. Joseph; West Side Community Center; St. Mary's Academy; Thornton and Minor Sanitarium; Missouri Pacific Railway Hospital; Sisters of St. Joseph; Girls Immanuel Home; Kansas City Junior College; University Hospital; Wesley Hospital; St. Catherine's Convent for Catholic Working Girls; Loretto Academy; Jackson Co. Home for Aged and Infirm Negroes

T626-1194 33 to 66 Ward 2 (part), Ward 3, and Ward 4 (part)
Institutions: Women's and Children's Hospital; De La Salle Academy for Boys; St. Luke's Baby Camp; Thomas H. Swope Settlement; Sisters of St. Francis; Franciscan Fathers Monastery; Vinyard Park Hospital; Kansas City General Hospital and Nurses Home; Kansas City General Hospital No. 2 (Colored); Research Hospital and Nurses Home; Sacred Heart Academy; Sisters of The Sacred Heart; Salem Lutheran Home for The Aged; St. Mary's Hospital; St. Mary's Hospital Nurses Home; Trinity Lutheran Hospital; St. Joseph's Orphans Home; School for Deaf Children; Willows Maternity Sanitarium; South Side Hospital; Wheatley Provident Hospital Nurses Home; St. Joseph's Convent; Wheatley Provident Hospital

T626-1195 67 to 90 Ward 4 (part) and Ward 5
Institutions: Margaret Kleck Armour Home; Gillis Orphans Home; Girls Reformatory; Rest Cottage Rescue Home; Working Girls Home (Colored); Niles Home for Colored Orphans; Colored Peoples Associated Charities; Florence Home for Colored Girls; Children's Home Finding Society; Thomas M. Spofford Receiving Home for Children; Michael Appleman Jewish Home for The Aged; Rest Cottage; Hale Home for The Blind; Punton Sanitarium for Insane; Convalescent Home; Lakeside Hospital; U.S. Veterans Hospital; U.S. Veterans Hospital Home for Nurses; Florence Crittenton Home; Barnett Private Sanitarium; Catholic Orphan Home; College of Redemptorist Fathers; Veil Maternity Hospital; Sisters of St. Joseph; College of Redemptorist Fathers (Novice Academy); Sisters of Notre Dame De Sion; Rose Brewer Children's Home

T626-1196 91, 92 (void), 93 to 102, 104, 103, 105 to 112 Ward 6 and Ward 7 (part)
Institutions: Scarritt Nurses Home; Loretto Academy and Sisters of Loretto; Kansas City Boys Orphans Home; Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul; Junior League Boarding Home for Babies; Barstow School; Benedictine Sisters

T626-1197 113 to 120 Ward 7 (part) and Ward 8
Institutions: St. Luke's Hospital; St. Luke's Hospital Nurses Home; St. Teresa Junior College and Academy; Sisters of St. Joseph; House of The Good Shepherd

T626-1198 121 to 124, 130, 125 to 129, 131 to 147 Ward 9 and Ward 10 (part)
Institutions: St. Frances Convent; Sisters of St. Francis Seraph; Big Sisters Club; Dr. B. B. Ralph Sanitarium; Jefferson Home; Harry M. Evans Children's Home Society; Westminster Club House for Girls; Allen Sanitarium; Columbus Hospital; Temple Hall (Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints); Boys Club; Children's Mercy Hospital; Agatha Baby Home; Schnierles Old Ladies Home; Kansas City Home for The Aged; Miss Barredon's Hospital; Old Peoples Home; Sisters Aid Jewish Orphan Home; St. Aloysius Academy; Convent of Sisters of Charity B.V.M.; Motherhouse of Sisters of Mercy; St. Agnes Academy;

T626-1199 148 to 173 Ward 10 (part) and Ward 11 (part)
Institutions: Baptist Hospital; St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital and St. Anthony's Home for Infants; Dominican Sisters

T626-1200 174 to 191, 192 (void), 193 to 194 Ward 11 (part) and Ward 12
Institutions: Sisters of St. Francis De Sales; Lewellan Home; East Side Hospital; Sisters of Charity; Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth; Church of God Missionary Home; Natl. Training School for Deaconesses and Missionaries;

T626-1201 195 to 218 Ward 13 and Ward 14 (part)
Institutions: Scottish Rite Home for Crippled Boys; St. Vincent's Academy; Sisters of Charity; Linwood Presbyterian Convalescent Rest Home; Southwest Sanatorium; Simpson-Major Sanitarium; St. Joseph's Hospital; Sisters of St. Joseph; Baptist Christian Home; St. James School; Sisters of Mercy; Sisters of Charity; Annunciation Convent; Fairmount Maternity Hospital

T626-1202 219 to 230 Ward 14 (part) and Ward 15 (part)
Institutions: Tubercular Hospital; Rockhurst College; House of The Little Sisters of The Poor

T626-1203 231 to 239 Ward 15 (part) and Ward 16 (part)
Institutions: St. Louis Convent

T626-1204 240, 241, 273 Ward 16 (part)
Institutions: George H. Nettleton Home for Aged Women; Jackson Co. Home for Aged and Infirm Negroes

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