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City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilms T626-1227 to T626-1246
Enum. District Numbers
for County #96
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-1227 1 to 3, 543, 4, 544, 5, 545, 6 to 7, 546, 8 to 13, 14 (void), 15 to 16, 547, 17 Ward 1.
Institutions: Sisters of Loretto; Westminster Hospital; Sisters of Notre Dame; Catholic Outing Home; Lewright and Whitener's Hospital; Sisters of St. Joseph; Christian Hospital

T626-1228 258 to 289 Ward 2 and Ward 3.
Institutions: Bethany Rescue Home; Jewish Orthodox Old Home; Sisters of St. Francis; Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel; St. Louis Roman Catholic Seminary; Sisters of Notre Dame; Grace Church Holy Cross House; Sisters of Loretto

T626-1229 290 to 310, 560, 311 to 314, 353 to 364 Ward 4 and Ward 7 (part).
Institutions: Polish Home Assn.; Sisters of St. Francis; Sisters of St. Stanislaus School; St. Joseph's School; Father Dempsey's Institutions (Hotel For Working Men); Father Dempsey's Institutions (Settlement); St. Patrick's Day Nursery; Good Will Industries; St. Mary's Infirmary; Sisters of Notre Dame; Sisters of The Precious Blood

T626-1230 365 to 397 Ward 7 (part) and Ward 8.
Institutions: Sisters of St. Joseph; St. Louis City Hospital (No. 1); Ursuline Convent and Academy; Sisters of Notre Dame Convent

T626-1231 315 to 329, 330 (void), 331 to 352 Ward 5 and Ward 6.
Institutions: Bible College of Divinity and Clergymen's Home; Women's Christian Home; Y.M.C.A. (Pine St. Branch); Mercy Home For Girls; Y.M.C.A. (Central Branch); Downtown Emergency Hospital; Father and Son League; Sisters of The Catholic Italian School; Salvation Army; St. Louis City Hospital (No. 2, Colored); Sisters of St. Francis; Y.M.C.A. (Railroad Branch); House of Detention; St. Louis City Jail; Municipal Lodging House

T626-1232 398 to 428, 561, 429 to 431 Ward 9 and Ward 10.
Institutions: Sisters of Notre Dame; Sisters of St. Joseph; Sisters of St. Joseph (St. Agnes Convent); St. Joseph's Carmelite Convent; St. Louis Barracks; Alexian Brothers Hospital of St. Louis; Sisters of The Precious Blood; U.S. Marine Hospital

T626-1233 432 to 449, 562, 450 to 452, 563 to 565, 453 to 455 Ward 11 and Ward 12 (part).
Institutions: Sisters of Notre Dame; Franciscan Monastery; Sacred Heart Convent; St. Louis City Workhouse; St. Rita's Convent and School for Colored Girls; Convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Home For The Aged; St. Anthony's Hospital and Training School For Nurses; Carondelet Park

T626-1234 456 to 466, 566 to 567, 467, 568, 468, 569, 469, 570, 470 to 471, 571 to 572, 472 Ward 12 (part) and Ward 13 (part).
Institutions: St. Boniface Convent; St. Joseph's Academy

T626-1235 473 to 484, 573, 485 to 492 Ward 13 (part).
Institutions: St. Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum; Sisters of The Precious Blood; Sisters Home; Convent of The Asylum of The House of Good Shepherd

T626-1236 493 to 505, 574, 506, 18, 576, 19 to 32 Ward 14 and Ward 15.
Institutions: Jewish Shelter Home For Children; Episcopal Orphan Home; Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. Hospital; Vanderbeck's Hospital; Arthur Brittain Hall; Missouri School For Blind; Memorial Home; Miss Compton's School; St. Margaret's Convent; St. Elizabeth's Academy; Sisters of Notre Dame

T626-1237 33 to 43, 548, 44 to 59 Ward 16 and Ward 17 (part).
Institutions: Josephine Hospital and Nurses Home; Loretto Academy; St. Louis Mullanphy and Dispensary Hospital; Jewish Orphans Home; Marguerite Nonsectarian Old Peoples Home; Bethesda Foundling Home, Hospital and Home for Incurables, Maternity Hospital, and Old Ladies Home; Sisters of Christian Charity; Methodist Orphans Home; Sisters of Notre Dame; Sisters of St. Joseph; Washington Maternity Home; Williams Hospital; Helping Hand Home For Girls; Sharpe Nurses Home

T626-1238 60 to 68, 549, 69 to 89, 103 to 105 Ward 17 (part), Ward 20, and Ward 22 (part).
Institutions: Anti-Narcotic Treatment Co.; Ben A Kiba Girls Home; Queen's Daughters Home and Annex; Springer Catholic Home; Fathers of The Resurrection House of Studies; St. Louis Univ. Dormitories; Cancer Hospital; Pasteur Institute of St. Louis; Peoples Hospital; Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament; Father Dunne's Newsboys Home and Protectorate; Pentecostal Training Home; Working Girls Industrial Home; St. Louis Colored Orphans Home; St. Matthew's Convent; Sisters of Charity of The Incarnate Word

T626-1239 106 to 112, 550, 113, 577, 114 to 118, 551, 119 to 134 Ward 22 (part) and Ward 23 (part).
Institutions: Christian Orphans Home; Sisters of Notre Dame; Children's Home Society of Missouri; German General Protestant Orphan Asylum; Sisters of Notre Dame; American Hospital; Mayfield Memorial Hospital; Evangelical Deaconess Home and Hospital; Sisters of Loretto; Missouri Baptist Sanitarium; Missouri Baptist Sanitarium Nurses Home

T626-1240 135 to 143, 552, 578, 553, 114, 554, 145, 579, 146 to 152 Ward 23 (part) and Ward 24 (part).
Institutions: Liberty Hospital; Mckinley Home; St. Louis Maternity Hospital; St. Louis Maternity Hospital Nurses Home; Good Samaritan Home and Hospital; Liberty Hospital; Liberty Hospital (Nurses Home); St. Louis Home of Redeeming Love ; Letmar Club For Young Women; St. Louis Preparatory Seminary; Gertrude Boys Home; Convent of The Helpers of The Holy Souls; Dominican Sisters/Convent

T626-1241 153 to 159, 160 (void), 161 to 166, 580, 555, 581, 167, 582, 168 to 175 Ward 24 (part) and Ward 25 (part).
Institutions: Dominican Sisters/Convent; Isolation Hospital for Children; Sisters of The Precious Blood; St. Aloysius Convent; St. Louis City Sanitarium; St. Louis City Infirmary; Sisters of St. Theresa

T626-1242 176 to 182, 556, 183 to 192, 557, 507 to 521 Ward 18 and Ward 25 (part).
Institutions: Frisco Employees Hospital/St. Louis and San Francisco Hospital; Jewish Hospital; Martha Parsons Free Hospital For Children (Aka St. Louis Children's Hospital); Washington Univ. Nurses Home; St. John's Hospital and Training School For Nurses; Mission Free School and Home of The Church of The Messiah; Barnes Hospital; Missouri Sanitarium; Convent and Academy of The Sacred Heart; Mullanphy Orphan Asylum; Home for Aged (Little Sisters of The Poor); Sisters of Christian Charity; Sisters of Loretto

T626-1243 522 to 532, 575, 533 to 542, 90 to 102 Ward 19 and Ward 21.
Institutions: Y.M.C.A. (North Side Branch); Convent of The Maria Concillia Deaf Mute Institute; Redemptorist Fathers; Sisters of Notre Dame

T626-1244 193 to 224, 583 Ward 26 and Ward 27 (part).
Institutions: Girls Industrial Home; Methodist Hospital; St. Philomena's Technical School; Convent and Academy of The Visitation; St. Ann's Maternity Hospital Training School For Nurses; St. Ann's Widow's Home; St. Ann's Founding Asylum; Blind Girls Home; Dominican Sisters/Convent; Everhart Camp; St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and Nurses Home; Masonic Home of Missouri; Girls Cooperative Home; Mclain Orthopedic Sanitarium

T626-1245 225 to 232, 558, 584, 233, 585, 234 to 239, 559, 240 to 243 Ward 27 (part) and Ward 28 (part).
Institutions: Father Dempsey's Institutions (Home For Women); St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum; Forest Park

T626-1246 244 to 245, 246 (NP), 247 to 257 Ward 28 (part).
Institutions: St. Teresa's Convent (No Population); Sisters of Loretto; St. Rose Convent; Sisters of Notre Dame

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