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Custer County, Nebraska - - 1900 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilm # T623-921



Status Transcriber Proofreader
57 Algernon Twp, includes Mason City Village      
58 Ansley Twp, includes Ansley Village      
59 Arnold Twp and Hayes Twp      
Hayes Twp On-Line Sandra Newman Sanchez S. Sanchez
60 Berwyn Twp, includes Berwyn Village      
61 Broken Bow Twp      
62 Broken Bow city, Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3      
63 Cliff Twp and Triumph Twp      
64 Custer Twp      
65 Delight Twp, includes Callaway Town, and Grant Twp      
66 Douglas Grove Twp and Garfield Twp      
67 Elk Creek Twp      
68 Elim Twp and Wayne Twp      
69 Kilfoil Twp, includes Merna Village      
70 Lillian      
71 Loup      
72 Myrtle      
73 Sargent Twp, includes Sargent Village      
74 Victoria Twp, includes Anselmo Village      
75 Westerville      
76 West Union      
77 Wood River      

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