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Essex County, New Jersey
Microfilmed on 18 rolls, T626-1327 to T626-1344
Enum. District Numbers
for County #7
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-1327 303 to 324

Belleville Town: Wards 1-4
Institution(s): St. Peter's Convent

T626-1328 325 to 361

Bloomfield Town: Wards 1-3
Caldwell Borough
Caldwell and Cedar Grove Twps.
Institution(s): Bloomfield Home for Aged; Bloomfield Theological Seminary; Dr. Butler's Hospital; Dr. Phelps Private Hospital; Essex Co. Hospital for Insane; Job Haines Home for The Aged; Sisters of Charity Convent; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent

T626-1329 362 to 386, 401 to 427

East Orange City: Wards 1, 2, 4, and 5
Institution(s): Convent of Our Lady, Help of Christians; Homeopathic Hospital; International Baptist Seminary; Miss Cora Webb Peet's Kindergarten Normal Training School

T626-1330 387 to 400, 428 to 462

East Orange City: Ward 3
Irvington Town: Wards 1 and 2 (Part)
Essex Fells and Glen Ridge Boroughs
Institution(s): Bethany Home for The Aged; Irvington General Hospital; Kingsley School; Mountain Side Hospital; Orange Orphan Home; Our Lady of The Most Blessed Sacrament Convent

T626-1331 463 to 504

Irvington Town: Wards 2 (Part) and Ward 3
Livingston and Maplewood Twps.
Institution(s): Orange City Home; Sisters of Notre Dame Convent; St. Joseph's Convent; Ward Home for Aged and Respectable Bachelors and Widowers

T626-1332 505 to 550

Montclair Town: Wards 1-5
Millburn Twp.
Institution(s): Children's Home; Colored Home for Aged and Orphans; Lacordaire Academy (Sisters of St. Dominic); Memorial Home for Aged; Montclair Academy; Montclair Community Hospital; New Jersey State Normal School; Sisters of Charity Convent; St. Vincent's Nursery and Baby Hospital (St. Vincent's Convent)

T626-1333 1 to 7, 647, 8 to 24, 648, 25 to 28, 29 (NP), 30 to 36

Newark City: Wards 1-2, and 3 (Part)
Institution(s): Eighth Ave. Baby Shelter; Goodwill Home and Rescue Mission; Home and Hospital for Incurables; Home for Aged Women; Hospital and Home for Crippled Children; Loretto Convent; Loretto Hall for Working Girls; New Jersey Manufactures Assn. Hospital; Newark Rescue Home; Royal Arcanum Home; Sisters of Charity Convent; St. Benedict's Preparatory School; St. Bridget's Convent; St. John The Baptist Convent; St. Lucy's Orphan Asylum; St. Mary's Abbey; St. Michael's Convent; St. Michael's Hospital; St. Scholastica's Convent; U.S. Army, 78Th Division (No Population); Y.M.C.A.

T626-1334 37 to 55, 649, 56 to 71

Newark City: Wards 3 (Part), and 4-5
Institution(s): East Side Hospital; Essex Co. Training Home for Girls; Hebrew Sheltering Home; Lincoln Hospital; Manufacturers' Liability Insurance Co. Hospital; Newark Beth Israel Hospital; Polish Natl. Home; St. Barnabas Hospital; St. James Convent; St. James Hospital

T626-1335 72, 650, 73 to 103

Newark City: Wards 6-7, and 8 (Part)
Institution(s): Babies Hospital; Daughters of Israel Home for The Aged; Essex Private Hospital; Home of Dominican Fathers; Homeopathic Hospital; Hospital for Women and Children; House of The Good Shepherd; Monastery of St. Dominic of The Perpetual Adoration; Newark City Hospital; Newark Memorial Hospital; Phyllis Wheatly Home for Girls; St. Antonius Convent; St. Joseph's Convent; St. Vincent's Academy

T626-1336 104 to 123, 651 to 656, 124 to 132

Newark City: Wards 8 (Part) and 9 (Part)
Institution(s): Arthur Pitney Comfort Home; Christian Refuge Home for Girls; Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel; Florence Crittenden Home; Forest Hill Hospital; Good Samaritan Orphan Home (Colored); North End Private Hospital; Nurses Home; Protestant Foster Home; Ridgely Home for Orphans of Odd Fellows; Sisters of Charity

T626-1337 133 to 156, 657 to 664

Newark City: Ward 9 (Part)
Institution(s): Dr. Hick's House; Eagles Home (B.P.O.E. No. 21); Newark Maternity Hospital; St. Columba's Convent; St. Peter's Orphan Asylum

T626-1338 665 to 667, 157 to 169, 170 (NP), 171 to 190

Newark City: Ward 9 (Part), Ward 10, and Ward 11 (Part)
Institution(s): Baptist Home for Aged; Home for Aged (Little Sisters of The Poor); Newark Private Hospital; Polish Home; Presbyterian Hospital; Salvation Army Industrial Home for Men; St. Rose of Lima Convent; U.S. Army Supply Base (No Population)

T626-1339 191, 668 to 671, 192 to 217

Newark City: Ward 11 (Part), Ward 12, and Ward 13 (Part)
Institution(s): Newark Convalescent Home; Newark Post Graduate Hospital; Sacred Heart Convent; St. Aloysius Convent; St. Benedict's Convent; St. Gerard's Newark Italian Hospital; St. Mary's Orphanage

T626-1340 218 to 238, 672 to 677

Newark City: Wards 13 (Part)

T626-1341 239 to 240, 241 (void), 242 to 271, 678, 272 to 273

Newark City: Wards 14-15
Institution(s): Charles Lauterwassen Sanitarium; Essex Co. House of Detention; Essex Co. Jail; Home for The Friendless; Hungarian Workmen's Home; Newark Orphan Asylum; Parental Home; Sisters of St. Dominic; St. Augustine's Convent; St. Peter's Orphan Asylum

T626-1342 274 to 282, 679, 283 to 292, 680, 293 to 302

Newark City: Ward 16
Institution(s): Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum; St. Joseph's Convent

T626-1343 551 to 552, 570 to 586, 595 to 598, 587 to 594, 599 to 612

Orange City: Wards 1-5
North Caldwell and Roseland Boroughs
South Orange Village
Institution(s): Convent at 144 High St.; Essex Co. Penitentiary; Fresh Air Home; House of Good Shepherd; Miss Lucie C. Beard's School for Girls; New Jersey Orthopedic Hospital and Dispensary; Orange Memorial Hospital; Our Lady of The Valley Convent; Sequin School; Seton Hall College; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent; St. John's Convent; St. Mary's Hospital

T626-1344 553 to 569, 613 to 646

Nutley Town, Ward 1-3
West Orange Town: Wards 1-5
Verona and West Caldwell Boroughs
Institution(s): Blessed Trinity Mission House; Convent of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul; Essex Mountain Sanatorium; House of The Holy Comforter; Italian Orphanage; Montclair Fresh Air and Convalescent Home; Newark City Home for Boys; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent; St. Mary's Convent

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