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Hudson County, New Jersey - - 1920 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 12 rolls, T625-1040 to T625-1051
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Enum. District Numbers Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T625-1040 EDs 1--9, 41--46, and 19--40 Bayonna city: Wards 1, 3, 4, and 5.
Institution(s): Bayonne Hospital; Home of Perpetual Help for the Blind; Parental Home.

T625-1041 EDs 10--18, 47--67, and 348 Bayonna city: Ward 2.
Towns: Guttenberg and Harrison.
East Newark borough.
Hoboken city: Ward 1.
Institution(s): U. S. Army Post.

T625-1042 EDs 68--108 Hoboken city: Wards 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Institution(s): Widows Home; St. Mary's Hospital; St. Mary's Orphanage; Mary Hammond Home.

T625-1043 EDs 109--136 Jersey city: Wards 1, 2, and 3.
Institution(s): St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum; St. Mary's Home for Working Girls; Our Lady of Exestechowa Church Sisters Home; St. Agnes Home for Old Ladies; St. Aloysias Academy; St. Peter's College; Whittier Home Settlement; St. Francis Hospital; St. Mary's Girls Orphan Asylum.

T625-1044 EDs 137--167 Jersey city: Wards 4, 5, and 6.
Institution(s): Home of the Homeless (Home for the Aged); Palish, Convent and School.

T625-1045 EDs 168--190 Jersey city: Ward 7.
Jersey city: Ward 8 (part).
Institution(s): St. Annes Home for the Aged; Hebrew Orphan Home; Pioneer Home; Convent.

T625-1046 EDs 191--220 Jersey city: Ward 8 (part).
Jersey city: Ward 9.
Institution(s): St. Patrick's Convent and Parochial Building; Sanitarium (private); Jersey City Hospital; Deaconess Home and Home for the Homeless; Home for Aged Women; Fairmont Sanitarium Nurses Home; Sisters Home.

T625-1047 EDs 221--252 Jersey city: Wards 10 and 11.
Institution(s): Hudson County Jail; Christian Home for Orphans; Institution for Blind; Christ Hospital; Convent of Sisters of St. Catherine.

T625-1048 EDs 253--268

EDs 269--281
Jersey city: Ward 12.

Kearny town.
Institution(s): Kinderfreund Orphans Home; New Jersey Home for Disabled Soldiers; St. Anthony's Orphan Asylum.

T625-1049 EDs 282--290, 293, 294, 291, 292, and 295--309 North Bergen Township.
Towns: Seacaucus and Union.
Institution(s): Fritz Reuteur Altenheim (German Home); Hudson County Almshouse; Hudson County Penitentiary; Hudson County Hospital for the Insane.

T625-1050 EDs 310--315, 350, and 316--337 Weehawken Township.
West Hoboken town.
Institution(s): Holy Rosary Institution; St. Francis Orphan Asylum.

T625-1051 EDs 338--340, 349, and 341--347 West New York town.

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