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Hudson County, New Jersey
Microfilmed on 15 rolls, T626-1346 to T626-1360
Enum. District Numbers
for County #9
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-1346 188 to 198

Bayonne City: Ward 1
Institution(s): Crews of Vessels; St. Andrew's Convent; St. Mary's Convent

T626-1347 211 to 220, 199 to 210, 221 to 224

Bayonne City: Ward 1
Institution(s): Crews of Vessels; St. Andrew's Convent; St. Mary's Convent

T626-1348 225 to 259

Bayonne City: Ward 4 (Part) and Ward 5
Hoboken City: Ward 1
Guttenburg Town
Harrison Town: Wards 1-4
East Newark Borough
Institution(s): Bayonne Hospital; Convent of The Sisters of The Immaculate Conception; Crews of Vessels; Felician Sisters; Holy Cross Convent; St. Joseph's Convent

T626-1349 260 to 299

Hoboken City: Wards 2-5
Institution(s): Academy of The Sacred Heart; Crews of Vessels; Our Lady of Grace (St. Mary's) Orphanage; St. Dominic's Convent; St. Joseph's Convent; St. Mary's Convent; St. Mary's Hospital

T626-1350 1 to 6, 7 (NP), 8 to 31, 32 (NP), 33 to 37

Jersey City: Wards 1-3 and Ward 4 (Part)
Institution(s): Our Lady of Exestechowa Church Sisters Home; Salvation Army (Men's Industrial Home); St. Dominic's Convent; St. Francis Hospital; St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum; St. Mary's Home for Working Girls; St. Mary's Orphan Asylum (No Population); St. Michael's Convent; St. Peter's College; St. Peter's Convent; Whittier Home Settlement

T626-1351 38 to 70

Jersey City: Ward 4 (Part) and Wards 5-6
Institution(s): Detention Home for Juveniles; Hebrew Home for The Aged; Newman Industrial Home; Polish Convent and School

T626-1352 71 to 87

Jersey City: Ward 7 (Part)
Institution(s): German Pioneer Home and Altenheim; Greenville Hospital; Hebrew Orphans Home; Sacred Heart Convent; Salvation Army (Door of Hope Rescue and Maternity Home)

T626-1353 88 to 112

Jersey City: Wards 7 (Part) and 8 (Part)
Institution(s): Bergen Private Sanitarium; St. Ann's Home for The Aged; St. Patrick's Convent and Parochial Building; St. Paul's Convent

T626-1354 113 to 132

Jersey City: Wards 8 (Part) and 9 (Part)
Institution(s): Apostolic Church Home; Bergen Hebrew Institute; Children's Friend Society Home; Deaconess Home; Fairmont Sanitorium Nurses Home; Home for Aged Women; Sisters Home; St. Aloysius Academy Annex; Y.M.C.A. (Central Branch)

T626-1355 133 to 160

Jersey City: Ward 9 (Part), Ward 10, and Ward 11 (Part)
Institution(s): Christ Hospital; Christian Home for Orphans; Home for The Homeless; Hudson Co. Jail; Jersey City Hospital; Jersey City Preparatory School; Queens Daughters of New Jersey; St. Ann's Convent; St. John's Convent; St. Joseph's Convent; St. Joseph's Home for The Blind; Y.M.C.A. (Pennsylvania Railroad Branch)

T626-1356 161 to 187

Jersey City: Ward 11 (Part) and Wards 11-12
Institution(s): Convent of Sisters of St. Catherine; Kinderfreund Old Folks Home; Kinderfreund Orphans Home; St. Ann's Convent

T626-1357 300 to 304, 311 to 323, 305 to 310, 352 to 359

Kearny Town: Wards 1-4
Secaucus Town: Wards 1-3
Institution(s): Convent of The Sisters of Charity; Hudson Co. Almshouse; Hudson Co. Catholic Protectory for Boys; Hudson Co. Chronic Hospital; Hudson Co. Contagious Disease Hospital; Hudson Co. Hospital (Insane); Hudson Co. Penitentiary; Hudson Co. Smallpox Hospital; Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital; New Jersey Home for Disabled Soldiers; Sacred Heart Orphanage; St. Anthony's Orphan Asylum; St. Cecilia's Convent; West Hudson (Stumpf Memorial) Hospital

T626-1358 324 to 351, 360 to 365

Union City: Ward 1
North Bergen Twp.: Wards 1-3
Institution(s): Barbara Givernaud Orphanage; Fritz Reuter Altenheim; Old Peoples Home; St. Dominic's Convent

T626-1359 366 to 384, 441, 385 to 401, 442, 402, 443, 403, 444, 404, 445, 405, 446

Union City: Wards 2-10
Institution(s): Convent of Dominican Sisters of Perpetual Rosary; Convent of The Sisters of Charity; Holy Rosary Villa; St. Francis Orphan Asylum; St. Mary's Convent; St. Michael's Monastery

T626-1360 406 to 440

West New York Town: Wards 1-3
Weehawken Twp.: Wards 1-3
Institution(s): Convent of The Missionary Sisters of The Third Order of St. Francis; Crews of Vessels

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