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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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Westchester County, New York - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 12 rolls, T626-1658 to T626-1669
Enum. District Numbers
for County #60
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-1658 88 to 96, 388

Bedford Town
Villages: Bedford Hills, Bedford, Katonah, and Mt. Kisco
Institution(s): Brookwood Labor College; Convent of Sisters of the Divine Compassion; Florence Nightingale School for Backward Children; Kilbourne Farm Sanitarium; Metropolitan Life Insurance Home; Montefiore Home County Sanitarium; New York State Reformatory for Women; Newcastle School; Northern Westchester Hospital; Sisters of Charity Convent; Swiss Home for Aged

T626-1659 100 to 113, 97 to 99, 114 to 115, 389 to 392, 116 to 129, 137 to 138

Towns: Cortlandt and Eastchester
Villages: Bronxville, Buchanan, Croton-On-Hudson, Elmsford, Montrose, Peekskill: Wards 1 and 2, Tuckahoe, and Verplanck
Institution(s): Brentwood Hall School; Concord Collegiate Institute; Lawrence Hospital; Peekskill Hospital; Peekskill Military Academy; Provincial House and Novitiate of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd; Provincial House and Novitiate of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd; Sisters of St. Francis Convent; St. Germain's Home; St. German's Home; St. Joseph's Convent, Provincial Motherhouse, and Novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of the 3d Order of St. Francis; St. Joseph's Home for Children; St. Mary's Convent; Westchester Military Academy

T626-1660 130 to 135, 393, 136, 139 to 140, 141 (NP), 142 to 168

Towns: Greenburgh, Harrison, and Lewisboro
Villages: Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, East White Plains, Fairview, Golden's Bridge, Greenville, Harrison, Hartsdale, Hastings-On-Hudson, Irvington, Purchase, and Tarrytown
Institution(s): Ardsley Heights Country School; Caroline Rest Home for Children; Castle School; Convent of the Sacred Heart of Mary; Dobbs Ferry Hospital; Franciscan Sisters Convent; French Orphan Asylum of St. Vincent De Paul; Heckley School; Hillside Hospital; House of Mercy; Institution of Mercy; Irvington House; Kohut School; Kyle School; Loeb Memorial Home; Martine Farm (Sanitarium); Marymount College; Marymount School; New York Juvenile Asylum and Children's Village; New York Orphan Asylum; Repton School; Robin's Rest Home for Crippled Children; Sacred Heart School and Orphanage for Girls; Sisters of St. Francis Convent; St. Christopher's Home for Children; St. Clare's School; St. Faith's House; St. Joseph's Home for Girls; St. Vincent's Retreat; Tarrytown Hospital

T626-1661 169 to 170, 394, 171 to 182, 6-292, 183 to 186, 403, 187 to 205

Mount Vernon City
Mount Pleasant Town
Villages: Briar Cliff Manor, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, North Tarrytown, Pleasantville, Thornwood, and Valhalla
Institution(s): Blythedale Home for Crippled Children; Brace Memorial Home School; Cedar Knolls School for Juvenile Delinquent Girls; Grasslands Hospital; Harvey School; Hawthorne School for Delinquent Boys; Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Orphan Society; Jewish Board of Guardians; Millbank Home; Motherhouse and Novitiate of the Sisters of St. Dominic; Mrs. Dow's School; New York Christian Home for Intemperate Men; Rosary Hill Home (Cancer Hospital); Sisters of Charity Convent; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent; Sisters of the Order of St. Dominic; St. Hyacinth's Convent; St. John's Convalescent Home; St. Joseph's Normal Institute; Tarrytown Light House Station; Waldemere-On-the-Sound (Dr. Wellington's Sanitarium); Wartburg Orphans Farm School; Westchest Co. Penitentiary; Westchester Co. Almshouse

T626-1662 206 to 240

Mount Vernon City (Part)
Institution(s): Franciscan Sisters Convent; Martha Wilson Home; Mt. Vernon Hospital; Sacred Heart Convent; Salvation Army Industrial Home; Seabury Memorial Home; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent; Wartburg Orphans Farm School

T626-1663 241 to 242, 283, 284 to 285 (NP), 286 to 287, 243 to 278

Mount Vernon City (Part)
New Rochelle City: Wards 1-3, and Ward 4 (Part)
Newcastle Town
Chappaqua Village
Islands: Clifford, Davids, Echo, Glen, Harrison, Huckleberry, Neptune, Oak, Pine, and Travers (Part)
Institution(s): Catholic Foreign Mission Society; Colburn Memorial Home; College of New Rochelle; Elizabeth Millbank Anderson Home for Convalescent Children; Fort Slocum; Iona School (Christian Brothers of Ireland); Motherhouse and Novitiate of Foreign Mission Sisters of St. Dominic (No Population); New Rochelle Hospital; Novitiate of Our Lady of Providence, the Helpers of the Holy Souls; Provincial House of Ursuline Nuns for the Northern Province; Salesian Institute; Sisters of St. Dominic Convent; St. Gabriel's Convent; United Home for Aged Hebews; Ursuline Convent of St. Teresa

T626-1664 279 to 282, 288 to 291, 293 to 304, 305 (NP), 306 to 317, 334 to 340

New Rochelle City: Ward 4 (Part)
Towns: North Salem, Northcastle, and Ossining, and Poundridge
Villages: North Pelham, Ossining: Wards 1-4, Pelham Manor, Pelham, and Rye
Islands: Hog, Manursing, and Pine
Institution(s): Catholic Foreign Mission Society (Part); Dominican Sisters Convent; Jennie Clarkson Home for Children; Motherhouse and Novitiate of Foreign Mission Sisters of St. Dominic (Part); Osborn Memorial Home; Ossining Hospital; Sing Sing State Prison; St. Augustine's Convent; St. Benedict's Home for Colored Children; St. Joseph's Convent

T626-1665 318 to 333, 341 to 346, 402, 347 to 356, 399, 357

White Plains City: Ward 1 and Ward 2 (Part)
Towns: Rye and Somers
Villages: Port Chester and Scarsdale
Institution(s): Lincoln Agricultural School, Branch of New York Catholic Protectory; Sisters of Charity Convent

T626-1666 1 to 5, 397, 6 to 9, 401 (void), 10 to 14, 377, 358 to 373, 395 to 396

White Plains City: Ward 2 (Part), and Wards 3-6
Yonkers City: Wards 1, 2, and 3 (Part)
Institution(s): Bloomingdale Insane Asylum; Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel Motherhouse and Novitiate (Sister of Divine Compassion); Home for Colored Babies; Ida M. Fessenden Home for Convalescents; Leake and Watts Orphanage; St. Casimir's Convent; Y.M.C.A.

T626-1667 Yonkers City (part) 15 to 19, 378, 20 to 28, 379, 39, 380, 40 to 48

Yonkers City: Ward 3 (Part), Ward 4, and Ward 6
Institution(s): Capuchin Monastery; Convent of Blessed Sacrament; Dr. Bond's House (Insane Sanatorium); Holy Rosary Convent; Pinac Roth Home for Aged and Infirm; Salvation Army Men's Club; St. Agnes Convent; St. John's Riverside Hospital; St. John's and Mary Randell Memorial Home for Aged Women; St. Joseph's Convent; St. Joseph's Hospital and Nurses Training School; St. Mary's Community (Christian Brothers); St. Mary's Convent; Sunny Rest Home for Invalids; White Rose Cottage Home for Girls (Colored); Y.W.C.A.; Yonkers Homeopathic Hospital and Maternity Hospital

T626-1668 Yonkers City (part) 29 to 38, 49 to 55, 400, 52 to 62, 381, 63 to 64, 398, 65 to 68

Yonkers City: Ward 5, and Wards 7-9
Institution(s): Children's Home; Neustadter Convalescent Home; New York Guild for the Jewish Blind; Sisters of Mercy Convent

T626-1669 Yonkers City (part) 69, 382, 70 to 76, 383, 77 to 78, 384, 79 to 82, 385, 83 to 84, 386, 85 to 86, 387, 374 to 376

Yonkers City: Wards 10-12
Yorktown Town
Villages: Mohegan Lake, Oak, and Yorktown Heights
Institution(s): City of Yonkers Hospital; Gray Oaks Tuberculosis Hospital (Dept. of Public Health); Hebrew National Orphan Home; Sprain Ridge Hospital; St. Eleanor's Home for Convalescents; St. Joseph's Seminary; Tally Ho Rest

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