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Darke County, Ohio  - - 1850 Federal Census Team Transcription



Assigned Transcriber Assigned Proofreader Status:
 Greenville Town 243A-255A  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham  On-Line
 Patterson 256A-259B  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham  On-Line
 Mississinawa 261A-265A  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham  On-Line
 Wabash 266A-269B  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham  On-Line
 Allen 270A-273A  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham  On-Line
 Greenville Twp 274A-302A  J. David Buckingham  Beatrice Buckingham (partial)
 proofreader needed for pages 290a-302a
 On-Line (proofread thru page 289b)
 Wayne 303A-316B  J. David Buckingham  proofreader needed  On-Line
 Neave 318A-328B  J. David Buckingham  proofreader needed  On-Line
 Franklin 329A-335B  J. David Buckingham  proofreader needed  On-Line
 Adams  336A-352B  J. David Buckingham  proofreader needed  On-Line
 Harrison 353A-367B  J. David Buckingham  proofreader needed  On-Line
 Harrison 368A-373A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 German 374A-392A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Monroe 393A-403B  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Twin 404A-421A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Butler 422A-439A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Washington 440A-454A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Van Buren 455A-464A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Richland 465A-480A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Brown 481A-490A  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line
 Jackson 491A-497B  Barb Karr  Linda Talbott  On-Line

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