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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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Bucks County, Pennsylvania - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilm #T626-2007
Enumeration District Description Status Transcriber  Proofreader
9-1 Bedminster Twp. (South Part) excluding Dublin Borough
Institution(s): Lucy M. Bard Industrial School
9-2 Bedminster Twp. (North Part)      
9-3 Eddington Village and Bensalem Twp. (East Part) excluding Hulmeville Borough
Institution(s): Fairlawn View Sanitarium
9-4 Institutions(s): St. Francis Industrial School      
9-5 Bensalem Twp. (West Part) and Andalusia and Cromwells Heights Villages
Institution(s): Holy Ghost Apostle College; Jewish Convaleascent Home
9-6 Institutions(s): St. Elizabeth's Convent      
9-7 Bridgeton Twp.      
9-8 Bristol Borough, Ward 1, bounded by (N) Penn Canal; (E) Ward Line, Penn; (S) Delaware River; (W) Ward Line.
Institution(s): Dr. Wagner's Private Hospital
9-9 Bristol Borough, Ward 2, bounded by (N) Canal; (E) Ward Line, Lafayette, Ward Line; (S) Delaware River; (W) Penn.
Institution(s): Home for Aged Infirm and Deaf
9-10 Bristol Borough, Ward 3, bounded by (N) Borough Limits; (E) Mill Pond, Ward Line; (S) Canal, Ward Line, Delaware River; (W) Otter Creek.      
9-11 Bristol Borough, Ward 4, bounded by Adams Hollow Creek; Canal; Ward Line, Mill Pond.      
9-12 Bristol Borough, Ward 5, bounded by (N) Canal; (E) Adams Hollow Creek; (S) Delaware River; (W) Ward Line, Lafayette, Ward Line.
Institution(s): Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent
9-13 Bristol Borough, Ward 6, bounded by (N) Borough Limits; (E) Borough Limits, Bloomsdale Rd., Borough Limits, Radcliffe, Borough Limits; (S) Delaware River; (W) Adams, Hollow Creek.
Institution(s): Harriman Hospital
9-14 Croydon (Part) and Edgely Villages and Bristol Twp. (East Part) excluding Bristol and Tullytown Boroughs      
9-15 Croydon Village (Part) and Bristol Twp. (West Part) excluding Bristol Borough      
9-16 Buckingham Twp. (South Part)      
9-17 Buckingham Twp. (North Part)      
9-18 Chalfont Borough
Institution(s): Patriotic Order Sons of America Home for Aged
9-19 Doylestown Borough, Ward L, bounded by (N) Swamp Rd., City Limits, East St.; (E) City Limits; (S) Green, Main; (W) Court.
Institution(s): Doylestown Emergency Hospital; Linden Sanitarium; Bucks Co. Jail
9-20 Doylestown Borough, Ward 2, bounded by (N) Swamp Rd., Lumberville Rd., City Limits; (E) Court; (S) Clinton, Ward Line; (W) City Limits, Main.      
9-21 Doylestown Borough, Ward 3, bounded by (N) Ward Line, Clinton, Court, Main, Green; (E) City Limits; (S) City Limits; (W) City Limits.      
9-22 Doylestown Twp. excluding Doylestown and New Britain Boroughs
Institution(s): Tabor Home for Children; National Farm School
9-23 Institutions(s): Bucks Co. Home      
9-24 Dublin Borough      
9-25 Durham Twp. excluding Riegelsville Borough      
9-26 East Rockhill Twp. excluding Perkasie and Sellersville Boroughs      
9-27 Falls Twp. excluding Morrisville and Tullytown Boroughs      
9-28 Haycock Twp.      
9-29 Hilltown Twp. (East Part) excluding Dublin Borough      
9-30 Hilltown Twp. (West Part) excluding Perkasie, Sellersville, Silverdale and Telford Boroughs      
9-31 Hulmeville Borough      
9-32 Ivyland Borough      
9-33 Langhorne Borough
Institution(s): Veil Maternity Hospital
9-34 Langhorne Manor Borough
Institution(s): St. Mary's Manor
9-35 Lower Makefield Twp. excluding Yardley Borough      
9-36 Middletown Twp. excluding Hulmeville, Langhorne, Lnaghorne Manor, and South Langhorne Boroughs
Institution(s): George School; Miss Woods School
9-37 Milford Twp. (East Part) excluding Trumbauersville Borough      
9-38 Milford Twp. (West Part)      
9-67 Lower Southampton Twp.      
Microfilm #T626-2008
Enumeration District Description Status  Transcriber  Proofreader
9-39 Morrisville Borough, Ward 1, bounded by (N) Borough Limits, W. Palmer Ave., Ward Line; (E) Delaware River; (S) Bridge, Lincoln Hwy.; (W) Borough Limits.      
9-40 Morrisville Borough, Ward 2, bounded by (N) Bridge; (E) Delaware River; (S) Railroad Tracks; (W) Borough Limits.      
9-41 Morrisville Borough, Ward 3, bounded by (N) W. Trenton Ave., Lafayette Ave., Borough Limits; (E) Delaware River; (S) Ward Line, W. Palmer Ave.; (W) Borough Limits, Lincoln Ave.      
9-42 Morrisville Borough, Ward 4, bounded by (N) Railroad Tracks; (E) Delaware River; (S) Borough Limits, Post Rd.; (W) Borough Limits.      
9-43 New Britain Borough      
9-44 New Britain Twp. excluding Chalfont and New Britain Boroughs
Institution(s): P. O. S. of A. Orphanage
9-45 New Hope Borough
Institution(s): Holmquist School
9-46 Newton Borough
Institution(s): Friends Boarding Home
9-47 Newtown Twp. excluding Newton Borough      
9-48 Nockamixon Twp.      
9-49 Northampton Twp.      
9-50 Perkasie Borough (Northeast Part), Ward 1      
9-51 Perkasie Borough (Northwest Part), Ward 2      
9-52 Perkasie Borough (South Part), Ward 3      
9-53 Plumstead Twp. (East Part)      
9-53 Sellersville Borough      
9-54 Plumstead Twp. (West Part)      
9-55 Quakeertown Borough, Ward 1, bounded by (N) Borough Limits; (E) 9th; (S) Borough Limits; (W) Borough Limits
Institution(s): Quakertown Hospital
9-56 Quakertown Borough, Ward 2, bounded by Railroad Tracks; Borough Limits; 5th      
9-57 Quakertown Borough, Ward 3, bounded by (N) Borough Limits, Heller Rd., Borough Limits; (E) Elm Ave., Borough Limits; (S) Fairview Rd; (W) Railroad Tracks      
9-58 Quakertown Borough, Ward 4, bounded by (N) Borough Limits; (E) 5th; (S) Borough Limits; (W) 9th      
9-59 Richland Twp. (East Part) excluding Richland Town and Quakertown Boroughs      
9-60 Richland Twp. (West Part) excluding Quakertown Borough      
9-61 Richland Town Borough      
9-62 Riegelsville Borough      
9-63 Institutions(s): Sewickley Valley Hospital Assn.; Artman Home for Lutherans      
9-64 Silverdale Borough      
9-65 Solebury Twp. excluding New Hope Borough
Institution(s): Carversville Christian Orphanage
9-66 South Langhorne Borough      
9-68 Springfield Twp. (East Part)      
9-69 Springfield Twp. (West Part)      
9-70 Telford Borough      
9-71 Tinicum Twp.      
9-72 Trumbauersville Borough      
9-73 Tullytown Borough      
9-74 Upper Makefield Twp.      
9-75 Warminster Twp. excluding Ivyland Borough      
9-76 Institutions(s): Christ Home for Children      
9-77 Warrington Twp.      
9-78 Warwick Twp.      
9-79 West Rockhill Twp. excluding Sellersville and Telford Boroughs
Institution(s): Grandview Hospital
9-80 Wrightstown Twp.      
9-81 Yardley Borough      
9-82 Upper Southampton Twp.      

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