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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Faddin       R. S. M.    322a  18  322b
Farmer       Benjamin    319a  31  319b
Farmer       Sodwick     319a  24  319b
Farr         Margret     325a  28  325b
Ferguson     Thomas A    338a  07  338b
Ferrman      Irma        316a  13  316b
Fervill      Bynam       320a  13  320b
Fervill      James       312a  18  312b
Field        Robert      340a  25  340b
Fields       Ambros      329a  24  329b
Fields       Major       342a  05  342b
Fields       Nelson      329a  25  329b
Finley       W. T.       330a  08  330b
Fish         Thomas      348a  10  348b
Flemman      W. B.       324a  19  324b
Flippo       J. T.       332a  25  332b
Floyd        Samuel      330a  12  330b
Floyd        Thomas      330a  13  330b
Fodge        William     340a  02  340b
Fornville    John        319a  29  319b
Fortinate    Richard     348a  11  348b
Foster       James       322a  28  322b
Foster       John, Jnr   330a  18  330b
Foster       John, Junr  313a  15  313b
Foster       John, Junr  331a  27  331b
Franklin     A.          314a  16  314b
Franklin     Peter       331a  08  331b
Freeman      Charles     327a  07  327b
Freeman      Elisha      313a  20  313b
Freeman      Philip      322a  25  322b
Freeman      William     312a  17  312b
Freeze       Elias       350a  17  350b
Freeze       Jacob       350a  15  350b
Freeze       Joseph      350a  16  350b
French       H. B.       319a  11  319b
Fulgham      Anthony     351a  04  351b
Fulgham      John        351a  05  351b
Fulks        Kenner      342a  24  342b
Fuller       C H         350a  26  350b
Fuller       William     351a  01  351b
Gaines       Samuel      320a  16  320b
Garner       John        344a  16  344b
Garrison     Benjamin    340a  11  340b
Garrison     N. M.       309a  05  309b
Gaskins      William     327a  04  327b
Gee          S. H.       309a  08  309b
Gentry       Robert      343a  20  343b
George       Isaac       350a  25  350b
George       Mary        352a  16  352b
George       Reuben      338a  01  338b
Geveden      Thomas      341a  19  341b
Gibson       Isaac B.    313a  24  313b
Gibson       Jas. W.     321a  31  321b
Gill         Moses       351a  16  351b
Gills        John        317a  16  317b
Glen         Tyne        341a  18  341b
Goines       Ann         346a  29  346b
Goldson      Pheby       352a  18  352b
Goode        Edward      338a  19  338b
Gooden       James       346a  19  346b
Goodin       Jeptha      309a  14  309b
Gore         Thomas      312a  24  312b
Gower        William     348a  01  348b
Goyn         James E.    325a  05  325b
Grace        Andrew      346a  11  346b
Grace        Elkena      323a  03  323b
Grace        Thomas      339a  22  339b
Graham       Andrew      309a  18  309b
Graham       James T     349a  21  349b
Graham       John        318a  26  318b
Granger      George A    340a  30  340b
Graves       John M.     332a  08  332b
Gray         James L     338a  08  338b
Gray         Timmy       319a  18  319b
Green        J. W.       312a  23  312b
Griffey      Thomas      334a  25  334b
Griffin      Albert      315a  04  315b
Grudy        Felix       345a  14  345b
Gryder       C.          312a  01  312b
Guardner     Calemint    323a  23  323b
Gullins      William     346a  06  346b
Gwyn         John        332a  29  332b
Gwyn         S. O.       334a  10  334b
Gwynn        Isaac       331a  15  331b
Haden        Samuel S    345a  30  345b
Haden        Thomas      345a  16  345b
Haden        William     345a  18  345b
Hale         William     321a  25  321b
Hall         A. P.       328a  02  328b
Hall         David       343a  05  343b
Hall         John        342a  14  342b
Hall         W.          330a  15  330b
Hambey       Benjamin    319a  15  319b
Hambey       Wilson      333a  12  333b
Hamett       Elijah      351a  14  351b
Hamilton     Jacob       351a  06  351b
Hamilton     John        348a  17  348b
Hamlett      Alsey       340a  03  340b
Hamlett      William     326a  01  326b
Hamlin       William     334a  21  334b
Hammons      James       317a  26  317b
Hammons      W.          317a  15  317b
Hanberry     C. W.       309a  09  309b
Handlin      Joseph      313a  08  313b
Hanna        John        315a  21  315b
Hannan       James       313a  19  313b
Harden       B G         343a  26  343b
Harden       J S         350a  01  350b
Harden       Otho        323a  22  323b
Harderson    James       351a  19  351b
Hardin       William     352a  14  352b
Harkless     D J         345a  20  345b
Harlow       Thos H.     320a  10  320b
Harp         James       348a  13  348b
Harper       Benjamin    350a  29  350b
Harper       J B         344a  17  344b
Harper       Thomas      316a  30  316b
Harper       W S         344a  06  344b
Harper       William     316a  07  316b
Harris       C C         351a  29  351b
Harris       C.          310a  31  310b
Harris       George      319a  25  319b
Harris       J. S.       315a  19  315b
Harris       William     311a  17  311b
Harrison     R. H.       316a  05  316b
Harry        D H         340a  14  340b
Hart         Hith        339a  23  339b
Harvy        J. E.       330a  26  330b
Hatch        B M         339a  01  339b
Hawkins      John        327a  01  327b
Hawkins      Thomas      342a  12  342b
Haws         Samuel      346a  09  346b
Hayden       Thomas      344a  28  344b
Hayles       Thomas      334a  06  334b
Haynes       Adam        321a  23  321b
Haynes       E K         343a  21  343b
Haynes       George      321a  13  321b
Haynes       Henry       324a  01  324b
Haynes       John        314a  12  314b
Haynes       Thomas      312a  09  312b
Haynes       William     314a  05  314b
Hazengag     W.          326a  31  326b
Head         G. W.       333a  27  333b
Head         H.          319a  28  319b
Helly        Cornelius   332a  15  332b
Helm         J N         345a  15  345b
Helmantallar Eli         316a  27  316b
Helmintaller Jacob       322a  01  322b
Henderson    Henry       319a  26  319b
Henderson    Robert      324a  26  324b
Hendricks    William     319a  16  319b
Henin        Martha      318a  25  318b
Henry        J. D.       315a  11  315b
Henry        Lewis       319a  02  319b
Herrin       Almond      321a  18  321b
Herring      L.          329a  28  329b
Herron       W.          312a  11  312b
Hickerson    Chilton     341a  15  341b
Hicks        J. R.       314a  21  314b
Hicks        John        326a  06  326b
Hicks        S. J.       324a  06  324b
Hicks        Samuel      326a  07  326b
Hicks        W. S.       318a  23  318b
Hill         J B         350a  07  350b
Himberland   Margret     321a  11  321b
Hines        Sandy       327a  21  327b
Hoaglan      William     348a  03  348b
Hobbs        Ge**home    351a  17  351b
Hobbs        George      344a  29  344b
Hobbs        Horatio     341a  08  341b
Hobbs        Joseph      351a  18  351b
Hobbs        Moody R     338a  27  338b
Hobbs        Samuel W    342a  13  342b
Hodge        Jessee      334a  19  334b
Hodge        Samuel      328a  31  328b
Hoffman      W. R.       321a  02  321b
Hogenchamp   Mary        343a  15  343b
Holeman      William     349a  30  349b
Holland      D C         342a  22  342b
Hopkins      Neal        323a  13  323b
Horn         T M         338a  02  338b
Hornby       Thomas      333a  09  333b
House        Elizabeth   333a  26  333b
House        Everett     332a  27  332b
Houston      D W         340a  10  340b
Houston      William     340a  05  340b
Howell       Ranson      329a  26  329b
Howell       Sterling    321a  08  321b
Hubbard      Charles     310a  12  310b
Hubbard      J. B.       316a  14  316b
Hudson       Richard     324a  29  324b
Hudson       W. G.       324a  20  324b
Hudson       William R   341a  16  341b
Huey         Lewis, Jr   331a  01  331b
Huey         W.          319a  05  319b
Hughes       B. M.       316a  08  316b
Hughes       John        331a  09  331b
Hughes       Joseph      329a  21  329b
Hughes       Lewis       341a  17  341b
Hughes       S. J.       324a  14  324b
Humphreys    G. W.       312a  19  312b
Hunt         William     343a  02  343b
Hunter       William     343a  22  343b
Hurddley     W. W.       323a  16  323b
Husbands     W.          330a  23  330b
Huss         Conrad      328a  13  328b
Hutchinson   Elizabeth   332a  28  332b
Hutchinson   Elizabeth   342a  09  342b
Hutchison    J. T.       312a  04  312b
Hyde         A.          319a  10  319b
Ingram       W.          318a  22  318b
Irvin        Charles     312a  02  312b
Irvine       George      328a  03  328b
Irvine       Samuel A.   327a  23  327b
Irvine       Thomas      328a  07  328b
Irwin        W. M. C.    309a  19  309b
Jackson      Daniel      325a  14  325b
Jackson      John        331a  06  331b
Jackson      William     331a  23  331b
James        David       317a  11  317b
James        J W         338a  18  338b
James        Jarvis      320a  03  320b
James        W. W.       319a  23  319b
Janes        Robert      332a  10  332b
Jenkins      W. B.       310a  13  310b
Jennings     Howard      343a  25  343b
Jennings     Jonathan    348a  28  348b
Jennings     T R         343a  08  343b
Jentry       John        330a  09  330b
Jentry       Maddox      322a  29  322b
Jewel        Sethern     340a  29  340b
Jobe         John        334a  14  334b
Johns        M. G.       320a  19  320b
Johns        William     323a  15  323b
Johnson      Houston     352a  05  352b
Johnson      Hudson      332a  24  332b
Johnson      James       314a  24  314b
Johnson      John P      339a  20  339b
Johnson      Rebecca     339a  28  339b
Johnson      Robert      339a  29  339b
Johnson      Thos G.     314a  25  314b
Johnson      W.          317a  09  317b
Jones        Aaron       338a  09  338b
Jones        Benj'n      309a  23  309b
Jones        Idell       330a  16  330b
Jones        Joseph W    338a  23  338b
Jones        Thomas      334a  11  334b
Jones        William S   340a  28  340b
Jordan       Jessee      328a  15  328b
Jordan       John        319a  19  319b
Jordan       W. S.       324a  11  324b
Kee          Ann L       339a  14  339b
Kees         Nicholas M  339a  24  339b
Kelly        Ann         348a  06  348b
Kelly        John        339a  10  339b
Kendall      W. B.       321a  16  321b
Kennedy      Isaac       338a  24  338b
Kerby        W. M.       322a  24  322b
Key          William     310a  09  310b
Kimber       Elizabeth   344a  21  344b
Kimbro       E. G.       322a  14  322b
King         T. W.       319a  22  319b
King         William     345a  04  345b
Kirby        Hile        325a  30  325b
Knight       Henry       320a  28  320b
Knight       Sarah H.    315a  07  315b
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This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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