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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page,
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JACKSON        Aaron              271a  17  271b
JACKSON        Prudence           270a   7  270b
JACOBS         Moodei             312a  23  312b
JAMELL         Thomas             276a  12  276b
JAMES          Hester             310a   6  310b
JAMES          Levi               317a   8  317b
JARMAN         Robert             275a  19  275b
JENKINS        George             293a   2  293b
JESTER         Anna               293a   1  293b
JESTER         Elijah             291a  25  291b
JESTER         Elijah             324a  19  324b
JESTER         Peter              323a  14  323b
JEWKE          George             279a  21  279b
JICOLES        Jonathan           270a   4  270b
JINKINS        Walter             320a  10  320b
JOHNS          Ann                309a  24  309b
JOHNS          Dider              314a   5  314b
JOHNS          Leah               321a  20  321b
JOHNS          Margaret           322a  13  322b
JOHNSON        Aaron              299a  24  299b
JOHNSON        Henry              269a   7  269b
JOHNSON        James              285a  25  285b
JOHNSON        Mary               301a   4  301b
JOHNSON        Nancy              298a  23  298b
JOHNSON        Peter              290a  26  290b
JOHNSON        Rebecca            269a  22  269b
JOHNSON        Tilghman           300a   2  300b
JONES          Jeremiah           316a  11  316b
JONES          John               288a  15  288b
JONES          Mary               280a  14  280b
JONES          Matilda            324a  24  324b
JONES          Owen C.            287a   7  287b
JONES          Richard            278a   8  278b
JONES          Thomas             274a  13  274b
JONES          William            278a  24  278b
JONES          William            295a  22  295b
JONES          William Sr.        288a  21  288b
JUMP           Abraham            302a  13  302b
JUMP           Abraham            304a   2  304b
JUMP           Deborah            299a  10  299b
JUMP           George W.          300a  24  300b
JUMP           John (of Edward)   271a  13  271b
JUMP           John (of G)        270a  18  270b
JUMP           Mary               302a   1  302b
JUMP           Peter              275a  15  275b
JUMP           Solomon            277a  21  277b
JUMP           Thomas T.          273a  15  273b
KEENE          Mercellus          298a  25  298b
KEENE          Robert T.          320a  23  320b
KEITH          Richard            277a  15  277b
KELLEY         Dennis             321a  27  321b
KELLEY         Jonah              321a  22  321b
KELLEY         Thomas             316a   7  316b
KELLEY         William P.         319a   7  319b
KELLY          Sylvester          287a  24  287b
KEMP           Elizabeth          316a  13  316b
KENNADY        David              273a   9  273b
KENNADY        David Sr.          273a  10  273b
KENTON         Sollomon           315a  27  315b
KERBY          Benjamin           289a  25  289b
KERBY          Rebecca            320a  22  320b
KIMMON         Georgia G.         276a  16  276b
KIMMY          Samuel             317a  25  317b
KINNAMON       John               298a   7  298b
KINNAMON       Leon               298a  14  298b
KINNAMON       William            313a  17  313b
KINNER         John M.            277a  22  277b
KIRKMAN        James              288a  10  288b
KIRKMON        Nimrod             319a  23  319b
KNOTTS         David              300a  21  300b
KUTS           William            302a   2  302b
L0OCKERMAN     Allen              301a  14  301b
LAMB           Amilia             270a  17  270b
LAMBERT        Swett              278a   5  278b
LANE           James              304a   5  304b
LANGSTON       James              286a  12  286b
LANGSTON       John A.            278a  13  278b
LAWSON         Soveren            311a  23  311b
LAYTON         Nancy              278a   4  278b
LAYTON         Thomas             317a  12  317b
LEAT           Robert             272a  10  272b
LEAVERTON      Daniel             321a  16  321b
LEAVERTON      Jacob              313a  13  313b
LEAVERTON      Jesse              321a  17  321b
LECOMPT        Nehemiah           325a  13  325b
LEDNUM         Ignatius           295a   1  295b
LEE            John               270a   5  270b
LEVERTON       Charles            295a  25  295b
LEVERTON       James              289a   4  289b
LEVERTON       Nancy              286a   8  286b
LEWEAS         William            274a  26  274b
LEWIS          Aaron (of Lelott)  317a  19  317b
LEWIS          David              303a  25  303b
LEWIS          Jacob              275a   1  275b
LEWIS          Jeremiah           317a  16  317b
LEWIS          Margaret           324a  17  324b
LILDEN         Sarah L.           270a  19  270b
LISTER         Joshua             294a  10  294b
LISTER         William            299a  26  299b
LIVORDER       William            300a   1  300b
LOCKERMAN      Richard            309a  15  309b
LONG           Denwood            289a   3  289b
LOOCKERMAN     Standley           301a  10  301b
LOOKERMANN     John               305a  24  305b
LOUD           Edward             302a   4  302b
LOUD           Mehaley            325a  25  325b
LOVE           Aaron              321a  15  321b
LUCAS          Mary               299a  16  299b
LUCAS          Susan              286a  16  286b
LUDNICK        James G.           270a   6  270b
LYONS          Elijah             285a  12  285b
MACHERY        James              300a  16  300b
MAFEN          Thomas             276a  20  276b
MANGHLY        Richard Y. Jr.     315a   6  315b
MANSHIP        Anna               295a   5  295b
MANSHIP        George             295a   3  295b
MANSHIP        Thomas             305a  16  305b
MANSHIP        William            295a   4  295b
MARLIN         Rachel             276a   6  276b
MARSHALL       Noah               278a   2  278b
MARTIN         George T.          286a  20  286b
MARY           Allice Pr.         290a  15  290b
MASON          ANDREW             309a   1  309b
MASON          Emaline            298a   4  298b
MATTER         Nathan             273a  17  273b
MATTER         Pompey             276a   7  276b
MATTHEWS       Garrettson         287a  21  287b
MATTHEWS       Joseph             273a  23  273b
MATTHING       William            299a   1  299b
MAXFIELD       Henry              294a  17  294b
MCCARTY        James              299a  20  299b
MCGUIRE        James              304a  19  304b
MCKNETT        John               288a  17  288b
MCKOTTER       Anniad S.          325a   4  325b
MCKOTTER       Elizabeth          325a   3  325b
MCNASH         Charles            315a  15  315b
MCNEICE        William            287a  15  287b
MEDFORD        Robert             324a  15  324b
MEDFORD        William W.         326a   2  326b
MEEDS          Anna               298a  19  298b
MEERY          Mary               325a  24  325b
MELONY         Elisha             286a   4  286b
MELONY         William            286a   1  286b
MELUNY         Solomon            289a  10  289b
MELVIN         Joshua             279a  26  279b
MELVIN         Thomas             294a   2  294b
MEREDITH       Joshua             278a  12  278b
MERRIS         Hanah              275a  16  275b
MEWDELL        Frank G.           305a   1  305b
MEZICK         James R.           285a  16  285b
MILBOURN       Sarah              274a  15  274b
MILLER         Henry              280a  15  280b
MILLER         Mary               278a  17  278b
MILLICE        William            298a  22  298b
MILLINGTON     George T.          286a  19  286b
MILLINGTON     James C.           286a  18  286b
MINNER         Solomon            274a   1  274b
MOBURY         James              318a   9  318b
MOFFIT         George             305a  19  305b
MONTICUE       John               279a   1  279b
MOON           John G.            275a   7  275b
MOORE          John               318a  10  318b
MOORE          Philip             326a   7  326b
MORGAN         Daniel             314a   9  314b
MORGAN         Deborah            294a  11  294b
MORGAN         Nathan             289a   9  289b
MORGAN         Owen               294a  21  294b
MORGAN         Philimon           273a  18  273b
MORGAN         William            314a  11  314b
MORGIN         Charles            274a  17  274b
MORRIS         John               278a   1  278b
MORRISS        Elizabeth          290a  17  290b
MORRISS        Vincint            294a  23  294b
MOUNTICUE      Seth               279a   4  279b
MULLIKIN       Patrick            275a   9  275b
MULLIN         Maze               323a  10  323b
MURRAY         Christopher        326a  16  326b
MURRY          Amey               297a  23  297b
NEIGHBOURS     William            312a  11  312b
NEWCOME        Pompay             322a  14  322b
NICOLDS        Henry              298a   8  298b
NICOLDS        Richard            300a   7  300b
NICOLES        Cinthy             313a   8  313b
NICOLES        Elisha             325a  23  325b
NICOLES        James              275a  24  275b
NICOLES        James              324a   7  324b
NICOLES        Lambert            313a  25  313b
NICOLES        Robert             312a  17  312b
NICOLES        Thomas             324a  12  324b
NICOLES        Washington         325a  20  325b
NOBLE          Daniel             324a  14  324b
NOBLE          Nathan             318a  19  318b
NOBLE          Peter              325a  16  325b
NOEL           Mary               290a  20  290b
NORRIS         Samuel             277a  13  277b
NUNAM          Henry              304a  17  304b
NUNAM          John               303a   7  303b
NUTTLE         Thomas             321a   8  321b
OREM           Henny              293a  10  293b
ORRELL         Daniel             273a   3  273b
ORRELL         Robert             304a   3  304b
ORRELL         William            302a  12  302b
OZMAN          John               296a  22  296b
OZMAN          Samuel             302a  11  302b
PANE           Mary               325a   9  325b
PARKER         Anne               315a  20  315b
PARKINSON      John               269a  21  269b
PARNELL        Claresa            275a  11  275b
PARRISS        Eli                294a   7  294b
PARROTT        Benjamin           270a  13  270b
PARROTT        William H.         319a  17  319b
PATCHETT       Absalom C.         309a  19  309b
PATCHETT       Nathaniel          315a   9  315b
PATCHETT       Nathaniel Jr.      313a  10  313b
PEARSON        Caroline           288a  12  288b
PEARSON        Edward             274a  27  274b
PEARSON        James              305a  26  305b
PEARSON        Thomas             296a  10  296b
PEARSON        Thomas             296a  18  296b
PEILER         Jonathan           275a   5  275b
PEPPIN         George             280a  10  280b
PERRY          Edward             321a  25  321b
PERRY          Mary               292a  21  292b
PERRY          Nathaniel          321a  26  321b
PETER          Daniel             289a  21  289b
PETERS         James              287a   3  287b
PETERS         William F.         292a  10  292b
PHILIPS        Philip             317a  23  317b
PHILIPS        Stephen            318a  27  318b
PHILIPS        William            317a   4  317b
PHILLIPS       Richard            299a   4  299b
PICKLES        Deborah            292a  20  292b
PIPPIN         Derias             274a  20  274b
PIPPIN         George             278a   7  278b
PIPPIN         James              278a  15  278b
PIRT           John               291a  23  291b
PLAMER         John               276a   9  276b
PLUMMER        Samuel             297a  20  297b
PLUMMER        William            275a  12  275b
POOL           Henry              290a  16  290b
POOL           John               316a  24  316b
POOL           Levin              317a   1  317b
POORE          William            279a   7  279b
PORTER         Elizabeth          280a  26  280b
PORTER         George             277a   3  277b
PORTER         John               276a  22  276b
POTTER         Levi               270a  24  270b
POTTER         Stephen            305a  25  305b
POTTER         William            305a  10  305b
POWELL         Sarah              325a   2  325b
POWER          John F.            270a   3  270b
PRATT          Jefferson          297a  10  297b
PRATT          Nancy              301a  23  301b
PRATT          Peregrine          277a  19  277b
PRATT          William            275a  18  275b
PRATTICE       Charles            319a  12  319b
PRATTICE       Henry              314a  15  314b
PRATTICE       Isaac              317a   7  317b
PRATTICE       Rachel             317a   3  317b
PRICE          Charles            280a  22  280b
PRICE          Cornelius          289a  26  289b
PRICE          Cornelius          304a  18  304b
PRICE          George             296a   8  296b
PRICE          Joseph             274a  16  274b
PRIEST         Thomas             270a  16  270b
PRITCHARD      Abraham            322a  19  322b
PRITCHARD      Edward             315a  16  315b
PRITCHETT      Cassey             296a   5  296b
PRITCHETT      Collison           291a  10  291b
PRITCHETT      Daniel             297a  21  297b
PRITCHETT      Edward             291a   3  291b
PRITCHETT      Samuel             273a  12  273b
PROLLER        Joseph             275a   2  275b
PROUSE         George             285a   2  285b
PROUSE         John               305a  14  305b
PURNALL        Addeline           297a  22  297b
PURNALL        William            286a  15  286b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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