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Anderson      Alexander          23     Virginia        122a---2
Anderson      Alexander          40     Virginia        123a--28
Anderson      Alfred             58     Virginia        123a--38
Anderson      Allen              50     Virginia        121b---5
Anderson      Allen W            9      Virginia        121b--11
Anderson      Alvyra A           9      Virginia        123a--35
Anderson      Amanda M           1      Virginia        123a--37
Anderson      Anna               38     Virginia        123a--29
Anderson      Barbary            52     Virginia        123a--39
Anderson      Baxter B           21     Virginia        121b---7
Anderson      Charles            13     Virginia        123a--22
Anderson      Daniel             11     Virginia        123a--23
Anderson      Delila J           16     Virginia        121b--10
Anderson      Elias              18     Virginia        123a--40
Anderson      Eliza              21     Virginia        122a---3
Anderson      Eliza              11     Virginia        123a--34
Anderson      Elizabeth          23     Virginia        123b---9
Anderson      Eujenus            18     Virginia        123a--19
Anderson      George L           43     Virginia        123a--16
Anderson      George L           17     Virginia        123a--31
Anderson      George R           23     Virginia        123b--34
Anderson      Henry              9      Virginia        123a--24
Anderson      Jane               17     Virginia        123a--20
Anderson      Jasper             6      Virginia        123a--25
Anderson      Jesse              21     Virginia        123a--18
Anderson      John               19     Virginia        123a--30
Anderson      John A             18     Virginia        121b---9
Anderson      Lewis              3      Virginia        123a--26
Anderson      Margaret           16     Virginia        123b---1
Anderson      Mariah A           10/12  Virginia        122a---4
Anderson      Martha A           14     Virginia        123b---2
Anderson      Mary A             1      Virginia        123a--27
Anderson      Mary M             47     Virginia        121b---6
Anderson      Melvina            4      Virginia        123b--10
Anderson      Peter L            24     Virginia        123b---8
Anderson      Rachel C           16     Virginia        123a--32
Anderson      Salina             2      Virginia        123b--11
Anderson      Sarah              43     Virginia        123a--17
Anderson      Sarah J            10     Virginia        123b---3
Anderson      Tabitha            20     Virginia        121b---8
Anderson      Virginia A         23     Virginia        123b--35
Anderson      Warwick            15     Virginia        123a--33
Anderson      William B          15     Virginia        123a--21
Anderson      William L          6      Virginia        123a--36
Arbigast      Alexander M        2      West Va         123b--29
Arbigast      Elias H            4      West Va         123b--28
Arbigast      Elvira             27     Virginia        123b--27
Arbigast      Hezekiah           19     Virginia        122a--36
Arbigast      Sarah A E          1/12   West Va         123b--30
Arbigast      Silas              26     Virginia        123b--26
Arther        Mary A             8      Virginia        109a--34
Arther        Robert M           6      Virginia        109a--35
Balden        Edward             21     Virginia        109a--22
Balden        John W             8/12   West Va         109a--24
Balden        Sarah              21     Virginia        109a--23
Barbe         Benjamin F         4      West Va         106b--27
Barbe         Boliver B          11     Virginia        106b--24
Barbe         George W           14     Virginia        106b--23
Barbe         Lorenzo D          2      West Va         106b--28
Barbe         Malinda A          2      West Va         106b--30
Barbe         Moses N            17     Virginia        106b--21
Barbe         Peter B            39     Virginia        106b--19
Barbe         Peter L            9      Virginia        106b--26
Barbe         Sarah J            35     Virginia        106b--20
Barbe         Sarah K            6      West Va         106b--29
Barbe         Thomas J           10     Virginia        106b--25
Barbe         William H          16     Virginia        106b--22
Barnett       Andrew L           43     Virginia        115b--12
Barnett       Charlotte          53     Virginia        115b--20
Barnett       Curtes             6      Virginia        115b--17
Barnett       David W            10     Virginia        115b--24
Barnett       Emily              40     Virginia        115b--13
Barnett       Emma E             10     Virginia        115b--16
Barnett       Emma J             3      West Va         115b--27
Barnett       George S           24     Virginia        115b--25
Barnett       James M            2      West Va         115b--28
Barnett       John H             2      West Va         115a--14
Barnett       John N             6/12   West Va         115b--29
Barnett       Levi J             13     Virginia        115b--23
Barnett       Martha             20     Virginia        115b--26
Barnett       Martha J           18     Virginia        115b--21
Barnett       Mary M             15     Virginia        115b--22
Barnett       Sarah              22     Virginia        115a--13
Barnett       Susan C            4      Virginia        115b--18
Barnett       Synthia A          15     Virginia        115b--15
Barnett       William C          53     Virginia        115b--19
Barnett       William H          18     Virginia        115b--14
Baughman      Adam G             20     Virginia        108a--11
Baughman      Christopher Mc     15     Virginia        108a--15
Baughman      Currence C         6      West Va         108a--19
Baughman      David              50     Virginia        108a---9
Baughman      Elizabeth          8      Virginia        108a--18
Baughman      James B            10     Virginia        108a--17
Baughman      Jane               12     Virginia        108a--16
Baughman      John               17     Virginia        108a--14
Baughman      Martha             42     Virginia        108a--10
Baughman      Polly              19     Virginia        108a--13
Baughman      Rebecca G          23     Virginia        108a--12
Bellknap      Mary E             12     Virginia        119b---3
Bellknap      Norman             43     Virginia        119b---1
Bellknap      Parthena A         35     Virginia        119b---2
Bellknap      Thomas M           6      Virginia        119b---4
Bender        Benjamin           22     Virginia        124a---7
Bender        Catharine          45     Virginia        124a---6
Bender        George             12     Virginia        124a--11
Bender        George W           27     Virginia        123b--36
Bender        John               15     Virginia        124a--10
Bender        John B             44     Virginia        124a---5
Bender        Rebecca            20     Virginia        124a---8
Bender        Rebecca            65     Virginia        124a--14
Bender        Sarah J            28     Virginia        123b--37
Bender        Thomas N           19     Virginia        124a---9
Benton        Tabitha A          37     Virginia        124b---4
Bickel        Clara              10     Virginia        124b--22
Bickel        John               60     Virginia        119b--25
Bickel        John M             6      Virginia        124b--23
Bickel        Malinda            58     Virginia        119b--26
Bickel        Mary               19     Virginia        119b--24
Blankenship   Edith W            29     Virginia        114b--13
Blankenship   Elizabeth J        2      West Va         114b--18
Blankenship   Franklin           6      West Va         114b--15
Blankenship   George             38     Virginia        114b--12
Blankenship   James              3      West Va         114b--17
Blankenship   Marion             5      West Va         114b--16
Blankenship   Rachel             8      Virginia        114b--14
Boughman      Andrew L           2      West Va         115a--28
Boughman      Caroline S M       24     Virginia        115a--27
Boughman      John               56     Virginia        115a--34
Boughman      John J             23     Virginia        115a--36
Boughman      John L             2      West Va         115a--25
Boughman      Margaret A         27     Virginia        115a--23
Boughman      Mary J             3      West Va         115a--24
Boughman      Morgan D           28     Virginia        115a--22
Boughman      Rachel E           21     Virginia        115a--37
Boughman      Susan C            55     Virginia        115a--35
Boughman      William C          32     Virginia        115a--26
Boyd          Eli                37     Virginia        117a---3
Boyd          Joannah L          1      West Va         117a---6
Boyd          Nancy              25     Virginia        117a---4
Boyd          Robert             3      West Va         117a---5
Bragg         George             2      West Va         115b--33
Bragg         James              30     Virginia        115b--30
Bragg         Matilda            30     Virginia        115b--31
Bragg         Ruben S            1/12   West Va         115b--34
Bragg         William            4      West Va         115b--32
Broke         George W           9      Virginia        125a--34
Broke         Jerethene          30     Virginia        125a--32
Broke         Olive              17     Virginia        125a--33
Brooks        Abraham            36     Virginia        119a--33
Brooks        Adam               1      Virginia        119a--38
Brooks        Benijah            16     Virginia        118b--26
Brooks        Cornelius          8/12   West Va         114a--38
Brooks        Dinah              11     Virginia        119a--36
Brooks        John               42     Virginia        118b--25
Brooks        John L             4      Virginia        118b--32
Brooks        Lewis W            6      Virginia        118b--31
Brooks        Mary               30     Virginia        119a--34
Brooks        Miles P            26     Virginia        114a--36
Brooks        Parsens            2      Virginia        118b--33
Brooks        Rachel             13     Virginia        119a--35
Brooks        Rebecca            12     Virginia        118b--28
Brooks        Robert             10     Virginia        118b--29
Brooks        Sarah              14     Virginia        118b--27
Brooks        Sarah A            20     Virginia        114a--37
Brooks        Sarah E            5      Virginia        119a--37
Brooks        William            8      Virginia        118b--30
Brooks        William R          23     Virginia        119a--31
Brown         Debba M            13     Virginia        124b--39
Brown         Harmen L           10     Virginia        124b--40
Brown         Jonas C            16     Virginia        124b--38
Brown         Joseph D           47     Virginia        124b--36
Brown         Louisa R           42     Virginia        124b--37
Brown         Naomi S            5      West Va         125a---2
Brown         Salina E           8      Virginia        125a---1
Brown         William H          3      West Va         125a---3
Buckhannon    Abraham L          5      West Va         121b--15
Buckhannon    Gilbert            8      Virginia        121b--14
Buckhannon    Grant              2      West Va         121b--16
Buckhannon    John W             37     Virginia        121b--12
Buckhannon    Martha W           36     Virginia        121b--13
Burns         Americus G Z       38     Virginia        119a---2
Burns         Flavilla           38     Virginia        119a---3
Burns         Mary A             4      Virginia        119a---6
Burns         Parthena           15     Virginia        119a---4
Burns         Petr A             13     Virginia        119a---5
Butcher       John F             7      Virginia        125b---1
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the U.S. Data Repository was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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