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Last Name      First Name       Age   Birth Place      Page-Line
Fahn           Briggett         38    Ireland          144b---3
Fahn           Briggett         12    Maryland         144b---7
Fahn           Catherine        10    Maryland         144b---9
Fahn           Edward           1     West Virginia    144b--13
Fahn           Ellen            11    Maryland         144b---8
Fahn           James            17    Maryland         144b---4
Fahn           John             5     West Virginia    144b--11
Fahn           John             30    Ireland          144b---2
Fahn           Mary             14    Maryland         144b---6
Fahn           Michael          3     West Virginia    144b--12
Fahn           Sarah            8     Virginia         144b--10
Fahn           William          15    Va               144b---5
Fair           Absalom          28    Va               231a--30
Fair           Catharine        18    Va               215b--30
Fair           Josephus         6     West Va          231a--32
Fair           Louisa           28    England          231a--31
Fair           Mathias          29    Va               215b--29
Fair           Orlando T        7/12  West Va          215b--31
Fair           William          3     West Va          231a--33
Fardia         Fardice          25    Pennsylvania     146b--14
Fardia         Geo F            8/12  West Virginia    146b--13
Fardia         Joseph           26    Pennsylvania     146b--10
Fardia         Mary             2     West Virginia    146b--12
Fardia         Sarah A          22    Pennsylvania     146b--11
Farmer         Charles S        3     Ohio             214b--17
Farmer         Garah            40    Ohio             214b--15
Farmer         Mary A           27    Ohio             214b--16
Fax            Shannar H        17    Ohio             179b--24
Feis           Catharine        43    Switzerland      203b--12
Feis           Emma S           3     West Va          203b--18
Feis           Frederick        16    Pa               203b--13
Feis           Henry            10    Ohio             203b--15
Feis           John             5     West Va          203b--17
Feis           John             39    Switzerland      203b--11
Feis           Lewis            3/12  West Va          203b--19
Feis           Louisa           13    Ohio             203b--14
Feis           Samuel           7     Ohio             203b--16
Fernell        William          19    Va               216b--21
Ferrell        James            60    Ireland          145a--31
Ferrell        Mary             64    Virginia         145a--32
Fisher         Annie            1     MD               234a--30
Fisher         Catherine        32    Pa               234a--27
Fisher         Charles          32    Prussia          234a--26
Fisher         Margret          5     MD               234a--28
Fisher         Mendell          3/12  West Va          234a--31
Fisher         Michael          2     MD               234a--29
Fitsimons      Elizabeth        46    Va               216b---2
Fitsimons      Franklin         10/12 West Va          216b--10
Fitsimons      John I           10    Va               216b---5
Fitsimons      Luke             13    Va               216b---4
Fitsimons      Margaret         8     Va               216b---6
Fitsimons      Mary             6     West Va          216b---7
Fitsimons      Patrick          52    Ireland          216b---1
Fitsimons      Robert E L       4     West Va          216b---8
Fitsimons      Susanna E        2     West Va          216b---9
Fitsimons      William A        17    Va               216b---3
Fletcher       Charles          28    Georgia          211b--13
Fletcher       Charles E        9/12  West Va          211b--17
Fletcher       Elizabeth        23    Ky               211b--14
Fletcher       Laura            3     West Va          211b--16
Fletcher       Virginia         4     West Va          211b--15
Flinn          Edward           15    Va               133a--24
Floyd          Asa C            24    Virginia         161a--38
Floyd          Elizabeth        22    Virginia         161a--39
Floyd          James E          4     West Virginia    161a--40
Floyd          Thomas A         9/12  West Virginia    161b---2
Floyd          William H        2     West Virginia    161b---1
Fluharty       Albert           16    Va               185a--25
Fluharty       Anngenora        28    Va               186b--17
Fluharty       Annie J          8     Va               179b---9
Fluharty       Barbary          44    Va               185a--38
Fluharty       Charles          30    Va               179b--25
Fluharty       Charles S        9/12  West Va          180a--11
Fluharty       Charles S        7     West Va          180a---3
Fluharty       Colder           24    Va               190a--31
Fluharty       David            46    Va               186b--27
Fluharty       David S          9     Va               186b--29
Fluharty       Edith A          14    Va               185a--26
Fluharty       Elihu            8     Va               185b---1
Fluharty       Eliza J          26    Ohio             180a---2
Fluharty       Elizabeth        49    Va               185a--23
Fluharty       Elizabeth        20    Va               190a--32
Fluharty       Elizabeth T      3     West Va          180a--19
Fluharty       Fanny            55    Va               179b--35
Fluharty       Fanny            3     West Va          180a---4
Fluharty       Fanny B          8     Va               180a---8
Fluharty       Frances          30    Va               179b--26
Fluharty       George W         4     West Va          184a--32
Fluharty       Gibrella C       22    Va               179b--38
Fluharty       Hannah J         10    Va               185a--28
Fluharty       Henry            67    Va               185a--22
Fluharty       Henry            50    Ohio             179b---3
Fluharty       Henry E          6     West Va          183b--28
Fluharty       Hezekiah         9     Va               184a--30
Fluharty       Iva V            2     West Va          179b--12
Fluharty       Jacob            56    Va               179b--34
Fluharty       Jacob            5     West Va          180a--18
Fluharty       Jacob A          7     West Va          180a--10
Fluharty       Jacob R          1     West Va          183a--19
Fluharty       James            57    Va               184a--26
Fluharty       James            12    Va               179b---7
Fluharty       James C          10    Va               180a--16
Fluharty       James F          13    Va               183b--25
Fluharty       James L C        16    Va               184a--29
Fluharty       Jemimah          13    Va               180a--15
Fluharty       John             57    Va               180a--13
Fluharty       John             32    Va               180a---6
Fluharty       John             23    Va               184a--28
Fluharty       John R           7     Va               183b--27
Fluharty       Jones            23    Va               186b--16
Fluharty       Joseph           21    Va               183a--17
Fluharty       Josiah           40    Va               177a---4
Fluharty       Lena E           12    Va               185a--27
Fluharty       Lively           17    Va               179b--40
Fluharty       Lucinda          1     West Va          180a---5
Fluharty       Lucinda J        42    Va               184a--27
Fluharty       Luisa            23    Va               183a--18
Fluharty       Luisa            20    Va               185a--39
Fluharty       Malinda E        4     West Va          184a--33
Fluharty       Martha E         37    Va               183b--23
Fluharty       Mary             66    Va               184b--23
Fluharty       Mary A           41    Indiana          180a--14
Fluharty       Mary E           6     West Va          180a---9
Fluharty       Mary E           27    Va               180a---7
Fluharty       Mary E           24    Va               179b--37
Fluharty       Mary E           14    Va               183b--24
Fluharty       Mary V           3/12  West Va          179b--28
Fluharty       Matildah         7     Va               184a--31
Fluharty       McDonald         5     West Va          179b--10
Fluharty       Nelly            40    Va               184b--24
Fluharty       Noah             25    Va               184b--22
Fluharty       Reason           21    Va               179b---5
Fluharty       Rebeca A         9     Va               183b--26
Fluharty       Rolly            50    Va               185a--37
Fluharty       Rolly S          26    Va               179b--36
Fluharty       Rosilla          10    Va               179b---8
Fluharty       Samuel           21    Va               179b--39
Fluharty       Samuel T         2     West Va          179b--27
Fluharty       Sarah            7     Va               180a--17
Fluharty       Sarah            44    Va               179b---4
Fluharty       Sarah E          14    Va               184a--40
Fluharty       Sarah J          17    Va               185a--24
Fluharty       Sidney C         1     West Va          186b--18
Fluharty       Simeon           29    Va               180a---1
Fluharty       Susan            28    Va               186b--28
Fluharty       Tabitha A        11/12 Indiana          180a--20
Fluharty       Thomas           20    Va               179b---6
Fluharty       Virginia         4     West Va          179b--11
Fluharty       William          37    Va               183b--22
Fluharty       William H        16    Va               185a--40
Fluharty       William H        1     West Va          186b--30
Fluharty       William M        3     West Va          184a--34
Foland         George           55    Prussia          234a--18
Foland         Mary E           57    Prussia          234a--19
Forester       Albert           15    Va               168a--21
Forester       Barbary A        26    Va               194a--26
Forester       Christopher      8     Va               168a--22
Forester       Elizabeth        25    Va               168a--20
Forester       Elmer E          9/12  W Va             168a--25
Forester       Frances M        4     W Va             168a--24
Forester       Harrison         30    Va               194a--25
Forester       Jacob            50    Pa               168a--19
Forester       John             6     W Va             168a--23
Forester       John N           5     West Va          194a--28
Forester       Joseph M         3     West Va          194a--29
Forester       Mary E           7     West Va          194a--27
Forester       Robert P         1     West Va          194a--30
Founds         James            23    Va               239a---3
Founds         Pheble           21    Va               239a---4
Founds         Sarah V          1     West Va          239a---5
Fowler         John             24    Ohio             210b--22
Fox            Amanda J         10    Va               182a--10
Fox            David A          9     Pennsylvania     157a--38
Fox            Elmer W          31    Pennsylvania     157a--36
Fox            Francis M        4     West Virginia    157a--40
Fox            Frederick        35    Ohio             182a---8
Fox            George W         7     West Virginia    157a--39
Fox            James McC        8     Va               182a--11
Fox            John             2     West Virginia    157b---1
Fox            Joseph E         2     West Va          182a--13
Fox            Mary             36    Pennsylvania     157a--37
Fox            Polinda E        3     West Va          182a--12
Fox            Rhoda            39    Ohio             182a---9
Fox            Ulises S G       7/12  West Va          182a--14
Francis        Benjamin         3     West Va          198a--21
Francis        Jasper           1/12  West Va          198a--22
Francis        Loucinda         24    Va               198a--20
Francis        Williams         34    Ohio             198a--19
Frankhouser    Alexander        21    Ohio             196b--11
Frankhouser    Cary             29    Ohio             192b--10
Frankhouser    Charles L        10/12 West Va          195b--31
Frankhouser    David E          8     Va               195b--27
Frankhouser    Evaline          3     West Va          196b---9
Frankhouser    Georgeana        3/12  West Va          192b--14
Frankhouser    Henry            25    Ohio             196b---7
Frankhouser    Margaret         1     West Va          196b--10
Frankhouser    Margaret L       4     West Va          192b--12
Frankhouser    Mary             6     West Va          195b--29
Frankhouser    Mary A           27    Ohio             192b--11
Frankhouser    Mary P           2     West Va          192b--13
Frankhouser    Nicholas         16    Ohio             196b--13
Frankhouser    Ollive           14    Va               195b--25
Frankhouser    Philadelphia     19    Va               195b--24
Frankhouser    Rachael          40    Va               195b--23
Frankhouser    Sarah            10    Va               195b--26
Frankhouser    Susan            4     West Va          195b--30
Frankhouser    Tabitha          23    Va               196b---8
Frankhouser    Thomas           7     West Va          195b--28
Frankhouser    William          53    Switzerland      195b--22
Frankhouser    William          19    Ohio             196b--12
Franks         Delora           3     West Va          218a--26
Franks         Earnest          1     West Virginia    153a--15
Franks         Elizabeth        48    Pa               166a--28
Franks         Francis          25    Pennsylvania     153a--12
Franks         George           53    Pa               166a--27
Franks         George           26    Pennsylvania     153a--11
Franks         Horace G         3     West Virginia    153a--14
Franks         Isa D            4     Pennsylvania     153a--13
Franks         Stephen          31    Pa               166a--29
Freeland       James M          12    Va               170b--28
Freeland       Jasper J         20    Va               170b--26
Freeland       John E           17    Va               170b--27
Freeland       Lavina           3     West Va          144a---3
Freeland       Maggie E         4     West Va          144a---2
Freeland       Mahala           46    Va               170b--25
Freeland       Mary B           23    Pa               144a---1
Freeland       Mary L           7     Va               170b--29
Freeland       Perry            47    Va               170b--24
Freelen        Elizabeth        66    MD               188a--25
Freelin        Alford           59    Pa               135b--33
Freelin        Elizabeth        13    Pa               135b--36
Freelin        George W         4     West Va          135b--38
Freelin        James            27    Pa               135b--40
Freelin        Luisa J          10    Va               135b--37
Freelin        Missouri         2     West Va          135b--39
Freelin        Rachel           40    Pa               135b--34
Freelin        Rachel A         17    Pa               135b--35
Freeze         Barbary          63    Switzerland      189a---2
Freharty       Daniel           4     West Va          177a---8
Freharty       Ellen N          1     West Va          177a---9
Freharty       Felix            7     West Va          177a---6
Freharty       Susi J           24    .                177a---5
Freharty       Theadore         6     West Va          177a---7
Frisby         Elizabeth        28    Va               227b---2
Frisby         Richard          25    Va               227b---1
Frisby         Samuel           3     West Va          227b---4
Frisby         Simon P          1     West Va          227b---5
Frisby         Wilford          5     West Va          227b---3
Fuchs          Bridget A        33    Hesse            195a---7
Fuchs          Carolina         33    Darmstadt        195a--33
Fuchs          Caroline         11    Va               195a--35
Fuchs          Charles          7     West Va          195a--37
Fuchs          Christeen        2     West Va          195a--11
Fuchs          Fredocia         10/12 West Va          195a--40
Fuchs          George           4     West Va          195a--39
Fuchs          Godlip           40    Darmstadt        195a--32
Fuchs          John             9     Va               195a--36
Fuchs          Josephus         9     Va               232b--13
Fuchs          Josephus         5     West Va          195a--10
Fuchs          Levi             35    Hesse            195a---6
Fuchs          Lewis            30    Va               232b--11
Fuchs          Margaret         24    Va               232b--12
Fuchs          Mary             6     West Va          195a--38
Fuchs          Mary E           9     West Va          195a---8
Fuchs          Poline           7     West Va          195a---9
Fuchs          Sophia           13    Ohio             195a--34
Fuchs          Wilford          7     Va               232b--14
Furbee         Alcinda          30    Virginia         147a--32
Furbee         John             52    Ohio             147a--30
Furbee         John             35    Va               234a--40
Furbee         Minnie           3     West Virginia    147a--34
Furbee         Sarah            62    Virginia         147a--31
Furbee         Sarah C          21    Virginia         147a--33
Furby          Alexander        12    Va               234a--34
Furby          Alfred           5     West Va          236a--37
Furby          Barbara B        11/12 West Va          236a--39
Furby          Benjamin         5/12  West Va          234a--36
Furby          Catherine        4     West Va          234b---5
Furby          Elcy             60    Pa               218b--20
Furby          Elizabeth        27    Va               233a---8
Furby          Gabriel          46    Va               236a--31
Furby          James M          22    Va               236a--40
Furby          Jane             52    Va               234a--38
Furby          Jason            7     Va               236a--36
Furby          John             63    Va               218b--19
Furby          John             13    Va               236a--34
Furby          Margret          35    Pa               234a--33
Furby          Martha           6     West Va          234b---4
Furby          Mary             18    Va               236b---1
Furby          Mary C           2     West Va          236a--38
Furby          Massey           1     West Va          234b---6
Furby          Pleasant         14    Pa               236a--32
Furby          Rebecca          36    Va               234b---1
Furby          Samuel           53    Va               234a--37
Furby          Samuel           12    Va               234b---2
Furby          Sanford          9     Va               233a---9
Furby          Sarah            8     Va               234b---3
Furby          Sarah            16    Va               236a--33
Furby          Solomon          32    Va               234a--32
Furby          Thomas           28    Va               233a---7
Furby          Waitman          27    Va               234a--39
Furby          William          9     Va               234a--35
Furby          Wilson           9     Va               236a--35
Furgenson      Andrew J         2     West Virginia    145b---8
Furgenson      Emmaline         24    Pennsylvania     145a--28
Furgenson      Emmaline         23    Pennsylvania     145b---5
Furgenson      John             20    Virginia         145b--36
Furgenson      Leeroy           3     West Virginia    145b---6
Furgenson      Leroy            3     Pennsylvania     145a--29
Furgenson      Linsey           24    Virginia         145a--27
Furgenson      Marian           2     West Virginia    145b---7
Furgenson      Marion           2     West Virginia    145a--30
Furgenson      Remembrance L    26    Pennsylvania     145b---4
Furgenson      Susan            55    Virginia         145b--35

Gaits          Martha B         4     West Va          227b--22
Gaits          Mary             29    Va               227b--20
Gaits          Nicholas         30    Va               227b--19
Gaits          Timothy N        9     Va               227b--21
Gamble         David W          30    Ohio             194a--12
Gamble         Eliza J          4     West Va          194a--15
Gamble         Elva B           2     West Va          194a--16
Gamble         Lucinda          27    Ohio             194a--13
Gamble         Margaret E       8     Va               194a--14
Gamble         Mary M           5/12  West Va          194a--17
Garby          Thomas           11    Va               129a--12
Garison        Adam             56    Pa               210a--26
Garison        Annie            57    Pa               210a--27
Garison        Hyram            27    Pa               210a--29
Garison        James H          29    Pa               210a--28
Garison        Ruth A           24    Pa               210a--30
Garley         Harriett         3     West Virginia    145b--14
Garley         Maria            27    Virginia         145b--13
Garley         Newton           3     West Virginia    145b--15
Garlow         George W         6/12  W Va             230b--12
Garlow         Harrison D       5     W Va             230b--10
Garlow         Josephine        3     W Va             230b--11
Garlow         Martha N         8     Va               230b---9
Garlow         Matilda          31    Va               230b---7
Garlow         Wesley S         31    Ohio             230b---6
Garlow         William H        9     Va               230b---8
Garner         Eliza E          11    Va               222b--39
Garner         George           17    Va               213b---8
Garner         Henry            57    Va               227b--36
Garner         Henry D          10    Va               228b--34
Garner         Jacob            14    Va               228b--33
Garner         James            35    Va               222b--37
Garner         John             6     West Va          228b--36
Garner         John M           17    Va               227b--38
Garner         Joshua           46    Va               228b--28
Garner         Lockwood         11    Va               213b---9
Garner         Mary             44    Ohio             228b--29
Garner         Nancy            30    Va               227b--37
Garner         Nelson           42    Va               213b---6
Garner         Rachael          20    Va               213b---7
Garner         Solimon          8     Va               228b--35
Garner         Susan            34    Va               222b--38
Garner         Thomas           21    Va               228b--30
Garner         Washington       18    Va               228b--31
Garner         Wilfred M        14    Va               227b--39
Garner         William          16    Va               228b--32
Garrett        Cassander        44    Pa               181a--22
Garrett        Charles          46    Va               181a--21
Garrett        Charles C        16    Va               202a--35
Garrett        Elizabeth        16    Ohio             181a--23
Garrett        Emma B           2     West Va          181a--27
Garrett        George E         7     Ohio             181a--26
Garrett        Hannah M         52    Va               202a--33
Garrett        Harriett C       21    Va               202a--34
Garrett        Henry C          10/12 West Va          202b--34
Garrett        James            71    Ohio             202a--32
Garrett        Lucinda          23    Va               202b--33
Garrett        Malinda J        9     Ohio             181a--25
Garrett        Mendall          25    Va               202b--32
Garrett        Ophelia V        13    Va               202a--36
Garrett        Samuel H         12    Ohio             181a--24
Garrett        Wilford M        10    Va               202a--37
Garrison       Adam             10    Pennsylvania     155b--40
Garrison       Andrew J         27    Pennsylvania     146a--14
Garrison       Ann              48    Pennsylvania     155b--33
Garrison       Anna M           17    Pennsylvania     155b--37
Garrison       Eliza            6     Pennsylvania     146a--28
Garrison       Florence B       4     Pennsylvania     146a--29
Garrison       Hiram            13    Pennsylvania     155b--39
Garrison       James            23    Pennsylvania     155b--35
Garrison       John             51    Pennsylvania     155b--32
Garrison       Leonard          4     Pennsylvania     146a--16
Garrison       Leonard          37    Pennsylvania     146a--26
Garrison       Margaret         25    Pennsylvania     146a--27
Garrison       Mary L           2     Pennsylvania     146a--30
Garrison       Nancy A          28    Pennsylvania     146a--15
Garrison       Ruth A           19    Pennsylvania     155b--36
Garrison       Sarah E          5/12  West Virginia    146a--17
Garrison       Susan            15    Pennsylvania     155b--38
Garrison       Tamer            63    Pennsylvania     146a--22
Garrison       William          67    Pennsylvania     146a--21
Garrison       William          27    Pennsylvania     155b--34
Gaston         Eldo             2     Ohio             183b--21
Gaston         Frances          37    Pa               183b--19
Gaston         James            28    Ohio             183a--39
Gaston         John             59    Pa               183b---3
Gaston         John W           6     Ohio             183b---1
Gaston         Julia B          4     Ohio             183b--20
Gaston         Mary             23    Ohio             183a--40
Gaston         Oliver           36    Ohio             183b--18
Gaston         Sarah E          2     West Va          183b---2
Gatts          F M              26    Va               223a--23
George         Alva             24    Va               165a--40
George         Arther L         5     West Va          166a--36
George         Ester E          3     West Va          165b---3
George         Louisa E         7     Va               165b---2
George         Lucinda J        23    .                166a--35
George         Mary             67    Va               166b---2
George         Sarah J          32    Va               165b---1
George         William          22    Va               166a--34
Gibbon         John             12    Virginia         153b--35
Gibbon         Margaret         45    Ireland          153b--33
Gibbon         William          14    Virginia         153b--34
Gibbons        John             2     Ireland          153a--17
Gibbons        John D           6     West Virginia    153a--19
Gibbons        Margaret         25    Ireland          153a--18
Gibbons        Mary A           1     West Virginia    153a--22
Gibbons        Patrick          5     West Virginia    153a--20
Gibbons        Thomas           5     West Virginia    153a--21
Gibert         Adam             20    Pa               232a--18
Gibert         Barny            18    Va               232a--20
Gibert         Catherine        44    MD               232a--19
Gibert         Delila           11    Va               232a--22
Gibert         John W           6     West Va          232a--24
Gibert         Joseph           4     West Va          232a--25
Gibert         Samuel           13    Va               232a--21
Gibert         Viara            9     Virginia         232a--23
Giblon         Michael          50    Ireland          153b--32
Gilbert        Aquilla          42    Ohio             209a--29
Gilbert        Archy            6     West Va          209a--34
Gilbert        Emily C          14    Ohio             209a--33
Gilbert        George M         5     West Virginia    238a--22
Gilbert        Hariet M         39    Ohio             209a--30
Gilbert        James J          6     West Virginia    238a--21
Gilbert        Lewis J          20    Ohio             209a--31
Gilbert        Luisa            2     West Va          209a--35
Gilbert        Lyman            76    Conn             191b--26
Gilbert        Marthey A        16    Ohio             209a--32
Gilbert        Mary M           10    Virginia         238a--19
Gilbert        Michael          32    Pennsylvania     238a--16
Gilbert        Nancy            8     Virginia         238a--20
Gilbert        Nancy            53    Pa               191b--27
Gilbert        Rachael A        28    Virginia         238a--17
Gilbert        Rebecca E        12    Virginia         238a--18
Gilbert        Rebecca J        22    Va               191b--29
Gilbert        Robert J         3     West Virginia    238a--23
Gilbert        Virginia         13    Va               130a--34
Gilbert        Voar             19    Ohio             191a--24
Gilbert        William          24    Va               191b--28
Gilbert        William S        1     West Virginia    238a--24
Gillalan       Anne             40    Ireland          145b--21
Gillalan       Bedelia          3     West Virginia    145b--27
Gillalan       Delilah A        7     Maryland         145b--26
Gillalan       Emmon            5     Maryland         145b--25
Gillalan       George           9     Maryland         145b--24
Gillalan       George           45    Maryland         145b--20
Gillalan       James            5/12  West Virginia    145b--28
Gillalan       John             12    Maryland         145b--23
Gillalan       William          14    Maryland         145b--22
Gilmore        David P S        9     Virginia         156a--24
Gilmore        Elizabeth E      7     Virginia         156a--25
Gilmore        Elma             14    Virginia         156a--22
Gilmore        Joseph           38    Virginia         156a--20
Gilmore        Martha S         12    Virginia         156a--23
Gilmore        Mary C           33    Virginia         156a--21
Gilmore        Rhoda R          4     West Virginia    156a--26
Givens         Elizabeth        22    Ohio             196b--40
Givens         Hannah           57    Pa               196b--38
Givens         John             51    Pa               196b--37
Givens         William          26    Ohio             196b--39
Givins         Frederick        21    Ohio             197a---3
Givins         Margaret         16    Ohio             197a---4
Givins         Mary             18    Ohio             197a---1
Givins         Samantha         13    Ohio             197a---5
Givins         Sharlott         18    Ohio             197a---2
Glasscock      Benjamin         3     West Va          174b--28
Glasscock      Daniel           12    Va               174b--25
Glasscock      John             51    Va               174b--21
Glasscock      John B           8     West Va          174b--26
Glasscock      Mary             42    Va               174b--22
Glasscock      Mary J           16    Va               174b--24
Glasscock      Phillip N S      5     West Va          174b--27
Glasscock      Rebecca J        1     West Va          174b--29
Glasscock      Stephen          20    Va               174b--23
Glen           Frances          6     West Va          197b--15
Glen           Frances          56    Va               197b---9
Glen           James            55    MD               197b---8
Glen           John M           8     Va               197b--14
Glen           Marshall         20    Va               197b--10
Glen           Martha B         10    Va               197b--13
Glen           Mary             3     West Va          197b--16
Glen           Sarah V          14    Va               197b--11
Glen           Serretta         12    Va               197b--12
Glendening     Catharine        4     West Va          209b---8
Glendening     Dolpheus C       14    Va               209b--25
Glendening     Emy B            6     West Va          209b---7
Glendening     George           1     West Va          209b---9
Glendening     George E         43    Virginia         209b---4
Glendening     George W         35    Va               209a--18
Glendening     James            53    Va               209b--22
Glendening     James R          6     West Va          209a--21
Glendening     Mary             56    Va               209b--23
Glendening     Mary             31    Virginia         209b---5
Glendening     Mary J           9     Va               209a--20
Glendening     Mary L           30    Va               209a--19
Glendening     Susan            20    Va               209b--24
Glendening     Susan C          1     West Va          209a--22
Glendening     William          8     Virginia         209b---6
Glover         Aaron            12    Va               128b--27
Glover         Alpheus J        29    Virginia         160a--20
Glover         Amos             48    Virginia         160a---1
Glover         Amos             30    Virginia         159b---1
Glover         Daniel           50    Va               128b--23
Glover         Daniel E         10    Va               128b--28
Glover         Delilah          6     West Virginia    159a--33
Glover         Elcy             13    Va               128b--26
Glover         Eliza J          27    Virginia         152b---1
Glover         Eliza J          18    Virginia         159a--30
Glover         Elizabeth        9     Virginia         160a--23
Glover         Elizabeth        8     Virginia         159a--32
Glover         Elizabeth        44    Va               130b--30
Glover         Ellen            7     West Virginia    159b--11
Glover         Ellen            32    Virginia         159b--22
Glover         Ellis B          1     West Virginia    160a--22
Glover         Emerson          14    Virginia         159b---9
Glover         Ephraim          61    Virginia         159a--28
Glover         Eugenus          3     West Virginia    159b---5
Glover         Eva              50    Virginia         160a---2
Glover         Felix            1     West Virginia    159b--25
Glover         Frances          1     West Virg'a      160a--26
Glover         Frances L        1     West Virginia    152a--38
Glover         Ida M            2     West Virg'a      152b---2
Glover         James            15    Virginia         159a--31
Glover         James L          5     West Virginia    159b---4
Glover         Jesse            18    Virginia         160a---4
Glover         John W           15    Va               128b--25
Glover         Levi             30    Virginia         152a--39
Glover         Lewis            34    Virginia         159b--21
Glover         Lewis W          9     Virginia         159b--10
Glover         Lila             23    Virginia         160a---3
Glover         Lousa            4     West Virginia    159b--12
Glover         Lyddia           22    Virginia         158b--39
Glover         Margaret         7     West Virginia    159b---3
Glover         Margaret A       19    Virginia         160a--21
Glover         Mary             29    Virginia         159b---2
Glover         Mary             2     West Virginia    159b--13
Glover         Mary A           2     West Virginia    158b--40
Glover         Mary E           42    Va               128b--24
Glover         Mary E           17    Va               130b--32
Glover         Melvina          3     W Va             128b--31
Glover         Melvira J        4     W Va             130b--37
Glover         Minnie A         6     W Va             130b--36
Glover         Nehemiah         56    Virginia         152a--40
Glover         Permelia R       22    Virginia         152a--37
Glover         Permetas         19    Va               130b--31
Glover         Peter            43    Va               130b--29
Glover         Peter L          9     Va               130b--35
Glover         Rachael          59    Pennsylvania     159a--29
Glover         Rebecca          50    Virginia         159b---7
Glover         Reuben           14    Virginia         160a---5
Glover         Rhoda            22    Virginia         160a--25
Glover         Richard          25    Virginia         160a--24
Glover         Samuel           15    Virginia         159b---8
Glover         Samuel J         33    Virginia         152a--36
Glover         Sarah E          14    Va               130b--33
Glover         Sherman          6     W Va             128b--30
Glover         Sylvania         12    Virginia         160a---6
Glover         Theadosia        12    Va               130b--34
Glover         Thomas J         4     West Virginia    159b--24
Glover         William          8     Va               128b--29
Glover         William          45    Virginia         159b---6
Glover         William J        7     Virginia         159b--23
Goddard        Alcinda          11    Va               232b--28
Goddard        Alva             28    Va               230b--20
Goddard        Burty E          11    Pa               191b--12
Goddard        Christeen A      45    Pa               191b---8
Goddard        David            7     Va               230b---3
Goddard        David            6     West Va          232b--10
Goddard        David            48    Pa               232b--20
Goddard        Eliza J          19    Va               230b--26
Goddard        Elizabeth        46    Pa               232b--24
Goddard        Elizabeth        42    Va               230a--34
Goddard        Emiline          19    Va               232b--21
Goddard        Foster           1     West Va          230b--22
Goddard        Francis          55    Pa               191b---7
Goddard        George J         18    Va               230b--36
Goddard        Harrison         13    Va               232b--26
Goddard        Henry            28    Ohio             203a--36
Goddard        Honour e         9/12  West Va          203a--38
Goddard        Huldah           17    Pa               191b---9
Goddard        James            11    Va               230b---1
Goddard        James L S        16    Pa               191b--10
Goddard        Jno              51    Pa               232b--23
Goddard        John             13    Va               232b--27
Goddard        Joshua           45    Pa               230a--33
Goddard        Lemuel           22    Va               232b--25
Goddard        Loucinda         2     West Va          202a--19
Goddard        Lyda A           19    Va               230a--37
Goddard        Malissa          22    Va               230a--35
Goddard        Margaret         29    Va               230b--21
Goddard        Martha M         15    Va               230a--39
Goddard        Mary             18    Ohio             203a--37
Goddard        Mary A           22    Va               230b--25
Goddard        Mary E           12    Va               230b--23
Goddard        Mary L           9     Va               230b---2
Goddard        Moses            12    Va               230a--40
Goddard        Nicholas         4     West Va          232b--29
Goddard        Pernell R        17    Va               230a--38
Goddard        Presley M        5/12  W Va             230b---5
Goddard        Reason           36    Pa               230b--35
Goddard        Reason           22    Va               202a--17
Goddard        Robert           21    Va               230a--36
Goddard        Sarah            50    Va               230b--24
Goddard        Sarah E          14    Pa               191b--11
Goddard        Selitha          18    Va               202a--18
Goddard        Sidney           10    Pa               230b--34
Goddard        Virginia B       3     W Va             230b---4
Goddard        William          2     West Va          232b--22
Goddard        William F        7     West Va          191b--13
Goddard        William F        5/12  West Va          202a--20
Goodridge      Barbary          41    Va               132b--31
Goodridge      David M          1     West Va          132b--35
Goodridge      James            40    Va               132b--30
Goodridge      James D          16    Va               132b--32
Goodridge      Mary A           12    Va               132b--33
Goodridge      William J        5     West Va          132b--34
Gorby          Alpheus          23    Va               139b--19
Gorby          Artemas E M A    7     Va               127b--28
Gorby          Denis            38    Va               127b--26
Gorby          Dudly            15    Va               204b--12
Gorby          Elcy             50    Va               204b--10
Gorby          Eli              48    Virginia         145b---9
Gorby          Elizabeth        49    Pa               132a--13
Gorby          Elmyra           35    Va               127b--27
Gorby          Hannah J         4     W Va             127b--29
Gorby          Isaac            27    Va               219a--28
Gorby          James            10    Va               204b--15
Gorby          John             52    Va               132a--12
Gorby          John R           53    Va               139b--14
Gorby          Josephus         15    Va               204b--11
Gorby          Lydia I          23    Pa               219a--29
Gorby          Margaret         9     Virginia         145b--12
Gorby          Marion           19    Va               139b--17
Gorby          Mary             20    Va               132a--14
Gorby          Mary A           14    Virginia         145b--11
Gorby          Rachael          45    Virginia         145b--10
Gorby          Rachel           52    Pa               139b--15
Gorby          Rebecca A        14    Va               139b--18
Gorby          Samuel           10    Va               132a--17
Gorby          Samuel W         2     W Va             127b--30
Gorby          Sarah            21    Va               139b--16
Gorby          Selby            12    Va               204b--14
Gorby          Thomas           10    Va               132a--16
Gorby          William          50    Va               204b---9
Gorby          William          15    Va               132a--15
Gorby          William          14    Va               204b--13
Gorby          William R        14    Va               127b--31
Goss           Rachael          60    Va               226b--21
Graham         Anne             33    Va               176b---9
Graham         John Q           40    Ohio             224a--31
Graham         John W           5     West Va          176b--12
Graham         Mary E           9     Va               176b--11
Graham         Sarah J          34    Va               224a--32
Graham         Sonsom J         12    Va               176b--10
Granden        Edward           22    Pa               223b--16
Granden        Lavina           23    Va               223b--17
Granden        Ruth             12    Va               188b--14
Granden        Saml             23    Pa               224b--36
Gray           Jackson          18    Pa               134b--40
Greathouse     Elizabeth        64    Va               234b--24
Greathouse     Hiram            23    Va               234b--23
Greathouse     John             25    Va               235a--35
Greathouse     Mahala           30    Va               234b--29
Greathouse     Mary             20    Va               235a--36
Greathouse     Mary L           3/12  West Va          234b--30
Greathouse     Thomas           24    Va               234b--28
Green          Asher            46    Ohio             219b--14
Green          Barbara          10    Ohio             219b--20
Green          Eliza            38    Ohio             219b--15
Green          Ellen A          12    Ohio             219b--19
Green          Emma J           15    Ohio             219b--18
Green          Evaline          8     Ohio             219b--21
Green          Isaac E          6     West Va          219b--22
Green          James E          5/12  West Va          213b--38
Green          Margaret         23    Pa               213b--35
Green          Mary A           5     West Va          213b--36
Green          Missouri S       17    Ohio             219b--17
Green          Oscar D          19    Ohio             219b--16
Green          William          24    Pa               213b--34
Green          William W        2     West Va          213b--37
Greenlee       Joseph           56    Ohio             192a---4
Greenlee       Mary J           48    Ohio             192a---5
Grim           Benjamin J       57    Pennsylvania     157a--29
Grim           Catherine        12    Virginia         157a--26
Grim           Christian        10    Virginia         157a--27
Grim           David            6     West Virginia    157a--33
Grim           Elizabeth A      47    Pa               193b--32
Grim           George           2     West Virginia    157a--35
Grim           Jane             29    Virginia         157a--25
Grim           John M           2     West Virginia    157a--28
Grim           Joseph           65    MD               193b--31
Grim           Joseph           35    Pennsylvania     157a--24
Grim           Mahala           10    Virginia         157a--32
Grim           Mary             50    Virginia         157a--30
Grim           Mary             13    Virginia         157a--31
Grim           Rassberry        5     West Virginia    157a--34
Grimes         Hanah            10    Va               185b---9
Grimes         Wm               45    Pa               218a--33
Grimm          Rachael          28    Va               166a--30
Grooms         Margaret         28    Ohio             166a--13
Gump           Alcinda C        3     West Virginia    162b--19
Gump           Allison          20    Va               176a---3
Gump           Charlotta        32    Virginia         162b--13
Gump           Daniel           50    Pennsylvania     158a--10
Gump           Eliza E          4/12  .                176a--15
Gump           Elizabeth        16    Pennsylvania     146b---3
Gump           Emmaline         31    Pennsylvania     146a--32
Gump           Francis M        7     Virginia         162b--17
Gump           Frank            2     West Virginia    147a--38
Gump           Frederick        62    Pa               176a---1
Gump           Hiram            11    Virginia         162b--15
Gump           James            37    Pennsylvania     146a--31
Gump           James            27    Va               176a--10
Gump           James M          3/12  West Virginia    158a--14
Gump           James W          3     West Virginia    158a--13
Gump           Jasper L         6     West Va          176a--12
Gump           Jefferson        9     Virginia         162b--16
Gump           John             45    Pennsylvania     145a--23
Gump           John             42    Pennsylvania     162b--12
Gump           John             39    Pennsylvania     146b---1
Gump           John             2     Pennsylvania     146a--40
Gump           Joseph K         4     West Va          176a--13
Gump           Lucy C           26    Va               176a--11
Gump           Margaret         5     Pennsylvania     146a--38
Gump           Margaret J       1     West Virginia    146a--35
Gump           Marian           25    Pennsylvania     147a--36
Gump           Martha           11    Pennsylvania     145a--26
Gump           Mary B           4     Pennsylvania     146a--33
Gump           Mary L           23    Virginia         147a--37
Gump           Nancy            23    Pennsylvania     146a--37
Gump           Nancy J          28    Pennsylvania     158a--11
Gump           Philip           25    Pennsylvania     146a--36
Gump           Rebecca          55    Pa               176a---2
Gump           Rebecca J        4     West Virginia    158a--12
Gump           Rilley           13    Virginia         162b--14
Gump           Sarah            43    Pennsylvania     145a--24
Gump           Sarah            42    Virginia         146b---2
Gump           Sarah            3     Pennsylvania     146a--39
Gump           Sarah E          5     West Virginia    162b--18
Gump           Solomon V        2     .                176a--14
Gump           William          7     Pennsylvania     146b---4
Gump           William          22    Pennsylvania     145a--25
Gump           William C        6/12  West Virginia    147a--39
Gump           William J        2     Pennsylvania     146a--34
Guthrie        Amanda J         8     Va               218b--13
Guthrie        Barbara          27    Va               218b--31
Guthrie        Benjamin F       16    Va               218b--10
Guthrie        Castilla         70    Va               188a--27
Guthrie        Charles          8/12  West Va          218b--33
Guthrie        Clement L        6     West Va          188a--21
Guthrie        Elsbeth          11    Va               214a--38
Guthrie        Harriet          37    Va               218b---9
Guthrie        Ida M            3     West Va          188a--23
Guthrie        James            48    Va               218b---8
Guthrie        John             13    Va               218b--12
Guthrie        John A           3     West Va          218b--32
Guthrie        John N           8     Va               188a--20
Guthrie        Lewis            32    Va               188a--18
Guthrie        Lucy H           32    Va               188a--19
Guthrie        Luretta          9     Va               214a--39
Guthrie        Martin           28    Va               188a--29
Guthrie        Mary E           4     West Va          188a--22
Guthrie        Nancy B          10/12 West Va          188a--24
Guthrie        Robert           81    Va               188a--26
Guthrie        Robert           44    Va               218b--30
Guthrie        Robert L         5     West Va          218b--14
Guthrie        Samuel           40    Va               188a--28
Guthrie        Virginia F       15    Va               218b--11

The free display of the 1870 Wetzel County, WV census images in
the U.S. Data Repository was made possible through the generosity of
the Allen County Public Library (Indiana)
This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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