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Congratulations on your progress!

If you haven't already read the Transcriber's Decisions, please do it now. After you have decided how your transcription will be proofread, and have exhausted all the other recommendations for how to find a proofreader -- email the Proofreading Coordinator with the email address provided below. Within a few days your request will be emailed to the volunteer proofreaders. You may be contacted by one or more volunteers who are willing to proofread your transcription. Please notify the  Proofreading Coordinator when you have found a proofreader.



Send an E-Mail to:
including the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. The COUNTY, STATE , and YEAR of your transcription to be proofread.
  4. Format of your transcribed file, such as Spreadsheet
    (Excel, MS-Works, QuattroPro, or other spreadsheet software)
    or CART software.
  5. Special information: do you have copy of census to supply to proofreader and if so in what format (cd, printout or microfilm). If not, please indicate proofreader will need to obtain their own census information.
  6. Your preferred "proofreading method".



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To narrow your search results put Last Name first inside quotation marks.
EXAMPLE "Smith, John"

April Phillips, Proofreaders' Coordinator

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