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District of Columbia 1920 Federal Census
Microfilmed on 9 rolls, T625-205 to T625-213
Microfilm #
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Enum. District Numbers Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T625-205 Precinct 1: 1-19

Precinct 2: 20-40

Precinct 1
Institutions: Capitol City Sanitarium; St. Joseph Male; George Washington University Hospital

Precinct 2
Institutions: Episcopal Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital; The Lodge for Girls; Confederate Memorial Home; Epiphany Church Home for Aged Women; Deaconess Home; Washington Sanitarium Mission Hospital; Methodist Home for Aged People; National Homeopathic Hospital

T625-206 Precinct 3: 41-70
Precinct 4: 71-76

Precinct 3,  Institutions: United States Naval Hospital; Louise Home
Precinct 4

T625-207 Precinct 4: 77-96
Precinct 5: 97-117

Precinct 4
Precinct 5 (part)

T625-208 Precinct 5: 118-130

Precinct 9: 217-241

Precinct 5 (part)
Institutions: County Almshouse, Hospital, Male Workhouse, and Female Workhouse; United States Jail

Precinct 9 (part)
Institutions: Home for the Aged (Little Sisters of the Poor)

T625-209 Precinct 9: 242-266

Precinct 6: 131-146

Precinct 9 (part)
Institutions: U. S. Reform School; Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb; Camp Meigs; Lutheran Home for the Aged

Precinct 6
Institutions: Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Home; Sunshine Home for Women; Young Women's Christian Home; American Salvation Army Home for Women; Hart Farm School and Junior Republic; Working Boys Home: Florence Crittenton Mission; Government Dormitories; Hebrew Home for the Aged

T625-210 Precinct 7: 147-174

Precinct 8: 175-190

Precinct 7
Institutions: The Edes Home; Aged Women's Home; Georgetown College; Convent of the Visitation; Georgetown Hospital; Baptist Home; Jewish Foster Home; Epiphany School; Catholic Home for Aged Ladies; Aid Associations for the Blind; House of the Good Shepherd; Mount Alto Sanitarium; Washington Home for Incurables; American University; National Training School for Girls; Children's Country Home;

Precinct 8 (part)
Institutions: Interstate Old Folks Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People; Washington Home for Foundlings; Children's Hospital

T625-211 Precinct 8: 191-216

Precinct 11: 351-367

Precinct 8 (part)
Institutions: Washington City Orphan Asylum;

Precinct 11
Institutions: German Orphan Asylum; The Rupert Home; Stoddard Baptist Home; Episcopal Home for Children; Non-Sectarian Home for Aged People; United States Insane Asylum; Industrial Home School; Home for the Aged and Infirm; other Institutions; Bolling Aviation Field

T625-212 Precinct 10: 267-309

Precinct 10 (part)
Institutions: St. Roses Technical School; The Presbyterian Home and House of Mercy; Home for Destitute Women and Children; Garfield Hospital

T625-213 Precinct 10: 310-350

Precinct 10 (part)
Institutions: Home for the Friendless Colored Girls; Children's Temporary Home and Industrial School; Freedmans's Hospital; Municipal Tuberculosis Hospital; John Dickson Memorial Home; U. S. Army Hospital; Masonic and Eastern Star Home; Catholic University and Marist Seminary; Soldiers Home; Baptist Home for Children; Washington Cancer Sanitarium; Stoddard Baptist Old Folks Home; Trinity College; St Vincents Orphan Asylum

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