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Cook County, Illinois - - 1920 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 59 rolls, T625-305 to T625-363
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Enum. District Numbers Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T625-305 EDs: 1-33 Chicago: Ward 1 (part)
Institution(s): Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital; Municipal Pier, Motor Transport Corp.; People's Hospital; St. Luke's Hospital; Y M C A

T625-306 EDs: 34-86 Chicago: Ward 1 (part)
Chicago: Ward 2 (part)
Institution(s): Abraham Lincoln Hospital; Florence Crittenton Anchorage; Mercy Hospital; Michael Reese Hospital; Home for Nurses; Hahnemann Hospital; Nelson Morris Memorial; Post Graduate Hospital; Wesley Hospital; Rhodes Ave. Hospital; Stevenson Sarah Hackett Memorial Lodging House; Wesley Home for Scandinavian Women; Woman's Foreign Baptist Missionary Society

T625-307 EDs: 87-108, 2307, 109-119, 237-240, 2297, and 241-248 Chicago: Ward 2 (part)
Chicago: Ward 5 (part)
Institution(s): Lakeside Hospital; Provident Hospital and Training School; St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum; Y M C A
T625-308 EDs: 249-285 Chicago: Ward 5 (part)
Mexican Camp.

T625-309 EDs: 286-333 Chicago: Ward 5 (part)
Chicago: Ward 6 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Home for the Friendless; Chicago Lying In Hospital; Chicago Hospital; Chicago Orphan Asylum; Home for the Aged; Illinois Technical School for Colored Girls; Harris Hotel; James C. King Home for Old Men; Refuge for Girls; St. Xavier Academy

T625-310 EDs: 334-379 and 539-544 Chicago: Ward 6 (part)
Chicago: Ward 9 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago University; Home for Incurables; Hyde Park Y. M. C. A.

T625-311 EDs: 545-587 Chicago: Ward 9 (part)
Institution(s): Augustania Home for Aged; Pullman Hospital; St. Anthony's Convent; St. Dorothy's Convent; St. Louis Academy

T625-312 EDs: 588-610 and 120-147 Chicago: Ward 3 (part)
Chicago: Ward 9 (part)
Institution(s): Francis Juvenile Detention Home; Francis Juvenile House; Sisters of St. Joseph Industrial

T625-313 EDs: 148-174, 2306, and 175-196 Chicago: Ward 3 (part)
Institution(s): Old People's Home; Walther League Hospic; Working Mothers Home

T625-314 EDs: 197-236 Chicago: Ward 4 (part)

T625-315 EDs: 381-427 Chicago: Ward 7 (part)
Institution(s): Home for Aged Jews and Jewish Orphan Home; Loretto Academy; Washington Park Hospital

T625-316 EDs: 428-474 Chicago: Ward 7 (part)
Institution(s): St. Columbanious Convent; St. Mary's Orphan Asylum

T625-317 EDs: 475-493, 2294, 494-498, 2298, and 499-515 Chicago: Ward 8 (part)
Institution(s): Sisters of Allerey Convent; South Chicago Hospital

T625-318 EDs: 516-537, 2285, 538, and 611-625 Chicago: Ward 8 (part)
Chicago: Ward 10 (part)
Institution(s): Bokemian Settement House; Sisters of St Francis

T625-319 EDs: 626-657 Chicago: Ward 10 (part)
Chicago: Ward 11 (part)
Institution(s): St Charles School; St Mary High School; St. Adalbott's Parish House

T625-320 EDs: 658-696 Chicago: Ward 11 (part)
Chicago: Ward 12 (part)
Institution(s): Hospital of St. Anthony de Padra; Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged; Illinois Industrial Home for the Blind; Mark Nathan Jewish Orphan Home; Mt. Sinai Hospital

T625-321 EDs: 697-744 Chicago: Ward 12 (part)
Chicago: Ward 13 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago House of Correction; Garfield Park Hospital; Robert Burns Hospital; Nurses Hospital; Monroe Street Hospital; Municipal Contagious Disease Hospital; Sister's Home

T625-322 EDs: 745-796 Chicago: Ward 13 (part)
Institution(s): Bethany Bible School; Bethany College; St. Mary's Home for Children

T625-323 EDs: 797-818 Chicago: Ward 13 (part)
Chicago: Ward 14 (part)

T625-324 EDs: 840-882 Chicago: Ward 14 (part)
Chicago: Ward 15 (part)
Institution(s): Burns (Patient) Hospital; Chicago Evangelistic; Lutheran Children's Home; Norwegian Tabitha Hospital; Noriegan American Hospital; Park Avenue Hospital; St. Patrick Academy and Convent

T625-325 EDs: 883-909 Chicago: Ward 15 (part)
Institution(s): Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hospital; St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital and Old People's Home; St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

T625-326 EDs: 910-947 Chicago: Ward 15 (part)
Chicago: Ward 16 (part)
Institution(s): Annunciation Convent; Danish (Lutheran) Orphan Asylum; St, Mary's of the Angels and Resurrection Convent; St. Stanislaus School

T625-327 EDs: 962-982, 948-960, 2288, and 961 Chicago: Ward 16 (part)
Chicago: Ward 17 (part)
Institution(s): Holy Family of Nazareth; St. Stanislaus College; Mark Nathan Jewish Orphan Home

T625-328 EDs: 983-987, 2287, 988-992, 2286, 993-1030, 1053, and 1031-1034 Chicago: Ward 17 (part)
Chicago: Ward 18 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Working Boy's Home; Holy Innocence; Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary

T625-329 EDs: 1035-1052 and 1054-1077 Chicago: Ward 18 (part)
Chicago: Ward 19 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Foundling Home; Chicago Woman's Shelter; Washingtonian Home of Chicago; Jefferson Park Polyclinic and Littlejohn Hospital; Cook County Hospital; Frances E. Willard Hospital; Home for the Aged; Lewis Institute; Mary Thompson Hospital; Our Lady of Pompeii Church; Columbia Extension Hospital; Presbyterian Hospital; Salvation Army Industrial Home for Men; University Hospital; West End Hospital; West Side Home for Young Women; West Side Hospital; Y M C A

T625-330 EDs: 1078-1119, 1121-1124, and 1126-1128 Chicago: Ward 19 (part)
Chicago: Ward 20 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Lying in Hospital Nurses Home; Hull House; Jane * Cleek Settlement House; Juvenile Detention Home; Mary Home Settlement House; Chicago Lying in Hospital and Infirmery; McKinley Home and Lindlahr Sanitarium; St Ignatius College; Holy Family Church; St. Joseph's Home for Working People; St. Aloysius Convent

T625-331 EDs: 1129-1171 Chicago: Ward 20 (part)
Chicago: Ward 21 (part)
Institution(s): Hebrew Shelter Home; Immanuel Woman's Home; Jewish Home Finding Society of Chicago; Salvation Army Rescue Home

T625-332 EDs: 1172-1224 Chicago: Ward 21 (part)
Chicago: Ward 22 (part)
Institution(s): Augustana Nurses Home; Beulah Home and Maternity Hospital; Chicago Policlinic and Hospital; Cook County Jail; Henroten Memorial Hospital; House of Providence; Moody Bible Institute; Olivet Institute; Passavant Memorial Hospital; South Dearborn Hotel; Sisters of Charity Convent; Cathedral Holy Name Parish House; North Dearborn Hotel.; St. Vincent's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital

T625-333 EDs: 1225-1273 Chicago: Ward 22 (part)
Chicago: Ward 23 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Industrial League

T625-334 EDs: 1274-1280, 2300, 1281-1295, 2299, 1296-1297, 2291, 1298-1304, 2292, 1305-1308, 2296, 1309-1314, 2305, and 1315-1319 Chicago: Ward 23 (part)
Institution(s): Chicago Union Hospital; Catholic Parochial School; Children's Memorial Hospital; Columbus Hospital; Diversey Parkway Hospital; North Chicago Hospital; St Clement's Rectory and Convent

T625-335 EDs: 1320-1375 Chicago: Ward 23 (part)
Chicago: Ward 24 (part)
Chicago: Ward 26 (part)
Institution(s): Alexian Brothers Hospital; Christopher House Settlement; Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged

T625-336 EDs: 1376-1390, 1504, 2302, and 1505-1532 Chicago: Ward 24 (part)
Chicago: Ward 26 (part)
Institution(s): American Boarding Home for Aged Ladies; Angel Guardian Orphanage; Bethany Home; Chicago Fresh Air Hospital; Convent of St. Scholastica; Convent; Girls Parental School

T625-337 EDs: 1533-1578 Chicago: Ward 26 (part)
Institution(s): Lady of Lourds Catholic Church; Swedish Home of Mercy (Home for Aged); Transfiguration of Our Lord Convent

T625-338 EDs: 1579-1616 Chicago: Ward 26 (part)
Chicago: Ward 27 (part)
Institution(s): Danish Old Peoples' Home; Home for Aged and Orphan Behemians; Lawrence Hall; Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium; Norwegian Old Peoples Home

T625-339 EDs: 1617-1653 Chicago: Ward 27 (part)
Institution(s): Convent; School for the Deaf

T625-340 EDs: 1654-1659, 2303, and 1660-1687 Chicago: Ward 27 (part)
Institution(s): Franciscan Sisters' Home for Aged; St. Joseph's Home for the Crippled; Lutheran Home Finding Society of Illinois; St. Viators Normal Institute

T625-341 EDs: 1391-1438 Chicago: Ward 25 (part)

T625-342 EDs: 1439-1480 Chicago: Ward 25 (part)
Institution(s): U. S. Marine Hospital.

T625-343 EDs: 1481-1503 and 1688-1709 Chicago: Ward 25 (part)
Chicago: Ward 28 (part)
Institution(s): St. Hedwigs School; Convent of St. Scholastica; House of the Good Shepherd

T625-344 EDs: 1710-1745 Chicago: Ward 28 (part)
Chicago: Ward 29 (part)
Institution(s): Association House Settlement; Convent of St. Sylvester; Prospect Hospital; St. Bernard's Home for Orphans and Old People

T625-345 EDs: 1746-1753, 2295, and 1754-1780 Chicago: Ward 29 (part)
Institution(s): Monastery of Poor Clares; Sisters Home of St Joseph

T625-346 EDs: 1781-1784, 2301, and 1785-1816 Chicago: Ward 29 (part)
Chicago: Ward 30 (part)

T625-347 EDs: 2290 and 1817-1866 Chicago: Ward 30 (part)
Institution(s): Church of God, Saints of Christ Home and Orphanage Home; Home of Aged and Infirm Colored People

T625-348 EDs: 1867-1921 Chicago: Ward 31 (part)
Institution(s): Englewood Hospital; St Theodore's Convent; St. Anne Convent; St. Martin's Academy

T625-349 EDs: 1922-1972 Chicago: Ward 31 (part)
Chicago: Ward 32 (part)
Institution(s): McCowen School for Young Deaf Children; St. Bernard's Hospital; Protestant Association Home for Children

T625-350 EDs: 1973-2017, 2304, and 2018-2021 Chicago: Ward 32 (part)
Institution(s): St Leo's Convent, Sisters of Providence; St Sabina's Convent

T625-351 EDs: 2022-2064 Chicago: Ward 32 (part)
Chicago: Ward 33 (part)
Institution(s): Missionary Rest; Academy of Our Lady; Childrens Home; Swedish Baptist Old Peoples Home

T625-352 EDs: 2065-2101 Chicago: Ward 33 (part)

T625-353 EDs: 2102-2144 Chicago: Ward 33 (part)
Chicago: Ward 34 (part)
Institution(s): St. Anne's Hospital and Training School

T625-354 EDs: 2145-2185 and 2289 Chicago: Ward 34 (part)
Institution(s): Bohemian Lying in Hospital.

T625-355 EDs: 2186-2225 Chicago: Ward 34 (part)
Chicago: Ward 35 (part)

T625-356 EDs: 2226-2263 Chicago: Ward 35 (part)

T625-357 EDs: Chicago: 2264-2269, 2293, 2270-2284

Cook County: 1-8 and 68-74

Chicago: Ward 35 (part)
Cities: Berwyn and Evanston
Townships: Barrington and Elk Grove
Villages: Barrington and Mount Prospect (part)
Institution(s): Our Lady of the Angels Convent; Womens College

T625-358 EDs: 75-88, 9-24, and 137-139 Cities: Chicago Heights and Evanston

Townships: Bloom and Northfield
Villages: Glenview, Glenwood, Shermerville, South Chicago Heights, and Steger village
Institution(s): Grove Home for Convalescents; Old Peoples' Home; St. Ann's Home; Holy Ghost Institute; St. Mary's Mission House

T625-359 EDs: 25-27, 37-67, and 92-95 Townships: Bremen, Cicero, and Lemont
Cicero town
Villages: Hazel Crest (part), Lemont, Posen, Robbins, and Tinley Park
Institution(s): Cook County Almshouse and Hospital for Consumptives

T625-360 EDs: 28-36, 89-91, 113-117, and 96-112 Cities: Blue Island, Elgin, and Park Ridge

Townships: Calumet, Hanover, Leyden, Lyons, and Maine
Villages: Bartlett, Brookfield, Burr Oak, Des Plaines, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Hinsdale, Hodgkins, Justice, La Grange, Lyons, River Grove, Riverdale, Riverview, Schiller Park, Spring Forest (part), Summit, and Western Springs
Institution(s): Illinois Industrial School for Girls; Illinois Masonic Orphan Home; St. Mary's Training School for Boys; St.Francis Hospital

T625-361 EDs: 118-136, and 140-157 Townships: New Trier, Niles, and Norwood Park
Villages: Glencoe, Kenilworth, Morton Grove, Niles Center, Niles, Oak Park, Tessville, Wilmette, and Winnetka
Institution(s): Chicago State Hospital (Insane)

T625-362 EDs: 158-190, 192-193, 191, and 194-196 Townships: Orland, Palatine, Palos, and Proviso
Villages: Bellwood, Broadview, Forest Park, Hillside, La Grange Park, Maywood, Oak Park, Orland Park, Palatine, Palos Park, Spring Forest (part), and Worth
Institution(s): Baptist Old Peoples' Home; Central Baptist Orphanage; German Old Peoples' Home

T625-363 EDs: 197-206, 208-214, 220-221, 215-219, and 222-237 Cities: Harvey and West Hammond
Townships: Rich, Riverside, Schaumberg, Stickney, Thornton, Wheeling, and Worth
Villages: Arlington Heights. Burnham, Chicago Ridge, Dolton, East Hazel Crest, Evergreen Park, Hazel Crest (part), Homewood, Lansing, Matteson, Melrose Park, Mount Greenwood, Mount Prospect (part), Oak Lawn, Phoenix, River Forest, South Holland, Stickney, Thornton, and Wheeling
Institution(s): Lutheran Old Folks Home; Scottish Old Peoples Home

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