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The free display of the 1830 Bibb County, Alabama, census images
was made possible by Clark Solomon at his
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This index was transcribed by Becky Madruga
and proofread by Earnie Breeding
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Because of the width of the census form each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Abney           Mary          163a   22   163b
Abney           Thos.         173a   14   173b
Achison         James H.      171a   01   171b
Acley           Wm.           155a   10   155b
Adams           Daniel        148a   03   148b
Adams           George        160a   12   160b
Adams           Samuel        159a   28   159b
Alberson        Briant        164a   23   164b
Allen           Alexander     149a   26   149b
Allen           John          144a   04   144b
Alphin          John          171a   17   171b
Andrews         John          169a   08   169b
Ansby           Pinto         147a   04   147b
Armstrong       James         150a   10   150b
Armstrong       Joseph        167a   02   167b
Armstrong       Wm.           145a   06   145b
Armstrong       Wm.           154a   04   154b
Arnold          Jessee        168a   09   168b
Arnold          Wiatt         170a   15   170b
Arnold          Wm.           158a   25   158b
Ashazan         Luis          144a   27   144b
Atkinson        Agrippi       153a   27   153b
Atkinson        Alfred        153a   28   153b
Atkinson        Antar         153a   26   153b
Atkisons        James         169a   02   169b
Avery           Alexander     159a   21   159b
Avery           Henry         159a   24   159b
Avery           Henry, Senr.  159a   25   159b
Avery           Thos.         159a   23   159b
Baggat          John          153a   21   153b
Bagwell         Riley         166a   21   166b
Baily           William       153a   13   153b
Baker           Abner         149a   14   149b
Baratt          Walter        165a   07   165b
Bare            Josiah        171a   13   171b
Barnett         Daniel        155a   27   155b
Barnett         Richard       152a   16   152b
Barns           James         148a   11   148b
Barns           James         171a   15   171b
Barns           John          160a   09   160b
Barns           Wm.           159a   19   159b
Barrentine      Sanried       168a   02   168b
Barrentine      William       166a   23   166b
Barrett         Wm.           156a   26   156b
Bastic          Nathaniel     147a   23   147b
Bawcan          Alan          159a   22   159b
Bayd            David R.      161a   19   161b
Baynd           Abraham       147a   01   147b
Beach           Charles       166a   06   166b
Belden          Daniel E.     160a   03   160b
Bell            Nancy         148a   15   148b
Belvin          Elkwin        164a   19   164b
Binsirith       Joshua        147a   20   147b
Binson          Henderson     154a   09   154b
Biore           James         152a   14   152b
Bird            Peter         173a   13   173b
Bishop          Allen         165a   03   165b
Bishop          Ephrand       154a   17   154b
Bishop          James W.      170a   06   170b
Bishop          Malichi       173a   10   173b
Blake           Archi.        151a   12   151b
Blake           Asia          161a   22   161b
Blake           John          149a   02   149b
Blakeseip       John          170a   26   170b
Boos            Abednego      149a   03   149b
Boos            Ted Cigey     148a   16   148b
Borrol          Richard, Sen  153a   07   153b
Boufull         Abraham       151a   06   151b
Bowden          Briant        158a   01   158b
Bowden          Briant        173a   23   173b
Bowlan          John          157a   16   157b
Boyd            Chaten        146a   25   146b
Boyd            David         162a   24   162b
Boyle           Samuel L.     151a   01   151b
Bradshaw        James         145a   28   145b
Braiden         Sarah         149a   27   149b
Brametolet      McGee         150a   13   150b
Branham         Samuel        169a   13   169b
Brarson         Christopher   163a   02   163b
Brarson         Christopher,  163a   04   163b
Brarson         Johnathan     163a   05   163b
Brarson         Matthew       163a   07   163b
Brasley         Josiah        168a   23   168b
Brewer          Nathien       160a   23   160b
Brodnax         H. P.         173a   18   173b
Brora           Benjamin      152a   13   152b
Brora           Camona        152a   12   152b
Brown           Asa Adw.      155a   15   155b
Brown           David L.      162a   06   162b
Brown           Edmond        144a   10   144b
Brown           Henry         167a   17   167b
Brown           Heston        168a   16   168b
Brown           James         172a   18   172b
Brown           Jesse A.      164a   05   164b
Brown           Samuel        163a   06   163b
Brown           Willis        170a   13   170b
Bruce           Winston       172a   19   172b
Burns           James         169a   10   169b
Bury            Suich         156a   25   156b
Caby            Benjamin      162a   16   162b
Caddel          John          165a   02   165b
Caddell         Benj.         165a   09   165b
Cadell          Wm.           161a   16   161b
Caffe           Evan          151a   15   151b
Caffe           John          151a   16   151b
Caffe           Wm.           151a   28   151b
Caley           Charles       162a   13   162b
Calm            James         165a   23   165b
Camon           Benton        167a   26   167b
Camon           Martin        170a   07   170b
Campbell        Aron          169a   01   169b
Campbell        Charity       168a   21   168b
Campbell        Elijah        145a   27   145b
Cannan          Mary          172a   28   172b
Cannon          Charles       151a   26   151b
Canterburg      Canal         156a   12   156b
Canterburg      Zacharah      156a   10   156b
Canterbury      Johnathan     150a   02   150b
Canterbury      Samuel        149a   04   149b
Canterbury      Shadric       149a   05   149b
Canugham        Nat'l         156a   11   156b
Carley          Grunbury      173a   05   173b
Carley          Zachas        172a   24   172b
Carlton         Chas          155a   19   155b
Carlton         Henry         155a   29   155b
Carlton         Henry         156a   01   156b
Carmine         Lewis         159a   10   159b
Carroll         Wm.           146a   07   146b
Carsey          John          145a   14   145b
Carter          Charles       154a   24   154b
Carter          Samuel        162a   20   162b
Carter          Willis        156a   16   156b
Carton          Robert W.     155a   25   155b
Case            Mathew        164a   24   164b
Cash            John          172a   14   172b
Cattengtine     Charles       170a   28   170b
Cattingham      Elisha        171a   03   171b
Cattingham      Wm.           171a   04   171b
Catts           James         156a   14   156b
Catts           Wm.           156a   13   156b
Cavet           Ruber         150a   20   150b
Cavings         Andrew        168a   27   168b
Cavis           Ransom        154a   19   154b
Celon           Eamora        156a   24   156b
Chamliss        Iacsam L.     162a   04   162b
Chandler        James         147a   08   147b
Cheek           James         154a   07   154b
Childers        Ian           147a   28   147b
Childrass       Alfred        153a   22   153b
Chism           Francis       169a   26   169b
Chism           John          169a   25   169b
Christian       Wm.           145a   11   145b
Cierey          Wm. P.        145a   10   145b
Cilelenlen      Oliver        161a   23   161b
Cirmis          Heyuh         168a   01   168b
Clark           Alexander     158a   09   158b
Clark           Daniel        145a   26   145b
Clark           James B.      152a   21   152b
Clark           Willis        147a   14   147b
Clauybaugh      John          155a   08   155b
Clement         Wm. T.        159a   09   159b
Clements        Sutton        159a   01   159b
Clements        Washington    144a   11   144b
Clements        William       167a   24   167b
Clemett         Lilton        173a   24   173b
Clokely         Wm.           152a   17   152b
Clorey          John          167a   05   167b
Clouers         Johnathan     168a   26   168b
Cobb            Alexander     152a   10   152b
Cohn            Noah B.       170a   19   170b
Cohn            Smith         156a   23   156b
Coker           Robert        145a   17   145b
Coker           Wm.           158a   15   158b
Coker           Wm.           172a   11   172b
Cokes           Wm.           147a   05   147b
Colin           Robert        170a   01   170b
Collins         Ranelope      153a   08   153b
Colm            Eaphram       168a   12   168b
Colman          Jefferson     168a   17   168b
Colts           Alendon       170a   02   170b
Comwill         Isaac         165a   14   165b
Cook            Mary          167a   04   167b
Cook            Silas         165a   22   165b
Corey           Wm.           151a   05   151b
Cornigh         Barney        159a   12   159b
Cottinghome     John          170a   17   170b
Counsil         John          161a   05   161b
Cox             Corneleus     145a   25   145b
Craig           Daniel        164a   06   164b
Crampton        Thos          157a   27   157b
Crans           Charles       162a   08   162b
Crider          Wm.           149a   23   149b
Crowson         Richard       169a   28   169b
Crumpton        James         169a   20   169b
Crumpton        John          164a   10   164b
Crumpton        Luke          168a   11   168b
Cupp            Walter C.     158a   10   158b
Curry           Daniel D.     144a   14   144b
Cutts           John          159a   27   159b

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