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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family       LEFT-----RIGHT
Oaks            Jason         89a  29   89b
Oden            Alexr         85a  12   85b
Oden            B             85a   9   85b
Oden            John         102a   6  102b
Oden            Peter         89a  20   89b
Oden            Thos H        89a  23   89b
Osburn          Jas           97a  27   97b
Owens           Eliz          94a  14   94b
Pace            Eliz         103a   7  103b
Paine           A             80a  15   80b
Paine           M             94a  27   94b
Palmer          Sal           92a  30   92b
Pannel          Jno           76a  20   76b
Parham          Thos         103a  21  103b
Paris           M             81a   2   81b
Parker          Chas          89a  17   89b
Parrott         W L           85a   1   85b
Parsons         Thos          91a  27   91b
Partain         H             85a  24   85b
Partain         H             93a  28   93b
Partain         S             85a  27   85b
Pasham          H J           89a   4   89b
Payne           B             95a   5   95b
Payne           Isaac         95a   1   95b
Payne           N             95a   2   95b
Payne           Saml          89a   5   89b
Phillips        Danl          83a  11   83b
Phillips        J             87a  15   87b
Phillips        M             87a   6   87b
Phillips        Mary          83a   9   83b
Pickle          R             79a  30   79b
Poe             Harvey       101a  19  101b
Porter          Danl          76a  10   76b
Porter          Jas           92a  19   92b
Porter          L C           90a  18   90b
Posey           Gideon        92a  24   92b
Posey           Israel S      92a  23   92b
Powel           J             80a  16   80b
Powell          Geo           90a  13   90b
Powell          Gray          98a  28   98b
Powell          Wm            96a   8   96b
Prather         Peter         91a  20   91b
Prather         Wm           100a  17  100b
Prentis         J             79a  21   79b
Prentis         Jno           79a  19   79b
Price           W M           94a  21   94b
Proctor         N            103a   3  103b
Pullin          Wm            93a   1   93b
Purdy           Henry         99a  22   99b
Purdy           Wm            99a  23   99b
Putton          N             81a  26   81b
Randolph        J             87a  16   87b
Ratliff         A             77a   1   77b
Ratliff         J             80a  25   80b
Ratliff         Jeremiah      76a   1   76b
Ratliff         M             77a  14   77b
Reed            A             80a  13   80b
Reed            E             97a   3   97b
Reed            G             81a  20   81b
Reed            Joel         101a  25  101b
Reed            Tandy W      101a  15  101b
Renean          William       76a  23   76b
Rener           S L           88a  14   88b
Reynolds        J            104a  22  104b
Reynoulds       Jesse        103a   9  103b
Rhodes          H W           77a  28   77b
Rhodes          Jno           78a  17   78b
Rice            Jos B        102a  24  102b
Rix             R             97a   4   97b
Roach           Jas           97a  21   97b
Robbins         A             96a  14   96b
Robins          J             96a  26   96b
Robins          R             84a  13   84b
Robins          Wm            93a   4   93b
Roden           Basil         99a  18   99b
Roden           Jno M         99a  20   99b
Roden           T L           96a   7   96b
Roden           W M           99a  19   99b
Roden           W N           98a  29   98b
Roden           Wm            98a   1   98b
Rodin           Carter       103a  15  103b
Rogers          R A           94a  22   94b
Ruckley         A H           79a  22   79b
Ruckley         W H           79a  17   79b
Rudd            A             84a   6   84b
Ruse            E             94a   1   94b
Ruse            Jesse         90a  24   90b
Russel          Jas B         99a  17   99b
Russel          Providence    83a  18   83b
Russel          S             89a  27   89b
Russell         John         103a   6  103b
Rutherford      James         77a  19   77b
Rutherford      John          76a  29   76b
Rutherford      Thos          77a  18   77b
Rutherford      W            104a  30  104b
Samuels         F             96a  12   96b
Samuels         W             96a  11   96b
Sanders         Cath         102a  17  102b
Sanders         Jno          105a   5  105b
Sandlin         Danl          77a   6   77b
Sandlin         J             79a   1   79b
Sandlin         J, Jr         78a  31   78b
Sandlin         W             78a  25   78b
Sapp            B             87a  30   87b
Sapp            B H          101a  27  101b
Scott           J             80a  19   80b
Scott           P             88a   8   88b
Scott           Thos          84a  16   84b
Seaton          Eliz          93a  15   93b
Self            Vincent       92a  15   92b
Sely            A             79a   5   79b
Sergeant        D             94a   6   94b
Sergeant        J             94a   7   94b
Sevier          D H           86a  21   86b
Sevley          John         104a  10  104b
Shaffer         M             85a  20   85b
Shearer         J B           76a   4   76b
Shearer         Thomas       101a  11  101b
Shearer         Thos B       101a   9  101b
Shelton         G             99a   2   99b
Shelton         G D           85a  17   85b
Shelton         V             87a  21   87b
Shipley         Eli           83a  23   83b
Shoeneake       J             87a  11   87b
Sidmore         H M           90a   6   90b
Sidwell         B             95a  12   95b
Sidwell         H             95a  11   95b
Sidwell         J             95a  16   95b
Sidwell         J             98a   3   98b
Sidwell         S             96a  20   96b
Sidwell         V             95a  15   95b
Sidwell         W             96a  19   96b
Skelton         Wm            93a  13   93b
Smalling        Wm            89a   9   89b
Smelling        W             89a  26   89b
Smith           A             79a  28   79b
Smith           E S           92a   7   92b
Smith           G A           99a   6   99b
Smith           J             95a   7   95b
Smith           Jas           99a   8   99b
Smith           N             79a  11   79b
Smith           Nancy         84a  10   84b
Smith           Saml D       100a  29  100b
Smith           Z             95a   6   95b
South           Phil          90a   4   90b
Sparks          H J           79a  26   79b
Sparks          J R           79a  18   79b
Starlin         Jos           84a   5   84b
Starling        A             87a  19   87b
Starling        J G           83a  12   83b
Starling        S C           89a   1   89b
Starnes         Wm            87a   1   87b
Staton          G D, Jr       88a  25   88b
Staton          T W           99a   1   99b
Staton          W             97a  24   97b
Steele          John         100a  27  100b
Stephenson      J             87a  20   87b
Stephenson      Jane          83a   5   83b
Stephenson      W H           83a   2   83b
Stewart         J             85a  23   85b
Stewart         Wm           102a   3  102b
Stone           S             81a  12   81b
Stout           P             79a  27   79b
Stratton        Geo D, Sr     97a  15   97b
Strickland      S             86a  29   86b
Strickland      W R          100a   4  100b
Strickland      Wm            93a  22   93b
Sulivan         Jas          103a   2  103b
Sullivan        E             86a  25   86b
Supp            H             80a   5   80b
Swan            E             80a  23   80b
Talbot          W G           97a   5   97b
Tate            James        100a  16  100b
Taylor          A             81a  11   81b
Taylor          Saml          90a  29   90b
Taylor          William       76a  21   76b
Terry           Abner        100a   9  100b
Thomas          A             77a   2   77b
Thomas          A             96a  27   96b
Thomas          David         77a  23   77b
Thomas          Jno P        101a   3  101b
Thomas          Richd         77a  24   77b
Thomas          William       76a  28   76b
Thompson        John          76a   3   76b
Thompson        S             81a  23   81b
Tidmore         M             77a   5   77b
Tiffin          C             78a   7   78b
Tiffin          Jos           90a  16   90b
Tilyan          A             81a   6   81b
Trice           Jos           99a  11   99b
Trice           Wm            83a  20   83b
Trueman         R C           86a  17   86b
Trueman         W             89a   3   89b
Tuttle          Robt G        92a  11   92b
Vaughan         M             85a  13   85b
Vaughn          H             86a  24   86b
Vaughn          Mary          88a   3   88b
Venser          A             80a  27   80b
Venser          W             80a  26   80b
Vicery          A             81a  16   81b
Wade            A             96a   5   96b
Wade            F C           96a   3   96b
Waid            J H           97a  14   97b
Waid            Wm            89a  10   89b
Walker          A             98a  13   98b
Walker          J             81a  25   81b
Walker          Jas H         93a   8   93b
Walker          W J           93a  23   93b
Walker          W, Sr         80a  17   80b
Wardlan         J             94a   8   94b
Warnick         D F          103a  25  103b
Warnick         Robt         105a   4  105b
Warrell         W             78a  16   78b
Washburn        E             96a  18   96b
Washburn        Jas           84a   9   84b
Watkins         W P           89a   2   89b
Watson          N             78a  29   78b
Webb            H             87a  10   87b
Webb            J             87a   9   87b
Webb            Jacob         83a   7   83b
Webb            Mary          76a  24   76b
Weska           Wm           102a  19  102b
Whaley          Jno           76a  15   76b
Whaley          R             76a  14   76b
Whaley          Wm            90a  28   90b
Wharton         J             87a   5   87b
Whitaker        B S           84a   3   84b
White           Amy           95a   4   95b
White           Elbt          97a  23   97b
White           Lewis         92a   1   92b
White           Mary          78a  22   78b
Whitesides      W             79a  20   79b
Whiton          Rebecca       84a   4   84b
Whorton         A             83a  27   83b
Wiggenton       James         77a  20   77b
Wiggenton       Jno           78a   4   78b
Wigginton       J             90a  14   90b
Wigginton       W             77a   9   77b
Wildman         H             95a  13   95b
Wildman         J             95a  18   95b
Willent         Lewis         93a  20   93b
Williams        A             78a  30   78b
Williams        A             91a   3   91b
Williams        Eliz          93a  11   93b
Williams        H S           79a   7   79b
Williams        J             81a  28   81b
Williams        J A           86a  20   86b
Williams        Jno           79a   6   79b
Williams        Joseph       105a   7  105b
Williams        R             79a   4   79b
Williams        Uriah        101a  10  101b
Williams        W H           91a   4   91b
Williamson      J             93a  25   93b
Williman        R             97a  22   97b
Willson         Wm            89a  12   89b
Wilson          Ben R         93a  26   93b
Wilson          J             86a  30   86b
Wilson          Jno           96a  16   96b
Wilson          Jno, Jr       97a   9   97b
Woods           Jos           92a  27   92b
Woods           Osiah         92a  29   92b
Woods           W R           92a  28   92b
Woods           Wm            92a  25   92b
Wornock         J             77a   8   77b
Yielding        Francis       84a  18   84b
Yielding        Jno           84a  25   84b
Yielding        Richd         84a  20   84b
Yielding        T L M         86a  16   86b
Young           Ed            93a   7   93b
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