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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.

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Haas, John               183a   183b
Haas, Simon              182a   182b
Haas, William            183a   183b
Hadley, Willis           208a   208b
Hague, John              374a   374b
Hagy, John               336a   336b
Hagy, Saml.              359a   359b
Hagy, Saml. Jr.          359a   359b
Hahn, T.J.               326a   326b
Haines, Paul             306a   306b
Hains, A.C.              354a   354b
Hair, Cyano?             175a   175b
Hair, James Jr.          176a   176b
Hair, William            176a   176b
Hale, A.M.               209a   209b
Hale, James              374a   374b
Hale, Siena              297a   297b
Hall, Charles            314a   314b
Hall, Gideon             314a   314b
Hall, H.G.               336a   336b
Hall, J.A.               322a   322b
Hall, John               325a   325b
Hall, John               344a   344b
Hall, Jonathan           314a   314b
Hall, Laughlin           254a   254b
Hall, Thomas             351a   351b
Hale, Loren A.           209a   209b
Hall, Ablen              259a   259b
Hall, Benjamin           260a   260b
Hall, David              326a   326b
Hall, J.G.               200a   200b
Hall, Johnston           222a   222b
Hall, Johnston           223a   223b
Hall, Jordan             271a   271b
Hall, Reuben             197a   197b
Halster, James A.        166a   166b
Hamar, Samuel            239a   239b
Hamblin, Lemon           337a   337b
Hamblin, Levi            337a   337b
Hamblin, Willard         333a   333b
Hamilton, Anne           197a   197b
Hamilton, James          386a   386b
Hamilton, James          387a   387b
Hamilton, Joseph         239a   239b
Hamilton, Robert         236a   236b
Hamilton, William F.     172a   172b
Hamlin, Horace           288a   288b
Hammen, John             189a   189b
Hammen, Joseph           189a   189b
Hammet, James            226a   226b
Hammond, Horates         345a   345b
Hammond, Joshua          346a   346b
Hampton, Jeremiah        232a   232b
Hamrick, Daniel          245a   245b
Hanawalt, George         330a   330b
Hancock, B.J.            379a   379b
Hancock, George          380a   380b
Hancock, J.              294a   294b
Hancock, James           384a   384b
Hancock, Nathan          379a   379b
Hancock, W.A.            380a   380b
Hancock, Wesley          379a   379b
Hand, J.G.               390a   390b
Hand, John               296a   296b
Hand, John Jr.           172a   172b
Hand, Saml.              382a   382b
Hand, Saml.              383a   383b
Handel, Nicholas         280a   280b
Hanes, Eli               365a   365b
Hanes, John              380a   380b
Hanes, Solomon           390a   390b
Hanger, James            180a   180b
Hanley, Ann              236a   236b
Hanley, David            216a   216b
Hanley, George W.        236a   236b
Hanley, John             214a   214b
Hanly, Henry             218a   218b
Hann, Geo.               268a   268b
Hanna, Wm.               373a   373b
Hannah, James            357a   357b
Hannah, Rachael          274a   274b
Hannawalt, John          297a   297b
Hansel, John             201a   201b
Harbaugh, Lawrence       209a   209b
Hard, Cyrene             326a   326b
Hard, J.H.               292a   292b
Hardaway, John           190a   190b
Hardaway, Joseph         189a   189b
Hardesty, E.G.           355a   355b
Harding, W.D.            298a   298b
Harding, William         182a   182b
Hardrock, Benjamin       372a   372b
Hardrock, Jefferson      252a   252b
Hardrock, Jefferson      254a   254b
Hardrock, Mary           372a   372b
Harkless, Danl.          387a   387b
Harman, Jacob            358a   358b
Harner, H.B.             354a   354b
Harnes, Jacob            360a   360b
Harper, Abraham          319a   319b
Harper, Andrew           226a   226b
Harper, L.D.             294a   294b
Harrington, Sylvester    206a   206b
Harris, Abraham          167a   167b
Harris, Abraham          179a   179b
Harris, Amos             361a   361b
Harris, Daniel           210a   210b
Harris, Danl.            306a   306b
Harris, David            296a   296b
Harris, Elsey            304a   304b
Harris, Ephraim          191a   191b
Harris, George           169a   169b
Harris, Harvey           245a   245b
Harris, Harvey           304a   304b
Harris, Isaac            169a   169b
Harris, Isaac            223a   223b
Harris, James            167a   167b
Harris, Jesse            298a   298b
Harris, John             223a   223b
Harris, John             251a   251b
Harris, John             281a   281b
Harris, Jonah            298a   298b
Harris, Joseph           383a   383b
Harris, Joshua           223a   223b
Harris, Joshua           365a   365b
Harris, Margaret         199a   199b
Harris, S.B.             271a   271b
Harris, Sarah            382a   382b
Harris, Stephen          163a   163b
Harris, Stephen          180a   180b
Harris, Stephen          273a   273b
Harris, Stephen          365a   365b
Harris, Thomas           369a   369b
Harris, William          170a   170b
Harris, William          234a   234b
Harris, William          304a   304b
Harris, William Senr.    235a   235b
Harrison, Amos           168a   168b
Harrison, Hannah         179a   179b
Harrison, Jesse          320a   320b
Harrison, Justin         237a   237b
Harrison, John           180a   180b
Harrison, Minerva        343a   343b
Harrison, Richard        205a   205b
Harrison, Timothy        317a   317b
Harrison, William        168a   168b
Harshberger, Thomas      180a   180b
Hart, Almira             358a   358b
Harter, Edith            215a   215b
Harter, Henry            233a   233b
Harter, Henry            318a   318b
Harter, Isaac            318a   318b
Harter, James            318a   318b
Harter, John             322a   322b
Harter, Joseph           233a   233b
Harter, Sarah            318a   318b
Harter, William          215a   215b
Harter, William          233a   233b
Harter, William          318a   318b
Hartman, Harrison        186a   186b
Hartwell, Nathan         389a   389b
Harvey, David            176a   176b
Harvey, Hugh             304a   304b
Harvey, James            176a   176b
Harvey, James            387a   387b
Haskell, Freeman         290a   290b
Hastings, William        340a   340b
Hatch, Henry             201a   201b
Hatek, Seth              313a   313b
Hatek, Zonas             313a   313b
Hatfield, J.L.           316a   316b
Hathaway, Artema D.      172a   172b
Hathaway, D.P.           167a   167b
Hathaway, Jacob          172a   172b
Hatton, Nehemiah         259a   259b
Haughey, Henry           196a   196b
Haughey, Levi J.         196a   196b
Haughey, Robert          204a   204b
Hausman, Upton           190a   190b
Hauswalt?, Christian     172a   172b
Hawley, Ashbob           339a   339b
Hawley, Avery            336a   336b
Hawley, David            339a   339b
Hay, A.M.                268a   268b
Hayes, Bazel             384a   384b
Hayes, Elanson           345a   345b
Hayes, Elihu             378a   378b
Hayes, Enos              319a   319b
Haynes, Human            159a   159b
Haynes, James B.W.       198a   198b
Haynes, John             162a   162b
Haynes, Thomas           171a   171b
Hays, James              172a   172b
Hays, James              195a   195b
Hazen, David             180a   180b
Hazleton, James          233a   233b
Hazleton, John           344a   344b
Hazlett, Elisabeth       387a   387b
Hazlett, Samuel          227a   227b
Head, John               310a   310b
Head, T.B.               300a   300b
Head, William            310a   310b
Headen, Emmet            387a   387b
Headley, Charles         351a   351b
Headley, Davis           349a   349b
Headley, Lewis           349a   349b
Headley, Peter           349a   349b
Headley, Saml.           328a   328b
Heates, John             363a   363b
Heath, John              321a   321b
Heath, Sarah             366a   366b
Heaton, Abel Jr.         295a   295b
Heaton, John             346a   346b
Heaton, Joseph           204a   204b
Hebron, Richard          375a   375b
Heckathore, Christian    182a   182b
Heckathorn, Henry        372a   372b
Heckley, John            303a   303b
Hedgell, Anna            384a   384b
Hedrick, George          363a   363b
Heffner, Frederick       360a   360b
Hefson, James            378a   378b
Heim, John               299a   299b
Helfrey, Jacob           313a   313b
Helin, Lorentz           203a   203b
Hellar, Abram            390a   390b
Hellbourn, Christopher   380a   380b
Helphrey, John           317a   317b
Helphsey, Danl.          304a   304b
Helso, Sarah             318a   318b
Hemmer, Philip           385a   385b
Hemp, Josiah             371a   371b
Hend, Sarah              218a   218b
Henderson, J.H.          384a   384b
Henderson, Joseph        387a   387b
Henderson, W.H.          266a   266b
Hendricks, Benjamin      162a   162b
Hendricks, James         164a   164b
Hendricks, Samuel        171a   171b
Hendrickson, Wm.         372a   372b
Hendson, Samuel          172a   172b
Hennis, Benjamin         224a   224b
Hennis, Samuel           224a   224b
Henry, James             361a   361b
Henry, John              164a   164b
Henry, Wm.               366a   366b
Hensley, John            228a   228b
Hensley, Nathan          232a   232b
Henthorn, Isaiah         384a   384b
Henthorn, John           286a   286b
Henthorn, John H.        233a   233b
Hepler, Jacob            301a   301b
Herbach, Jacob           205a   205b
Herbaugh, Abraham        164a   164b
Herbaugh, Peter          159a   159b
Heron, Elijah            325a   325b
Heron, Elisabeth         325a   325b
Heron, Elisabeth         326a   326b
Herren, Saml.            293a   293b
Herrick, Elanson         337a   337b
Herrick, S.              337a   337b
Herrick, Simeon          336a   336b
Herring, A.J.            348a   348b
Herrington, Hezekiah     259a   259b
Hersey, Harriet          333a   333b
Hetzer, John             232a   232b
Hewet, Danl.             382a   382b
Hewet, J.L.              382a   382b
Hewett, S.I.L.           340a   340b
Hibbler, Joseph          330a   330b
Hickey, Edward           182a   182b
Hickey, Thomas           274a   274b
Hickey, William          221a   221b
Hickock, Daniel          205a   205b
Hicks, John              197a   197b
Hidwell, James           389a   389b
Hiff, James              318a   318b
Higby, Levi              207a   207b
Higgs, Levi              273a   273b
Hightower, Wm.           227a   227b
Hiland, David            366a   366b
Hilbrant, John           314a   314b
Hildreth, Jehiel         167a   167b
Hildreth, Lydia          376a   376b
Hildrith, Jeremiah       321a   321b
Hildrith, Simeon         345a   345b
Hill, Charles            373a   373b
Hill, Clement            280a   280b
Hill, Ishom              229a   229b
Hill, Jacob              188a   188b
Hill, James              226a   226b
Hill, Joseph Jr.         189a   189b
Hill, Joseph Sr.         189a   189b
Hill, Levi               374a   374b
Hill, Rebecca            371a   371b
Hill, Reuben             241a   241b
Hill, S.S.               351a   351b
Hill, Tilton             374a   374b
Hillary, Tilman          229a   229b
Hillbourg, Aaron         381a   381b
Hillery, Benjamin        274a   274b
Hillery, Clark           259a   259b
Hillery, Lyman           274a   274b
Hillier, B.F.            338a   338b
Hillier, Horace          342a   342b
Hillier, Justin          280a   280b
Hillier, Justin Jr.      286a   286b
Hillier, Lewis           341a   341b
Hillory, Henry           302a   302b
Hillory, Lilburn         323a   323b
Hills, Lorin             379a   379b
Hillyar?, Truman         175a   175b
Hillyar, Virgil          175a   175b
Himmel, David            216a   216b
Hinan, Geo.              267a   267b
Hinan, John              267a   267b
Hinan, Johnston          267a   267b
Hindle, Robert           218a   218b
Hinikin, Danl.           303a   303b
Hinikin, J.M.            303a   303b
Hinman, Ared             305a   305b
Hinman, Richard          305a   305b
Hiram, Samuel            271a   271b
Hirst, John              206a   206b
Hisey, Jonathan          217a   217b
Hite, Alexander          183a   183b
Hite, Emanuel            246a   246b
Hite, Harrison           166a   166b
Hite, Valentine          244a   244b
Hitt, Alexander          231a   231b
Hitt, Peter              248a   248b
Hitt, Stephen            285a   285b
Hively, Saml.            354a   354b
Hizer, Henry             214a   214b
Hoard, Harrison          299a   299b
Hoard, Peter             305a   305b
Hobbs, Moses             348a   348b
Hobert, Giles            283a   283b
Hobert, Noah             283a   283b
Hockler, Thomas          318a   318b
Hocks, Alfred            274a   274b
Hoffinger, Donruice?     204a   204b
Hoffinger, John          180a   180b
Hoffinger, Thomas        179a   179b
Hogg, Mary               190a   190b
Hogle, D.R.              332a   332b
Hogle, Isaac             363a   363b
Hogle, Peter             363a   363b
Hoit, Norman             291a   291b
Holbert, George          294a   294b
Holcomb, Hearney         282a   282b
Holden, Alexander        243a   243b
Holden, Mahlon           343a   343b
Holle, A.M.              197a   197b
Holler, Adam             160a   160b
Holler?, Catharine       161a   161b
Holler, Henry            189a   189b
Holler, Jacob            160a   160b
Holler, Joseph           161a   161b
Holler, Nicholas         160a   160b
Holler, Peter            170a   170b
Holler, Samuel           160a   160b
Holfe, Joshuas           318a   318b
Holliday, Amos           158a   158b
Holliday, Franklin       207a   207b
Hollister, Wm. H.        269a   269b
Holmes, Alexander        317a   317b
Holmes, B.W.             336a   336b
Holmes, George           255a   255b
Holmes, James            204a   204b
Holmes, James            260a   260b
Holmes, Jarves           385a   385b
Holmes, Jesse            311a   311b
Holmes, Joseph           251a   251b
Holmes, Joshua           382a   382b
Holmes, Lemuel           334a   334b
Holmes, Lemuel           382a   382b
Holmes, R.A.             379a   379b
Holmes, Simon P.         251a   251b
Holmes, Thomas           386a   386b
Holmes, William          261a   261b
Holmes, William          311a   311b
Holms, Lomal             342a   342b
Holt, William            368a   368b
Holton, H.V.             342a   342b
Holtesberry, James       245a   245b
Holtrer, Dolly           366a   366b
Holtsberry, Catharine    248a   248b
Holtsberry, John         248a   248b
Holtsbery, Jacob         270a   270b
Holtsbury, Andrew        318a   318b
Holtsey, John            366a   366b
Holtzbury, Courade       385a   385b
Holtzbury, Richard       388a   388b
Holtzman, J.A.           355a   355b
Hone, Peter              373a   373b
Hood, James              316a   316b
Hood, John               362a   362b
Hook, Catharine          382a   382b
Hoover, Barbara          158a   158b
Hoover, Harman           367a   367b
Hoover, Isaac            288a   288b
Hoover, Isaac            340a   340b
Hoover, James            370a   370b
Hoover, Jesse            194a   194b
Hoover, John             188a   188b
Hoover, John             367a   367b
Hoover, John Jr.         364a   364b
Hoover, M.M.             370a   370b
Hoover, Saml.            372a   372b
Hoover. Saphrona         377a   377b
Hopkins, Fay             371a   371b
Hopkins, Gilbert         321a   321b
Hopper, Beverly          171a   171b
Hopper, Humphrey         171a   171b
Hopper, John             171a   171b
Hopper, William          171a   171b
Horn, Esther             249a   249b
Horn, John               270a   270b
Horn, Washington         244a   244b
Horn, William            246a   246b
Hornbeck, Moses          364a   364b
Horne, Jesse             328a   328b
Horne, Mary              374a   374b
Horner, Thomas           259a   259b
Horr, Chester            291a   291b
Horrn, Charles           198a   198b
Hort, Leonard            259a   259b
Horton, Edwin            300a   300b
Horton, Orson            295a   295b
Horton, Reuben           295a   295b
Horton, Robert           166a   166b
Horton, Thomas           300a   300b
Hose, Adam               203a   203b
Hoskins, Levi            273a   273b
Hoskinson, Alpha         221a   221b
Hoskinson, Andrew        218a   218b
Hoskinson, Isaiah        217a   217b
Hoskinson, Isaiah        218a   218b
Hoskinson, James         218a   218b
Hoskinson, John          218a   218b
Hoskinson, Raleigh       173a   173b
Houck, Cornelius         294a   294b
Houghey, William         160a   160b
Houghton, Anna           290a   290b
Houghton, Elijah         232a   232b
Houghton, J.H.           288a   288b
Houghton, O.C.           347a   347b
Houk, Danl.              308a   308b
Houk, Jacob              309a   309b
Houk, James              309a   309b
House, John              244a   244b
House, William           389a   389b
Houseman, Ephraim        201a   201b
Houston, Andrew          371a   371b
Houston, George          373a   373b
Houston, John            371a   371b
Houston, Rebecca         206a   206b
Howard?, Buckingham      195a   195b
Howard, Davis            382a   382b
Howard, George W.        170a   170b
Howe, Curtis             279a   279b
Howe, Daniel             279a   279b
Howe, Saml.              279a   279b
Howe, T.W.               355a   355b
Howell, Elias            299a   299b
Howell, Elijah           349a   349b
Howell, G.P.             299a   299b
Howell, Saml.            367a   367b
Howell, Wm.              389a   389b
Howston, David           272a   272b
Hoyt, Benjamin           258a   258b
Hoyt, Enos               290a   290b
Hoyt, John               268a   268b
Hoyt, Joseph             189a   189b
Hoyt, Solick             259a   259b
Hoyt, Vinain             266a   266b
Hubard, G.A.             316a   316b
Hubbard, Thomas          387a   387b
Hubble, Shared           261a   261b
Huddle, Abraham          170a   170b
Huffman, Adam            244a   244b
Huffman, James           244a   244b
Huffman, Samuel          244a   244b
Huggins, J.L.            288a   288b
Hugh, Merrill            293a   293b
Hughes, Abraham          251a   251b
Hughes, Abraham          254a   254b
Hughes, Betsey           190a   190b
Hughes, James            221a   221b
Hughes, John             167a   167b
Hughes, John             188a   188b
Hughes, John             208a   208b
Hughes, John             285a   285b
Hughes, Jonathan         175a   175b
Hughes, Susannah         163a   163b
Hughes, Thomas           159a   159b
Hughes, Thomas P.        285a   285b
Hughes, William          254a   254b
Hughs, David             338a   338b
Hughs, Eli               381a   381b
Hughs, Hugh J.           285a   285b
Hughs, J.Q.              372a   372b
Hughs, John              372a   372b
Hughs, Joseph            326a   326b
Hughs, Lemond            381a   381b
Hughs, Roland            290a   290b
Hughs, Thomas            285a   285b
Hughs, William           378a   378b
Huhn, Archibald          360a   360b
Huhn, Danl.              360a   360b
Hull, Charles            219a   219b
Hull, Daniel             237a   237b
Hull, David              186a   186b
Hull, Edward             186a   186b
Hull, Isaac              227a   227b
Hull, J.F.               202a   202b
Hull, James E.           229a   229b
Hull, John               226a   226b
Hull, Kinsey             227a   227b
Hull, Richard            229a   229b
Hull, Samuel B.          227a   227b
Hull, Sophia             219a   219b
Hull, Uriah              216a   216b
Hull, William            229a   229b
Hull, William            260a   260b
Hull, William H.         226a   226b
Hummell, Godfrey         237a   237b
Humphrey, Alvaso         282a   282b
Humphrey, Danl.          288a   288b
Humphrey, Darwin         280a   280b
Humphrey, Earl           282a   282b
Humphrey, Lucius         292a   292b
Humphrey, Phelps         280a   280b
Hunt, Danl.              289a   289b
Hunt, Elijah             301a   301b
Hunt, Huron              389a   389b
Hunt, Merab              190a   190b
Hunter, John             307a   307b
Hunter, Martha           307a   307b
Hunter, William          354a   354b
Hunts, Parlemas          343a   343b
Hupp, Baltzer            217a   217b
Hupp, Edward             202a   202b
Hupp, George             243a   243b
Hupp, Jacob              203a   203b
Hupp, John               203a   203b
Hupp, Samuel             243a   243b
Hurd, Benjamin H.        195a   195b
Hursey, Elizabeth        229a   229b
Hursey, Henry            230a   230b
Hursey, Henry S.         230a   230b
Hurst, Elizabeth         218a   218b
Hurst, Richard           214a   214b
Hush, Peter              233a   233b
Hush, Valentine G.       233a   233b
Husker, Barbara          237a   237b
Huss, Elijah             180a   180b
Hurt, Alden              333a   333b
Hutchison, David         315a   315b
Hutson, Henry            357a   357b
Hyer, Henry              186a   186b
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