The USGenWeb Census Project
Who's Who
Coordinators  of  the  USGenWeb  Census  Project

Board of Directors and Officers

Linda Talbott Project Coordinator
Ron Eason Asst. Project Coordinator; Mail List Manager
Karen D. Foster Asst. Project Coordinator

Marsha Thompson Transcription Assignment Webmaster

Transcription Assignment Coordinators
Alabama Linda Talbott
Alaska Linda Talbott
Arizona Linda Talbott
Arkansas Debbie Leenutaphong
California Debbie Leenutaphong
Colorado Karen D. Foster
Connecticut Linda Talbott
Delaware Linda Talbott
District of Columbia Linda Talbott
Florida Linda Talbott
Georgia Ron Eason
Hawaii Debbie Leenutaphong
Idaho Robert E. Lane
Illinois Russell Anderson
Indiana Robert E. Lane
Iowa Linda Talbott
Kansas Robert E. Lane
Kentucky Robert E. Lane
Louisiana Linda Talbott
Maine Rebecca Sullivan
Maryland Debbie Leenutaphong
Massachusetts Rebecca Sullivan
Michigan Karen Foster
Minnesota Linda Talbott
Mississippi Ron Eason
Missouri Debbie Leenutaphong
Montana Linda Talbott
Nebraska Brian Milligan
Nevada Karen Foster
New Hampshire Linda Talbott
New Jersey Linda Talbott
New Mexico Linda Talbott
New York Linda Talbott
North Carolina Jim Runnels
North Dakota Karen D. Foster
Ohio Robert E. Lane
Oklahoma Brian Milligan
Oregon Andrea Betts
Pennsylvania Karen D. Foster
Rhode Island Kathy Hughes
South Carolina Linda Talbott
South Dakota Karen D. Foster
Tennessee Russell Anderson
Texas Linda Talbott
Utah Karen Foster
Vermont Linda Talbott
Virginia Robert E. Lane
Washington Andrea Betts
West Virginia Linda Talbott
Wisconsin Karen D. Foster
Wyoming Linda Talbott
Puerto Rico Pedro A. Cruz
U.S. Military Linda Talbott
Native American Brian Milligan
*  to check if a State is available for adoption, please email the
CP-State Coordinator Liaison for more information.

File Managers

Connie Burkett Transcription File Manager Liaison
April Phillips Transcription File Manager
Ellen Horner Transcription File Manager
Ron Eason Transcription File Manager
Karen Foster Transcription File Manager
Kathy Hughes Transcription File Manager
Linda Talbott Transcription File Manager
Marsha Thompson Transcription File Manager
Myra Chambers Transcription File Manager
Robert E. Lane Transcription File Manager

Honorary Census Project Members
Phil Beshear CART Programmer
Jim Cole Technical Support
Wayne Duncan Corporate Founding Member
Melinda Parmer MAC Specialist
John Rigdon CTA Programmer
Sue Soden Technical Advisor, Corporate Founding Member

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