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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Falkner         John G         27a   3  27b
Fallerton       Thos P         10a  26  10b
Felkel          John           14a  17  14b
Felton          G              07a  25  07b
Fergasten       W H            12a   1  12b
Fitzpatrick     Benj           29a  11  29b
Flanagan        John           20a   7  20b
Fleming         James          34a   3  34b
Flowers         G              08a  15  08b
Floyd           Joel           20a  24  20b
Foreman         Margaret       32a  20  32b
Foreman         Sarah          19a   6  19b
Foster          J C            18a  23  18b
Fralich         Henry          38a  22  38b
Fralick         Chas           42a  19  42b
Franks          M A            28a   1  28b
Frazer          Nancy          13a  19  13b
Frith           Thos P         38a  13  38b
Funderburg      B H            17a  29  17b
Funderburg      W              17a   1  17b
Ganes           B              18a  14  18b
Gardner         Holman         31a  19  31b
Garrett         **iles E       22a  11  22b
Garrett         Wm F           12a  28  12b
Gass            John D         19a  22  19b
Gastin          R H            26a   2  26b
Geardner        Wm             41a   7  41b
Gee             Wm H           26a  22  26b
Gelson          C              43a  27  43b
Gentry          Hezekiah       19a  25  19b
Gibons          B T            15a   9  15b
Gibons          J              08a  17  08b
Gilbert         J              07a  28  07b
Gildersleave    John           26a   8  26b
Glenn           R J            43a  20  43b
Glenn           Shurd          34a  13  34b
Glick           P J            39a  16  39b
Goins           Pleasant       17a  26  17b
Goldson         Charles        27a  13  27b
Golson          Jacob H        13a  21  13b
Golson          Jasper         13a  23  13b
Golson          Joseph A       14a  24  14b
Golson          Lewis, Sr      13a  22  13b
Goner           John           43a   8  43b
Goner           Milton         43a   9  43b
Goodin          Ezekial        21a  21  21b
Goodson         James          34a   9  34b
Goodson         Wm P           34a  11  34b
Goodwin         Going          41a  23  41b
Goodwin         P D            44a   3  44b
Goodwin         Wilson         41a  22  41b
Graham          Ephm           40a  12  40b
Graham          John M         28a   2  28b
Graham          Thos           44a  20  44b
Grant           John           42a  18  42b
Grant           Lewis          12a  27  12b
Graves          Charles        38a  24  38b
Graves          J D            43a   7  43b
Graves          Sarah          38a  25  38b
Gray            Cecil          19a  13  19b
Gray            Elijah         18a  22  18b
Gray            Francis        37a  28  37b
Gray            Henry          39a   8  39b
Gray            J              07a   9  07b
Gray            James          12a  13  12b
Gray            Pope           18a  19  18b
Gray            S              07a   3  07b
Gray            Sam            17a  18  17b
Gray            Thos           12a  11  12b
Gray            Uriah          18a  21  18b
Gray            Wm C           20a  23  20b
Green           G B            17a  23  17b
Green           John           30a  11  30b
Green           Joseph         21a  22  21b
Griffis         A              08a  22  08b
Griffs          Jacob          13a  27  13b
Griffs          John M         13a  26  13b
Grimes          Wm H           33a  13  33b
Grisham         Wm             30a  29  30b
Gully           J              07a   8  07b
Hackman         H H            17a  12  17b
Hadnot          Luke H         32a  10  32b
Hadnot          W W            32a   8  32b
Haigler         Josiah         14a  18  14b
Hailey          ?              22a  26  22b
Hall            Boling         09a   2  09b
Hall            Elizah         33a   4  33b
Hall            Henry G        28a   6  28b
Hall            Jane           09a   3  09b
Hall            Rbt M          40a  13  40b
Hall            Sarah          09a   4  09b
Hall            Wm             13a   2  13b
Hall            Wm B           40a  17  40b
Hallowill       ?              23a   8  23b
Halton          Alex           27a  28  27b
Hamell          David          15a  15  15b
Hamilton        Elias          31a  28  31b
Hamilton        F              07a  11  07b
Hammons         J K            08a  29  08b
Haneson         Jacob          38a  15  38b
Haney           A K            08a   4  08b
Hann            Nancy          40a  21  40b
Hardaman        B B            17a  21  17b
Hare            Josiah         33a   9  33b
Hare            Parris C       33a   8  33b
Harris          Buckner        34a   8  34b
Harris          Hardy          43a  23  43b
Harris          Henry          09a  15  09b
Harris          John T         12a  17  12b
Harris          Joshua         39a  27  39b
Harris          Josiah         26a  23  26b
Harris          Wm F           41a   1  41b
Harrison        Jno            14a   6  14b
Harrison        Nancy          26a  24  26b
Harwell         Neal           23a  22  23b
Harwick         S              09a  17  09b
Haughten        Wm H           33a  15  33b
Haynes          James P        30a  23  30b
Haynes          Luke           38a   8  38b
Hays            E              16a   7  16b
Headley         Charles        36a  10  36b
Headley         S              36a   9  36b
Heard           T S            30a   3  30b
Heath           ?              37a   9  37b
Heath           ?              37a  12  37b
Hedgepeth       Elias          31a  13  31b
Henny           Wm             30a  10  30b
Herman          John G         13a  20  13b
Hester          James          39a  18  39b
Hester          John           39a  21  39b
Hester          Thos           42a  17  42b
Hewett          John E         12a  14  12b
Hicks           Asa            10a   1  10b
Hill            ?              22a  23  22b
Hill            Abner          29a  17  29b
Hill            John           21a  17  21b
Hill            Rachael        30a  24  30b
Hillyard        Saml           28a  27  28b
Hogg            Elizabeth      39a  24  39b
Hogg            John J         39a  23  39b
Hogg            Thos           39a  22  39b
Hogin           Reuben         16a  27  16b
Holcott         Wm             30a  27  30b
Holland         John           21a  19  21b
Holland         Saml           23a  20  23b
Holland         Sion           35a   9  35b
Holley          William        20a  20  20b
Hollice         Reuben         27a  24  27b
Hollis          Gideon         14a  22  14b
Hollis          Ransom         14a  16  14b
Hollis          Sam            26a  26  26b
Holly           Timothy        29a  23  29b
Holman          Meshach        37a   4  37b
Holmes          Henry D        14a  19  14b
Hooks           Wm             34a  26  34b
Hopkins         J P            07a  29  07b
Horn            Henry          18a   9  18b
Horner          Thos           28a  16  28b
Hoton           ?              37a  11  37b
Houger          James          33a  14  33b
House           J P            36a  12  36b
Houser          J A            09a  25  09b
Howard          Allen          15a  13  15b
Howard          L              10a  13  10b
Howard          M              10a  12  10b
Howell          Wm             31a  14  31b
Hubbard         Calvin         39a   3  39b
Hudnot          W              29a  16  29b
Huffman         H D            23a   2  23b
Huffman         Luke           38a  17  38b
Hughs           ?              44a  13  44b
Hughs           Wm             15a   4  15b
Humphreyville   J D            30a   4  30b
Hunt            Henry          31a  18  31b
Hunt            J              12a   5  12b
Hunt            Jane           12a   6  12b
Hunt            John           39a  10  39b
Hunt            Wm             39a  14  39b
Hurst           **ner          22a  13  22b
Husen           R P            10a  16  10b
Hutcherson      A R            37a  22  37b
Hutcherson      Martha         30a  26  30b
Hyerton         Noah           18a   7  18b
Irwin           George         42a  27  42b
Jackson         A              08a  13  08b
Jackson         C M            08a  12  08b
Jackson         Jeremiah       23a   1  23b
Jackson         W B            43a  28  43b
James           Thos           38a  12  38b
Janes           Robert B       43a  10  43b
Jears           Barney         32a  17  32b
Jeffers         John           18a  20  18b
Johnson         Ansas          35a   2  35b
Johnson         Boling         31a  23  31b
Johnson         David          35a   1  35b
Johnson         Evans          15a   7  15b
Johnson         James S        16a  29  16b
Johnson         John           16a   6  16b
Johnson         Jos            21a   8  21b
Johnson         Lewis          15a  14  15b
Johnson         Luke           30a  19  30b
Johnson         Mary           18a   1  18b
Johnson         Rebuen         15a  23  15b
Johnson         T              33a  10  33b
Johnson         Wm             39a  11  39b
Johnson         Wm R           34a  22  34b
Jones           Abigal         44a  16  44b
Jones           C P            19a  29  19b
Jones           Daniel E       19a  27  19b
Jones           Dempsa         19a  11  19b
Jones           Henry          18a  16  18b
Jones           J D            10a   7  10b
Jones           Jesse B        15a   1  15b
Jones           John           14a  11  14b
Jones           John B         27a   2  27b
Jones           Lewis          13a  29  13b
Jones           R              43a  26  43b
Jones           Rennon         12a  29  12b
Jones           Sarah          39a  25  39b
Jones           Silas          43a   1  43b
Jones           W B            07a  15  07b
Jones           Wiley          36a  21  36b
Jones           Wm             39a  29  39b
Juda            Thos           44a  15  44b
Jumper          David          14a  21  14b
Keiston         Ailsey         26a  28  26b
Kelley          D K            39a  12  39b
Kelly           Neal           35a   6  35b
Kelton          W S            07a  13  07b
Kemp            D              44a  22  44b
Kemp            W              44a  21  44b
Kener           Nancy W        22a  10  22b
Kerr            R H            07a  22  07b
Kieves          G              08a   6  08b
Kiner           Abram          29a  19  29b
Kiner           May            15a  24  15b
King            W P            10a  27  10b
Kirk            ?              22a  25  22b
Kirkland        D              11a  27  11b
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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