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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Lamar           ?              11a  11  11b
Lamar           John           13a  11  13b
Langford        E P            27a  14  27b
Langford        George M       15a  12  15b
Lanier          ?              22a  16  22b
Larey           A M G          40a   3  40b
Larry           Benj           28a  28  28b
Laseter         J              14a  25  14b
Laurence        B              43a  19  43b
Lavender        ?              11a  24  11b
Leaher          S              29a  24  29b
Lee             Grisham        38a   2  38b
Lee             Henry          12a  26  12b
Lee             Joseph D       26a   3  26b
Lenear          C G            12a  21  12b
Letchen         Agnes          20a  26  20b
Lewis           Charles        35a   5  35b
Lewis           F N            18a   4  18b
Lewis           Henry          18a   3  18b
Lewis           James          28a  11  28b
Lewis           Joseph         18a   5  18b
Lewis           mary           18a   6  18b
Lewis           Thos           21a   9  21b
Lightfoot       Philip         27a  29  27b
Linginham       Tho            39a   6  39b
Livingston      Ann            32a  12  32b
Livingston      Robt L         32a  13  32b
Livingston      Wm             26a   6  26b
Livingston      Wm             32a   3  32b
Locket          O              17a   2  17b
Long            L              08a  14  08b
Loudernuner     John G         27a   8  27b
Luten           Wm             21a  12  21b
Luter           Matthew        35a   3  35b
Mallard         James H        26a  14  26b
Mallitt         J S W          09a  12  09b
Mapingale       John           17a  24  17b
Marable         Thos G         23a  21  23b
Marcus          James          44a  29  44b
Marcus          Joshua         15a  17  15b
Marple          J F            27a  22  27b
Marple          John R         27a   4  27b
Marsh           Jacob          34a   7  34b
Martin          A              35a  25  35b
Martin          Nelson         19a  12  19b
Matthews        A              09a   8  09b
Matthews        Elial          19a  14  19b
Matthews        Reese          32a  14  32b
May             H E            34a  14  34b
May             William        33a   7  33b
Mayo            John           20a  25  20b
McCandless      David          33a   3  33b
McCane          Duncan         22a   9  22b
McComac         Wm             40a  16  40b
McConegy        ?              30a   1  30b
McCord          Johnson        15a  16  15b
McCray          Christian      31a  21  31b
McDaniel        James          26a  10  26b
McDaniel        James          37a  26  37b
McFarlin        J B J          29a   2  29b
McGill          ?              11a  22  11b
McGraw          Mary           26a  21  26b
McGraw          S              10a  29  10b
McGraw          S H            26a   7  26b
McGraw          Simeon         27a  19  27b
McKain          S R            27a  17  27b
Mckandlass      J K            19a  28  19b
Mckennon        David          21a  10  21b
McKight         Wm             27a  23  27b
McKithen        Alex           29a  18  29b
McKithen        Archibald      29a  25  29b
McKregey        R              07a  17  07b
Mclane          Louchen        10a  28  10b
McMorris        H W            08a  19  08b
McQueen         Norman         30a   6  30b
McWorther       H A            29a   3  29b
Means           R A            26a  16  26b
Merrett         Peter          28a  17  28b
Miles           Howard         39a  19  39b
Mills           ?              23a  13  23b
Mimms           Abraham        16a  25  16b
Mimms           D              09a  24  09b
Mimms           Edward         16a   3  16b
Mimms           Elijah         16a  23  16b
Mimms           George         16a   9  16b
Mimms           James          16a   8  16b
Mimms           James R        16a  24  16b
Mimms           S              09a  23  09b
Minon           Elias          16a  15  16b
Minor           Nicholas       16a  17  16b
Mitchell        J              11a   7  11b
Molten          R              11a   2  11b
Molton          ?              37a  15  37b
Moncrief        Isaac          19a  21  19b
Moncrief        Saml           17a   4  17b
Moon            James          36a  19  36b
Moon            Jno            15a  28  15b
Moony           John           16a  21  16b
Moony           W              16a  20  16b
More            Eli            40a   6  40b
Morgan          ?              11a  12  11b
Morgan          Francis        08a  27  08b
Morgan          George         20a   3  20b
Morgan          Wm S           08a  28  08b
Morras          John, Sr       22a   6  22b
Morrison        Arch           29a  20  29b
Morton          Thos           14a   7  14b
Moss            Daniel         36a  11  36b
Moss            Mercillus      34a  10  34b
Moss            Simeon         36a  25  36b
Moss            Turner         34a  12  34b
Motley          ?              12a   3  12b
Motley          Edward         22a  12  22b
Motley          Edwin          12a  18  12b
Motley          M              44a   7  44b
Motley          Robt           14a  26  14b
Mulder          Thos A         40a  11  40b
Murph           Lewis          09a  28  09b
Myers           Clabourn       34a  27  34b
Myers           David          34a  28  34b
Myers           E G            20a  14  20b
Myers           Elisha         21a  27  21b
Myers           John           34a  29  34b
Myers           Wm S           09a  20  09b
Myrick          George         20a  28  20b
Napier          James          31a  12  31b
Nelson          Andy           33a  16  33b
Nelson          Daniel         19a  26  19b
Nelson          George         40a   9  40b
Nelson          Thos           21a   5  21b
Newton          George         38a   7  38b
Newton          J              09a   5  09b
Nixon           Henry          40a  26  40b
Nixon           Richard B      41a   3  41b
Noble           **miah         37a  13  37b
Nobles          Richard        19a  20  19b
Norris          John           19a  16  19b
Norris          Patrick        19a  19  19b
Norris          Thos           17a  27  17b
Northrop        H B            30a   2  30b
Nosworthy       E H N          40a  15  40b
Nosworthy       John           40a  19  40b
Nunn            James F        33a   2  33b
Nunn            William        33a   6  33b
Oats            Stephen        21a  13  21b
Oats            Wyatt          19a   2  19b
Oden            Dempsa         39a   2  39b
Oneal           Susan          17a  20  17b
Osburn          Henry          16a  19  16b
Overstreet      Elias          23a  28  23b
Overstreet      James          12a  20  12b
Overstreet      Wm             39a  15  39b
Owend           Saml P         34a  23  34b
Owens           Martha         34a   1  34b
Palmer          P D            37a  23  37b
Parish          H H            16a   5  16b
Parker          Asa            41a  11  41b
Parker          C              28a  26  28b
Parker          L B            12a  15  12b
Parrish         John           17a  25  17b
Peach           ?              11a  23  11b
Peach           Mary           41a  13  41b
Peaks           George         18a  24  18b
Peal            D C            08a   2  08b
Peerson         ?              22a  28  22b
Peplers         Nathan         39a   5  39b
Perry           Absalom        40a   2  40b
Perry           Drewry         27a  16  27b
perry           James V B      40a   1  40b
Peters          Thos           19a  24  19b
Philips         Henry          17a  19  17b
Philips         Sarah          33a  12  33b
Philips         Wm             08a   3  08b
Philips         Zach           33a  11  33b
Picket          Wm R           09a  22  09b
Pierce          L J            44a  23  44b
Pierce          Stephen        38a  20  38b
Pinkson         Milten         41a  25  41b
Pinn            Francis        14a   4  14b
Poles           Joseph         37a  14  37b
Pollack         J W            30a  28  30b
Pollard         A              09a  18  09b
Pool            John H         15a  18  15b
Poole           John S         14a  15  14b
Pope            B T            07a  27  07b
Pope            Z              38a  26  38b
Popwell         Reuben         36a   6  36b
Porter          Lott           28a   5  28b
Posey           ?              36a   1  36b
Posey           Malinda        36a  29  36b
Posey           Vingleton      36a  28  36b
Powel           Patience       42a   4  42b
Powel           T A            10a   2  10b
Powell          John C         38a   1  38b
Powell          Oliver         13a   4  13b
Pratt           Daniel         28a   3  28b
Price           Catherine      10a   8  10b
Price           John           30a  17  30b
Price           Joseph         32a   6  32b
Price           Rufus          43a   3  43b
Price           Wm             07a  24  07b
Pucket          Robertson L    38a  18  38b
Pumper          S              11a   3  11b
Pyram           B L            23a  19  23b
Ramsey          G H            30a   5  30b
Ramsey          James H        26a  15  26b
Rash            Martha         32a  21  32b
Rast            F              09a  29  09b
Ray             Gabriel        42a   2  42b
Ray             H              36a   2  36b
Ray             Jacob          36a   3  36b
Ray             John H         20a   8  20b
Ray             Jos            31a   2  31b
Ray             L P            43a  22  43b
Ray             William        16a  22  16b
Reaves          A              44a   9  44b
Reaves          Richard        15a  22  15b
Reeds           James B        39a  28  39b
Reese           C              08a   9  08b
Reese           C L            08a  26  08b
Reese           Joseph S       09a   1  09b
Reese           L              08a  25  08b
Rhodes          Anderson       33a   5  33b
Rhodes          Harriett       18a  18  18b
Rice            J              09a   6  09b
Rice            Thornton       38a  21  38b
Richards        Josiah C       38a  27  38b
Richardson      Peter B        18a  27  18b
Ricks           Rachael        13a   7  13b
Rieves          Laud           12a  22  12b
Rigdon          Josua          42a  29  42b
Rison           Jacob          14a  29  14b
Rizer           ?, Sr          23a  23  23b
Rizer           Betsey         08a  24  08b
Rizor           Abijah         23a  25  23b
Roberts         Elias          30a   8  30b
Roberts         Robert         41a  16  41b
Robertson       Armstrong      42a  26  42b
Robertson       J B            43a  13  43b
Robertson       J R            43a  15  43b
Robertson       John S         43a  17  43b
Robertson       Lewis G        40a  14  40b
Robertson       R              43a  14  43b
Robes           Georgia        41a  27  41b
Robiden         Wm             33a  17  33b
Robins          John           35a   4  35b
Robinson        Eli            10a   6  10b
Rogers          Athelred       32a  15  32b
Rogers          B              07a   7  07b
Rogers          David          42a   1  42b
Rogers          E              17a  17  17b
Rogers          Filey          22a   5  22b
Rogers          Jonathan       17a  16  17b
Rogers          Mills          32a  16  32b
Rogers          W              18a  12  18b
Rolin           Wm             42a  15  42b
Rolison         Rufus          17a   9  17b
Rollerson       ?              32a  25  32b
Rollerson       Amos           35a  18  35b
Rollerson       Daniel         35a  19  35b
Rollerson       Enoch J        32a  26  32b
Rollerson       Lewis          37a   2  37b
Rose            Howell         18a  10  18b
Ross            Walter, Jr     29a  27  29b
Ross            Walter, Sr     29a  26  29b
Rowe            Henry          40a  10  40b
Rowin           Eliza          20a  15  20b
Roy             George         40a   7  40b
Royers          Wm H           32a  11  32b
Russel          John           17a   7  17b
Russell         Aaron          39a   9  39b
Rutledge        Joseph         17a  11  17b
Rutter          Isaac          41a   2  41b
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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