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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Sagie           Eliza          43a   2  43b
Sale            John           28a   9  28b
Sample          ?              11a  18  11b
Samples         Alex           37a   5  37b
Sanden          R              29a   4  29b
Sandford        John           40a   8  40b
Sandford        Joseph         20a  29  20b
Sandford        Shepherd       31a  24  31b
Sauls           Briton         40a  18  40b
Saxon           Benj           28a  24  28b
Saxon           L              07a  10  07b
Scarbrough      ***man         33a   1  33b
Scath           James B        30a  13  30b
Schooler        J A            23a   6  23b
Scott           Council        34a  19  34b
Scott           Elizabeth      40a  25  40b
Scott           George W       40a  20  40b
Scott           James          34a  18  34b
Scott           James M        34a  20  34b
Seales          James          18a   2  18b
Sears           David          20a  10  20b
Sears           John           20a  13  20b
Sears           John, Sr       32a  18  32b
Selervant       C              10a  25  10b
Sewell          Arlene         37a   8  37b
Sewell          J              20a  27  20b
Shackelford     E              13a  28  13b
Shannon         ?              31a   4  31b
Shannon         Henry          18a  13  18b
Shannon         Joseph         13a   3  13b
Sharpe          ?              11a  20  11b
Sharpe          ?              11a  21  11b
Shealds         ?              11a   4  11b
Sheals          Andrew         26a   1  26b
Sheely          John           13a  10  13b
Sheilds         J              10a  22  10b
Shelton         Stephen        09a  10  09b
Shipley         R              07a   6  07b
Shuemake        Robert         38a  14  38b
Shumake         Elija          32a   5  32b
Shumake         Elijah         21a  24  21b
Simmons         J R            07a  20  07b
Simmons         S S            11a   8  11b
Simmons         Thos           44a  28  44b
Simms           F G            12a  12  12b
Simms           Gressham       27a  12  27b
Simms           John           37a  18  37b
Sims            Elizabeth      13a  16  13b
Simson          B W            10a  11  10b
Slands          John J         16a  14  16b
Smedley         David          27a   9  27b
Smith           ?              22a  15  22b
Smith           A              11a  28  11b
Smith           Boling         26a  17  26b
Smith           E E            11a   6  11b
Smith           Elijah         23a  10  23b
Smith           F C            37a   1  37b
Smith           Fredrick       22a  14  22b
Smith           Hardy          42a  25  42b
Smith           J D            14a  14  14b
Smith           John           21a   6  21b
Smith           Lot            16a  16  16b
Smith           M F            34a   6  34b
Smith           P N            34a   5  34b
Smith           Rebecca        15a   5  15b
Smith           Saml           36a  24  36b
Smith           Thos           34a   4  34b
Smith           W A            12a  25  12b
Smith           W D            10a   3  10b
Smith           Wm             18a   8  18b
Smith           Wm B           08a  11  08b
Snell           Jacob          31a   1  31b
Sorelle         S J            29a   8  29b
Spead           Edward         42a  10  42b
Sperlock        Doine          35a  21  35b
Spigner         George         40a  27  40b
Spigner         Henry          40a  28  40b
Spigner         Jno G          14a   5  14b
Spigner         Leveling       38a  28  38b
Spigner         Wm             38a  29  38b
Stack           Elija          32a   4  32b
Stack           Lewis          40a   5  40b
Stack           Margaret       31a   9  31b
Stack           Thos           31a   8  31b
Stanley         Peter          14a   1  14b
Staton          John           38a  10  38b
Steel           John           26a   9  26b
Stephens        B              13a  15  13b
Sterretts       A A            14a  27  14b
Stevans         Nathan         31a  10  31b
Stevens         Asa            39a  13  39b
Stewart         ?              22a  27  22b
Stewart         Henry          41a  14  41b
Stewart         Thos           23a  18  23b
Sting           C H P          41a  21  41b
Stoker          Robt           31a   7  31b
Stone           J P            30a  22  30b
Stone           T              11a   5  11b
Stone           Wm T           23a  16  23b
Stoudemer       E              10a  15  10b
Stoudenmire     Lewis          27a  10  27b
Stoudenmire     P M            27a  11  27b
Stoutenmire     J M            09a  26  09b
Stoutenmire     Saml           27a   6  27b
Stoutenmire     Wm E           27a   7  27b
Strawther       John           36a  26  36b
Strock          J D            19a   4  19b
Stuart          Elizabeth      22a   3  22b
Stuart          George         22a   1  22b
Sulivant        ?              22a  18  22b
Sulivant        ?              22a  19  22b
Summerlin       F, Jr          41a  19  41b
Summerlin       F, Sr          41a  20  41b
Tarlton         B F            09a  19  09b
Tarrents        Wm H           22a   2  22b
Tatum           Berry          38a   9  38b
Tatum           C              09a  21  09b
Tatum           Henry          35a  11  35b
Tatum           John B         35a  22  35b
Tatum           John, Jr       35a  13  35b
Tatum           Peter          35a  20  35b
Tatum           Thos           35a  12  35b
Tatum           William        35a   8  35b
Taylor          A C            09a  27  09b
Taylor          B R            10a  10  10b
Taylor          James C        41a  18  41b
Taylor          Richard        16a  11  16b
Taylor          Thornton       42a  13  42b
Taylor          Thos E         13a   5  13b
Taylor          W I            41a  29  41b
Tayter          Wm             41a   4  41b
Teats           John           15a  20  15b
Terry           Wm R           28a  21  28b
Thacker         W L            31a  20  31b
Thigpenn        ?              18a  15  18b
Thomas          J              10a   5  10b
Thomas          John           16a   1  16b
Thomas          John, Sr       17a   6  17b
Thomas          Wm H           21a  28  21b
Thompson        Arras          23a  29  23b
Thompson        B              21a   1  21b
Thompson        M N            14a  28  14b
Thornhill       Grisham        29a  12  29b
Trapier         Richard        40a  29  40b
Tremble         James          29a  10  29b
Treploy         Evans          31a   3  31b
Tryon           W M            30a  18  30b
Turner          ?              44a  12  44b
Turner          W              08a   5  08b
Tyas            Lewis          10a  18  10b
Tyas            W G            26a   5  26b
Tyler           Wm L           21a  11  21b
Underwood       B              10a  24  10b
Vanderbelt      A D            16a  10  16b
Vanzant         William        13a   1  13b
Vines           Wm             36a   7  36b
Vinson          Isaac          41a   5  41b
Vinson          Obediah        16a  28  16b
Vinson          Solomon        16a  18  16b
Walden          Sarah          18a  26  18b
Walker          F J            32a  29  32b
Walker          J G            12a   2  12b
Walker          Rufus          39a  17  39b
Wallace         ?              22a  29  22b
Wallace         ?              44a  14  44b
Wallace         A H            23a  12  23b
Wallace         Elijah         42a  11  42b
Wallace         Ephraim        37a   7  37b
Wallace         Gillaspee      13a   9  13b
Wallace         L C            12a  16  12b
Wallace         Saml H         31a  27  31b
Wallace         Wm             15a   2  15b
Walton          J W            23a   9  23b
Watkins         S V            30a  15  30b
Watson          Lewis          42a   7  42b
Waugh           L L            13a  25  13b
Weather         J W            09a  14  09b
Weaver          J              12a   4  12b
Weaver          Noah           12a  10  12b
Welaw           Stephen        10a  17  10b
Welden          J P            36a  17  36b
Welden          Sarah          36a  18  36b
Wessman         George         44a   2  44b
Wheatley        James          42a   5  42b
Whetstone       E L            29a  28  29b
Whetstone       Elizabeth      32a  23  32b
Whetstone       Jacob          28a   7  28b
Whetstone       John H         31a   6  31b
Whetstone       Lewis M        32a  22  32b
Whetstone       William W      38a   4  38b
White           ? K            28a  19  28b
White           John           26a  20  26b
White           John P         27a  27  27b
White           S L            18a  17  18b
Whitehead       Jesse          32a  19  32b
Whitehead       Wm             42a  16  42b
Whitehill       ?              22a  20  22b
Wicke           Thos           44a   4  44b
Wicken          John           42a   3  42b
Wicker          B              26a   4  26b
Wiggins         Wiley          14a  13  14b
Wileen          John H         41a  26  41b
Wilie           J H            07a  21  07b
Wilie           W              10a   9  10b
Williams        Epps           19a   9  19b
Williams        James          22a  17  22b
Williams        Lewis          27a   1  27b
Williams        Mary           41a  28  41b
Williams        P B            29a   1  29b
Williams        William K      14a   9  14b
Williamson      E              30a  12  30b
Willson         ?              37a  20  37b
Willson         James          15a  25  15b
Willson         Jesse          13a  13  13b
Willson         John           19a  17  19b
Willson         Joseph         29a  14  29b
Willson         Robt           16a   2  16b
Wilson          Patsey         18a  28  18b
Wilson          Thos           42a  14  42b
Wilson          Uriah          21a   4  21b
Wilson          William        19a  18  19b
Winner          Martin         44a   1  44b
Wood            Bennet         28a   8  28b
Wood            David          20a  21  20b
Wood            John           26a  18  26b
Woodrough       L              29a   9  29b
Woodrough       Richard        20a   4  20b
Woodworth       Daniel         32a   9  32b
Wooper          Peter          20a   5  20b
Word            John           39a   1  39b
Worker          Jesse          39a  20  39b
Works           ?              11a  14  11b
Works           ?              11a  17  11b
Worthington     Noah           38a   3  38b
Wright          Benj           23a  27  23b
Wright          David          42a   8  42b
Wright          Wm             42a   9  42b
Wyatt           ?              37a  19  37b
Wyatt           W              09a  13  09b
Wyatt           Wm C           29a  22  29b
Yancy           Charles        37a  29  37b
Yates           Richard        20a   9  20b
Yates           Wm             15a  27  15b
York            Kelly          13a  30  13b
Young           M D            43a   5  43b
Zagler          W              43a   6  43b
Zeigler         David          17a  13  17b
Zeigler         Henry          17a  15  17b
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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