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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Adams        James       313a  26  313b
Adams        Robert      348a  19  348b
Aelexander   Preston     339a  19  339b
Aetherton    Howard      349a  24  349b
Aetherton    Kennedy     349a  29  349b
Aetherton    Moses       349a  28  349b
Akes         Peter       329a  10  329b
Alcock       B. B.       319a  09  319b
Aldison      Simon       314a  09  314b
Alexander    James       321a  19  321b
Alexander    William     329a  01  329b
Allen        Andrew      325a  15  325b
Allen        Elijah      329a  08  329b
Anderson     Rebecca     334a  12  334b
Arington     Benj. M.    310a  19  310b
Asbell       Aaron       317a  28  317b
Asberry      Elizabeth   339a  06  339b
Asburn       Henry       324a  09  324b
Ashbrook     Joseph      350a  21  350b
Ashbrook     Thomas      345a  19  345b
Ashburn      W. C.       309a  29  309b
Ashley       C. M.       310a  11  310b
Ashley       Nancy       316a  20  316b
Ashworth     A L         349a  14  349b
Atterberry   Henry       312a  27  312b
Atterberry   N. R.       318a  20  318b
Autry        William     325a  22  325b
Aydelott     Jasper      323a  09  323b
Aydlott      George      323a  02  323b
Ayres        Arthur      309a  26  309b
Ayres        Robert      310a  05  310b
Baker        Warren      349a  18  349b
Baldridge    Daniel      316a  10  316b
Baldwin      StClaire    324a  27  324b
Balinger     Benjamin    313a  06  313b
Bane         Aaron       332a  18  332b
Bane         Frank       333a  23  333b
Bane         John        332a  17  332b
Bane         John, Senr  333a  24  333b
Bane         Samuel      321a  30  321b
Bane         Samuel A.   332a  14  332b
Bane         William     332a  16  332b
Banner       Ann         314a  08  314b
Barbour      C. C.       319a  21  319b
Barbour      G. W.       327a  29  327b
Bard         F. G.       322a  13  322b
Bard         Lida        322a  12  322b
Bard         Samuel      322a  22  322b
Barker       Susannah    349a  27  349b
Barne        Benj        331a  30  331b
Barnett      A. J.       327a  06  327b
Barnett      Isaac       320a  01  320b
Barnswood    John        325a  31  325b
Bartlett     Harry       314a  01  314b
Bates        Joseph      314a  17  314b
Batts        Juraddas    318a  28  318b
Beard        John        323a  19  323b
Beard        Joseph      325a  25  325b
Beard        Joseph      330a  30  330b
Beaty        H. O.       320a  05  320b
Beckton      Acey        322a  07  322b
Belcher      John S      344a  22  344b
Bell         Thomas      322a  15  322b
Bell         W. W.       316a  31  316b
Bennett      B. J.       327a  13  327b
Bennett      J. C. J.    327a  11  327b
Bennett      Silas       326a  21  326b
Bennett      Thomas      326a  23  326b
Bennett      William     314a  23  314b
Berry        Leander     328a  25  328b
Berry        T N         341a  25  341b
Betts        John        316a  04  316b
Bickam       A. C.       309a  06  309b
Binford      Mary Ann    318a  11  318b
Bishop       W E         345a  03  345b
Blackman     A.          329a  30  329b
Blackmore    *****       324a  22  324b
Blair        Fielding    338a  14  338b
Blair        J W         342a  25  342b
Blair        James       334a  23  334b
Boaz         James       326a  24  326b
Boaz         Samuel      326a  03  326b
Boaz         Shadrick    327a  08  327b
Boaz         William     326a  28  326b
Boland       James       349a  23  349b
Bone         Abner       350a  19  350b
Bone         Herman      351a  07  351b
Bone         James       344a  05  344b
Bone         James       350a  18  350b
Booker       Sarah       339a  16  339b
Boson        Abner       318a  18  318b
Botts        Isaac       331a  04  331b
Bowman       R. D.       310a  17  310b
Boyd         Jesse       321a  26  321b
Boyd         William     318a  30  318b
Bradley      J. R.       309a  17  309b
Bradley      J. R.       316a  03  316b
Bradley      Theaphless  313a  09  313b
Bradly       John        310a  27  310b
Branden      Augustin    328a  05  328b
Brannan      J. R.       321a  29  321b
Brawn        J. C.       328a  30  328b
Brigg        J. P.       325a  18  325b
Brigg        Sherwood    323a  01  323b
Broach       J P         344a  10  344b
Bromwell     Rich'd J.   313a  22  313b
Broom        Elizabeth   351a  10  351b
Browden      David       322a  16  322b
Brown        Archibald   322a  06  322b
Brown        Brightberry 317a  23  317b
Brown        Clark       318a  03  318b
Brown        Harry       330a  02  330b
Brown        Hugh M      346a  23  346b
Brown        James       343a  12  343b
Brown        Robert      329a  27  329b
Brown        Sterling    318a  01  318b
Brown        W. B.       329a  06  329b
Brown        William     322a  05  322b
Brown        William     346a  14  346b
Bruce        John        333a  18  333b
Bryant       Elihue      348a  02  348b
Bryant       J H         342a  20  342b
Bryant       Joshua      340a  20  340b
Bryant       Richard     340a  17  340b
Bryen        Thomas      325a  01  325b
Bugg         James       333a  21  333b
Bugg         W. H.       333a  19  333b
Burchett     L. H.       328a  11  328b
Burgess      William     349a  07  349b
Burkhead     Jessee      346a  08  346b
Burrough     David       351a  12  351b
Burrough     Nimrod      350a  06  350b
Bush         Turner      325a  03  325b
Busk         William     327a  10  327b
Butler       James       323a  11  323b
Butler       R M         352a  08  352b
Butler       William     323a  08  323b
Byers        John        324a  31  324b
Bynam        Eli, Senr   318a  24  318b
Bynam        Finly       317a  04  317b
Bynam        Green H.    318a  04  318b
Bynam        M. P.       309a  11  309b
Byrd         John        318a  31  318b
Cadwell      Allen       322a  27  322b
Cain         Isaac S.    321a  15  321b
Caines       Henry       343a  03  343b
Cains        William     322a  04  322b
Caldwell     J. F.       313a  28  313b
Cales        H. G.       314a  02  314b
Calhoun      A. A.       320a  24  320b
Camley       Nancy       311a  15  311b
Campbell     Duncan      316a  29  316b
Campbell     J. C.       316a  22  316b
Campbell     James       326a  04  326b
Campbell     James       348a  12  348b
Campbell     John        326a  02  326b
Campbell     Susan       324a  13  324b
Cander       **muel      324a  23  324b
Capps        Francis     346a  26  346b
Carcy        William C   343a  30  343b
Carey        T M         344a  02  344b
Carney       E           348a  20  348b
Carnider     Nimrod      311a  01  311b
Carr         Benjamin    329a  23  329b
Carr         T. Y.       315a  12  315b
Carter       Henry       315a  05  315b
Cartsinger   William     345a  21  345b
Cary         Thomas      346a  30  346b
Cash         James       349a  05  349b
Cash         John        346a  01  346b
Casy         Thomas      311a  13  311b
Chambers     James       318a  16  318b
Chambers     Martin      326a  26  326b
Chambers     William     329a  04  329b
Champion     William     340a  16  340b
Chappell     Elizabeth   348a  18  348b
Chappell     Henry       343a  09  343b
Chenault     C B         346a  05  346b
Clark        A. W.       315a  13  315b
Clark        Israel      329a  12  329b
Clark        J. B.       320a  22  320b
Clark        Silas       331a  05  331b
Clearis      William     325a  21  325b
Cloyes       James       315a  16  315b
Clyce        John        309a  21  309b
Coburn       Silas       311a  08  311b
Cockran      B F         348a  21  348b
Coffman      Margaret    351a  30  351b
Cogan        Richard     339a  07  339b
Cole         J. E.       333a  22  333b
Coleman      Isaac       318a  14  318b
Coleman      Jane        327a  15  327b
Collins      Farrah      332a  20  332b
Collins      William     323a  06  323b
Combs        Labon       320a  06  320b
Conn         Melinda     341a  13  341b
Cook         Elizabeth   339a  05  339b
Cook         Seth        352a  04  352b
Cookendorfer George      345a  05  345b
Cooper       Edward      345a  23  345b
Corbett      Jacob       334a  03  334b
Core         C. B.       323a  28  323b
Cornelison   Andrew      349a  19  349b
Cotral       G. W.       332a  21  332b
Cotral       George      332a  22  332b
Coulter      A G         341a  29  341b
Courtney     Catherine   349a  11  349b
Courtney     Jacob       351a  21  351b
Courtney     Louis       349a  01  349b
Courtney     W H         349a  03  349b
Cowden       John        322a  19  322b
Cox          Thomas      326a  16  326b
Cragston     Elizabeth   311a  18  311b
Craig        James       339a  30  339b
Craigg       Ebenezer    331a  11  331b
Craigg       J. W.       330a  07  330b
Cramewell    B. W.       324a  24  324b
Cramewell    D. H.       325a  07  325b
Crassland    Samuel      322a  31  322b
Crawford     Evin        316a  28  316b
Crawson      Nancy       309a  27  309b
Cressop      J M         339a  12  339b
Croushaw     Daniel H    342a  01  342b
Cruce        John        311a  31  311b
Culbertson   James Junr  321a  04  321b
Culbertson   James Senr  321a  06  321b
Cummins      Michael     341a  01  341b
Cummins      William     340a  06  340b
Cunningham   Thos J.     312a  12  312b
Dacus        Henry       331a  02  331b
Dandey       C. M.       315a  02  315b
Dandey       Gibson      315a  03  315b
Daniel       E. A.       328a  26  328b
Dariess      John        351a  11  351b
Davidson     Leroy       346a  20  346b
Daviess      George W    352a  06  352b
Davis        B. T.       312a  29  312b
Davis        Gabriel     346a  10  346b
Davis        Henry       319a  14  319b
Davis        J. L.       334a  13  334b
Davis        J. P.       325a  29  325b
Davis        James       319a  30  319b
Davis        John        313a  27  313b
Davis        Joseph      323a  20  323b
Davis        Peter       315a  22  315b
Davis        Richard     329a  22  329b
Davis        S. D.       330a  22  330b
Davis        W. B.       333a  14  333b
Davis        W. C.       325a  06  325b
Day          Mary        318a  06  318b
Dean         Jefferson   350a  02  350b
Deneky       Martha      350a  04  350b
Deninson     Phillip     328a  24  328b
Denniston    John        345a  09  345b
Dent         J. E.       309a  22  309b
Dewies       Absolum     344a  18  344b
Dewies       John        344a  12  344b
Dewies       John        344a  15  344b
Dewies       William     344a  24  344b
Dickenson    Albert      339a  17  339b
Dickins      George      313a  25  313b
Dill         George      339a  21  339b
Dillan       Stewart     318a  07  318b
Dilwood      J. R.       311a  28  311b
Dilwood      William     311a  22  311b
Discus       Wylie       346a  27  346b
Dobson       William     310a  06  310b
Dodge        J. H.       328a  28  328b
Dodge        J. R.       334a  02  334b
Dodson       D N         344a  30  344b
Dodson       Elizabeth   351a  08  351b
Dodson       Isaac       345a  08  345b
Dodson       Samuel J    349a  16  349b
Dodson       Soloman     345a  07  345b
Dodson       William     343a  16  343b
Doom         Jacob       309a  15  309b
Doom         Mary        313a  05  313b
Dorris       Joseph      329a  15  329b
Dorris       Josiah      322a  21  322b
Dorris       Samuel      322a  08  322b
Dorris       William     322a  23  322b
Dorsey       R S         338a  29  338b
Douglass     J. D.       317a  07  317b
Douglass     Jesse       313a  07  313b
Dowdey       Allen       312a  26  312b
Dowdey       George      317a  17  317b
Dowdey       Michayl     348a  09  348b
Dowdey       Sarah       327a  05  327b
Dowdey       William     311a  20  311b
Dowdrey      Alfred      311a  19  311b
Downing      Gina        320a  17  320b
Dudley       Elizabeth   318a  13  318b
Dunaway      William     352a  01  352b
Duncan       Richard     320a  02  320b
Dunlap       Henry       332a  11  332b
Dunn         Sampson     325a  19  325b
Dupree       M. S.       310a  28  310b
Duvall       John        325a  13  325b
Dyer         A. F.       331a  10  331b
Dyer         Susan       316a  15  316b
Edmiston     Alfred      310a  10  310b
Edrington    America     334a  09  334b
Edrington    B F         352a  03  352b
Edrington    Price       318a  15  318b
Edwards      Benj'n      342a  16  342b
Edwards      Fielding    342a  17  342b
Edwards      John        348a  23  348b
Edwards      Sarah       348a  04  348b
Egbert       Hiram       310a  21  310b
Eliott       James       330a  21  330b
Eliott       Mary        323a  14  323b
Elliott      Henry       352a  12  352b
Elliott      James       340a  04  340b
Elliott      John        339a  26  339b
Elliott      Zacariah    344a  19  344b
Ellis        Thomas D    345a  28  345b
Elliston     John        341a  06  341b
Enloe        William     349a  26  349b
Enlore       Benjamin    344a  11  344b
Ervin        G. J.       317a  19  317b
Everett      James       316a  25  316b
Everett      Laurence    317a  02  317b
Everett      William     329a  03  329b
Evins        M. H.       333a  02  333b
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