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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Lacey        Burton      319a  07  319b
Lacey        Chrisan     319a  08  319b
Lafferty     Thomas      324a  28  324b
Lampkin      David       330a  20  330b
Latta        James       323a  18  323b
Latta        John        323a  07  323b
Latta        Thomas      325a  26  325b
Latta        William     326a  09  326b
Leach        Nancy       326a  13  326b
Leachman     Ellen       322a  03  322b
Lee          L. M.       327a  14  327b
Leet         Jeptha      329a  11  329b
Legrand      John O      339a  18  339b
Lemmons      Fielding    346a  03  346b
Lester       John        315a  28  315b
Lester       Lewis       319a  27  319b
Lester       Winifre     316a  18  316b
Lewis        Abraham     316a  19  316b
Lewis        James       317a  12  317b
Lewis        Johnathan   310a  02  310b
Lewis        Orvin       315a  24  315b
Lewis        R. H.       313a  17  313b
Lewis        R. N.       312a  20  312b
Linder       John        329a  16  329b
Linthecum    Charles     346a  13  346b
Linus        Amos        311a  11  311b
Little       Elizabeth   326a  17  326b
Lively       J B         350a  14  350b
Lockett      James       348a  16  348b
Lockridge    James       328a  14  328b
Lockridge    Latin       332a  30  332b
Lockridge    Marshall    332a  31  332b
Long         Harrison    339a  27  339b
Long         John        330a  11  330b
Long         William     313a  01  313b
Louis        David       352a  09  352b
Lowber       J. D.       309a  03  309b
Lowe         Josiah      350a  30  350b
Lynch        Jeremiah    316a  16  316b
Lynch        Peter       312a  13  312b
Maddox       Elijah      320a  30  320b
Maddox       Levi        320a  31  320b
Maddox       W. W.       320a  29  320b
Mahan        J H         350a  08  350b
Mahan        Peter       350a  11  350b
Mahon        Louis       343a  27  343b
Mahon        P. B.       312a  21  312b
Mahon        W. M.       317a  03  317b
Mallohorn    Clement     331a  26  331b
Malugen      William     324a  17  324b
Maness       Isaac       312a  25  312b
Maness       J. W.       313a  10  313b
Maness       John        313a  16  313b
Maness       Nancy       312a  31  312b
Maness       W. J.       313a  13  313b
Marlow       R. B.       329a  07  329b
Marrow       B. B.       320a  12  320b
Martin       Janett      310a  26  310b
Martin       Joseph      319a  20  319b
Martin       Lewis       332a  23  332b
Martin       R. G.       313a  30  313b
Martin       Samuel      315a  29  315b
Mashew       William     327a  28  327b
Mason        B S         351a  28  351b
Mason        Barnard     342a  11  342b
Masters      Elijah      344a  14  344b
Masters      John        349a  17  349b
Matheny      Jacob       348a  30  348b
Mathews      Allen       311a  05  311b
Mathews      J. F.       311a  06  311b
Matthews     Butler      332a  02  332b
Mayes        Thomas D.   317a  08  317b
McBride      John        331a  16  331b
McCallester  J. M.       323a  17  323b
McCallister  Elizabeth   326a  08  326b
McCamb       N.          312a  03  312b
McCannell    John        314a  26  314b
McCannell    R. M.       314a  27  314b
McClanahan   James       325a  23  325b
McClellan    J. B.       309a  28  309b
McClellan    S. P.       312a  28  312b
McClenden    William     333a  10  333b
McClure      G W         349a  13  349b
McClure      Josiah      346a  22  346b
McDaniel     Hiram       341a  28  341b
McDaniel     James       343a  07  343b
McDaniel     John B      340a  23  340b
McFall       James       327a  03  327b
McFall       John        326a  20  326b
McFall       Samuel P.   309a  01  309b
McFall       William     326a  19  326b
McGill       James       348a  14  348b
McGill       Sarah       348a  05  348b
McGrae       Thomas      350a  09  350b
McGrae       Thomas      350a  12  350b
McGrigor     Eli         332a  07  332b
McGruder     Thomas      341a  30  341b
McGuyre      J. J.       333a  11  333b
McJenkins    Hugh        340a  22  340b
McKinney     Rodney      345a  29  345b
McMorris     J. W.       326a  18  326b
McWhorton    John        325a  04  325b
Melbourn     William     338a  26  338b
Melicy       John M      340a  24  340b
Meridith     Henry       341a  11  341b
Merriweather A. G.       313a  29  313b
Merriweather Thomas W.   324a  10  324b
Methany      William     340a  01  340b
Metheney     William M   340a  12  340b
Metheny      J M         340a  13  340b
Metts        John        316a  01  316b
Michell      Milley      331a  22  331b
Milbourne    C H         341a  26  341b
Miles        G. S.       316a  09  316b
Miles        P. C.       321a  07  321b
Miles        Rhoda       321a  09  321b
Miligan      J. H.       313a  14  313b
Milliner     D. H.       327a  09  327b
Milliner     John        338a  05  338b
Milliner     John, Junr  318a  09  318b
Milliner     John, Senr  318a  08  318b
Milliner     Marcus      318a  10  318b
Mills        Henry       324a  16  324b
Mills        Patrick     324a  25  324b
Milton       Merrit      343a  04  343b
Mingo        David       341a  22  341b
Mitchell     Francis     348a  24  348b
Mitchell     Jeremiah    317a  10  317b
Mitchell     Joseph      331a  20  331b
Mitchell     Lemuel      328a  12  328b
Mitchem      Wiley       330a  27  330b
Mitcher      E. E.       330a  04  330b
Montgomery   Samuel      344a  07  344b
Montgomery   W. W.       320a  25  320b
Montjoy      Thomas      339a  11  339b
Moodey       Allen       312a  16  312b
Moody        Baker       320a  08  320b
Moore        Edward      320a  23  320b
Moore        Ira         328a  29  328b
Moore        James       339a  08  339b
Moore        Moses       313a  23  313b
Moore        Robert      327a  24  327b
Moore        Thomas N.   333a  15  333b
Morehead     George      311a  02  311b
Morgan       Catherine   350a  23  350b
Morris       Elijah      324a  04  324b
Morris       George      349a  25  349b
Morris       S. C.       324a  03  324b
Morrow       George F.   317a  27  317b
Morrow       John        327a  19  327b
Morrow       Smith       334a  24  334b
Morrow       Thomas      319a  01  319b
Moseby       Daniel      344a  13  344b
Moss         D. P.       316a  21  316b
Mott         Eliza       350a  24  350b
Mott         Joseph      329a  14  329b
Moyers       John        351a  03  351b
Muchieson    Daniel      323a  25  323b
Murphy       J. W.       324a  05  324b
Murphy       Jane        342a  07  342b
Murphy       William     322a  26  322b
Murray       Marcus      310a  22  310b
Myers        Henry       346a  04  346b
Nall         Martin      327a  25  327b
Nall         Thomas      328a  06  328b
Nawlen       G. W.       310a  29  310b
Neal         Thomas      331a  17  331b
Neale        Andrew      320a  15  320b
Nelson       Mary Ann    343a  01  343b
Nevill       G. W.       309a  02  309b
Neville      John B.     310a  20  310b
New          James       320a  04  320b
Newhouse     Thornton    323a  27  323b
Newton       Ann         313a  04  313b
Nichol       Alva        309a  04  309b
Nichol       David       321a  14  321b
Nichol       J. W.       328a  04  328b
Nichol       Thomas      324a  02  324b
Nicholas     Jordan      332a  19  332b
Nichols      James W.    314a  11  314b
Norman       John        316a  24  316b
Norman       Noah        326a  30  326b
Norman       Pleasant    326a  29  326b
North        William     345a  11  345b
Norver       Fanny       329a  20  329b
Odell        Henry       317a  18  317b
Odell        John        315a  08  315b
Oliver       George      334a  01  334b
Oliver       Leander     320a  20  320b
Oliver       Shadrach    316a  26  316b
Olliver      Allen       317a  29  317b
Olliver      M. C.       318a  02  318b
Olliver      Martin      317a  30  317b
Olliver      W. W.       318a  05  318b
Olliver      William     317a  31  317b
Oneal        John        345a  22  345b
Ousley       Thomas T.   325a  16  325b
Ouston       Mackory     334a  22  334b
Owen         R. P.       315a  26  315b
Palsgrave    Henry       317a  14  317b
Palsgrave    J. W.       317a  20  317b
Palsgrave    Jacob       317a  25  317b
Palsgrave    W. H.       317a  21  317b
Parker       Edward      325a  27  325b
Parker       James       331a  14  331b
Parkin       H. Y.       320a  18  320b
Parks        Benj'm      311a  24  311b
Parratt      C. S.       332a  05  332b
Patrick      Andrew      326a  25  326b
Payne        Alexander   329a  13  329b
Pease        Thomas A    350a  28  350b
Peck         Jacob       321a  22  321b
Peebles      A T         342a  08  342b
Peebles      Joel        342a  06  342b
Peebles      John        350a  22  350b
Penebaker    John        323a  21  323b
Perkins      Henry       321a  01  321b
Petree       Edward      338a  21  338b
Phelts       John        346a  18  346b
Phelts       Silmon      346a  21  346b
Phillips     Bunil       330a  05  330b
Pickett      David       346a  16  346b
Pickett      Frances     311a  04  311b
Pickett      William     344a  03  344b
Pill         William     342a  03  342b
Pinebaker    Wyan        328a  27  328b
Piner        William     310a  18  310b
Porter       C B         342a  02  342b
Porter       Jeramiah    340a  21  340b
Powell       Robert      320a  27  320b
Pratt        Sarah       344a  26  344b
Prickett     Felix G     346a  25  346b
Prickett     John        345a  06  345b
Prickett     Louis       345a  10  345b
Prickett     Luke        332a  04  332b
Prickett     William     338a  17  338b
Proctor      Ramith      329a  17  329b
Puntney      Joseph      343a  14  343b
Puntney      Reason      343a  10  343b
Quigly       James B     338a  25  338b
Rambeau      Moses       341a  12  341b
Ramsey       Alexander   341a  24  341b
Ramsey       Hugh        314a  15  314b
Ramsey       John G.     310a  16  310b
Ramsey       Rachael T   342a  04  342b
Ramsey       S. G.       310a  23  310b
Rancor       Phillip     309a  13  309b
Rancor       W. H.       309a  10  309b
Ranson       Benj'n      342a  15  342b
Rash         Clinton     327a  31  327b
Rash         Hannah      315a  06  315b
Rask         Thomas      328a  01  328b
Ray          Dennis      331a  07  331b
Ray          S. D.       331a  29  331b
Ray          Samuel      323a  04  323b
Ray          Stephen     328a  17  328b
Read         John        348a  07  348b
Read         T Q         348a  08  348b
Read         William H   344a  27  344b
Reader       James       344a  01  344b
Reader       Jessee      343a  29  343b
Reader       Martin      343a  19  343b
Rector       W           338a  30  338b
Reddick      William     338a  11  338b
Reed         Archibald   318a  17  318b
Reed         Christiana  327a  22  327b
Reed         D. S.       315a  09  315b
Reess        George      325a  10  325b
Reess        James       333a  28  333b
Reeves       George      349a  15  349b
Reeves       John        349a  10  349b
Reily        Erasinius   338a  13  338b
Reynolds     Samuel B    338a  28  338b
Rhoden       J. R.       319a  06  319b
Richards     Thomas      338a  06  338b
Richardson   Arnold      346a  17  346b
Richardson   James       342a  19  342b
Richison     Henry       324a  30  324b
Richison     L. S.       311a  25  311b
Richmond     G. O.       309a  16  309b
Richmond     Joseph      333a  17  333b
Richwood     J C         351a  09  351b
Riddle       George      311a  21  311b
Riddle       John        320a  14  320b
Ridge        William     332a  03  332b
Ridley       John T.     326a  14  326b
Ridley       R. R.       326a  15  326b
Ridley       Robert      323a  26  323b
Ridley       Vincent     326a  12  326b
Rieger       Richard     341a  23  341b
Riess        J. M.       323a  12  323b
Rigg         Edmund      346a  12  346b
Rigg         William     321a  28  321b
Riggs        Edmund, Sr  348a  27  348b
Riley        James       319a  17  319b
Riley        James M.    328a  10  328b
Riley        John        329a  05  329b
Riley        William     338a  16  338b
Riner        J. W.       327a  27  327b
Ring         M. B.       312a  05  312b
Ring         Mary        334a  15  334b
Ringo        C. R.       328a  18  328b
Ringo        J. S.       325a  02  325b
River        Lucretia    339a  15  339b
Roberts      John        317a  06  317b
Robey        J. M.       331a  25  331b
Robinson     C.          322a  11  322b
Robinson     John M      341a  14  341b
Robinson     Nathan      332a  06  332b
Robinson     Smith       340a  07  340b
Robinson     William     339a  04  339b
Rodman       John        310a  03  310b
Rodman       Samuel      327a  16  327b
Rolley       John        352a  17  352b
Roper        A. J.       313a  12  313b
Roper        Destry      310a  08  310b
Roper        Ellen       312a  10  312b
Roper        Joseph      313a  11  313b
Roper        Mildred     316a  02  316b
Roper        S. H.       321a  10  321b
Roscow       Daniel      321a  24  321b
Rose         Francis     342a  21  342b
Rosin        Matilda     324a  12  324b
Ross         E. D.       327a  26  327b
Ross         James       321a  03  321b
Ross         William     325a  20  325b
Rossin       Archibald   324a  15  324b
Rudd         G C         344a  20  344b
Rudd         John        345a  26  345b
Rudd         Thomas      345a  25  345b
Rufty        Joseph      332a  26  332b
Ruminer      John        318a  27  318b
Russell      Jacob       340a  18  340b
Russell      R R         349a  20  349b
Rutledge     Nancy       316a  11  316b
Rutter       Joseph G    349a  09  349b
Rutter       William     351a  13  351b
Ryan         Robert      317a  22  317b
Ryder        J. W.       320a  09  320b
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