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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Salmons      Rich'd      322a  09  322b
Salmons      Walton      322a  10  322b
Sams         E S         352a  11  352b
Sams         Lewis       350a  13  350b
Sanberry     F.          323a  10  323b
Sanford      Daniel B    338a  15  338b
Sanford      Thomas      338a  10  338b
Sartin       Thomas J.   311a  30  311b
Sayle        Robert      323a  30  323b
Scarbrough   Elijah      351a  15  351b
Scarbrough   Mathew      345a  24  345b
Scarce       Lewis       309a  30  309b
Scarce       Nathan      309a  24  309b
Scott        Audrey      324a  21  324b
Scott        Frances     320a  07  320b
Scott        James       310a  04  310b
Scott        S. H.       331a  12  331b
Scott        S. M.       324a  18  324b
Scott        William     320a  26  320b
Seay         Jas. G.     333a  01  333b
Self         William     319a  13  319b
Sellors      John        326a  22  326b
Sellors      R. H.       327a  02  327b
Selman       Andrew J.   330a  25  330b
Shaw         John        312a  15  312b
Shaw         William     312a  08  312b
Shearfield   Ephraim     351a  26  351b
Shelby       H. W.       314a  10  314b
Shelby       Jacob       315a  20  315b
Shuck        Andrew      315a  10  315b
Shuck        E. Y.       318a  19  318b
Shurd        Cornelius   319a  04  319b
Sibert       Andrew C    341a  10  341b
Sibert       Peter       341a  02  341b
Simmons      Benjamin    321a  12  321b
Simmons      John        321a  20  321b
Simmons      Robert      321a  17  321b
Simmons      Will'm      310a  24  310b
Singleterry  Luther      327a  12  327b
Slocum       P. G.       314a  19  314b
Smallwood    G. W.       316a  06  316b
Smith        Acey        329a  18  329b
Smith        Amon        341a  27  341b
Smith        B. W.       314a  31  314b
Smith        C. Y.       311a  10  311b
Smith        David       342a  23  342b
Smith        E.          313a  02  313b
Smith        Joseph      334a  04  334b
Smith        Joshua      329a  19  329b
Smith        M. B.       314a  30  314b
Smith        Samuel      315a  23  315b
Sonas        Wylie       344a  23  344b
Spencer      Nehemiah    343a  18  343b
Spicer       James       328a  19  328b
Spicer       James, Jr.  328a  21  328b
Spicer       Thomas      328a  20  328b
Stacey       Benjamin    333a  30  333b
Stacey       Bryan       334a  08  334b
Stacey       Jesse       333a  31  333b
Stacey       Mason       334a  07  334b
Stacey       William     333a  29  333b
Stafford     Joel        317a  05  317b
Stafford     Louis       338a  03  338b
Stallings    Elizabeth   327a  20  327b
Stansill     Nathan      348a  22  348b
Stearman     Nicholas    342a  27  342b
Stegall      Joshua      314a  04  314b
Stephan      Richard     318a  29  318b
Stephens     Abraham     350a  20  350b
Stephens     Daniel      345a  12  345b
Stephens     Israel      314a  14  314b
Stephens     Johnathan   314a  13  314b
Stephens     L. D.       327a  30  327b
Stephens     Martha      314a  06  314b
Stephens     Vincent     341a  03  341b
Stepheson    William     315a  18  315b
Stewart      Daniel      342a  30  342b
Stewart      James       352a  07  352b
Stewart      Thomas      309a  07  309b
Stone        John        325a  24  325b
Stone        Joseph      325a  12  325b
Stone        T T         349a  22  349b
Strather     James       309a  20  309b
Stubbs       Dennis      320a  21  320b
Stubbs       Mosses      315a  17  315b
Stublefield  Murril      330a  06  330b
Sturm        Gray        334a  05  334b
Sublett      James       325a  09  325b
Sublett      W. E.       325a  08  325b
Sullenger    Robert      341a  20  341b
Sullivan     Mary        333a  07  333b
Sullivan     Phillip     351a  25  351b
Sullivan     William     333a  05  333b
Suton        Saml B.     309a  12  309b
Sutton       Daniel      342a  26  342b
Sutton       Leroy       350a  03  350b
Swaysie      Joshua      339a  13  339b
Swift        C.          315a  01  315b
Swope        W J         351a  27  351b
Tapley       Peter       322a  30  322b
Tarply       Harbard     331a  03  331b
Tarren       Howell      333a  16  333b
Tarver       Smith       331a  18  331b
Taylor       Francis     342a  29  342b
Taylor       George      342a  18  342b
Taylor       James       314a  22  314b
Taylor       John        312a  30  312b
Taylor       Louis M     339a  25  339b
Taylor       Magdalen    343a  24  343b
Taylor       Mary        342a  28  342b
Taylor       Sarah       314a  07  314b
Taylor       W. H. H.    330a  24  330b
Tercy        Andrew      322a  17  322b
Thomas       Francis     345a  02  345b
Thomas       Joseph      352a  02  352b
Thomas       N. P.       311a  03  311b
Thomas       Samuel      351a  02  351b
Thomas       William     345a  13  345b
Thomas       William G   344a  08  344b
Thompson     H. C.       312a  14  312b
Thompson     Jesse       322a  20  322b
Thompson     John        312a  22  312b
Thompson     M C         338a  04  338b
Thompson     Nancy       315a  14  315b
Thompson     Samuel M    338a  12  338b
Thornberry   Haren       333a  08  333b
Thornton     A. T.       311a  27  311b
Thorpe       Charles     341a  05  341b
Thorpe       John        349a  08  349b
Thorpe       T H         349a  04  349b
Tickell      William     315a  15  315b
Timmerman    John        326a  11  326b
Timple       Eliza       334a  16  334b
Tipton       E. J.       320a  11  320b
Tithworth    James       313a  03  313b
Titsworth    Fervil      309a  25  309b
Todd         Samuel      340a  19  340b
Trafford     Sutton      341a  21  341b
Traxwell     John        315a  25  315b
Traylor      William     343a  23  343b
Trigg        James       321a  21  321b
Tucker       James F     346a  24  346b
Turner       Susan       352a  10  352b
Tyler        A. O.       314a  28  314b
Tyler        A. S.       316a  17  316b
Tyler        J. P.       314a  29  314b
Tyler        John H.     310a  01  310b
Tyler        Willit      334a  17  334b
Underwood    Jane        344a  25  344b
Underwood    Nathaniel   330a  01  330b
Vadan        Allen       333a  04  333b
Vadan        R. G.       333a  03  333b
Vaden        Willis      343a  06  343b
Valingham    Richard     348a  26  348b
Vanpool      George      333a  25  333b
Vanpool      John        331a  28  331b
Vanpopon     John        339a  02  339b
Vaughn       J. D.       318a  21  318b
Vaughn       John        310a  25  310b
Vaughn       Paskill     328a  22  328b
Vaughn       Thomas      331a  19  331b
Vaughn       W.          331a  13  331b
Vaughn       William     324a  08  324b
Veach        Jacob       324a  07  324b
Via          Dabney      331a  21  331b
Via          Pleasant    333a  06  333b
Via          Rowland     333a  20  333b
Via          Thomas      330a  29  330b
Vincent      Fervell     328a  23  328b
Vincent      George      313a  21  313b
Vinston      Oliver      328a  08  328b
Violet       Talbot      346a  15  346b
Waddey       R. K.       311a  26  311b
Wade         Jeremiah    329a  02  329b
Wade         W. A.       325a  17  325b
Wade         William     312a  07  312b
Wafford      S. G.       317a  24  317b
Wales        M. C.       318a  12  318b
Walker       Elizabeth   339a  09  339b
Walker       James       327a  17  327b
Walker       M. A.       330a  19  330b
Walker       T. R.       330a  28  330b
Wallis       J. A.       323a  29  323b
Wallis       Thomas      316a  23  316b
Ward         G. J.       332a  12  332b
Ward         Messer      331a  31  331b
Ward         Michael     332a  01  332b
Warden       W B         341a  04  341b
Watkin       Jessee      327a  18  327b
Watkins      Samuel      314a  03  314b
Watson       Abram       343a  17  343b
Watson       Daniel      311a  14  311b
Watson       G. B.       311a  16  311b
Watson       Isaac       341a  07  341b
Watson       Michael     348a  29  348b
Watson       W P         343a  11  343b
Weatherford  Weatherly   332a  13  332b
Webb         Burrell     317a  01  317b
Webb         John        310a  15  310b
Webb         Willis      314a  20  314b
Weldon       Abraham     345a  27  345b
Weldon       John R      340a  27  340b
Wheeler      Coburne     351a  22  351b
White        Demsey      323a  24  323b
White        Jacob       314a  18  314b
White        John        343a  28  343b
White        John        348a  15  348b
White        S. M.       319a  12  319b
White        William     331a  24  331b
White        William     344a  04  344b
Whiticker    A. M.       334a  18  334b
Whitington   P.          311a  12  311b
Whitington   Susan       311a  07  311b
Whitly       Elizabeth   330a  14  330b
Whittingdon  Amos        311a  29  311b
Wilcox       J. C.       316a  12  316b
Wilkerson    Daniel      312a  06  312b
Wilkinson    George      321a  27  321b
Wilkinson    George      334a  20  334b
Williams     B.          313a  18  313b
Williams     J. C.       326a  10  326b
Williams     James       346a  07  346b
Williams     Jessee      338a  20  338b
Williams     Jessee H    343a  13  343b
Williams     John        321a  05  321b
Williams     John        340a  15  340b
Williams     Josiah      326a  27  326b
Williams     Morris      310a  07  310b
Williams     Thomas      352a  15  352b
Williams     Williamson  341a  09  341b
Willingham   Jared       350a  27  350b
Willingham   Thos        310a  14  310b
Willmoth     Edward      345a  17  345b
Willmoth     F C         349a  06  349b
Willmoth     William     349a  12  349b
Willson      Ervin       346a  28  346b
Willson      J R         350a  10  350b
Willson      Joseph      351a  20  351b
Willson      W K         351a  24  351b
Wilson       Benjamin    329a  09  329b
Wilson       James       317a  13  317b
Wilson       Samuel      350a  05  350b
Wims         Minor       315a  27  315b
Wingo        William     333a  13  333b
Winifred     John E.     325a  11  325b
Winn         Thomas      338a  22  338b
Winters      Aaron       311a  23  311b
Wire         John        328a  16  328b
Witherspoon  James       326a  05  326b
Withrow      J. W.       323a  05  323b
Woodan       John        330a  17  330b
Woodard      C. J.       319a  03  319b
Woodruff     Baker       339a  03  339b
Woods        David       329a  29  329b
Woods        Susan       330a  03  330b
Wooley       Richard     351a  23  351b
Wooley       Violet      349a  02  349b
Woolfork     Sarah       346a  02  346b
Woolfork     Thomas      348a  25  348b
Wren         Allen       328a  09  328b
Wren         Joe         330a  31  330b
Wright       E. T.       330a  10  330b
Wright       Henry       340a  08  340b
Wright       Stephen     340a  26  340b
Wright       W E         340a  09  340b
Wright       William     311a  09  311b
Wyatt        Jesse       310a  30  310b
Wylie        T B, M.D.   352a  13  352b
Yarbraugh    Asa         332a  09  332b
Young        C B         344a  09  344b
Young        G A         345a  01  345b
Zook         Jacob       342a  10  342b
Zook         Thomas      322a  02  322b
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This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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