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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page,
and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.
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ABSOLEG        William            280a  16  280b
ADAMS          Anthony            326a   5  326b
ADAMS          Charles            280a  17  280b
ADAMS          Charles            313a  14  313b
ADAMS          Daniel             313a  12  313b
ADAMS          Elijah             324a  27  324b
ADAMS          George             319a  18  319b
ADAMS          Noah               310a   5  310b
ADAMS          Rumford            320a   9  320b
ADAMS          Thomas             310a  14  310b
ADAMS          Washington         319a  21  319b
ADEN           Shadrack           305a  15  305b
AERES          James              269a  27  269b
ALFORD         Charles            318a  16  318b
ALFORD         Daniel             318a  15  318b
ALFORD         Edward             314a  17  314b
ALLEN          Nelson             293a  22  293b
ALLEN          Nicey              305a   9  305b
ALLS           William            273a  19  273b
ANDERSON       Daniel             279a  19  279b
ANDERSON       John               317a  24  317b
ANDREW         Abram              321a   6  321b
ANDREW         Barcilla           316a  23  316b
ANDREW         Charles            312a  26  312b
ANDREW         Curtis             311a  25  311b
ANDREW         Daniel             309a  13  309b
ANDREW         Daniel B.          309a   9  309b
ANDREW         Dolly              325a  12  325b
ANDREW         Edward             325a   7  325b
ANDREW         Edward             326a   6  326b
ANDREW         George             309a  11  309b
ANDREW         Isaac              309a   6  309b
ANDREW         Israel             313a   4  313b
ANDREW         Jacob Jr.          312a  10  312b
ANDREW         Jacob Sr.          313a   3  313b
ANDREW         John               324a  21  324b
ANDREW         Michael            314a  12  314b
ANDREW         Newton             315a   3  315b
ANDREW         Newton of Thomas   321a   9  321b
ANDREW         Richard            309a   8  309b
ANDREW         Richard (of James) 318a  20  318b
ANDREW         Richard (of Luke)  311a   4  311b
ANDREW         Samuel             318a  23  318b
ANDREW         Sarah              325a  21  325b
ANDREW         Thomas             320a  27  320b
ANDREW         William            318a   7  318b
ANDREW         Willson            315a  11  315b
ANTHONEY       Joseph             272a  14  272b
ANTHONY        Anna               296a  16  296b
ANTHONY        Henry              287a  22  287b
ANTHONY        Samuel             296a   9  296b
ARNEY          John               312a  19  312b
ATKINSON       Thomas             292a   6  292b
ATWELL         Benjamin           304a   1  304b
ATWELL         Curtis             290a  24  290b
ATWELL         James              289a  20  289b
AUSTIN         Cornilias          271a  19  271b
AYRES          Abraham            279a  13  279b
AYRES          Alexander          275a  10  275b
AYRES          James              278a  25  278b
BABES          James              296a  14  296b
BABES          Noah               289a   8  289b
BACKUS         John               315a  17  315b
BAGGS          Andrew             272a  26  272b
BAGGS          Bennett            271a   7  271b
BAGGS          Hasia              278a  11  278b
BAGGS          Henry              278a  10  278b
BAGGS          William P.         271a  23  271b
BAILEY         Isaac              294a  18  294b
BAKER          Richard A.         319a   6  319b
BALEY          Emory              275a  23  275b
BANING         James              317a  17  317b
BANTOM         John               276a  24  276b
BARCUSS        John               276a  10  276b
BARNES         Abraham            277a   5  277b
BARNES         John               275a   6  275b
BARON          William            288a  19  288b
BARROW         Thomas             323a   2  323b
BARTLETT       Daniel             320a  18  320b
BARTLETT       Elijah             298a  10  298b
BARTLETT       Elisha             300a  14  300b
BARTLETT       Joseph             272a  21  272b
BARTLETT       Vintcent           274a  14  274b
BARTON         James              310a  22  310b
BARTON         Peter              319a   9  319b
BARWICK        Edward             298a   1  298b
BARWICK        James              271a   2  271b
BARWICK        James              300a   6  300b
BARWICK        Joshua R.          271a  10  271b
BARWICK        Nimrod             300a  17  300b
BARWICK        Sarah              294a   8  294b
BASTAD         Sarah              270a  14  270b
BATEMAN        James              275a   3  275b
BAYARD         Arrabella          288a   1  288b
BAYNARD        Clarricy           288a  13  288b
BAYNARD        George             269a  16  269b
BAYNARD        Levin Sr.          274a  18  274b
BAYNARD        Levin Sr.          277a  27  277b
BEAL           John W.            287a  13  287b
BEATHARD       William            293a  24  293b
BELL           Daniell            274a  11  274b
BELL           Joshua             323a  19  323b
BELL           Joshua C.          304a  26  304b
BELL           Robert             303a  22  303b
BELL           Thomas             303a  21  303b
BENDING        ANDREW             320a  19  320b
BENDING        William            305a  13  305b
BERRY          John               286a   3  286b
BERRY          Sarah              315a   2  315b
BERRY          Thomas             275a  20  275b
BEUCHAMP       Thomas             285a  11  285b
BIAS           Henry              302a   9  302b
BIAS           Phillip            290a   8  290b
BILLITER       John               316a   9  316b
BILLITER       Joseph             319a   8  319b
BLACK          Jessee             292a  14  292b
BLACK          Lucritia           292a  16  292b
BLACK          Mary               292a  18  292b
BLACK          Noah               296a  15  296b
BLACK          Noah               302a  17  302b
BLACK          Samuel             303a  23  303b
BLADES         Boudle             303a   9  303b
BLADES         Elenore            314a   4  314b
BLADES         Isaiah             312a  15  312b
BLADES         Jesse              315a   5  315b
BLADES         John (of Isaiah)   312a  14  312b
BLADES         Joseph             314a   3  314b
BLADES         Rachel             312a   1  312b
BLADES         Tamsey             323a   1  323b
BLADES         Thomas             319a  14  319b
BLAKE          James              304a   8  304b
BLAKE          Joseph             303a  24  303b
BLAKE          Sarah              304a  25  304b
BLANCH         William            287a  19  287b
BLAND          George             314a   2  314b
BLAY           Leah               322a   3  322b
BLAY           Nera               322a  12  322b
BLUNT          Samuel             273a  27  273b
BOGGS          Treshim            279a  12  279b
BOOKER         Solomon            276a  19  276b
BOON           Dianna             271a  21  271b
BOON           Henny              301a  15  301b
BOON           Jacob              279a  24  279b
BOON           Jacob              295a   6  295b
BOON           James              271a   4  271b
BOON           John Jr.           273a  20  273b
BOON           Joseph             273a   4  273b
BOON           Joshua             271a  14  271b
BOON           Major              326a  19  326b
BOOTH          Belethar           272a  15  272b
BOOTH          Marsalus           272a   6  272b
BOOTH          Robert             272a  22  272b
BORN           John (Sr.)         270a  21  270b
BOSTIC         Haskell            292a  17  292b
BOSTICK        Mary               280a  19  280b
BOWDLE         Caleb              321a   3  321b
BOWDLE         Jacob              322a  18  322b
BOWDLE         John               317a  26  317b
BOWDLE         William            322a   9  322b
BRADLEY        John               302a  18  302b
BRADLEY        Stepun             273a   8  273b
BRANNOCK       James              320a   5  320b
BREEDING       Anderton O.        292a  15  292b
BREEDING       Ennolds            305a  20  305b
BREWINGTON     Linore             316a  15  316b
BRIDLY         Elizabeth          277a   2  277b
BRIGHT         Alexander          279a  20  279b
BROWN          Alicy              288a  16  288b
BROWN          Betsey             280a  11  280b
BROWN          Daniel             325a  14  325b
BROWN          John               286a  23  286b
BROWN          William            303a  12  303b
BUCHUCK        Jeremiah           269a   9  269b
BUCK           John               293a  14  293b
BUCKLEY        John               320a   3  320b
BULAH          Gabriel            313a  11  313b
BULLACK        Thomas Broom       318a  17  318b
BURCHENAL      Thomas             271a  20  271b
BURCHENAL      William            272a   1  272b
BURGESS        John               295a  18  295b
BURGESS        William            295a  19  295b
BURNARD        Josephin K.        269a  18  269b
BUSH           Elizabeth          272a  18  272b
BUTLER         James              286a   6  286b
BUTLER         James              326a   1  326b
BUTLER         Moses              296a  19  296b
BYRN           Heneritta          287a  17  287b
The free display of the 1830 Caroline County, Maryland, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Karl L. Kirkman and the permission of S‑K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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