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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page,
and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.
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CADE           Elijah             296a  23  296b
CADE           Nancy              297a   8  297b
CAHALL         Elizabeth          293a  11  293b
CAHALL         Elvia              294a   3  294b
CAHALL         Francis            294a  13  294b
CAHALL         James              274a   6  274b
CAHALL         James              303a   2  303b
CAHALL         John               274a  12  274b
CAHALL         Margarett          272a  23  272b
CAHILL         Solomon R.         305a   5  305b
CAINE          Thomas W.          269a  25  269b
CALIHAN        George             300a  10  300b
CALLAWAY       Jacob              298a  15  298b
CANADA         David              302a  20  302b
CANADA         Peter              299a  13  299b
CANNON         Clement            296a  12  296b
CANNON         Henry              272a  16  272b
CANNON         Rebeca             272a  12  272b
CANNON         William E.         287a  12  287b
CANTWELL       Levicy             325a   8  325b
CARLIAL        Robert             303a  16  303b
CARLILE        James              275a  21  275b
CARLY          William            280a  13  280b
CARMEAUX       Thomas             320a  20  320b
CARMIAN        Elijah             285a  14  285b
CARNEY         William            279a  18  279b
CARPENTER      Edward             297a   2  297b
CARPENTER      James              285a   8  285b
CARPENTER      John Stevens       326a  18  326b
CARROLL        Dickerson          326a  12  326b
CARROLL        James              323a  24  323b
CARROLL        Joseph             324a  22  324b
CARROLL        Peter              318a   1  318b
CARTER         Anna Jane          293a   9  293b
CARTER         Edward             304a  16  304b
CARTER         James              304a   4  304b
CARTER         Tenir              273a  11  273b
CARTY          Sarah              272a   4  272b
CASPER         James              298a   9  298b
CASPER         Joshua             294a  25  294b
CASPER         Marchand           289a  14  289b
CASPER         Pompy              299a  19  299b
CASPER         Rebeccah           299a   7  299b
CAULK          John Sr.           316a  22  316b
CAULK          Joseph             316a  25  316b
CAULK          Thomas             312a   2  312b
CAUSEY         Jacob              310a  17  310b
CAUZEY         Charles            323a  17  323b
CEPHUS         Joseph             310a   8  310b
CHAFFINCH      Daniel             289a  18  289b
CHAFFINCH      Darcus             287a  23  287b
CHAFFINCH      Darcus             297a  24  297b
CHAFFINCH      Olisha             285a   9  285b
CHAFFINCH      Samuel             285a  10  285b
CHAMBERLAIN    Ann                313a   7  313b
CHAMBERS       Richard            301a  25  301b
CHAMBERS       Thomas             300a  12  300b
CHAMBERS       William            279a   2  279b
CHANCE         Ann                273a  13  273b
CHANCE         Atreile            309a  26  309b
CHANCE         Batchelor G.       280a   1  280b
CHANCE         Boon               279a  10  279b
CHANCE         Elijah             310a  27  310b
CHANCE         Noah               311a  27  311b
CHANCE         Peter              301a   7  301b
CHANCE         Tilghman           315a  12  315b
CHARLES        Cannon             318a  14  318b
CHARLES        Ewen               305a   3  305b
CHARLES        Jacob              311a  20  311b
CHARLES        Willis             290a  14  290b
CHASE          Abram              317a  13  317b
CHASE          Hannah             318a  26  318b
CHASE          Hannah             320a  16  320b
CHASE          James              322a   7  322b
CHASE          Samuel             315a  18  315b
CHASE          Samuel             322a   5  322b
CHEEZUM        Edward             321a  24  321b
CHEEZUM        Elizabeth          322a  21  322b
CHEEZUM        Levin              309a   7  309b
CHEEZUM        Thomas             312a  12  312b
CHEEZUM        Uriah              312a  20  312b
CHELLTON       Anna               304a  15  304b
CHRISTOPHER    William            324a   8  324b
CLAFH          Jonathan           322a  17  322b
CLARK          Aaron              314a  14  314b
CLARK          Charotianna        314a  16  314b
CLARK          John               326a   4  326b
CLARK          Richard            312a   4  312b
CLARKE         Edward             289a  11  289b
CLARKE         John               294a   6  294b
CLARKE         Joshua             297a   1  297b
CLEMENTS       John               280a  20  280b
CLIFT          Thomas             286a  24  286b
CLOUGH         John               280a   4  280b
CLOUGH         William            273a  28  273b
COATSCALL      Stephen            292a  24  292b
COEY           Henry              309a  14  309b
COKER          Mosses             280a   2  280b
COLLINS        Abraham            323a  15  323b
COLLINS        Ennals             321a  11  321b
COLLINS        George             321a  12  321b
COLLINS        Henry              321a   4  321b
COLLINS        James              291a   8  291b
COLLINS        Jerimiah           291a  24  291b
COLLINS        Jesse              321a  13  321b
COLLINS        Levin              323a   8  323b
COLLINS        Tilghman           321a  10  321b
COLLINS        William            323a  22  323b
COLLISON       Andrew             305a  17  305b
COLLISON       Edward             297a  19  297b
COLLISON       John               286a   2  286b
COLWELL        Cina               295a   2  295b
COMBELL        John               272a   5  272b
CONDON         Mary               314a  24  314b
CONEGYS        Cornalius          269a  19  269b
CONNADE        Thomas             278a  23  278b
CONNALLEY      Caleb              285a   6  285b
CONNALLEY      William            299a  12  299b
CONNEILL       Rebecca            277a   7  277b
CONNELLEY      Caleb              315a  21  315b
CONNELLEY      Eliza              326a  17  326b
CONNELLEY      James              309a  17  309b
CONNELLEY      Mitchel            325a   5  325b
CONNELLEY      Thomas             312a  18  312b
CONNER         Bennidick          291a   5  291b
CONNERS        Jonathan           287a  10  287b
COOK           Jacob              285a   5  285b
COOK           Rossanna           291a  16  291b
COOK           Susan              302a  22  302b
COOPER         Barzell            277a  28  277b
COOPER         Ezekiel            300a   5  300b
COOPER         John               270a  28  270b
COOPER         Mahala             295a  13  295b
COOPER         Robert             270a   1  270b
CORBETT        John               272a   2  272b
CORK           Peter              323a  16  323b
CORKRAN        Ezekiel            313a   9  313b
CORKRAN        John               271a  26  271b
CORKRAN        Lishanne           317a   2  317b
CORKRAN        Nathan             311a  22  311b
COTBRETH       Durden             276a  26  276b
COUNCILL       Mary               288a  22  288b
COUNTE         James              274a  22  274b
COURSEY        Henry              273a  22  273b
COURSEY        Margarett          272a   3  272b
COURSEY        Pricilla           273a  21  273b
COUWEG         Edward B.          276a   2  276b
COVEY          ANDREW             313a   6  313b
COVEY          Hutton             285a  18  285b
COVEY          Jacob              316a  19  316b
COVEY          James              316a  21  316b
COVEY          William            316a  20  316b
COX            Lefon Sr.          289a  12  289b
COX            Love               289a  13  289b
CRANOR         Solomon            303a  26  303b
CRAWFORD       Samuel             269a   3  269b
CREDICK        William P.         278a   3  278b
CREMEUX        Anderton           310a  16  310b
CRUMWELL       James              298a  20  298b
CUFF           Perry              303a  17  303b
CULLEN         John               280a   9  280b
CULLEY         Elias              302a  25  302b
CUTBRETH       Samuel             278a  16  278b
DANNING        Samuel P.          270a   2  270b
DARCUS         Sewell             274a  23  274b
DAVIS          Bayard             285a  19  285b
DAVIS          Caleb P.           311a  18  311b
DAVIS          James              271a   3  271b
DAVIS          James              322a  24  322b
DAVIS          Mathias P.         326a  10  326b
DAVIS          Tilghman           311a  21  311b
DAVIS          Washington         325a   1  325b
DAVIS          William            311a  19  311b
DAWSON         George             294a  22  294b
DAWSON         Nancy              285a  17  285b
DAWSON         Peter              293a  23  293b
DAWSON         Samuel             274a  25  274b
DEAN           Charles            313a  22  313b
DEAN           David              317a  18  317b
DEAN           Deborah            324a  10  324b
DEAN           Henry T.           313a  21  313b
DEAN           Jefferson          322a  26  322b
DEAN           Mary               277a  16  277b
DEAN           Solomon            289a  19  289b
DEANE          Michael            319a  24  319b
DELANEY        John               314a  23  314b
DELIHAY        Alice              293a  13  293b
DEMBY          Thomas             298a  26  298b
DEMSY          Charlotte          293a  16  293b
DENNIS         Joshua             299a  25  299b
DEROACHBROOM   Phillip            300a  22  300b
DEW            Enock              272a  17  272b
DIAZ           Noah               318a  13  318b
DICK           Bender             278a  27  278b
DICKINSON      Richard            299a  18  299b
DIGGINS        Thomas             279a  11  279b
DILL           Greenley           271a  15  271b
DILL           James              274a   4  274b
DILL           John               277a  25  277b
DILL           Warner             287a  25  287b
DILLEN         John               320a   1  320b
DIXON          David              297a  17  297b
DIXON          Stephen            295a  15  295b
DIXON          Susan              275a  14  275b
DIXSON         James              297a  16  297b
DODEL          William            273a   7  273b
DONE           Blanchy            272a   8  272b
DOONE          John               297a  25  297b
DOUGLASS       Joseph             318a   4  318b
DOWNS          Benjamin           271a   9  271b
DOWNS          Charles            320a  15  320b
DRAPER         Elisha             285a   1  285b
DRAPER         John               276a   8  276b
DRIGGINS       Toy                323a  18  323b
DRIGUS         Annah              295a  23  295b
DRIVER         Joseph             295a   9  295b
DRIVER         Matthew            304a   9  304b
DUBLIN         Jenney             288a  20  288b
DUDLEY         Daniel             301a  22  301b
DUKES          Isaac              321a  21  321b
DUKES          James              286a  11  286b
DUNNING        John               269a  28  269b
DUNNING        Samuel             303a   3  303b
DUROACHBROOM   Thomas             311a  11  311b
DYATT          Andrew             302a  16  302b
DYATT          Anna               298a  11  298b
DYATT          Jacob              301a   8  301b
DYATT          Thomas             287a  16  287b
DYE            James              302a  19  302b
DYER           John               296a  26  296b
DYER           Levin O.           291a  13  291b
EARLY          James              276a  14  276b
EATON          Anderton           324a  16  324b
EATON          Dennis             315a   7  315b
EATON          John               297a  26  297b
EATON          Levin              312a  24  312b
EATON          Rebecca            321a  19  321b
EDGELL         Elenore            312a  16  312b
EDGELL         James              318a  12  318b
EDGELL         Margaret           320a   6  320b
EDGELL         Thomas A.          312a   6  312b
EDGELL         Thomas Sr.         320a  12  320b
ELLIOTT        John               318a   2  318b
EMMERSON       Mary               288a  23  288b
EMMERSON       William            302a  10  302b
ENNALS         Charles            326a  15  326b
EVANS          Joshua             271a  25  271b
EVITTS         Elizabeth          293a   5  293b
EVITTS         Jonathan           290a   3  290b
EVITTS         Mary               285a  21  285b
EVUNGAMP       Joseph             309a  16  309b
EWING          Joseph             298a   5  298b
The free display of the 1830 Caroline County, Maryland, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Karl L. Kirkman and the permission of S‑K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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