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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page,
and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.
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FALKNER        James              315a  24  315b
FALKNER        Martin             315a  25  315b
FALKNER        Mary Ann           325a  19  325b
FARRING        Yadac              293a  15  293b
FAULKNER       Burton             280a   5  280b
FAULKNER       Jacob              277a   8  277b
FAULKNER       John               296a  24  296b
FAULKNER       William            276a   3  276b
FISHER         Adam               302a  26  302b
FISHER         Hanner             279a  23  279b
FISHER         Mary               310a  21  310b
FISHER         William            304a  11  304b
FLAMER         William            269a  20  269b
FLEHARTY       John               322a   8  322b
FLEHARTY       Margaret           322a  11  322b
FLEHARTY       Reubin             322a  23  322b
FLEHARTY       Richard            322a  22  322b
FLEHARTY       Richard            325a  26  325b
FLEHARTY       William            322a  10  322b
FORD           Hossey             322a  20  322b
FORRIS         William            278a  26  278b
FOUNTAIN       Andrew             305a   2  305b
FOUNTAIN       Isaac              311a  10  311b
FOUNTAIN       Juda               299a   6  299b
FOUNTAIN       Lucretia           296a   3  296b
FOUNTAIN       Marcey             300a   4  300b
FOUNTAIN       Matthew            294a  26  294b
FOUNTAIN       Nancy              285a   3  285b
FOUNTAIN       Nhemiah            287a   9  287b
FOUNTAIN       Nicholas           292a   1  292b
FOUNTAIN       Roger              292a  19  292b
FOUNTAIN       Sophia             287a  20  287b
FOUNTAIN       William            297a  18  297b
FOWLER         Clement            269a   6  269b
FRAMPTON       Charles            310a  12  310b
FRAMPTON       Mary               295a  12  295b
FRAMPTON       Mary               316a   3  316b
FRAMPTON       William            324a   1  324b
FREEMAN        John               273a  25  273b
FREEMAN        Samuel             275a  17  275b
FRIEND         Alifair            314a  26  314b
FRIEND         Dealla             314a  18  314b
FRIEND         Elizabeth          310a   9  310b
FRIEND         Gabriel            310a   3  310b
FRIEND         Isaac              310a   7  310b
FRIEND         James              310a  25  310b
GAMBRIEL       John Jr.           309a  27  309b
GARNER         Cela               304a   6  304b
GARNER         Charles            304a   7  304b
GARNER         Warner             275a  28  275b
GARRITTSON     James              293a  26  293b
GEENLEY        James              301a  19  301b
GELL           John               270a  26  270b
GIBSSON        Jacob N.           270a  22  270b
GIBSSON        William            279a  25  279b
GILL           John               287a   2  287b
GINN           Thomas             279a   5  279b
GLANDIN        Solomon            288a   3  288b
GLENDENING     Thomas             279a  15  279b
GODWIN         George N.          271a  24  271b
GODWIN         Seth               275a   8  275b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Maria              277a   4  277b
GOOTY          Thomas             286a  26  286b
GORDEN         Christopher        287a  14  287b
GORDEN         Silvy              301a   6  301b
GOWTY          Abel               315a   8  315b
GOWTY          Arnold             318a  22  318b
GOWTY          William E.         322a  15  322b
GRACE          Aaron              269a  14  269b
GRACE          Daniel             270a   9  270b
GRACE          David              269a  24  269b
GRACE          Stephen            279a  17  279b
GRAHAM         John               317a  15  317b
GRAY           Isaac              299a   8  299b
GRAY           Joseph             314a   6  314b
GRAY           Perry              313a  16  313b
GRAY           Thomas             321a   5  321b
GRAYHAN        Stephen            300a  26  300b
GREEN          Abram              314a   8  314b
GREEN          Christopher        273a  16  273b
GREEN          Jacob              274a  19  274b
GREEN          James              272a  20  272b
GREEN          Levi               310a   4  310b
GREEN          Rachel             277a  20  277b
GRENNAGE       John               305a   4  305b
GRIFFITH       Abraham            286a  13  286b
GRIFFITH       Alexander          285a  15  285b
GRIFFITH       ANDREW             319a   1  319b
GRIFFITH       Faddius            299a   5  299b
GRIFFITH       Noble              303a  18  303b
GRIFFITH       William            311a   8  311b
GROSS          James              297a   5  297b
GROSS          William            301a  11  301b
HACKETT        Isaac              313a  24  313b
HADDAWAY       James              270a  10  270b
HALL           Catharine          272a  19  272b
HAMBLETON      Jacob              272a   9  272b
HAMBLETON      William            299a  11  299b
HAMMOND        John               294a   1  294b
HANDS          James              287a  18  287b
HANDY          Trustin            310a   1  310b
HANES          Henry              290a  10  290b
HANSON         William            271a  27  271b
HARDCASTLE     Henry              317a  22  317b
HARDCASTLE     Robert             277a  10  277b
HARDCASTLE     William M.         279a  22  279b
HARDEN         Matthew            293a   4  293b
HARDESTY       Garretson          272a  27  272b
HARDESTY       John               271a  28  271b
HARDING        Robert             312a  13  312b
HARKE          Rachel             303a  15  303b
HARMON         Thomas             320a  24  320b
HARNCARTH      Edward B.          286a  21  286b
HARPER         John H.            269a  10  269b
HARPER         Samuel             269a   2  269b
HARPER         Shaderack          269a  26  269b
HARPER         Step               269a  23  269b
HARRINGTON     George W.          270a  20  270b
HARRINGTON     Lydia              279a   6  279b
HARRINGTON     William            275a  27  275b
HARRISS        Eli                320a  14  320b
HARRISS        Elisha             276a   5  276b
HARRISS        Henry              309a  18  309b
HARRISS        Isaac              292a   7  292b
HARRISS        James              314a   1  314b
HARRISS        James              323a   5  323b
HARRISS        John               289a  15  289b
HARRISS        John               291a  18  291b
HARRISS        Peter              325a  15  325b
HARRISS        Robert             311a   3  311b
HARRISS        Robert             311a   5  311b
HARRISS        WillIam            289a  16  289b
HARRISSON      Frederick          269a  11  269b
HARRISSON      Joseph             322a  27  322b
HART           James              278a   6  278b
HART           William            278a  14  278b
HARVEY         Henry              309a  25  309b
HARWORD        James              275a  25  275b
HARY           Woodman            324a  23  324b
HASKINS        Edward             322a   1  322b
HAWKINS        Peter              271a  18  271b
HAWLEY         James              270a  25  270b
HAWLEY         John               271a  22  271b
HAYS           James              297a   6  297b
HEITS          Perdue             301a  18  301b
HENRY          James              276a   1  276b
HENRY          Joshua             304a  14  304b
HENRY          William            311a  16  311b
HENSEY         William            287a  11  287b
HERINS         Robert             274a   5  274b
HERNDON        John               278a  22  278b
HERNDON        Samuel             278a  20  278b
HERNDON        Thomas             278a  21  278b
HERRING        William            293a  25  293b
HERSEY         Thompson           286a   7  286b
HETCHINS       Peter              293a  17  293b
HICKS          Amy                278a  18  278b
HICKS          Anna               297a  15  297b
HICKS          Charles            294a  14  294b
HICKS          Elizabeth          290a   6  290b
HICKS          Giles              290a   5  290b
HICKS          James              300a  19  300b
HICKS          John               299a  14  299b
HICKSON        George             287a   8  287b
HIGNUTT        Elijah             295a  10  295b
HIGNUTT        Emanuel            291a  17  291b
HIGNUTT        James              286a   9  286b
HILL           Sarah              309a   4  309b
HILL           Thomas             290a  13  290b
HINESLEY       Thomas             272a  13  272b
HINSON         Levin              277a   9  277b
HINSON         Sarah              269a  15  269b
HINSON         Sarah              280a   7  280b
HINTON         William            300a  11  300b
HITCH          Gacey              325a  22  325b
HITCH          Souren             326a   3  326b
HITCH          Spencer            269a   4  269b
HOBBS          Anna               288a  24  288b
HOBBS          Henry              296a   6  296b
HOBBS          John Jr.           309a  20  309b
HOBBS          John Jr.           316a   1  316b
HOBBS          Peter              292a   8  292b
HOLBROOK       Rachel             288a  26  288b
HOLDEN         Nancy              294a  19  294b
HOLLAND        James              290a  23  290b
HOLLAND        Wheatley           314a  27  314b
HOLLAND        William            297a  11  297b
HOLLIDAY       Richard            311a  26  311b
HOLLINGWORTH   Noble              280a   6  280b
HOLMES         Henry              305a  11  305b
HOLMES         Henry Sr.          301a  17  301b
HOMES          Ann                274a  24  274b
HOPKINS        John               269a  17  269b
HOPKINS        Thomas             303a   4  303b
HORSEY         Josiah             291a  19  291b
HOWARD         William            302a   7  302b
HUBBARD        Clement            311a  12  311b
HUBBARD        Daniel             313a  18  313b
HUBBARD        Ennals             310a  26  310b
HUBBARD        Isaac              313a  19  313b
HUBBARD        James              323a  26  323b
HUBBARD        Jesse              314a   7  314b
HUBBARD        Jesse (of Dale)    309a  10  309b
HUBBARD        Lemuel             311a  17  311b
HUBBARD        Michael            311a  13  311b
HUBBARD        Thomas             323a  27  323b
HUBBARD        Wright             311a  15  311b
HUBOARD        Newton             291a  22  291b
HUCHERSON      John               311a  24  311b
HUCHINS        Elizabeth          310a  15  310b
HUDSON         John               276a   4  276b
HUNTER         Nathan             276a  15  276b
HUNTER         Pollard            273a   6  273b
HUTCHINS       Samuel             305a  23  305b
HUTSON         Hooper D.          274a   3  274b
HUTSON         Richard            303a  10  303b
IMBEST         James E.           279a  28  279b
IRELAND        James              285a  26  285b
IRELAND        John               285a  24  285b
IRINEK         Picalaid           276a  11  276b
IRONS          Titus              278a   9  278b
The free display of the 1830 Caroline County, Maryland, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Karl L. Kirkman and the permission of S‑K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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