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This index was transcribed by Deborah Reynolds
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family         LEFT     RIGHT
Fagg          Elizabeth        129a   1  129b
Fagg          Joel             127a  18  127b
Fargas        Bennet           148a  17  148b
Fargas        William          147a  14  147b
Fargis        Benj'n           130a  30  130b
Faris         Thomas           169a  20  169b
Farmer        Mary             135a  29  135b
Farr          E.               165a  29  165b
Farr          Wm.              166a  12  166b
Farrier       Hugh             174a  23  174b
Ferguson      T.               155a  27  155b
Ferrell       Catharine        151a  29  151b
Fewell        William          139a   3  139b
Fields        Benton           156a  25  156b
Fields        C.               163a  25  163b
Fitzgerald    R.               149a  26  149b
Flax          James            147a  21  147b
Fleming       Wm.              161a  16  161b
Flinn         Susan            131a   5  131b
Floyd         Benjamin H.      172a  15  172b
Ford          Jno.             159a   3  159b
Ford          Samuel           170a  20  170b
Forest        Jno.             156a  26  156b
Foy           Rich'd           136a  27  136b
Frazer        Elijah           175a  29  175b
French        Ja's             156a  23  156b
French        Jer. Jr.         157a   6  157b
French        Jer. Sen.        157a   4  157b
French        John             157a   5  157b
Fritz         Godfrey          125a  13  125b
Fry           Jno.             125a  11  125b
Fuller        H.C.             128a  16  128b
Fuqua         H.D.             159a  21  159b
Fuqua         Robt.            141a  25  141b
Fuqua         W.E.             159a  10  159b
Gains         G.W.             134a  10  134b
Galloway      Cha's            159a   6  159b
Galloway      Raley            169a  30  169b
Galloway      Susan            159a   8  159b
Galloway      T.S.             152a  29  152b
Gann          Jno              126a   5  126b
Garnes        Henry            148a  20  148b
Garnet        David            157a  18  157b
Garr          Saml, Sr         170a  30  170b
Garret        G.W.             144a  20  144b
Garrett       Garrett B.       174a  27  174b
Garrett       James            169a  26  169b
Garrett       Thomas           175a   1  175b
Gates         Sarah            179a  28  179b
Gavin         Sam'l            166a   5  166b
Gentry        W.B.             160a  14  160b
Gerrin        David            132a  29  132b
Gibb          Henry            151a  13  151b
Gibbs         Jno.             157a  22  157b
Gibson        A.F.             162a  24  162b
Gibson        B.               165a  18  165b
Gibson        C.               166a  10  166b
Gibson        J.H.             165a  20  165b
Gibson        Melinda          177a  30  177b
Gibson        P.               165a  19  165b
Gibson        Stephen          165a  16  165b
Gilliam       H.               155a  12  155b
Gilliam       W.J.             155a  11  155b
Glenn         Ja's             164a  29  164b
Godsey        Edward           173a  11  173b
Godsey        Gideon R.        173a  12  173b
Godsey        Henry            159a  17  159b
Godsey        J.               164a  28  164b
Godsey        T.H.             160a  11  160b
Godsey        W.F.             130a   9  130b
Going         A.               165a  21  165b
Going         A.               166a  17  166b
Going         G.               165a  27  165b
Going         J.               165a  23  165b
Going         M.               165a  22  165b
Going         N.               165a  28  165b
Going         S.               165a  24  165b
Goodwin       G.W.             149a  12  149b
Gordon        Mary             150a  31  150b
Gouldsby      Fleming          139a   2  139b
Gowing        Henry            135a  28  135b
Grady         Robt.            138a  10  138b
Grady         Samuel           173a  24  173b
Grady         W.P.             136a  25  136b
Grady         Wm.              129a  20  129b
Green         Lydia            179a  29  179b
Green         Truman           152a   7  152b
Greenwood     Wm.              156a  18  156b
Greer         Benj'n           152a   4  152b
Greer         John             152a   2  152b
Greer         Pleasant         152a   5  152b
Greer         William          152a  11  152b
Griffin       Anderson         129a  10  129b
Griffin       Jno.             136a  12  136b
Griffin       Wm.              161a   8  161b
Griffith      A.               146a  25  146b
Griffith      J.D.             149a   1  149b
Griffith      Lucy             143a  23  143b
Griffith      Mary             149a   2  149b
Grogan        Jno.             159a   4  159b
Grogan        Tho's            164a  15  164b
Groghan       Burrel           178a  22  178b
Groghan       Elisha           178a  21  178b
Groghan       Francis          176a   9  176b
Groghan       John             179a   6  179b
Groghan       John P.          175a  26  175b
Groghan       Robert           179a   7  179b
Groghan       Thomas           179a   5  179b
Groghan       William          174a  28  174b
Groghgan      Bartley          177a  26  177b
Grohgan       Johenon          174a  19  174b
Grohgan       Samuel           174a  21  174b
Grohgan       Thomas           174a  20  174b
Gronn         Carter           145a  27  145b
Groom         Sam'l            144a  11  144b
Guerant       D.E.             157a   1  157b
Guinn         Tho's            158a  14  158b
Gunn          John             154a   1  154b
Gunter        Harbers          177a  25  177b
Gwynn         R.               148a  27  148b
Haddock       Bedford          134a  24  134b
Hagey         William          169a   3  169b
Hagin         John             162a  27  162b
Haines        Peter            132a  27  132b
Hall          C.               163a  27  163b
Hall          Jas.             125a  30  125b
Hall          L.               154a  24  154b
Hall          Robt.            125a  25  125b
Hall          Wm.              154a   8  154b
Halloway      Ja's             156a  20  156b
Hamblin       Jno.             158a  27  158b
Hamblin       Thomas           170a   5  170b
Hamblin       Tho's            159a   2  159b
Hammons       Elizabeth        179a  16  179b
Hand          J.M.             151a  25  151b
Hand          Samuel           139a   6  139b
Hand          Ulysis           126a   6  126b
Harden        Benj'n           153a  19  153b
Hardy         S.               162a   5  162b
Harris        C.W.             126a  10  126b
Harris        Claiborne        148a  25  148b
Harris        E.R.             150a   7  150b
Harris        Franklin         173a  17  173b
Harris        Henry            154a   7  154b
Harris        J.W.             127a   7  127b
Harris        James            170a  12  170b
Harris        Ja's             141a  14  141b
Harris        Ja's             166a  11  166b
Harris        Jesse            179a  13  179b
Harris        Jno.             142a  15  142b
Harris        Jno.             148a  30  148b
Harris        Louisa           179a   4  179b
Harris        Martin           149a  18  149b
Harrison      Henry            161a   4  161b
Harrison      James            173a  13  173b
Harvey        Benj'n           153a  16  153b
Hasting       Mary             137a  15  137b
Hay           P.Y.             166a   7  166b
Haywood       W.               163a   3  163b
Hazlip        C.               154a  12  154b
Heartgron     Polly            176a  16  176b
Heath         Wm.              125a   2  125b
Hemmings      John             176a  21  176b
Hemmings      William          176a  23  176b
Henderson     Richard          132a   3  132b
Henderson     Tho's            153a  12  153b
Henderson     Wilson           129a   5  129b
Henley        Nathaniel        174a  12  174b
Henry         S.               128a  26  128b
Hill          John             176a  11  176b
Hilow         W.P.             156a  31  156b
Hirod         Margaret         133a   8  133b
Hobbs         Isaac            154a  25  154b
Hobson        G.W.             155a  23  155b
Hobson        S.A.             155a  24  155b
Hodgin        Rebecca          171a   2  171b
Holderby      G.H.             153a  21  153b
Holderby      J.D.             153a  24  153b
Holderly      J.               138a  25  138b
Holman        Y.               164a  17  164b
Holt          Edward           176a   7  176b
Holt          Elizabeth        134a  21  134b
Holt          James            176a   1  176b
Holt          Ja's             162a   6  162b
Holt          Jno.             142a  29  142b
Holt          Tho's            126a  22  126b
Holt          Wm.              134a  19  134b
Hooper        Ja's             151a  16  151b
Hopkins       A.P.             132a  30  132b
Hopkins       J.E.             133a   3  133b
Hopkins       Tho's            131a  22  131b
Hopkins       Wm.              131a  23  131b
Hopper        Green            179a  20  179b
Hopper        J.A.             164a   1  164b
Hopper        Jeremiah         171a  12  171b
Hopper        Jesse            179a   9  179b
Hopper        Martin           179a  24  179b
Hopper        Mary             179a  10  179b
Hopper        Teril            171a   6  171b
Hopper        Thomas           174a   1  174b
Horseford     Sarah            156a  14  156b
Hudson        Dan'l            141a   7  141b
Hudson        Elizabeth        157a  19  157b
Hudson        J.               127a  30  127b
Hudson        Jno.             137a   8  137b
Hudson        Joel             137a   4  137b
Hudson        W.               139a  17  139b
Huffins       Rose             147a   4  147b
Huffins       S.               147a  30  147b
Huffins?      Jno.             148a   1  148b
Hughes        Jno.             145a  22  145b
Hulgan        H.?              147a   6  147b
Hulgan        Rose             140a   4  140b
Humphreys     Henry            146a  28  146b
Humphreys     J.H.             149a   6  149b
Hunter        Rachel           142a  19  142b
Hurban        Wm.              142a  17  142b
Hutchinson    Wm.              165a  11  165b
Hutchison     W.               147a  15  147b
Irions        Joseph           141a   9  141b
Irions        Martha           161a  27  161b
Irvine        Ja's             139a  20  139b
Irvine        Wm.              139a  21  139b
Irvings       James            176a   5  176b
Jackson       Jno. Jr.         163a  20  163b
Jackson       John             161a  18  161b
Jackson       Joseph           130a  17  130b
Jackson       L.               161a  22  161b
Jackson       Osborne          161a  23  161b
Jackson       William          161a  19  161b
James         A.J.             164a  21  164b
James         Jeremiah         128a  12  128b
Jarrell       Fountaine        153a   2  153b
Jarrell       G. Senr.         164a   3  164b
Jarrell       Garland Jr.      153a   6  153b
Jarrell       Zachariah        152a  23  152b
Jarret        Ja's D           157a  23  157b
Jarvis        Jno.             126a   9  126b
Jeffreys      R.               158a   2  158b
Jiles         Thomas           173a  20  173b
Johns         J.D.             137a   5  137b
Johns         John             154a  14  154b
Johns         Thomas           132a  19  132b
Johns         Tho's            138a   1  138b
Johnson       Edmond M.        171a  10  171b
Johnson       Henry            127a  28  127b
Johnson       Ja's             147a  26  147b
Johnson       Jesse            131a  11  131b
Johnson       R.               164a  12  164b
Johnson       R.B.             127a   8  127b
Johnson       Richard          170a  23  170b
Jones         Anthony B.       170a  19  170b
Jones         Bird             178a  24  178b
Jones         C.W.             132a   1  132b
Jones         Darcus           178a   6  178b
Jones         Elijah           148a   2  148b
Jones         Erasmus          170a  21  170b
Jones         Hezekiah         172a  12  172b
Jones         Hiram            149a  27  149b
Jones         Horatio          147a   8  147b
Jones         Isaac            136a  15  136b
Jones         Isaac            148a   3  148b
Jones         J.               149a  29  149b
Jones         J.A.             162a  10  162b
Jones         Jeremiah         169a  28  169b
Jones         Jno.             140a  25  140b
Jones         Jno.             143a  26  143b
Jones         Johanah          174a  15  174b
Jones         John W.          175a  30  175b
Jones         Jonathan         178a   7  178b
Jones         M.               163a  19  163b
Jones         M.               166a  13  166b
Jones         Martha           163a  13  163b
Jones         Pendleton        162a  25  162b
Jones         R.M.             136a  21  136b
Jones         Robt.            147a  13  147b
Jones         Rosanna          143a  25  143b
Jones         Sarah            147a   2  147b
Jones         Susan            132a  11  132b
Jones         Tabitha          138a   5  138b
Jones         Tho's            156a  29  156b
Jones         V.               148a   8  148b
Jones         W.M.             163a   2  163b
Jones         Walker           160a   7  160b
Jones         Willie           149a  28  149b
Jones         Wm.              127a   9  127b
Jordan        Daniel           172a  30  172b
Joyce         Ab's             138a  26  138b
Joyce         Andrew Sen.      136a   5  136b
Joyce         Dillon           176a  18  176b
Joyce         Felix P.         176a  14  176b
Joyce         J.A.             163a  22  163b
Joyce         James            174a  25  174b
Joyce         Ja's P.          135a  14  135b
Joyce         Jno.             126a  11  126b
Joyce         Jno. Sen.        136a   9  136b
Joyce         John             135a   5  135b
Joyce         John             176a  17  176b
Joyce         Noah             175a  10  175b
Joyce         Sam'l            165a   6  165b
Joyce         Tho's Sen.       136a  10  136b
Joyce         W.A.             131a  14  131b
Jumper        S.               163a  26  163b
Justice       Benj'n           144a   9  144b
Justice       Judson           132a   6  132b
Kellam        Spencer          172a  16  172b
Kellum        David            177a   4  177b
Kellum        John             177a   7  177b
Kellum        John             177a  18  177b
Kellum        Spencer          177a   5  177b
Kellum        Spencer          177a   6  177b
Kellum        William          177a   8  177b
Kemp          Green            155a  29  155b
Kemp          Jno.             156a  21  156b
Kennedy       Ab's             143a  16  143b
Kennedy       Jno.             143a  14  143b
Kennedy       Wm.              143a  19  143b
Kerns         Elizabeth        142a  24  142b
Kerns         Zilpha           142a  25  142b
Kerr          Jno.             141a  21  141b
Key           Hiram            130a  25  130b
Key           Peyton           151a  11  151b
Killinsworth  N.               131a  17  131b
King          Eley             130a  19  130b
King          H.               129a  16  129b
King          H.B.             128a  19  128b
King          Henry            137a  26  137b
King          Jno.             137a  25  137b
King          M.D.             137a  27  137b
King          Tabitha          171a   8  171b
King          Wm.              137a   7  137b
King          Wm.              150a  16  150b
King          Wm.              154a  20  154b
King          Wm.              164a   6  164b
Kingsberry    J.B.             162a  18  162b
Knight        J.A.             160a  23  160b
Knight        J.C.             128a   6  128b
Knight        Ja's             161a  29  161b
Knight        Sampson          159a  16  159b
Knight        Tho's            128a  10  128b
Knight        Tho's            163a  21  163b
Knight        William          173a  14  173b
Ladyman       Elenor           133a  14  133b
Lain          Joseph           171a   7  171b
Lambert       Mary             144a   6  144b
Lambert       Redith           144a   2  144b
Land          Zachariah        170a  29  170b
Landers       James            160a   2  160b
Landing       John             135a  22  135b
Lane          Richard          132a  21  132b
Langley       T.A.             148a  12  148b
Lanier        James            129a  11  129b
Lann          N.               158a  25  158b
Lawson        Francis          170a   8  170b
Lawson        John             170a   7  170b
Lawson        R.W.             127a  11  127b
Lea           James            155a  26  155b
Lea           William          155a  25  155b
Leathers      Travis           143a   4  143b
Legrand       Madison          131a  27  131b
Leiseiur      John             172a  25  172b
Lemmons       Alexander        173a  23  173b
Lemmons       James            174a   4  174b
Lemmons       Samuel           178a   5  178b
Lemmons       Thomas           171a  17  171b
Lemmons       Thomas           172a   9  172b
Lemmons       William          173a  22  173b
Lemmons?      George W.        174a  26  174b
Lemons        Mary             150a  15  150b
Lewellen      James            171a  25  171b
Lewellen      Jno.             159a  27  159b
Lewellen      Thomas           171a  26  171b
Lewis         Andrew           134a  17  134b
Lewis         Jane             169a  23  169b
Lewis         John             169a  22  169b
Lewis         John A.          179a  23  179b
Lewis         Milton           171a  20  171b
Lewis         Rebecca          169a  24  169b
Lewis         Sarah            160a   4  160b
Lewis         Theopholus       172a  26  172b
Lewis         William          172a   5  172b
Lewis         Wm.              154a   4  154b
Libass        Cha's            125a  23  125b
Lile          Fountain         176a  15  176b
Lillard       J.W.             157a   2  157b
Linch         Aaron            174a  14  174b
Linder        Sarah            163a  23  163b
Lindsay       John             153a  30  153b
Lindsey       Mary             173a  29  173b
Lingo         Rives            142a  22  142b
Long          Jno.             156a  10  156b
Loudensliger  Frederick        169a  19  169b
Lovelace      Nelly            149a  17  149b
Lovelace      W.               151a  20  151b
Loving        James            140a  29  140b
Loving        Jas              129a  26  129b
Loving        William          135a  12  135b
Lowe          Byrd             130a   3  130b
Lowe          W.H.             130a   8  130b
Luallin       Samuel           169a  13  169b
Luck          J.G.             158a  12  158b
Luits         Johnathon        130a  14  130b
Luster        J.R.             158a  18  158b
Lybass        Elizabeth        169a  11  169b
Lybass        Octavey          169a  16  169b
Lyman         Bayless          146a  18  146b
Lynch         Dinah            132a  25  132b
Lynch         Elijah           153a   3  153b
Lynch         Hugh             132a  22  132b
Lynch         Jane             132a  24  132b
Lynch         Jane             132a  26  132b
Lyndsay       Charity          163a  17  163b
Lyndsey       J.M.             126a  27  126b
Lynn          Alex'r           149a  11  149b
Lynn          Elizabeth        149a  15  149b
Lyon          Joel             158a  20  158b
Lyon          S.B.             158a  13  158b
Lytle         Thomas           146a  30  146b
This index was transcribed by Deborah Reynolds
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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