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This index was transcribed by Deborah Reynolds
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family         LEFT     RIGHT
Sams          John             178a   3  178b
Sanders       Mary             170a  10  170b
Sarten        J.               144a  27  144b
Satterfield   Kinchin          160a   1  160b
Saunders      Alfred           152a  17  152b
Saunders      Elizabeth        138a   2  138b
Saunders      H.J.             144a  16  144b
Saunders      Isaac            149a  30  149b
Saunders      James            164a   5  164b
Saunders      L.D.             152a  16  152b
Saunders      Reason           138a  16  138b
Saunders      Robt             146a  26  146b
Saunders      Wm.              143a  20  143b
Saunders      Wm.              149a   9  149b
Scales        Alfred           173a   2  173b
Scales        J.               126a  14  126b
Scales        James M.         172a  23  172b
Scales        Ja's             136a   8  136b
Scales        Peter            125a   3  125b
Scales        Peter            135a   3  135b
Scales        R.D.             162a   1  162b
Scales        R.H.             145a  21  145b
Scales        Richard          169a   8  169b
Scales        W.S.             135a   2  135b
Scarlet       William          170a  22  170b
Scott         David            129a  22  129b
Scruggs       E.               153a   7  153b
Searcey       Tho's            139a   8  139b
Searcy        W.C.             126a  23  126b
Setliff       A.               154a   3  154b
Settle        Josiah           145a  16  145b
Settle        Rhoda            150a  25  150b
Settle        Tho's            136a  14  136b
Sexton        Tho's            144a  22  144b
Shackleford   Garland          172a  24  172b
Shackleford   John             156a  19  156b
Sharp         Adam             159a  11  159b
Sharp         Anderson         126a  28  126b
Sharp         Archibald        126a   4  126b
Sharp         H.               160a  29  160b
Sharp         James            174a  24  174b
Sharp         Rich'd           135a   8  135b
Sharp         Samuel           159a  12  159b
Sharp         T.S.             130a  28  130b
Sharp         Tho's T.         127a  25  127b
Shaw          William          172a   1  172b
Shelton       Charles          135a  15  135b
Shelton       Frances          144a  28  144b
Shelton       W.N.             161a  30  161b
Shopsher      Henry            175a  14  175b
Shopsher      James            175a   5  175b
Shopsher      Mary             175a  13  175b
Shree         David            172a  27  172b
Shreeve       John             152a  20  152b
Shreeve       Robt.            154a   2  154b
Shropsher     James            177a  11  177b
Shrum         Tho's            140a  13  140b
Silas         Elisha           160a  28  160b
Sillard       Alice            158a   7  158b
Simes         Amy              169a  27  169b
Simes         James            172a   4  172b
Simes         Jesse            169a  25  169b
Simmons       Andrew           140a  20  140b
Simmons       Elizabeth        129a   3  129b
Simmons       Elizabeth        131a  12  131b
Simmons       J.G.             130a  27  130b
Simmons       Jo's.            129a  15  129b
Simmons       Milton           129a   4  129b
Simmons       Nancy            139a  10  139b
Simmons       Nelson           144a  19  144b
Simmons       Pet              127a  24  127b
Simmons       Robt.            137a  22  137b
Simpson       Absolam          128a   3  128b
Simpson       Geo.             144a  17  144b
Simpson       J.T.             128a   8  128b
Simpson       Oliver           150a  27  150b
Simpson       Robt.            128a   4  128b
Simpson       Wm, Sen.         127a  20  127b
Simpson       Wm.              164a  20  164b
Simpson       Wm. Jr.          127a  23  127b
Sims          Jno.             159a   9  159b
Sims          Nancy            164a   9  164b
Slade         Wm.              143a   9  143b
Slayton       Tho's            156a  11  156b
Small         Ann              137a  21  137b
Small         Elenor           137a  29  137b
Small         J.D.             137a  28  137b
Small         Mary             139a  27  139b
Small         Tho's            137a  30  137b
Small         Wm.              139a  24  139b
Smith         C.R.             137a   2  137b
Smith         Clemment         155a   1  155b
Smith         Daniel           176a  29  176b
Smith         Drury            176a  30  176b
Smith         E.H.             162a  16  162b
Smith         Elizabeth        170a  27  170b
Smith         Elizabeth        177a   3  177b
Smith         Francis          175a  28  175b
Smith         J.W.             159a  20  159b
Smith         Jno              143a   7  143b
Smith         John             176a  10  176b
Smith         Jo's             133a  30  133b
Smith         Joseph           176a  26  176b
Smith         Joshua           169a   9  169b
Smith         Martha           154a  22  154b
Smith         Milaford         179a   2  179b
Smith         Nancy            148a  19  148b
Smith         Pleasant         169a   5  169b
Smith         Richard          175a  27  175b
Smith         Rich'd           164a  22  164b
Smith         S.               150a  23  150b
Smith         S.S.B.           134a  29  134b
Smith         Samuel           135a  30  135b
Smith         Stark            148a  21  148b
Smith         Terry            176a  28  176b
Smith         Thomas           169a   6  169b
Smith         Thomas           176a  27  176b
Smith         Thomas           177a  14  177b
Smith         W.G.             150a  22  150b
Smith         Wm.              138a  12  138b
Smith         Wm.              150a  17  150b
Smithy        S.               143a  11  143b
Smithy        Sam'l            144a  12  144b
Smothers      Mary             137a  18  137b
Smothers      T.R.             129a  21  129b
Sneed         Ric'd            135a  21  135b
Sneed         Thomas H.        174a   3  174b
Solomon       J.               140a  22  140b
Solomon       Thomas           169a  10  169b
Solomon       Tho's            131a  25  131b
Southard      Henry            137a  10  137b
Southard      Tho's            137a  17  137b
Southern      L.T.             159a  25  159b
Spencer       Samuel F.        135a  27  135b
Stalion       J.               140a   7  140b
Stallion      Jacob            147a  29  147b
Stallions     Jno.             130a  26  130b
Stanley       Susan            146a   5  146b
Stapleton     Cynthia          141a   3  141b
Starbrough    Jno              141a  30  141b
Stegall       H.               160a   6  160b
Stephens      A.               138a  20  138b
Stephens      Gardner          125a   7  125b
Stewart       Geo.             139a  18  139b
Stewart       Samuel           141a   6  141b
Stewart       Wm.              138a   7  138b
Stone         A.B.             146a  22  146b
Stone         Dudley           128a   5  128b
Stone         Frederick        154a   5  154b
Stone         Lewis            161a   7  161b
Stone         Mary             164a  25  164b
Stone         Willy            162a  28  162b
Stone?        Dan'l            164a   4  164b
Strange       W.F.             162a   3  162b
Stratton      Henry            157a   8  157b
Stratton      William          147a  22  147b
Strong        Elizabeth        153a  15  153b
Strong        Robert           173a  30  173b
Strong        Ruth             174a   2  174b
Strong        Samuel           129a  30  129b
Stubblefield  Francis          157a   7  157b
Stubblefield  G.W.             149a  23  149b
Stubblefield  R.C.             157a  10  157b
Stubblefield  Rich'd           155a  18  155b
Stubblefield  T.               157a   9  157b
Stubblefield  W.S.             157a  11  157b
Stumps        Milton           162a   2  162b
Sullivan      J.M.             158a  26  158b
Swit          Wm.              163a   7  163b
Talley        Allen            173a  21  173b
Tapscot       Sam'l            143a   5  143b
Tate          Alexander        176a   2  176b
Taylor        Daniel           154a  15  154b
Taylor        J.B.             127a  21  127b
Taylor        John             151a   8  151b
Taylor        R.F.             127a  29  127b
Taylor        Wm.              134a   4  134b
Terry         E.               143a   8  143b
Thacker       Abner            145a  28  145b
Thacker       Charles          146a  15  146b
Thacker       Cha's            145a  29  145b
Thacker       John             177a  27  177b
Thacker       Larkin           146a   3  146b
Thacker       Tavander         175a  16  175b
Thacker       Wm.              145a  25  145b
Thomas        Dempsey          145a   3  145b
Thomas        G.F.             144a   8  144b
Thomas        Henry            134a  26  134b
Thomas        James            170a   1  170b
Thomas        Jane             174a   6  174b
Thomas        R.               139a  25  139b
Thomas        Samuel           179a  30  179b
Thomas        William O.       172a  20  172b
Thomas        Winney           137a  14  137b
Thompson      Elijah           171a  16  171b
Thompson      Geo.             155a   5  155b
Thompson      Margaret         171a  18  171b
Thompson      Miles            155a   4  155b
Thompson      Samuel           132a  17  132b
Thompson      Tho's            134a  30  134b
Thopson       Alexander        179a  18  179b
Tilloth       Cha's            146a  27  146b
Tillottson    Rebecca          153a  23  153b
Trent         Glover M.        178a   1  178b
Tucker        Elizabeth        141a   2  141b
Tucker        J.W.             151a  26  151b
Tucker        Ja's M.          135a  20  135b
Tucker        P.G.             154a  18  154b
Tucker        William          135a  25  135b
Tullock       Tho's            151a   7  151b
Turner        Tircy            135a  26  135b
Twitchell     J.A.             163a  14  163b
Tyler         Jno.             157a  14  157b
Tyrol         S.               142a  26  142b
Underwood     C.               134a   7  134b
Underwood     Geo.             134a   6  134b
Vaden         F.               136a   7  136b
Vaden         W.S.             125a  22  125b
Vanhook       A.H.             131a  10  131b
Vaughn        Frances          137a  13  137b
Vaughn        Joseph           135a  17  135b
Vaughn        M.               160a  18  160b
Vaughn        S.W.             127a  19  127b
Vaughn        T.C.             160a  19  160b
Vernon        Ewell            177a  20  177b
Vernon        Gilbert          125a  26  125b
Vernon        Isaac            165a   2  165b
Vernon        J.D.             127a   2  127b
Vernon        James            179a  21  179b
Vernon        John             179a  22  179b
Vernon        Lemmy            176a  19  176b
Vernon        Nath'l           165a   1  165b
Vernon        Richard          171a  23  171b
Vernon        William          135a   1  135b
Vincent       Jno.             142a  30  142b
Wade          Hampton          171a   9  171b
Wade          Jno.             130a   2  130b
Walker        Abram            144a  21  144b
Walker        Ann              140a   8  140b
Walker        Azariah          146a  11  146b
Walker        Dan'l            142a  16  142b
Walker        Dianah           159a   5  159b
Walker        Garret           144a  30  144b
Walker        Henderson        163a  12  163b
Walker        Ja's             144a  25  144b
Walker        Jno.             143a   1  143b
Walker        Robert           132a  20  132b
Walker        Rob't            127a   6  127b
Walker        S.H.             147a  18  147b
Walker        W.E.             144a  29  144b
Wall          Alex             130a   6  130b
Wall          Dan'l            128a   2  128b
Wall          Dan'l            153a   8  153b
Wall          Dan'l            158a  15  158b
Wall          G.W.             158a  17  158b
Wall          Henry            157a  16  157b
Wall          J.S.             136a   3  136b
Wall          Ja's             136a   2  136b
Wall          Jno. Senr.       164a   8  164b
Wall          Jns.             130a  12  130b
Wall          Reubin           144a   7  144b
Wall          Robt.            125a  10  125b
Wall          S.               158a  16  158b
Wall          W.F.             134a  18  134b
Wall          Z.               126a  26  126b
Ward          Charles L.       170a  18  170b
Ward          E.               164a   2  164b
Ward          G.W.             149a   5  149b
Wardlow       Wm.              150a   3  150b
Wariner       T.W.             151a   4  151b
Warren        George           132a   8  132b
Washburn      Elizabeth        149a  19  149b
Washburn      Joseph           132a  23  132b
Waters        Loyd             158a   5  158b
Waters        Reason           136a  16  136b
Watkins       Abner            155a   2  155b
Watkins       Geo.             162a  30  162b
Watkins       Hiram            162a  23  162b
Watkins       J.C.             162a  29  162b
Watkins       J.G.             157a  31  157b
Watkins       James            163a  24  163b
Watkins       N.               141a  16  141b
Watson        E.               135a  19  135b
Watson        Frederick        131a   6  131b
Watson        Joseph           132a  13  132b
Watt          J.N.             149a   7  149b
Watt          James            155a  15  155b
Watt          Jane             143a  28  143b
Wayborn       Hannah           152a  18  152b
Webb          Geo.             133a  17  133b
Webb          Wm.              133a  15  133b
Webster       Abner            158a  23  158b
Webster       B.F.             125a  28  125b
Webster       Ja's             162a  15  162b
Webster       Maggy            125a   9  125b
Webster       Richard          125a   5  125b
Webster       Wm.              147a   9  147b
Wells         Geo.             154a   6  154b
Wells         T.W.             162a  11  162b
Wesson        Alex'r           153a  10  153b
Wesson        Benj'n           153a  11  153b
Wharton       Jesse            133a  11  133b
Wheeler       E.               148a  15  148b
Wheeler       T.B.             148a  16  148b
Whitsell      A.M.             128a  29  128b
Whitsell      Ja's             128a  25  128b
Whittlemore   Clemant          139a   1  139b
Whittlemore   Susan            142a  13  142b
Whitworth     Ja's             126a  20  126b
Whitworth     Wm.              159a  23  159b
Wiles         Rich'd           140a   2  140b
Wiley         Luke             140a   3  140b
William       Z.               164a  27  164b
Williams      Augustine        142a   8  142b
Williams      E.C.             161a  25  161b
Williams      Hubbard          145a   6  145b
Williams      J.C.             138a   4  138b
Williams      J.W.             145a   8  145b
Williams      J.W.             164a   7  164b
Williams      Ja's             152a  30  152b
Williams      Mary             145a   7  145b
Williams      R.T.             129a  28  129b
Williams      Rhoda            159a  15  159b
Williams      Sam'l            129a  24  129b
Williams      W.N.             131a  30  131b
Williams      W.W.             159a  14  159b
Williams      William          130a   1  130b
Williams      Wm.              133a   4  133b
Williams      Wm.              164a  23  164b
Williamson    Jno.             134a  11  134b
Williamson    R.P.             149a  25  149b
Willis        Hugh             170a   2  170b
Wilson        C.               156a   2  156b
Wilson        E.               162a   8  162b
Wilson        Eliza            145a  15  145b
Wilson        G.               155a  30  155b
Wilson        Isaac            160a  21  160b
Wilson        Ja's             149a  21  149b
Wilson        John             173a  26  173b
Wilson        Mary             150a  14  150b
Wilson        Nath'l           145a  24  145b
Wilson        Rebecca          143a  27  143b
Wilson        T.W.             161a  21  161b
Winchester    C.               128a  23  128b
Winchester    W.               128a  24  128b
Windsor       A.               143a  30  143b
Windsor       Jno.             144a   4  144b
Windsor       Wm.              146a  16  146b
Winn          Coleman          132a   2  132b
Winston       E.               163a  28  163b
Wisdom        T.G.             141a  10  141b
Wisdom        W.C.             151a  30  151b
Witty         Cummings         130a   5  130b
Witty         Elijah           127a  27  127b
Wommack       Jesse            144a  23  144b
Wood          Jno.             158a  24  158b
Wood          W.W.             162a  22  162b
Woodburn      E.M.             129a  14  129b
Woodson       Alexander        173a   1  173b
Woodson       Benj'n           125a  18  125b
Wray          Alex'r           147a  28  147b
Wray          Robt.            140a  11  140b
Wright        D.L.             133a   5  133b
Wright        E.W.             130a  15  130b
Wright        Edward           149a  22  149b
Wright        Elizabeth        148a  22  148b
Wright        Elizabeth        163a   8  163b
Wright        Ja's             138a  17  138b
Wright        Nancy            169a  17  169b
Wright        Nathan           147a  10  147b
Wright        Wm.E.            163a  16  163b
Yoos          W.S.             129a  29  129b
York          J.H.             161a  12  161b
York          Ja's H.          161a  13  161b
York          Wm.              161a  11  161b
Young         James            133a  10  133b
Young         Jno.             148a  28  148b
Young         Jo's.            148a   4  148b
Young         Mathias          130a   4  130b
Young         Robt.            148a  23  148b
Younts        David            170a  28  170b
This index was transcribed by Deborah Reynolds
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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