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Care          John C             13     Virginia        109b---8
Care          Margaret E         9      Virginia        109b--10
Care          Mark M             6      West Va         109b--11
Care          Mary F             3      West Va         109b--12
Care          Patric             34     Ireland         109b---6
Care          Patric A           10/12  West Va         109b--13
Care          Robert M           11     Virginia        109b---9
Care          Sarah R            32     Virginia        109b---7
Carpenter     Agnes J            23     Virginia        115a---2
Carpenter     Alfred             4      West Va         114a--19
Carpenter     Almarinda M        14     Virginia        114b--28
Carpenter     Cain               17     Virginia        114a--24
Carpenter     Carilla            1      Virginia        118a--32
Carpenter     Columbia E         3      Virginia        118a--31
Carpenter     Elem               12     Virginia        114b--29
Carpenter     Ellis              16     Virginia        114a--13
Carpenter     Enos W             10     Virginia        114b--30
Carpenter     Francenia          1      West Va         114a--10
Carpenter     Francenia E        3      West Va         114b--33
Carpenter     Hanson             29     Virginia        118a--27
Carpenter     Jacob              48     Virginia        114b--22
Carpenter     James A            36     Virginia        114a--11
Carpenter     Jemima A           5      West Va         114b--32
Carpenter     John A             28     Virginia        114a--23
Carpenter     John C             8      Virginia        114b--31
Carpenter     John H             18     Virginia        115a---3
Carpenter     John L             51     Virginia        114b--40
Carpenter     John M             39     Virginia        114a---5
Carpenter     John S             60     Virginia        114a--21
Carpenter     John W             6      West Va         114a---8
Carpenter     Jonas              1      West Va         114a--20
Carpenter     Joshua             7      Virginia        114a--17
Carpenter     Love               15     Virginia        114a--25
Carpenter     Lucinda            13     Virginia        114a--15
Carpenter     Lucinda C          14     Virginia        114b--27
Carpenter     Manda M            17     Virginia        114b--26
Carpenter     Margaret A         5      Virginia        118a--30
Carpenter     Martha J           8      Virginia        114a---7
Carpenter     Mary J             13     Virginia        114a--14
Carpenter     Mary J             23     Virginia        114b--24
Carpenter     Mary J             27     Virginia        118a--28
Carpenter     Nancy              19     Virginia        114b--25
Carpenter     Nancy              49     Virginia        115a---1
Carpenter     Rachel             9      Virginia        114a--16
Carpenter     Robert S           24     Virginia        114b--34
Carpenter     Roda J             8      Virginia        118a--29
Carpenter     Rosana             26     Virginia        114a--12
Carpenter     Sarah              29     Virginia        114a---6
Carpenter     Sarah E            42     Virginia        114b--23
Carpenter     Sarah L            16     Virginia        115a---4
Carpenter     Sidna              48     Virginia        114a--22
Carpenter     Sophiah            22     Virginia        114b--35
Carpenter     Thomas             3      West Va         114a---9
Carpenter     Wesley             5      West Va         114a--18
Chapman       Columbia           4      West Va         106a--33
Chapman       Currence C         10     Virginia        106a--30
Chapman       Mahala J           12     Virginia        106a--29
Chapman       Mary S             6      Virginia        106a--32
Chapman       Nancy H            27     Virginia        106a--28
Chapman       Nathaniel G        1      West Va         106a--34
Chapman       Sarah R            8      Virginia        106a--31
Chapman       Wm F M             33     Virginia        106a--27
Chrislip      Caroline           18     Virginia        121b--19
Chrislip      Charles W          10     Virginia        121b--23
Chrislip      Leeana             7      Virginia        121b--24
Chrislip      Margaret A         4      Virginia        121b--25
Chrislip      Martin             46     Virginia        121b--17
Chrislip      Martin E           14     Virginia        121b--21
Chrislip      Samuel D           12     Virginia        121b--22
Chrislip      Sarah              46     Virginia        121b--18
Chrislip      Theodore S         16     Virginia        121b--20
Clark         Amos               3      West Va         115b---3
Clark         Eliner             55     Virginia        115a--39
Clark         John               50     Virginia        115a--38
Clark         John W R           10     Virginia        115b---2
Clark         Mahala             13     Virginia        115b---1
Clark         Malinda            17     Virginia        115a--40
Clifton       Anna               14     Virginia        109a--16
Clifton       Araham             20     Virginia        119a--16
Clifton       Benijah W          21     Virginia        119a--26
Clifton       Caroline           33     Virginia        120b---3
Clifton       Eliza              38     Virginia        120a--29
Clifton       Elizabeth          68     Virginia        120a--28
Clifton       Elizabeth          22     Virginia        120b---5
Clifton       Enoch T            67     Virginia        120a--27
Clifton       Ezra B             3      Virginia        119a--21
Clifton       Ezra B             70     Virginia        120b---1
Clifton       Francenie          20     Virginia        120b---6
Clifton       James R            1      Virginia        119a--30
Clifton       Jane               22     Virginia        120b---9
Clifton       Jesse              52     Virginia        119a--22
Clifton       John               20     Virginia        109a--13
Clifton       John               78     Virginia        119a--39
Clifton       John B             23     Virginia        119a--28
Clifton       John F             30     Virginia        120b---8
Clifton       Joseph W           11     Virginia        119a--27
Clifton       Lee                5      Virginia        119a--20
Clifton       Lida C             56     Virginia        120b---2
Clifton       Lucinda E          1      West Va         120b--10
Clifton       Martha A           19     Virginia        119a--29
Clifton       Martha E           18     Virginia        119a--17
Clifton       Mary               28     Virginia        120b---4
Clifton       Mary E             12     Virginia        104b---6
Clifton       Melcena            16     Virginia        119a--18
Clifton       Nancy              47     Virginia        119a--23
Clifton       Nancy M            22     Virginia        119a--25
Clifton       Noah W             16     Virginia        120b---7
Clifton       Robert             27     Virginia        119a--24
Clifton       Salina             13     Virginia        119a--19
Clifton       Sarah              75     Virginia        119a--40
Clifton       Uriah              19     Virginia        109a--14
Clifton       William            44     Virginia        119a--15
Clifton       Winfield S         17     Virginia        109a--15
Clutter       George             20     Virginia        115b--11
Cochran       Frances E          16     Virginia        103a--26
Cochran       Isabela            47     Virginia        103a--24
Cochran       John L             18     Virginia        103a--25
Cochran       Lee                8      Virginia        103a--28
Cochran       Nancy J            13     Virginia        103a--27
Cochran       Susan              5      West Va         103a--29
Cochran       William B          3      West Va         102a--17
Cochran       William C          47     Virginia        103a--23
Cogar         Adam D             6      West Va         108b--34
Cogar         Adam G             23     Virginia        112b--17
Cogar         Adam H             9      Virginia        102b--16
Cogar         Adanijah H         26     Virginia        102b--11
Cogar         Adanjah N          3      West Va         104b---5
Cogar         Albert G           7      Virginia        108a--37
Cogar         Alfred J           6      Virginia        104b---4
Cogar         Allen              18     Virginia        120a--34
Cogar         Amanda             25     Virginia        121a--30
Cogar         Andrew C           21     Virginia        108a--33
Cogar         Archibald          50     Virginia        102b---9
Cogar         Asa                19     Virginia        121a--31
Cogar         Benjamin           58     Virginia        119b---7
Cogar         Carlisle           17     Virginia        114a--30
Cogar         Caroline           40     Virginia        114a--27
Cogar         Carolinia E        1      West Va         120a--40
Cogar         Catharine          40     Virginia        120a--31
Cogar         Catharine          11     Virginia        121a--35
Cogar         Charity            18     Virginia        119b--11
Cogar         Christopher C      12     Virginia        119b--13
Cogar         Christopher C      18     Virginia        122a--21
Cogar         Clark              16     Virginia        114a--31
Cogar         David              11     Virginia        108a---6
Cogar         Duck               3      Virginia        121a--39
Cogar         Edith              8      Virginia        114a--34
Cogar         Elbin              20     Virginia        114a--29
Cogar         Elenor             51     Virginia        122a--17
Cogar         Elihu P            14     Virginia        102b--14
Cogar         Elizabeth          47     Virginia        108a---2
Cogar         Elizabeth          12     Virginia        114a--32
Cogar         Ellis              13     Virginia        120a--36
Cogar         Frances            15     Virginia        120a--35
Cogar         Franci             79     Virginia        120a--32
Cogar         George W           47     Virginia        104a--38
Cogar         Hanna S            28     Virginia        102a--34
Cogar         Hannah J           20     Virginia        102b--12
Cogar         Henry W            10     Virginia        108a--36
Cogar         Isaac              9      Virginia        121a--36
Cogar         Isaac N            14     Virginia        108a--35
Cogar         Jacob              2      West Va         114a--35
Cogar         James M            43     Virginia        108a---1
Cogar         James N            18     Virginia        108a--34
Cogar         John               54     Virginia        114a--26
Cogar         John C             15     Virginia        119b--12
Cogar         John J             4/12   West Va         102a--38
Cogar         John J             12     Virginia        104b---2
Cogar         John M             3      West Va         108a--38
Cogar         John R             50     Virginia        108a--31
Cogar         John W             1      Virginia        121a--38
Cogar         Johnson            23     Virginia        114a--28
Cogar         Judy               21     Virginia        122a--26
Cogar         Julia A            27     North Carolina  102b--10
Cogar         Laura J            11/12  West Va         108a--39
Cogar         Lavina             11     Virginia        122a--23
Cogar         Louisa J           11     Virginia        108b--33
Cogar         Lucy               15     Virginia        121a--33
Cogar         Luther             11     Virginia        120a--37
Cogar         Mahalia A          15     Virginia        104a--40
Cogar         Margaret J         16     Virginia        108a---3
Cogar         Martha             17     Virginia        121a--32
Cogar         Martha A           8      Virginia        108a---7
Cogar         Mary               45     Virginia        108a--32
Cogar         Mary               42     Virginia        121a--29
Cogar         Mary               29     Virginia        122a--19
Cogar         Mary A             56     Virginia        119b---8
Cogar         Mary E             13     Virginia        108b--32
Cogar         Mary J             35     Kentucky        104a--39
Cogar         Mary M             24     Virginia        102b--20
Cogar         Mary M             22     Virginia        119b--10
Cogar         Melcenia           15     Virginia        108a---4
Cogar         Nancy              20     Virginia        122a--20
Cogar         Nancy F            1      West Va         102b--19
Cogar         Naomi              14     Virginia        108a---5
Cogar         Raomulus P         1      West Va         108b--36
Cogar         Rebecca            13     Virginia        104b---1
Cogar         Rebecca            19     Virginia        120a--33
Cogar         Rebecca G          3      West Va         102b--18
Cogar         Reverna J          2      West Va         102a--37
Cogar         Robert E L         6      West Va         120a--38
Cogar         Roena              17     Virginia        105b---4
Cogar         Samantha           16     Virginia        122a--22
Cogar         Sarah A            11     Virginia        102b--15
Cogar         Sarah A            31     Virginia        108b--31
Cogar         Sarah A            3      West Va         108b--35
Cogar         Silas              40     Virginia        120a--30
Cogar         Simon              10     Virginia        114a--33
Cogar         Thomas             80     Virginia        102a--35
Cogar         Thomas H           18     Virginia        102b--13
Cogar         Thomas J           30     Virginia        102a--33
Cogar         Thomas J           9      Virginia        104b---3
Cogar         Thomas M           13     Virginia        121a--34
Cogar         Tobias W           4      West Va         120a--39
Cogar         Tunis              56     Virginia        122a--16
Cogar         Tunis              2/12   Virginia        122a--27
Cogar         Victora E          5      West Va         102a--36
Cogar         William            6      Virginia        108a---8
Cogar         William            52     Virginia        121a--28
Cogar         William            103    Virginia        122a--18
Cogar         William C          23     Virginia        119b---9
Cogar         William H          38     Virginia        108b--30
Cogar         William M          25     Virginia        122a--25
Cogar         William R          5      Virginia        121a--37
Colins        Luberda J          1      West Va         104a--17
Conrad        Ballard P          20     Virginia        122a--40
Conrad        Benjamin           28     Virginia        124b--33
Conrad        Clayton M          18     Virginia        122b---2
Conrad        Darius             14     Virginia        122b---4
Conrad        Elizabeth          48     Virginia        122a--39
Conrad        Elizabeth J        11     Virginia        122b---5
Conrad        Jacob L            1      West Va         124b--35
Conrad        Jacob P            56     Virginia        122a--38
Conrad        John L             7      Virginia        122b---7
Conrad        Mary J             28     Virginia        124b--34
Conrad        Permelia           13     Virginia        122b---6
Conrad        Sabina             19     Virginia        122b---1
Conrad        Wirt P             16     Virginia        122b---3
Conrod        Jane               22     Virginia        107a---4
Conrod        Justice M          22     Virginia        107a---3
Cool          Adanijah S         12     Virginia        120b--17
Cool          Clarinda           1      West Va         120a--20
Cool          Cornelius          37     Virginia        120a--13
Cool          Cornelius J        4      West Va         120b--19
Cool          Elizabeth          28     Virginia        120a--14
Cool          Emma E             19     Virginia        120b--13
Cool          Hannah C           33     Virginia        120b--12
Cool          Isaac W            25     Virginia        120a--15
Cool          Jefferson          6      West Va         120b--18
Cool          John C             40     Virginia        120b--11
Cool          John W             5      West Va         120a--18
Cool          Meriam A           15     Virginia        120b--16
Cool          Rachel             10     Virginia        120a--16
Cool          Thomas M           16     Virginia        120b--15
Cool          Virginia           7      Virginia        102b--38
Cool          Virginia           7      Virginia        120a--17
Cool          Walter             3      West Va         120a--19
Cool          Walter W           18     Virginia        120b--14
Cowgar        Allen              3      Virginia        122b--11
Cowgar        Allen              27     Virginia        122b--40
Cowgar        Daniel W           21     Virginia        122b--30
Cowgar        Hazel W            13     Virginia        122b--33
Cowgar        Henry              4      Virginia        122b--10
Cowgar        Henry F            5      Virginia        123a---2
Cowgar        Jesse              49     Virginia        122b--27
Cowgar        Jesse F            7      Virginia        122b--37
Cowgar        John               25     Virginia        122b---8
Cowgar        John D             2      Virginia        123a---3
Cowgar        John E W           18     Virginia        122b--32
Cowgar        John W W           4      Virginia        122b--38
Cowgar        Lucy A R           2      Virginia        122b--39
Cowgar        Mary               9      Virginia        122a---9
Cowgar        Mary E             86     Virginia        122b--29
Cowgar        Mary E             23     Virginia        123a---1
Cowgar        Rebecca            26     Virginia        122b---9
Cowgar        Rebecca R          50     Virginia        122b--28
Cowgar        Roena R F          10     Virginia        122b--34
Cowgar        Salina             15     Virginia        122a---7
Cowgar        Sarah              45     Virginia        122a---5
Cowgar        Sarah              13     Virginia        122a---8
Cowgar        Susan              29     Virginia        122b--36
Cowgar        Tersey             21     Virginia        122b--31
Cowgar        William            19     Virginia        122a---6
Cowgar        William A          29     Virginia        122b--35
Cummins       Mildred J          2      West Va         123b--38
Cummins       Rebecca E          9      Virginia        104a--12
Cummins       William            28     Virginia        102b--32
Cutlip        Adison             45     Virginia        115b--35
Cutlip        Adison M           11/12  West Va         108b---7
Cutlip        Albina             34     Virginia        116a--15
Cutlip        Amanda E           1      West Va         125a---7
Cutlip        Anna               44     Virginia        107a--10
Cutlip        Anna               10     Virginia        125b---7
Cutlip        David H            22     Virginia        107a--11
Cutlip        Elizabeth          18     Virginia        107a--12
Cutlip        Elizabeth E        3      West Va         125a---6
Cutlip        George M           12     Virginia        115b--38
Cutlip        Hannah             58     Virginia        125a--40
Cutlip        Hanson P           30     Virginia        125a---4
Cutlip        Isaac              5      Virginia        125b---9
Cutlip        James M            38     Virginia        108a--40
Cutlip        Jasper N           21     Virginia        125b---5
Cutlip        Jefferson          8      Virginia        125b---8
Cutlip        Jeremiah           12     Virginia        125b---6
Cutlip        John J             4      West Va         108b---5
Cutlip        John W             7/12   West Va         116a--16
Cutlip        Lavica             2      West Va         108b---6
Cutlip        Leuretty           3      West Va         125b--10
Cutlip        Lewis              59     Virginia        125a--39
Cutlip        Margaret M A       16     Virginia        107a--13
Cutlip        Mary               31     Virginia        108b---1
Cutlip        Mary C             9      Virginia        108b---2
Cutlip        Mary E             11     Virginia        115b--39
Cutlip        Mary M             28     Virginia        125a---5
Cutlip        Nancy              13     Virginia        107a--14
Cutlip        Nancy              42     Virginia        115b--36
Cutlip        Penninah           41     Virginia        125b---4
Cutlip        Rachel C T         1/24   Virginia        125b--14
Cutlip        Samuel C           50     Virginia        125b---3
Cutlip        Samuel J           2      Virginia        125b--13
Cutlip        Samuel L           6      Virginia        108b---4
Cutlip        Sanora             1/12   West Va         125a---8
Cutlip        Sarah A            15     Virginia        125b---2
Cutlip        Sarah E            8      Virginia        108b---3
Cutlip        Sarah J            29     Virginia        125b--12
Cutlip        Susan M            14     Virginia        115b--37
Cutlip        Washington         52     Virginia        107a---9
Cutlip        William            23     Virginia        125b--11
Czar          Adam W             17     Virginia        103a--15
Czar          Drusilla           6      West Va         103a--20
Czar          Eve A              8      Virginia        103a--19
Czar          John J             14     Virginia        103a--17
Czar          Mary E             11     Virginia        103a--18
Czar          Nancy              41     Kentucky        103a--14
Czar          Peter L J          44     Virginia        103a--13
Czar          Thomas H           15     Virginia        103a--16
Davis         Caroline C         5      West Va         110a--19
Davis         Charlotte          7/12   West Va         115b---9
Davis         George             5      West Va         115b---7
Davis         George W           31     Virginia        110a--17
Davis         James W            11/12  West Va         110a--20
Davis         John P             37     Virginia        115b---4
Davis         Margaret E         3      West Va         110a--22
Davis         Milly              63     Virginia        115b--10
Davis         Pheba              7      Virginia        115b---6
Davis         Rachel             27     Virginia        110a--18
Davis         Sarah A            27     Virginia        115b---5
Davis         Sarah C            4      Ilinois         110a--21
Davis         William            2      West Va         115b---8
Dillan        Allen W            52     Virginia        115a--16
Dillan        Dinah G            27     Virginia        115a--17
Dillan        James L            6      West Va         115a--19
Dillan        Nancy C            3      West Va         115a--20
Dillan        Rebecca F          1      West Va         115a--21
Dillan        Rillar J           13     Virginia        115a--18
Dobins        David L            2      West Va         106a--25
Dobins        Francena J         2/12   West Va         106a--26
Dobins        Frances M          34     Virginia        106a--19
Dobins        Harriet A          15     Virginia        106a--22
Dobins        Henry W            6      West Va         106a--24
Dobins        Rachel             56     Virginia        106a--21
Dobins        Rebecca F          11     Virginia        106a--23
Dobins        William            59     Virginia        106a--20
Dodrill       Adison Mc          31     Virginia        107b---7
Dodrill       Anjeline           11     Virginia        105b--17
Dodrill       Bennet             10     Virginia        104b--35
Dodrill       Charles Mc         37     Virginia        105b--12
Dodrill       Delila             7      Virginia        106a--13
Dodrill       Dianah             3      West Va         107b--12
Dodrill       Elizabeth          8      Virginia        104b--36
Dodrill       Elizabeth          6      West Va         105b--19
Dodrill       Elizabeth          70     Virginia        106a--15
Dodrill       Elmira             28     Virginia        107b---8
Dodrill       Eveline            9      Virginia        106a--12
Dodrill       George             45     Virginia        106a---5
Dodrill       Henry M            20     Virginia        106a---7
Dodrill       Isaac N            13     Virginia        105b--16
Dodrill       James Mc           3      West Va         105b--21
Dodrill       Jane               48     Virginia        105a--17
Dodrill       Jane H             14     Virginia        104b--34
Dodrill       Jane W             15     Virginia        106a---9
Dodrill       John               7      Virginia        107b--11
Dodrill       Joseph             28     Virginia        105a--22
Dodrill       Levicy             43     Virginia        106a---6
Dodrill       Luther             5      West Va         105b--20
Dodrill       Mahulda W          18     Virginia        104b--33
Dodrill       Margaret E         36     Virginia        105b--13
Dodrill       Margaret G         12     Virginia        106a--11
Dodrill       Mary               45     Virginia        104b--32
Dodrill       Nancy C            10     Virginia        107b--10
Dodrill       Nancy G            6      West Va         104b--37
Dodrill       Rebecca            14     Virginia        106a--10
Dodrill       Rebecca J          2      West Va         107b--13
Dodrill       Robert             41     Virginia        105a--16
Dodrill       Sampson S          5      West Va         106a--14
Dodrill       Samuel G           17     Virginia        106a---8
Dodrill       Samuel J           14     Virginia        105b--15
Dodrill       Sarena             23     Virginia        105b--14
Dodrill       Virginia           8      Virginia        105b--18
Dodrill       William F          11     Virginia        107b---9
Duffy         Margaret S         35     Virginia        102b--34
Duffy         Patric F           30     Ireland         102b--33
Dyer          George M           23     Virginia        112a--30
Dyer          James H            25     Virginia        112a--29
Dyer          Mary M             13     Virginia        112a--32
Dyer          Weese Malinda      45     Virginia        112a--31
Dyre          Cyrus N            22     Virginia        109b--38
Dyre          Dianah C           20     Virginia        109b--39
Dyre          James              71     Virginia        109b--35
Dyre          Margaret           63     Virginia        109b--36
Dyre          Rachel             26     Virginia        109b--37
Dyre          Rebecca L          29     Virginia        109b--34
The free display of the 1870 Webster County, WV census images in
the U.S. Data Repository was made possible through the generosity of
the Allen County Public Library (Indiana)
This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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