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Hall          Cardelia           21     Virginia        120a---2
Hall          Clarinda           20     Virginia        120a--12
Hall          Elizabeth          6      West Va         120a---7
Hall          Francena           35     Virginia        119b--40
Hall          George T           21     Virginia        120a--11
Hall          Harriet            10     Virginia        120a---5
Hall          Henry D            8      Virginia        120a---6
Hall          James J            1      West Va         120a--10
Hall          Jasper N           3      West Va         120a---8
Hall          John E M           49     Virginia        119b--39
Hall          John W             15     Virginia        120a---4
Hall          Julia A            13     Virginia        119a--32
Hall          Levi               22     Virginia        120a---1
Hall          Mary E             17     Virginia        120a---3
Hall          Penina J           9/12   West Va         120a---9
Hamrick       Adam               15     Virginia        105b--32
Hamrick       Adam               19     Virginia        107a--26
Hamrick       Adam G             40     Virginia        105a--23
Hamrick       Adam H             13     Virginia        107b---1
Hamrick       Adam J             7      Virginia        107b--36
Hamrick       Adison H           23     Virginia        108a--24
Hamrick       Adison Mc          39     Virginia        102b--23
Hamrick       Alfred H           4      West Va         102b--30
Hamrick       Allen              54     Virginia        103b--22
Hamrick       Almarinda          18     Virginia        105b---3
Hamrick       Arnold M           11     Virginia        107b--34
Hamrick       Arthur             30     Virginia        112a--26
Hamrick       Asa                8      Virginia        107a--21
Hamrick       Benjamin           36     Virginia        107b--31
Hamrick       Benjamin F         26     Virginia        105b--28
Hamrick       Benjamin J         33     Virginia        106b---7
Hamrick       Bernard            5      West Va         107a--33
Hamrick       Bernard            11     Virginia        107b--20
Hamrick       Betsy              1      West Va         106b--39
Hamrick       Caroline A         17     Virginia        107b--17
Hamrick       Catharine          1      West Va         107b---6
Hamrick       Catharine J        15     Virginia        107b--18
Hamrick       Christian M        30     Virginia        105b--40
Hamrick       Christopher Mc     45     Virginia        107b--14
Hamrick       Conrad             9      Virginia        106b--10
Hamrick       Cornelius          17     Virginia        102b--26
Hamrick       David              73     Virginia        107a---5
Hamrick       David              31     Virginia        107b--24
Hamrick       David H            9      Virginia        107b---3
Hamrick       Delilah            42     Virginia        105b--27
Hamrick       Dianah             2      West Va         106b--13
Hamrick       Dianah             6      West Va         107b--37
Hamrick       Eli C              2      West Va         107b--39
Hamrick       Elizabeth          27     Virginia        105a--24
Hamrick       Elizabeth          22     Virginia        105b--23
Hamrick       Elizabeth          63     Virginia        107a---6
Hamrick       Elizabeth          15     Virginia        107a--19
Hamrick       Elizabeth J        1/12   West Va         107b--40
Hamrick       Elmira             3      West Va         106b--38
Hamrick       Emma E             2      West Va         105a--32
Hamrick       Eve                43     Virginia        107b--15
Hamrick       Fidelia S          29     Virginia        107b--25
Hamrick       Francenia          13     Virginia        107b--19
Hamrick       Francis            2/12   West Va         107a--37
Hamrick       George D           28     Virginia        105b--39
Hamrick       George M           22     Virginia        105b--36
Hamrick       Hannah             39     Virginia        102b--24
Hamrick       Harmen             7      Virginia        106b--11
Hamrick       Harmon             1      West Va         107a--36
Hamrick       Harriet            1      West Va         105a--33
Hamrick       Harrison           8      Virginia        106a---1
Hamrick       Helena E P         1/12   West Va         107b--23
Hamrick       Henry M            16     Virginia        103b--24
Hamrick       Henry W            4      West Va         107b--29
Hamrick       Isaac              42     Virginia        105b---5
Hamrick       Isaac              16     Virginia        107a--28
Hamrick       Isaac P            9      Virginia        107b--35
Hamrick       Jacob M            12     Virginia        107a--30
Hamrick       James              46     Virginia        107a--15
Hamrick       James H            1      West Va         106a---4
Hamrick       James L            8      Virginia        105a--30
Hamrick       James M            52     Virginia        105b--26
Hamrick       Jane               24     Virginia        105b--29
Hamrick       Jane J             1      West Va         105b--25
Hamrick       Jenet              73     Virginia        105a--25
Hamrick       Jery               1/12   West Va         106b--14
Hamrick       John               35     Virginia        107a--38
Hamrick       John J             22     Virginia        108a--25
Hamrick       Jonathan G         24     Virginia        105b---7
Hamrick       Joseph W           8      Virginia        107b--27
Hamrick       Judson             20     Virginia        102a--39
Hamrick       Julia A            19     Virginia        102b--25
Hamrick       Julia M            3      West Va         107b--22
Hamrick       Leander            8      Virginia        107a--32
Hamrick       Lerena             10     Virginia        107b--26
Hamrick       Levi               4      West Va         107a--34
Hamrick       Levi F             1      West Va         105b--38
Hamrick       Levi H             21     Virginia        105b---2
Hamrick       Lewis              11     Virginia        106b---9
Hamrick       Lucinda            16     Virginia        105a--27
Hamrick       Luverna            12     Virginia        105a--29
Hamrick       Lyda               3      West Va         103b--26
Hamrick       Manerva            11     Virginia        107a--20
Hamrick       Margaret           60     Virginia        105b---6
Hamrick       Margaret           17     Virginia        105b--31
Hamrick       Margaret           33     Virginia        106b--32
Hamrick       Margaret           26     Virginia        107a--25
Hamrick       Margaret E         17     Virginia        105a--20
Hamrick       Margaret E         9      Virginia        107a--31
Hamrick       Margaret J         17     Virginia        108a--27
Hamrick       Mariah             12     Virginia        106b--34
Hamrick       Mariah             13     Virginia        107b--33
Hamrick       Marshal            26     Virginia        103b--21
Hamrick       Martha A           14     Virginia        107a--29
Hamrick       Martha J           18     Virginia        105a--26
Hamrick       Martin             24     Virginia        102a--40
Hamrick       Mary               33     Virginia        106b---8
Hamrick       Mary               41     Virginia        107a--16
Hamrick       Mary A             2      West Va         105b--24
Hamrick       Mary A             20     Virginia        108a--26
Hamrick       Mary H             30     Virginia        112a--27
Hamrick       Melcena            20     Virginia        107a---7
Hamrick       Melvina            6      West Va         107a--22
Hamrick       Melvina            1      West Va         107b--30
Hamrick       Mildred J          19     Virginia        105b---8
Hamrick       Miller David       15     Virginia        107a---8
Hamrick       Moletus            8      Virginia        107b--21
Hamrick       Moore              20     Virginia        105b--30
Hamrick       Nancy              77     Virginia        105a--18
Hamrick       Nancy              8      Virginia        106b--36
Hamrick       Nancy              11     Virginia        107b---2
Hamrick       Nancy C            15     Virginia        102b--27
Hamrick       Nancy F            15     Virginia        108a--28
Hamrick       Nancy M            2      West Va         103b--27
Hamrick       Naomi              4      West Va         105a--31
Hamrick       Naomi              6      West Va         107b--28
Hamrick       Naomi              31     Virginia        107b--32
Hamrick       Nathan             6      West Va         107b---4
Hamrick       Nathan H           15     Virginia        105b---9
Hamrick       Nelson P           9      Virginia        102b--28
Hamrick       Peter              19     Virginia        107a--17
Hamrick       Peter              44     Virginia        107a--24
Hamrick       Pheba              5      West Va         106b--12
Hamrick       Pheba              4      West Va         107a--23
Hamrick       Pheba A            6      West Va         105b--34
Hamrick       Polly              21     Virginia        103b--23
Hamrick       Quincy A           3/12   West Va         102b--31
Hamrick       Rachel S           1/24   West Va         112a--28
Hamrick       Rebecca            14     Virginia        106b--33
Hamrick       Rebecca            17     Virginia        107a--27
Hamrick       Rebecca            14     Virginia        107a--40
Hamrick       Rebecca J          4      Virginia        106a---3
Hamrick       Rebecca J          34     Virginia        107a--39
Hamrick       Rebecca M          4      West Va         105b--35
Hamrick       Rebecca S          13     Virginia        108a--29
Hamrick       Robert             17     Virginia        107a--18
Hamrick       Robert D           7      Virginia        106a---2
Hamrick       Ruhama             11     Virginia        108a--30
Hamrick       Sampson B          10     Virginia        105b--33
Hamrick       Sarah              5      West Va         106b--37
Hamrick       Sarah              46     Virginia        108a--23
Hamrick       Sarah C            12     Virginia        103b--25
Hamrick       Sarah C            22     Virginia        105b--37
Hamrick       Sarah J            6      Virginia        102b--29
Hamrick       Susan              14     Virginia        105a--28
Hamrick       Tabitha            4      West Va         107b---5
Hamrick       Thomas M           20     Virginia        105a--34
Hamrick       Thornton B         19     Virginia        107b--16
Hamrick       Vincent            24     Virginia        105a--19
Hamrick       William            35     Virginia        106b--31
Hamrick       William G          31     Virginia        105b--22
Hamrick       William G          4      West Va         107b--38
Hamrick       William T          10     Virginia        106b--35
Hannah        Elizabeth          42     Virginia        102b--37
Hannah        James              75     Virginia        116b---7
Hannah        Joseph             40     Virginia        102b--36
Hannah        Malinda            65     Virginia        116b---8
Harris        Albert L           23     Virginia        123b--19
Harris        Catharine          8/12   West Va         104b--14
Harris        Grant              3      West Va         104b--13
Harris        Henrietta          5      Virginia        104b--12
Harris        James W            61     Virginia        123b--17
Harris        John               33     Virginia        104b---7
Harris        Mary               65     Virginia        123b--18
Harris        Mary F             33     Virginia        104b---8
Harris        Mary K             7      Virginia        104b--11
Harris        Sarah J            11     Virginia        104b---9
Harris        Susan A            9      Virginia        104b--10
Hedger        Lyda               52     Virginia        116b--32
Henderson     Charity M          3      West Va         112a--10
Henderson     Geneva             1/12   West Va         112a--11
Henderson     Icedora Mc         4      West Va         112a---9
Henderson     Mary H             29     Virginia        112a---8
Henderson     Robert L           36     Virginia        112a---7
Henkle        Amanda V           31     Virginia        124b---2
Henkle        Caleb              24     Virginia        124b---1
Henkle        Rosa V             4/12   Virginia        124b---3
Hevner        Adam               6      West Va         107a--35
Hickman       Arthur             67     Virginia        112b--21
Hickman       Margaret E         20     Virginia        112b--23
Hickman       Moses              22     Virginia        112b--24
Hickman       Nancy B            27     Virginia        112b--25
Hickman       Rebecca            63     Virginia        112b--22
Hinkel        Margaret S J       18     Virginia        112b--31
Hinkle        Able P             26     Virginia        123b---4
Hinkle        Barbary A          2      Virginia        123b---7
Hinkle        Mary M             27     Virginia        123b---5
Hinkle        William A          6      Virginia        123b---6
Holcomb       Agnes A            46     Virginia        113a---5
Holcomb       Hezekiah           61     Virginia        113a--10
Holcomb       Hezekiah           14     Virginia        113a--13
Holcomb       Isabela V          20     Virginia        113a--31
Holcomb       Joseph C           18     Virginia        113a---6
Holcomb       Joshua S           6      West Va         113a---9
Holcomb       Martha             25     Virginia        113a--34
Holcomb       Mary E             30     Virginia        113a--12
Holcomb       Matilda A          13     Virginia        113a---8
Holcomb       Norman R           1      West Va         113a--32
Holcomb       Samuel B           15     Virginia        113a---7
Holcomb       Susanah W          54     Virginia        113a--11
Holcomb       Timothy            19     Virginia        113a--30
Holcomb       William H          28     Virginia        113a--33
Hollister     Anna               7      Virginia        112b---6
Hollister     Austin A           1      West Va         112b--20
Hollister     Edwin              15     Virginia        112b---4
Hollister     Isabela L          21     Virginia        112b--19
Hollister     Margaret E         44     Virginia        112b---1
Hollister     Matilda S          23     Virginia        112b---7
Hollister     Ostin E            13     Virginia        112b---5
Hollister     Wallace            21     Virginia        112b---3
Hollister     Walter             24     Virginia        112b---2
Hollister     Watson             22     Virginia        112b--18
Hoover        Jerusha L          27     Virginia        113b--34
Hoover        Lucinda            2      West Va         113b--35
Hoover        Marshal T          1      West Va         113b--36
Hoover        William H          25     Virginia        113b--33
Howell        Edith C            13     Virginia        120b--31
Howell        Jane               40     Virginia        120b--29
Howell        Jeremiah           42     Virginia        120b--28
Howell        Jerusha A          9      Virginia        120b--33
Howell        John A             21     Virginia        120b--30
Howell        Lucinda J          11     Virginia        120b--32
Howell        Mary               56     Virginia        121a---4
Howell        Mary C             15     Virginia        121a---5
Howell        Penina G           6      West Va         120b--34
Howell        Solomon L          11/12  West Va         120b--36
Howell        Theodore S         4      West Va         120b--35
Howell        Zacheriah          47     Virginia        121a---3
Irvin         Anjinah            2/12   West Va         103a---4
Irvin         David              49     Virginia        102b--39
Irvin         Lefabor            4      West Va         103a---2
Irvin         Margaret S         5      West Va         103a---1
Irvin         Marshal C          1      West Va         103a---3
Irvin         Syntha A           29     Virginia        102b--40
Jackson       Rebecca F          4      West Va         105a--21
Johnson       Delila             16     Virginia        116a--28
Johnson       Eli                22     Virginia        116a--27
Johnson       Emeline            26     Virginia        108a--21
Johnson       Emily              2      West Va         108a--22
Johnson       Lavica             3/12   West Va         116a--29
Johnson       William            38     Kentucky        108a--20
Jordan        Esterline          1      Virginia        124b--10
Jordan        Frances            53     Virginia        124b--13
Jordan        George W           3      Virginia        124b---9
Jordan        Henry A            2      Virginia        119b--23
Jordan        James A            25     Virginia        119b--19
Jordan        Jesse B            21     Virginia        124b--14
Jordan        John               57     Virginia        124b--12
Jordan        Josephine L        8      Virginia        124b---7
Jordan        Mahala             31     Virginia        119b--20
Jordan        Margaret E         20     Virginia        124b--15
Jordan        Marshal A          30     Virginia        124b---5
Jordan        Mary E             30     Virginia        124b---6
Jordan        Mary F             19     Virginia        124b--16
Jordan        Sinnet J           6      Virginia        124b---8
Jordan        Thomas J           8      Virginia        124b--17
Kelly         George A           22     Virginia        116b--15
Kelly         Jonathan H         1      West Va         116b--17
Kelly         Mary C             21     Virginia        116b--16
Kinkle        Eliza J            37     Virginia        117a--33
Kinkle        Hetty A            14     Virginia        117a--34
Kinkle        James W            2      West Va         117a--38
Kinkle        Jemima E           8      Virginia        117a--36
Kinkle        Lawson B           11     Virginia        117a--35
Kinkle        Newman D           5      West Va         117a--37
Kinkle        Samuel T           45     Virginia        117a--32
Lough         Carcus             7      Virginia        104a---4
Lough         Daniel             45     Virginia        103b--40
Lough         Jane               31     Virginia        104a---1
Lough         Jones A            5      West Va         104a---5
Lough         Margaret J         11     Virginia        104a---3
Lough         Mary M             13     Virginia        104a---2
Lough         Rebecca            1      West Va         104a---6
Lynch         Adam G             44     Virginia        102a---1
Lynch         Archibald          11     Virginia        108b--29
Lynch         Columbia L         17     Virginia        102a---4
Lynch         George             5      West Va         102a---8
Lynch         George             50     Virginia        103b--14
Lynch         George             1      West Va         103b--18
Lynch         Henry B            12     Virginia        102a---7
Lynch         Isabela            75     Virginia        103b--13
Lynch         Isabela J          19     Virginia        102a---3
Lynch         James B            18     Virginia        109b--24
Lynch         James D            30     Virginia        103b--10
Lynch         Jane               4      West Va         103b--17
Lynch         John               82     Virginia        103b--12
Lynch         Leander            12     Virginia        102a---6
Lynch         Margaret C         27     Virginia        103b--11
Lynch         Rachel F           2      West Va         102a---9
Lynch         Rebecca A          14     Virginia        103b--15
Lynch         Robert             16     Virginia        109b--32
Lynch         Sarah              42     Virginia        102a---2
Lynch         Sarah MM           8      Virginia        102b---5
Lynch         Vanlinden S        14     Virginia        102a---5
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the U.S. Data Repository was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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