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Rader         Adam               58     Virginia        116b--18
Rader         Adam B             3      West Va         116b--25
Rader         Auston             24     Virginia        116b--20
Rader         Benjamin           22     Virginia        121b--31
Rader         Elizabeth          53     Virginia        116b--19
Rader         Elizabeth H        1      West Va         116b--26
Rader         Elvina F           27     Virginia        121b--32
Rader         Emma G             4/12   West Va         121b--33
Rader         Hazel W            28     Virginia        116b--21
Rader         Henry M            8      Virginia        116b--23
Rader         Luverna E          11     Virginia        121b--30
Rader         Mary               45     Virginia        121b--27
Rader         Mary C             28     Virginia        116b--22
Rader         Mary E             15     Virginia        121b--28
Rader         Melvin C           14     Virginia        121b--29
Rader         William            6      West Va         116b--24
Rader         William            42     Virginia        121b--26
Reynold       Hannah P           54     Virginia        112b--28
Reynold       John A             19     Virginia        112b--29
Reynold       Thomas M           57     Virginia        112b--27
Reynold       Thomas P           13     Virginia        112b--30
Reynolds      Elizabeth R        32     Virginia        112b--36
Reynolds      McDowell           5/12   West Va         112b--38
Reynolds      William F          22     Virginia        112b--35
Robison       Dora M             7/12   Virginia        124b--27
Robison       Hanson E           25     Virginia        124b--24
Robison       Jesse H            3      Virginia        124b--26
Robison       Louisa J           28     Virginia        124b--25
Roby          Benjamin P         6      West Va         125a--17
Roby          Cordelia J         4      West Va         125a--18
Roby          Lewis              9      Virginia        125a--19
Roby          Malinda            45     Virginia        125a--10
Roby          Melvina E          1      West Va         125a--20
Roby          Vincent M          36     Virginia        125a---9
Rose          George E           3      West Va         109a--36
Rose          Nathan             15     Virginia        109a--21
Rose          Rebecca J          29     Virginia        109a--33
Rose          Sarah A            8/12   West Va         109a--37
Rose          Tobias             26     Virginia        109a--32
Sargent       Anna               35     Virginia        124a--30
Sargent       Granvil            16     Virginia        124a--32
Sargent       Hesekiah           45     Virginia        124a--29
Sargent       Lydia A            17     Virginia        124a--31
Sargent       Melvill            13     Virginia        124a--33
Sargent       Pery L             10     Virginia        124a--34
Sawyer        Elizabeth          54     Virginia        109b--33
Sawyers       Elizabeth R        2      West Va         112a--25
Sawyers       Emily F            5      West Va         112a--24
Sawyers       George M           48     Virginia        112a--17
Sawyers       Jerusha A          16     Virginia        112a--20
Sawyers       John E             13     Virginia        112a--21
Sawyers       Luticha            43     Virginia        112a--18
Sawyers       Mary E             10     Virginia        112a--22
Sawyers       Sarah J            20     Virginia        112a--19
Sawyers       Willis             8      Virginia        112a--23
Shrader       Anna               35     Virginia        119b--34
Shrader       Eliza R            4      West Va         120a--25
Shrader       Enoch T            10     Virginia        120a--23
Shrader       Erine              34     Virginia        120a--22
Shrader       Hannah C           6      West Va         120a--24
Shrader       Indianna           10     Virginia        119b--37
Shrader       James W            6      Virginia        119b--38
Shrader       John A             15     Virginia        119b--35
Shrader       Jones C            44     Virginia        120a--21
Shrader       Virginia C         12     Virginia        119b--36
Shrader       William H          3      West Va         120a--26
Sizemore      Charlotte          3      West Va         121a--18
Sizemore      Daniel H           11     Virginia        121a--15
Sizemore      Juliana            4      West Va         103b--28
Sizemore      Labern             6      West Va         121a--17
Sizemore      Louisa             23     North Carolina  121a--13
Sizemore      Nancy J            9      Virginia        121a--16
Sizemore      Sarah              7      Virginia        121a--19
Sizemore      Tobias W           41     North Carolina  121a--12
Sizemore      Zacheriah          21     Virginia        121a--14
Skidmore      Elizabeth          38     Virginia        103b---4
Skidmore      Isabela            14     Virginia        103b---6
Skidmore      John               39     Virginia        103b---3
Skidmore      Jonathan           12     Virginia        103b---7
Skidmore      Levi               16     Virginia        103b---5
Skidmore      Nancy              10     Virginia        103b---8
Skidmore      Sarah J            3      Virginia        103b---9
Smith         Andrew P           7      Virginia        112a--14
Smith         Dean Eustecia      14     Virginia        112a--16
Smith         Francis            40     Virginia        112a--12
Smith         Maggie             7/12   West Va         112a--15
Smith         Margaret           26     Virginia        112a--13
Snyder        Adison M           30     Virginia        123b--12
Snyder        Anjeline J         37     Virginia        123b--21
Snyder        Anjina             26     Virginia        123b--13
Snyder        Daniel             41     Virginia        123b--20
Snyder        Elias              35     Virginia        123b--31
Snyder        Francis R          6      Virginia        123b--24
Snyder        Jacob J            14     Virginia        123b--33
Snyder        John J             5      Virginia        123b--15
Snyder        Mary E             11     Virginia        123b--23
Snyder        Mary E             29     Virginia        123b--32
Snyder        Nancy J            8      Virginia        123b--14
Snyder        Sabina J           2      Virginia        123b--25
Snyder        William F          14     Virginia        123b--22
Snyder        William R          2      Virginia        123b--16
Tharp         Amos B             7/12   Virginia        118b---9
Tharp         Catharine          22     Virginia        118a---2
Tharp         Dianah             18     Virginia        118a---8
Tharp         Floyd              8      Virginia        103b--16
Tharp         George W           14     Virginia        118a--10
Tharp         George W           2/12   West Va         118a--15
Tharp         Isabela            27     Virginia        118b---5
Tharp         James A            25     Virginia        118a--13
Tharp         John               16     Virginia        118a---9
Tharp         John               34     Virginia        118b---4
Tharp         Levi               4      Virginia        118a---3
Tharp         Lewis W            53     Virginia        118a---5
Tharp         Mahala J           6      Virginia        118b---6
Tharp         Margaret           48     Virginia        118a---6
Tharp         Martha             31     Virginia        119b---5
Tharp         Martha J           69     Virginia        124b--11
Tharp         Parthenia          9      Virginia        118a--12
Tharp         Rebecca            3      Virginia        118b---7
Tharp         Rhoena             2      Virginia        118b---8
Tharp         Sadeen             21     Virginia        118a---7
Tharp         Sarah B            1      Virginia        118a---4
Tharp         Sarah J            24     Virginia        118a--14
Tharp         William            12     Virginia        118a--11
Tharp         William            3/12   Virginia        119b---6
Tharp         Zackeriah          29     Virginia        118a---1
Tracy         Caroline           30     Virginia        103a--31
Tracy         Eugene H           6      West Va         103a--33
Tracy         George W           4      West Va         103a--34
Tracy         James M            2      West Va         103a--35
Tracy         John W             8      Virginia        103a--32
Tracy         William W          36     Virginia        103a--30
Triplett      Elizabeth          18     Virginia        110a--35
Triplett      Hedgman            3      West Va         112b--10
Triplett      Marshall           59     Virginia        112b---8
Triplett      Rachel W           40     Virginia        112b---9
Tyler         Isaac B            41     Virginia        113a--22
Tyler         James L            13     Virginia        113a--24
Tyler         John H             12     Virginia        113a--25
Tyler         Lucinda S          3      West Va         113a--27
Tyler         Martha L           33     Virginia        113a--23
Tyler         Morgan W           5      West Va         113a--26
Tyler         Susanna C          6/12   West Va         113a--28
Vance         .                  22     Virginia        124a--12
Vance         Luverna            19     Virginia        124a--13
Vince         Elizabeth          44     Virginia        122a--14
Vince         George W           43     Virginia        122a--13
Vince         Samuel             20     Virginia        122a--15
Ware          Albert S J         1      Virginia        123a--15
Ware          Andrew             40     Virginia        123a--12
Ware          Edward W           59     Virginia        125a--26
Ware          Elizabeth          24     Virginia        123a--13
Ware          Elizabeth          63     Virginia        125a--27
Ware          Eugenus M          22     Virginia        125a--28
Ware          John L B S         1      Virginia        123a--14
Ware          John N             20     Virginia        125a--29
Weese         Adam G             3      West Va         113b---5
Weese         Adison             21     Virginia        114b--37
Weese         Catharine          11     Virginia        113b---3
Weese         Diannah            14     Virginia        113b---2
Weese         Edith              44     Virginia        118b--10
Weese         Elisa C            4      West Va         113a--37
Weese         Elizabeth A        24     Virginia        112b--33
Weese         Ellis              2      West Va         112a---3
Weese         Enas               49     Virginia        113a--39
Weese         Fielding Mc        25     Virginia        112a---1
Weese         George M           29     Virginia        113a--35
Weese         James A S          15     Virginia        109b--40
Weese         John               22     Virginia        118b--12
Weese         John W             23     Virginia        113b---7
Weese         Lewis A            3/12   West Va         112b--34
Weese         Martin L           4      West Va         113b---4
Weese         Nancy              16     Virginia        118b--15
Weese         Pulcher            29     Virginia        113a--40
Weese         Rachel G           21     Virginia        114b--38
Weese         Rachel J           8      Virginia        110a---1
Weese         Rebecca F          30     Virginia        113a--36
Weese         Rosey              25     Virginia        118b--11
Weese         Ruben              57     Virginia        115a---5
Weese         Ruben S            21     Virginia        112b--32
Weese         Ruben S            57     Virginia        117b---8
Weese         Sarah A            21     Virginia        112a---2
Weese         Sarah A            20     Virginia        118b--13
Weese         Sarah V            1      West Va         114b--39
Weese         Sophiah            24     Virginia        113b---8
Weese         Susan              11     Virginia        112b--26
Weese         Thomas             8      Virginia        112b--37
Weese         Virginia           16     Virginia        113b---1
Weese         William R          18     Virginia        118b--14
Weese         Willis W           2      West Va         113a--38
Williams      Bathsheba E        62     Virginia        116a--26
Williams      Edward E           6      West Va         116a--22
Williams      Eugenus P          1      West Va         116a--24
Williams      Hugh G             30     Virginia        116a--17
Williams      James              67     Virginia        116a--25
Williams      James M            10     Virginia        116a--20
Williams      Lucinda M          8      Virginia        116a--21
Williams      Mary A             32     Virginia        116a--18
Williams      Susan C            13     Virginia        116a--19
Williams      William M          4      West Va         116a--23
Wolverton     Alfred R           1      West Va         109b--27
Wolverton     George W           47     Virginia        109b--25
Wolverton     Julia A            22     Virginia        109b--26
Wolverton     Mary J             2/12   West Va         109b--28
Woodrell      Eherey             3/12   West Va         103a--11
Woodrell      Esher A            28     Virginia        103a---6
Woodrell      James              33     Virginia        103a---5
Woodrell      John J F           2      West Va         103a--10
Woodrell      Sophia A           6      West Va         103a---8
Woodrell      Stephen R          4      West Va         103a---9
Woodrell      William G          9      Virginia        103a---7
Woods         Andrew C           13     Virginia        104a--19
Woods         Andrew M           13     Virginia        104a--22
Woods         David              3      West Va         104a--25
Woods         Elizabeth R A      3      West Va         116a--38
Woods         Eunus              4      West Va         104a--33
Woods         George W           35     Virginia        116b---9
Woods         Harrison W         14     Virginia        116a--33
Woods         Isaac C            12     Virginia        116a--34
Woods         Isabela T          8      Virginia        104a--24
Woods         Jacob H            13     Virginia        116b---2
Woods         James              19     Virginia        104a--18
Woods         James              54     Virginia        104a--20
Woods         James F            16     Virginia        104a--31
Woods         Jane M             42     Virginia        116a--31
Woods         John F             7/12   West Va         116b--14
Woods         Joseph             48     Virginia        116b---6
Woods         Joseph H           18     Virginia        116a--32
Woods         Judy S             40     Virginia        104a--21
Woods         Laura S            2      West Va         116b--13
Woods         Lewis W            1      West Va         116a--39
Woods         Margaret           26     Virginia        116b--10
Woods         Margaret E         10     Virginia        104a--23
Woods         Mary A             4      West Va         116b--12
Woods         Matilda            14     Virginia        104a--32
Woods         Melcina J          2      West Va         116b---5
Woods         Phebe A            40     Virginia        116b---1
Woods         Rachel M           9      Virginia        116b---3
Woods         Rebecca            1      West Va         104a--26
Woods         Salina S           5      West Va         116b---4
Woods         Sarah              35     Virginia        104a--30
Woods         Shadrack C         43     Virginia        116a--40
Woods         Thomas J R         8      Virginia        116a--36
Woods         Tirzah V           7      Virginia        116b--11
Woods         Warden R           5      West Va         116a--37
Woods         William G W        10     Virginia        116a--35
Woods         William J          44     Virginia        116a--30
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the U.S. Data Repository was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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