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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family       LEFT     RIGHT
Absher        Edward         41a   11   41b
Adams         Anarus         29a   14   29b
Adams         Eli            44a   15   44b
Adams         James          37a   24   37b
Adams         James          44a   28   44b
Adams         William B.     44a   16   44b
Aldrich       Solomon        38a   7    38b
Alexander     Edmund         38a   11   38b
Alexander     George         38a   6    38b
Alexander     M. K.          22a   5    22b
Allen         Benjamin       31a   5    31b
Alsop         Thomas         25a   12   25b
Anderson      Robert         45a   18   45b
Anglin        Elisha         43a   21   43b
Archer        James M.       40a   16   40b
Archer        John C.        28a   7    28b
Atkyns        Chauncey       31a   21   31b
Atkyns        William        43a   20   43b
Auglin        Adrian         41a   9    41b
Auglin        John           43a   6    43b
Auglin        Moses          41a   14   41b
Austin        Elijah         27a   28   27b
Bailey        David          27a   13   27b
Bailey        James          28a   14   28b
Bailey        Willis         31a   28   31b
Baird         William        23a   20   23b
Ball          William        44a   12   44b
Barick        Alex M.        45a   24   45b
Barick        Peter          45a   29   45b
Barker        Sylvester      24a   12   24b
Barnet        Alex           34a   2    34b
Barnhill      Samuel         39a   23   39b
Barrow        Samuel         31a   22   31b
Bartley       William        25a   8    25b
Bartmiss      George         44a   18   44b
Bartmiss      Jacob          44a   17   44b
Bartmiss      Peter          44a   19   44b
Bassford      Jonathan       25a   13   25b
Bay           William        31a   2    31b
Beauchamp     Noah           30a   2    30b
Beauchamp     Noah Jr        30a   3    30b
Benson        James          27a   12   27b
Birch         Newel          25a   9    25b
Black         Alex           45a   9    45b
Blackburn     James M        28a   25   28b
Blackman      Remember       30a   6    30b
Bledsoe       Levi           31a   10   31b
Bloomfield    Robert         36a   2    36b
Board         Calvin         30a   19   30b
Board         George         30a   17   30b
Board         George G.      32a   14   32b
Bodine        John           29a   1    29b
Boland        Augustin E.    30a   10   30b
Bond          John           25a   21   25b
Bond          Solomon        26a   2    26b
Bouding       Richard        32a   12   32b
Bovell        Christiana     23a   23   23b
Bovell        James H.       23a   27   23b
Bovell        John           24a   10   24b
Bovell        William        23a   24   23b
Bovell        William W.     23a   3    23b
Boyers        Abraham        44a   27   44b
Boyers        Frederick      44a   26   44b
Boyers        Philip         45a   2    45b
Boyshine      John R.        43a   8    43b
Bratton       Joan           25a   10   25b
Brimberry     Isaac          44a   10   44b
Brimberry     Joseph         45a   27   45b
Brimberry     Samuel         37a   25   37b
Briscoe       William        29a   12   29b
Brock         Thomas         22a   21   22b
Brooks        Robert         23a   26   23b
Brooks        Thomas M.      23a   7    23b
Brown         Alosius        29a   6    29b
Brown         John           29a   15   29b
Brown         Jonathan W.    45a   23   45b
Brown         Robert         24a   11   24b
Brown         Samuel W.      40a   14   40b
Brown         Thomas         38a   5    38b
Buntain       Thomas J.      30a   24   30b
Bunton        Levi           46a   2    46b
Burgess       John           43a   26   43b
Byers         Edward         30a   22   30b
Cairy         Thomas         44a   8    44b
Callums       Gilbert        32a   26   32b
Camarce       John           46a   15   46b
Camp          Abisha         35a   16   35b
Campbell      Calisthus      35a   6    35b
Campbell      Eugenis        23a   17   23b
Canary        Abraham        26a   11   26b
Canary        John           26a   15   26b
Canary        Luther         26a   3    26b
Cankey        Alex           28a   6    28b
Capham        Alonzo         28a   28   28b
Casady        Daniel         40a   5    40b
Casady        G. W.          28a   16   28b
Center        E.             23a   18   23b
Chandler      Levi           33a   17   33b
Chasteen      James          46a   18   46b
Chin          Rolley         41a   10   41b
Christian     William        32a   25   32b
Clap          John           38a   9    38b
Clap          Joseph         40a   9    40b
Clap          Levi           42a   27   42b
Clay          Charles        33a   22   33b
Clay          Elijah         33a   24   33b
Clemens       Francis        29a   5    29b
Clemens       John           32a   10   32b
Clinkinbeard  Joseph         27a   4    27b
Coleman       Lewis          41a   3    41b
Collam        William        24a   4    24b
Collins       H. G.          28a   3    28b
Colvin        John           46a   14   46b
Combs         Jacob          39a   25   39b
Corey         James          41a   17   41b
Crabtree      Hiram          29a   23   29b
Crafton       Wyley          47a   3    47b
Crago         Eli            24a   26   24b
Craig         Alex           39a   17   39b
Craig         David          22a   17   22b
Craig         Robert         38a   26   38b
Craig         Thomas         38a   25   38b
Craig         Thomas         39a   16   39b
Craig         William        36a   12   36b
Creech        Elias          43a   14   43b
Creech        Isaac          41a   28   41b
Crimms        Thomas         29a   8    29b
Cripey        William T.     28a   9    28b
Criss         Isaac          46a   4    46b
Criss         Jacob          47a   1    47b
Criss         Jeremiah       46a   3    46b
Criss         John           44a   11   44b
Criss         Reason         42a   25   42b
Crook         Basnet         22a   18   22b
Crouch        James          35a   25   35b
Crozier       David          23a   4    23b
Cummins       Robert         34a   28   34b
Cummins       William        33a   2    33b
Cunningham    Isaac          37a   21   37b
Curtis        Joseph         46a   17   46b
Curtis        Reuben         28a   4    28b
Darnold       Thomas         43a   13   43b
Daugharty     Willis         37a   23   37b
Daugherty     Isaac          40a   12   40b
Daugherty     Joel           46a   24   46b
Daugherty     Thomas         46a   23   46b
Davis         Absolum        32a   5    32b
Davis         Adam           32a   7    32b
Davis         Alex           36a   21   36b
Davis         Ebenezer       29a   26   29b
Davis         George         36a   17   36b
Davis         Presley        34a   15   34b
Davis         Solomon        37a   18   37b
Davis         Uriah          32a   8    32b
Dawson        Thos W.        29a   24   29b
Deadman       Larken         37a   16   37b
Delap         Hiram          28a   8    28b
Delap         Robert         46a   12   46b
Denham        Obed W.        35a   15   35b
Desart        Abraham        46a   13   46b
Deshazer      John           32a   24   32b
Dick          Jacob          45a   19   45b
Dickey        David          23a   13   23b
Dill          Abner          22a   7    22b
Dill          Benjamin       46a   20   46b
Disart        Francis        28a   5    28b
Disart        George         27a   26   27b
Disart        Peter          26a   22   26b
Douthat       Solomon        31a   12   31b
Drake         Henery         26a   18   26b
Drake         William        26a   17   26b
Driskel       Cristeny       45a   13   45b
Duck          James          31a   16   31b
Dudley        James          32a   2    32b
Dunn          Joseph         40a   11   40b
Duper         Able           27a   15   27b
Duper         Hiram          27a   16   27b
Durham        Sylar          40a   10   40b
Dutul         Peter          22a   2    22b
This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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