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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family       LEFT     RIGHT
Lafferty      Marshal        46a   1    46b
Lamasters     James          40a   7    40b
Lamb          Abner          30a   28   30b
Lamb          John           37a   26   37b
Lamb          Jordan         24a   3    24b
Lane          Daniel         28a   20   28b
Lang          Edward         32a   3    32b
Langley       George W.      33a   23   33b
Langley       Isaac          33a   28   33b
Lanier        Robert         45a   25   45b
Lansan        John           38a   1    38b
Laughlin      William K      23a   8    23b
Law           William        45a   21   45b
Lawrence      James B        29a   11   29b
Laws          Darius         37a   27   37b
Lawson        William        29a   4    29b
Lazewell      John           32a   19   32b
Lee           Enoch          39a   6    39b
Lee           George         42a   24   42b
Lee           Stephen        40a   8    40b
Lewis         William        33a   20   33b
Lightfoot     Wm T.          35a   20   35b
Lindsey       John           43a   3    43b
Lindsey       Vincent        41a   4    41b
Link          Daniel         40a   23   40b
Link          Emanuel        40a   24   40b
Link          Jacob          40a   21   40b
Littlefield   Sam            25a   16   25b
Lockheart     William        32a   23   32b
Lowry         Baron T        25a   5    25b
Lowry         James          29a   19   29b
Lowry         John           25a   27   25b
Lowry         Samuel E.      29a   20   29b
Lowry         William        24a   15   24b
Lycan         Andrew B.      24a   5    24b
Lycan         John           23a   5    23b
Macy          Samuel         31a   13   31b
Mako          George         22a   28   22b
Malcomb       Henery         33a   6    33b
Manning       John           25a   25   25b
Marrs         Christopher    27a   10   27b
Marrs         James          27a   11   27b
Marrs         Samuel         27a   8    27b
Marrs         Sylvanus       27a   9    27b
Martin        Joshua M.      26a   26   26b
Martin        Stephan        31a   24   31b
Mathews       Drake          25a   18   25b
Mathews       John           22a   6    22b
Matkin        Joseph         41a   24   41b
Mayo          Jonathan       22a   26   22b
Mayo          William J.     23a   1    23b
McAdams       James          39a   22   39b
McCandlas     James          33a   3    33b
McClain       Matthew        27a   27   27b
McConley      John S.        24a   7    24b
McCracken     Joseph         44a   4    44b
McDaniel      Peuben         22a   3    22b
McDougal      Samuel         26a   6    26b
McGahen       William        37a   17   37b
McGee         Jesse          32a   27   32b
McGuire       Solomon        30a   20   30b
McIlhany      John B.        42a   1    42b
McKee         John           25a   24   25b
McMillan      Robert         42a   15   42b
McNut         John K.        34a   26   34b
Means         William        24a   9    24b
Meran         Samuel         42a   3    42b
Metcalf       William        37a   6    37b
Miburn        Electius       40a   20   40b
Michael       John           22a   12   22b
Milburn       John           35a   5    35b
Miller        James M.       40a   2    40b
Millner       Aaron          39a   24   39b
Mock          George         32a   28   32b
Mock          John           34a   1    34b
Montgomery    William        35a   19   35b
Morg          Jeremiah V.    40a   17   40b
Morgan        David          40a   1    40b
Morgan        Nathaniel      42a   26   42b
Morgan        Samuel         39a   11   39b
Morgan        Wells          24a   14   24b
Moris         Elias          37a   13   37b
Morrison      Mary           31a   11   31b
Mullins       Paul           38a   2    38b
Mullins       William        36a   28   36b
Mulvany       William        29a   7    29b
Murphy        Bayles         39a   7    39b
Murphy        Joanah         30a   12   30b
Murphy        Thomas         40a   26   40b
Murphy        Tilman         35a   17   35b
Murphy        William        28a   26   28b
Myers         Abraham        30a   27   30b
Myers         John           39a   27   39b
Napier        Ashford        38a   22   38b
Naylor        David          27a   5    27b
Naylor        William        41a   12   41b
Neel          James          35a   7    35b
Newcomb       Dan M.         28a   10   28b
Newcomb       William        29a   28   29b
Newlan        Hiram          31a   6    31b
Newlon        John           29a   18   29b
Nickles       John           38a   13   38b
Nickles       Nancy          35a   10   35b
Nickles       Robert         39a   18   39b
Nobles        Jonathan       44a   13   44b
Nobles        Peter          44a   14   44b
Noel          L. R.          38a   3    38b
Northcut      William        45a   26   45b
Nunaly        N. W.          23a   11   23b
Ogden         Jonathan       36a   15   36b
O'Hair        Betsy          36a   14   36b
O'Hair        Michael        36a   16   36b
O'Hair        Thomas         36a   11   36b
Olmsted       John P.        41a   25   41b
Olmsted       Moses          44a   3    44b
Osbourn       Aaron          45a   20   45b
Owens         Benny          37a   15   37b
Oxendine      David          39a   4    39b
Oxendine      Stephen        39a   2    39b
Page          David          39a   3    39b
Parish        Abednego       34a   14   34b
Parish        J. W.          34a   13   34b
Parishaw      John           41a   1    41b
Parishaw      Joseph         40a   27   40b
Patterson     David          34a   9    34b
Patterson     James          35a   24   35b
Patterson     Jonathan       34a   12   34b
Patterson     Thomas B.      36a   8    36b
Patton        William        23a   2    23b
Paul          Marshfield     27a   23   27b
Penale        Frederick      38a   27   38b
Pence         John           43a   5    43b
Phares        Johnston J     22a   25   22b
Phelps        Anson          45a   22   45b
Philips       George         37a   14   37b
Pinson        Aaron          28a   19   28b
Pinson        Thomas         30a   15   30b
Popham        Ezekiel        28a   15   28b
Popham        Humphry        22a   4    22b
Prater        William        31a   25   31b
Prior         Edward H.      31a   7    31b
Pucket        William        33a   26   33b
Pural         Edward         32a   20   32b
Quiet         Hiram          23a   10   23b
Quivey        Erastus        41a   21   41b
Rally         William        45a   28   45b
Ramsay        Isaac          24a   20   24b
Raunsafel     Nathan         28a   21   28b
Ray           Andrew         33a   5    33b
Ray           Isaac          33a   4    33b
Ray           James          35a   18   35b
Ray           John           31a   3    31b
Ray           John           33a   21   33b
Ray           Robert         22a   15   22b
Redmond       George         37a   2    37b
Redmond       George         40a   13   40b
Redmond       George Jr      37a   4    37b
Redmond       Greenberry     37a   22   37b
Redmond       Ledston        40a   15   40b
Reeds         Noah           28a   27   28b
Reid          Walter         32a   4    32b
Reynolds      Barna B.       29a   3    29b
Rhodes        Jacob          35a   27   35b
Rhodes        Thomas         36a   1    36b
Rice          Roash          25a   4    25b
Riley         John W.        26a   16   26b
Ripple        Daniel         34a   19   34b
Ripple        John           43a   2    43b
Ripple        Michael        43a   4    43b
Roberts       George W       46a   27   46b
Roberts       Nathan         42a   4    42b
Robinson      Winston        40a   25   40b
Robison       Richard        43a   24   43b
Rogers        Abraham        43a   12   43b
Rogers        Elias          26a   8    26b
Rogers        Elias Jr       26a   9    26b
Rogers        Matthew        42a   13   42b
Rogers        Matthew Jr     42a   17   42b
Rogers        William        42a   16   42b
Role          David          34a   8    34b
Roy           John           31a   23   31b
Runions       Wier           29a   22   29b
Runions       William        29a   21   29b
This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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