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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family       LEFT     RIGHT
Sain          William        30a   9    30b
Sallie        Oliver         38a   19   38b
Sanford       Isaac          32a   16   32b
Satilse       Elisha         28a   2    28b
Satilse       Gideon         27a   3    27b
Satilse       Ora            28a   1    28b
Saunders      Esther         46a   11   46b
Saunders      Hugh           44a   21   44b
Scott         James          37a   19   37b
Scott         Joseph         26a   25   26b
Scott         Margaret       27a   2    27b
Scott         Matthew R.     25a   20   25b
Scott         Moses          27a   1    27b
Scott         Robert J.      25a   19   25b
Scott         Samuel         24a   21   24b
Sears         Christopher    40a   22   40b
Sears         Israel D.      46a   16   46b
Shaver        James          30a   18   30b
Shaw          Aaron          34a   20   34b
Shaw          Alex           32a   11   32b
Shaw          John           31a   26   31b
Shaw          Joseph         34a   22   34b
Shaw          Smith          24a   1    24b
Shelledy      Edward         23a   22   23b
Shelledy      G. B.          22a   1    22b
Shelledy      Stephin B      23a   9    23b
Shields       Robert         22a   8    22b
Shields       William        33a   7    33b
Shook         William        44a   22   44b
Shoptaw       Nicholas       31a   9    31b
Shrader       John           41a   6    41b
Shrader       William        41a   8    41b
Shucks        Frederick      41a   22   41b
Shucks        William        41a   23   41b
Sims          Hall           34a   6    34b
Sims          John           36a   22   36b
Sixon         Thomas         26a   23   26b
Sizemore      John           36a   27   36b
Slater        John           45a   6    45b
Slider        Joseph         29a   25   29b
Smart         Joseph         46a   25   46b
Smith         Absalom        42a   23   42b
Smith         Amos           27a   25   27b
Smith         James Sidney   41a   18   41b
Smith         John           32a   15   32b
Smith         Joseph         27a   24   27b
Smith         Philip         42a   22   42b
Smith         Thomas         41a   26   41b
Smith         William        32a   21   32b
Smith         William        42a   14   42b
Snow          Hercules       34a   3    34b
Snow          John William   35a   22   35b
Sowder        Peter          41a   19   41b
Spencer       William        33a   18   33b
Sprague       Abraham        26a   20   26b
Sprague       Gorus P.       38a   4    38b
Sprague       Hubble         26a   21   26b
Squier        Lyman R.       26a   28   26b
Stand         Thomas         40a   19   40b
Stanfield     Samuel         26a   19   26b
Stapleton     Joseph         42a   6    42b
Stark         Arch           45a   17   45b
Stark         Daniel         45a   7    45b
Stark         Levi           45a   5    45b
Stark         Samuel         44a   23   44b
Stark         Simion         45a   8    45b
Starr         Elijah         46a   21   46b
Starr         John           38a   8    38b
Stephinson    Jonathan       26a   24   26b
Stewart       Joseph H       36a   25   36b
Stinson       Alex           22a   24   22b
Stout         Adriel         23a   6    23b
Strange       John           30a   25   30b
Strange       William        30a   21   30b
Stratton      John           30a   5    30b
Stump         David          35a   28   35b
Stump         Francis        36a   4    36b
Sutherland    Arick          44a   2    44b
Sutherland    Daniel         44a   1    44b
Tailor        Jacob          38a   28   38b
Tain          John           36a   26   36b
Tain          Thomas N.      36a   24   36b
Taylor        Gabriel N.     32a   18   32b
Taylor        James          43a   1    43b
Taylor        Joseph         33a   16   33b
Taylor        Simon          33a   27   33b
Tennery       Thomas         23a   28   23b
Thompson      Joseph         24a   23   24b
Thompson      Nancy          35a   9    35b
Thompson      Robert         36a   19   36b
Thompson      Thomas         24a   22   24b
Thornton      Levi           23a   25   23b
Tiple         George         26a   27   26b
Toddr**       Thomas         26a   7    26b
Tolbert       John           45a   16   45b
Trimble       William C      25a   3    25b
Troyden       Samuel         32a   6    32b
Tucker        John           31a   15   31b
Tucker        Kelly R.       27a   6    27b
Tucker        Osbourn        27a   7    27b
Tumbleson     George         30a   4    30b
Tungate       Peter          42a   7    42b
Turner        George         35a   23   35b
Vance         A. M.          23a   21   23b
Vance         John           24a   8    24b
Vance         Samuel         24a   6    24b
VanDine       Henery         25a   17   25b
Vanhautan     Ben            31a   14   31b
Vanhautan     Isaac          31a   19   31b
Vanhautan     Vm             31a   20   31b
Varvel        Andrew         36a   6    36b
Vaught        John           34a   7    34b
Vaughter      Alfred W.      41a   27   41b
Vincent       James          43a   17   43b
Waits         Jane           46a   8    46b
Waldrope      John           45a   12   45b
Walker        Bebla          35a   21   35b
Waller        Jesse          37a   5    37b
Walters       Abraham        42a   11   42b
Wane          Benjamin       46a   28   46b
Warner        John           29a   13   29b
Wascomb       Daniel         24a   27   24b
Wase          John           40a   18   40b
Wayn          Jonathan       24a   2    24b
Wayn          Lewis          22a   11   22b
Wayn          Nath           22a   9    22b
Welch         George         30a   16   30b
Welch         John           24a   16   24b
Wells         Absolum        37a   11   37b
Wells         Elijah         39a   10   39b
Wells         Elizabeth      39a   15   39b
Wells         James          36a   13   36b
Wells         Samuel         40a   3    40b
White         Middleton      37a   1    37b
White         Thomas         46a   7    46b
Whitehead     Silas          44a   24   44b
Whitley       William        22a   27   22b
Whuler        Fanny          25a   26   25b
Wilkins       William        23a   19   23b
Willey        James          26a   4    26b
Williams      Allen          22a   16   22b
Williams      Moses          38a   15   38b
Williams      Samuel         41a   15   41b
Willis        David          26a   1    26b
Wilson        Brown          22a   20   22b
Wilson        James D.       44a   9    44b
Wilson        John           25a   2    25b
Wilson        John           30a   1    30b
Wilson        Matilda        41a   13   41b
Wilson        Rueben         42a   2    42b
Wilson        Thomas         34a   17   34b
Windsor       Henery         42a   19   42b
Wise          Daniel         24a   25   24b
Wood          Abner          33a   25   33b
Wood          Abraham        43a   11   43b
Wood          Abraham        43a   28   43b
Wood          Avary          37a   28   37b
Wood          Joseph         35a   11   35b
Wood          Thomas         35a   12   35b
Wood          William        35a   13   35b
Woodall       Stephen        30a   7    30b
Woodrum       A.             23a   12   23b
Woods         John           35a   26   35b
Wright        Alex           37a   20   37b
Wright        Thomas J.      39a   26   39b
Wyatt         Catherine      26a   5    26b
Wyatt         William        25a   6    25b
Wyley         James          23a   16   23b
Wymple        Myrand         27a   20   27b
Young         John           39a   21   39b
This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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