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This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family       LEFT     RIGHT
Earl          James B.       44a   7    44b
Earley        Josiah         24a   28   24b
Eliot         Palmer D.      35a   2    35b
Ellige        Elijah         38a   21   38b
Ellige        Isaac          39a   14   39b
Ellige        William        39a   12   39b
Elliot        John           33a   9    33b
Esom          Oster          32a   9    32b
Evans         Evan           30a   13   30b
Evans         Thomas         30a   14   30b
Evans         William        30a   8    30b
Ewing         Alex           33a   10   33b
Ewing         Alex           34a   25   34b
Ewing         George         34a   27   34b
Ewing         Nath           33a   11   33b
Fagan         Giles          23a   15   23b
Fanin         Akalis         38a   20   38b
Faris         James          45a   15   45b
Farnham       James          31a   27   31b
Farnish       Thomas         30a   11   30b
Farrar        Green W.       43a   15   43b
Farrar        Peter          43a   18   43b
Farrar        William        41a   2    41b
Farrar        William        43a   16   43b
Farth         William        34a   4    34b
Feese         William        41a   7    41b
Ferrel        John           47a   2    47b
Fine          Solomon        43a   27   43b
Fisher        George         25a   7    25b
Fitzgerald    Andrew         31a   8    31b
Flash         James          46a   26   46b
Flood         William        37a   12   37b
Forkner       William        35a   3    35b
Fortner       James          39a   13   39b
Foster        Arthur         34a   10   34b
Foster        John           35a   1    35b
Foster        Thomas         34a   11   34b
French        George         33a   1    33b
Fuller        Hiram          27a   21   27b
Fuller        John           29a   27   29b
Fuller        Nathiel        30a   23   30b
Fuller        Porter         27a   22   27b
Furguson      William B      31a   4    31b
Gamron        James          39a   1    39b
Gamron        James Sen      39a   5    39b
Gamron        Jesse          46a   19   46b
Gannon        Daniel         29a   9    29b
Gannon        William        24a   13   24b
Gannon        William Sen    29a   10   29b
Gibson        Robert         29a   16   29b
Gibson        William        39a   19   39b
Gill          Robert         42a   12   42b
Gill          William        42a   8    42b
Gilmore       Michael        23a   14   23b
Gist          William        32a   1    32b
Goodman       George         45a   3    45b
Gordon        James          26a   12   26b
Gordon        William        26a   13   26b
Green         William        37a   3    37b
Greer         George         44a   25   44b
Griffin       Austin         38a   12   38b
Griffin       James          39a   28   39b
Griffin       Robert         38a   24   38b
Grigsbey      Samuel         28a   11   28b
Grigsby       Moses          29a   2    29b
Gulaspie      James          28a   24   28b
Guyman        Isaiah         38a   16   38b
Guymon        Thomas         36a   23   36b
Guynion       John           36a   18   36b
Hall          James          46a   22   46b
Hamilton      George         44a   20   44b
Handley       Joseph         43a   9    43b
Handley       Samuel         35a   4    35b
Hanks         William        36a   5    36b
Harbaugh      Jacob          36a   10   36b
Harbaugh      John           36a   9    36b
Hardin        Thomas         25a   22   25b
Hardwick      Lucina         39a   8    39b
Hassan        Garret         25a   28   25b
Hatfield      Edward         34a   16   34b
Hatfield      Thomas         34a   18   34b
Hawkins       Ben            38a   10   38b
Hawkins       Leonard        27a   14   27b
Hayworth      Maylan         24a   19   24b
Helmick       William        43a   19   43b
Henderson     Isaac          24a   17   24b
Henderson     Robert         42a   18   42b
Hennly        Aaron          28a   13   28b
Hensely       Chrisley       43a   10   43b
Hester        Ferrel         32a   22   32b
Heyden        James          43a   7    43b
Hickers       John           29a   17   29b
Hicklin       Thomas         36a   7    36b
Hill          Disa           35a   14   35b
Hill          Sion           46a   10   46b
Hinson        Henery         46a   5    46b
Hite          Joseph         41a   5    41b
Hix           John           40a   28   40b
Hobbs         Enos           25a   14   25b
Holden        Cornelius      27a   18   27b
Holden        Samuel         27a   17   27b
Holdom        Henery         26a   10   26b
Holeston      John           34a   5    34b
Horton        Dan            44a   6    44b
Hoskins       James          22a   10   22b
Hotchkiss     Horace         44a   5    44b
House         John           36a   3    36b
Howel         Abiathus       31a   18   31b
Howerton      Nathan         38a   23   38b
Hubanks       James          28a   23   28b
Hubanks       Thomas         28a   22   28b
Hughbanks     James          30a   26   30b
Hunsaker      Ben            34a   23   34b
Hunsaker      Matt           34a   24   34b
Hunt          Nath R.        39a   20   39b
Hunt          Sylvester      27a   19   27b
Hurst         Elisha         38a   17   38b
Hyatt         Reuben         43a   22   43b
Imbler        John           34a   21   34b
Ingle         Nelly          25a   23   25b
Irvick        Jacob          37a   7    37b
Irvin         Elias          45a   14   45b
Isaac         Elias          22a   23   22b
Jackson       Lewis          25a   1    25b
Jaco          Dora           33a   12   33b
James         Levi           43a   25   43b
James         Samuel W.      40a   6    40b
James         William        38a   14   38b
James         William        40a   4    40b
James         William Sen    43a   23   43b
Janes         Thomas         39a   9    39b
Joes          George         37a   9    37b
Joes          Miron          37a   8    37b
Johnston      Arthur         31a   1    31b
Johnston      Benjamin       41a   20   41b
Johnston      Daniel S.      22a   19   22b
Johnston      Furgus         45a   11   45b
Johnston      Isaac          41a   16   41b
Johnston      James          42a   20   42b
Johnston      Madison        28a   17   28b
Johnston      Silas          42a   21   42b
Jones         Aron           24a   18   24b
Jones         Elizabeth      37a   10   37b
Jones         Jacob          25a   11   25b
Jones         James          22a   13   22b
Jones         Joseph P.      22a   22   22b
Jones         Richard        38a   18   38b
Jones         Richard Y.     24a   24   24b
Jones         Samuel         25a   15   25b
Jones         Thomas         36a   20   36b
Kelly         John M.        35a   8    35b
Kern          John           45a   10   45b
Kester        Absalom        45a   1    45b
Kester        Nathan         45a   4    45b
Kidwell       Delany         46a   6    46b
Kidwell       Hanah          42a   10   42b
Kidwell       James          42a   9    42b
Kidwell       John           42a   5    42b
Kimble        Lawson         28a   18   28b
Kimbraugh     John A.        46a   9    46b
Kimbraugh     Richard C.     31a   17   31b
King          George G.      32a   17   32b
King          Samuel         28a   12   28b
Kirk          Benjamin       22a   14   22b
Kirkpatrick   William        26a   14   26b
Kngith        William        33a   19   33b
Knight        James          33a   13   33b
Knight        James Sen      33a   14   33b
Knight        Joseph         33a   15   33b
Knight        Thomas         33a   8    33b
Kratzer       Afinity        32a   13   32b
This index was transcribed by Connie Burkett
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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