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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Abernatha     Ephraim       14a    10   14b
Alexander     Ebenezer      24a    14   24b
Alexander     James         07a    17   07b
Anderson      Jeremiah      08a    20   08b
Anderson      John E.       12a    26   12b
Armstrong     A.            04a    05   04b
Armstrong     Lucretia      05a    04   05b
Arrington     James H.      24a    20   24b
Asbel         Aaron         06a    07   06b
Asbel         Aaron         23a    03   23b
Ashbrook      James         21a    10   21b
Ashbrook      Joseph        21a    11   21b
Ashburn       William       15a    04   15b
Ashworth      A. L.         13a    17   13b
Aspley        John          08a    16   08b
Atherton      Kinady        13a    27   13b
Atherton      Moses         08a    21   08b
Atkinson      John B.       19a    06   19b
Attebery      Michael       04a    21   04b
Ayers         Arthur        02a    23   02b
Babbs         John W.       19a    09   19b
Baine         James         19a    05   19b
Baird         Samuel        24a    06   24b
Baird         Taylor        24a    05   24b
Baird         William       24a    07   24b
Baldridge     Daniel        05a    03   05b
Baldwin       Martha        04a    12   04b
Balinger      Benjamin      05a    20   05b
Barkelow      John          22a    06   22b
Barnes        Benjamin      15a    18   15b
Barnes        Cullin        07a    19   07b
Barnes        Stephen       17a    18   17b
Barnes        William       10a    07   10b
Barnett       Isaac         20a    12   20b
Barnett       Levi          20a    13   20b
Bartlett      Henry         26a    02   26b
Baskins       Aaron         20a    18   20b
Batey         James         12a    07   12b
Batts         Geraldis      03a    23   03b
Batts         Joseph        04a    18   04b
Beachamp      Jno.          02a    01   02b
Beard         John          16a    26   16b
Beard         Joseph        16a    27   16b
Beard         William       09a    25   09b
Beason        Moses         12a    09   12b
Beeton        Acy           25a    20   25b
Bell          Benjamin      07a    26   07b
Bell          Jarrett       23a    24   23b
Bell          William W.    04a    25   04b
Bennett       Harden        16a    11   16b
Bennett       John          25a    14   25b
Bennett       Thomas        24a    17   24b
Bennett       William       06a    03   06b
Benum         Eli           15a    16   15b
Benum         William       15a    05   15b
Biggs         Francis       19a    01   19b
Binford       Robert        09a    22   09b
Bird          John          03a    22   03b
Bird          Mary          14a    23   14b
Blackmore     Paul          14a    24   14b
Bog***        James         10a    28   10b
Bone          Aaron         09a    17   09b
Bone          Francis       22a    23   22b
Bone          Harmon        13a    21   13b
Bone          John          09a    13   09b
Bonner        William       22a    27   22b
Boren         Abner         15a    24   15b
Boren         Nancy         15a    25   15b
Bourough      David         13a    23   13b
Boven         Moses         17a    22   17b
Bowles        Ann S.        11a    12   11b
Boyd          William       26a    11   26b
Boze          William       25a    02   25b
Bradley       Elijah        03a    25   03b
Breacker      Amos          12a    12   12b
Browder       A.            23a    17   23b
Browder       David         25a    17   25b
Brown         A.            23a    19   23b
Brown         B.            06a    04   06b
Brown         Harvey        23a    22   23b
Brown         Henrietta     12a    23   12b
Brown         James         25a    21   25b
Brown         John          16a    10   16b
Brown         Sterling      23a    06   23b
Brown         William       12a    20   12b
Brumfield     Richard B.    25a    13   25b
Buckly        N.            23a    28   23b
Bugg          James         09a    28   09b
Bugg          Sherman       09a    19   09b
Bumper        James         24a    18   24b
Burges        Peter         21a    24   21b
Burges        William       21a    21   21b
Burgess       John          22a    04   22b
Burgess       Thomas H.     22a    02   22b
Butler        Edward        16a    21   16b
Caldwell      Allen         03a    01   03b
Campbell      Duncan        23a    02   23b
Campbell      James         02a    18   02b
Campbell      John          03a    15   03b
Campbell      Mary          16a    02   16b
Campbell      Robert        03a    14   03b
Campbell      William J.    15a    02   15b
Cargil        John H.       06a    19   06b
Carr          Ben           25a    04   25b
Carter        Henry         07a    03   07b
Cartwright    B. G.         22a    09   22b
Cates         Owen G.       11a    10   11b
Cha**s        ***           10a    17   10b
Chambers      James         16a    01   16b
Chambers      Onvy          24a    25   24b
Chambers      Thomas W.     02a    06   02b
Childers      Jacob         12a    15   12b
Christopher   L. P.         02a    21   02b
Clark         John B.       20a    03   20b
Clark         Joseph        10a    22   10b
Clark         Silas         09a    08   09b
Clayton       Alfred        06a    21   06b
Clayton       William       07a    01   07b
Clure         John          20a    22   20b
Coffield      Grisham       15a    23   15b
Cole          J. E.         22a    21   22b
Cole          Maxico        20a    20   20b
Collins       David W.      02a    15   02b
Collins       Joseph        14a    09   14b
Connelly      William       20a    25   20b
Cook          Elizabeth     11a    05   11b
Cook          G. W.         18a    28   18b
Cook          Seth          10a    21   10b
Cook          William B.    12a    03   12b
Cooksey       John          21a    18   21b
Corbett       Jacob         17a    24   17b
Corkan        William       08a    08   08b
Cotrell       George        08a    17   08b
Coulter       Charles       10a    04   10b
Cox           Thomas        24a    19   24b
Cravens       Jere          20a    10   20b
Creekmoor     C.            23a    23   23b
Cregg         James W.      25a    18   25b
Cromwell      Richard       03a    11   03b
Cropland      Samuel        08a    28   08b
Cross         John R.       12a    17   12b
Cross         Joshua        12a    19   12b
Culpeper      James H.      24a    12   24b
Cunningham    Merrell       05a    15   05b
Daniel        E. A.         26a    14   26b
Dauherty      Thomas        07a    02   07b
Davage        Reason        02a    05   02b
Davidson      Caleb         24a    21   24b
Davis         Gabriel       13a    02   13b
Davis         John          13a    06   13b
Davis         John          17a    04   17b
Davis         Jonathan      02a    16   02b
Davis         Joseph        21a    14   21b
Davis         Morgan        25a    07   25b
Davis         Moses         13a    01   13b
Davis         Peter         20a    11   20b
Davis         Samuel        11a    22   11b
Deeds         Joseph        16a    07   16b
Deweese       Henry         13a    10   13b
Deweese       John          13a    07   13b
Deweese       William       13a    09   13b
Dickins       Richard       04a    16   04b
Dilbach       Isaac         22a    15   22b
Dobson        William       03a    19   03b
Dodd          William       19a    27   19b
Dodson        David N.      12a    01   12b
Dodson        William       23a    11   23b
Doom          Henry         03a    18   03b
Doom          Isaac         02a    17   02b
Doom          Jacob         05a    07   05b
Doom          John          05a    12   05b
Duffil        Enis          24a    02   24b
Dugless       Jesse         05a    05   05b
Dugless       John          23a    13   23b
Dugless       Martin        05a    06   05b
Dunlap        Allen         07a    22   07b
Dunlap        James         08a    14   08b
Dunn          David         25a    26   25b
Dunn          Sampson       23a    15   23b
The free display of the 1830 Hickman County, Kentucky census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Chuck Lindwall and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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