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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Lacewell      John          14a    12   14b
Lacewell      William       04a    11   04b
Leachman      John          23a    09   23b
Lester        Josiah        18a    22   18b
Lewis         Abraham       26a    03   26b
Lewis         Amos          18a    04   18b
Lewis         James         25a    27   25b
Lewis         James         26a    05   26b
Lewis         Jonathan      26a    04   26b
Lewis         Panelopy      26a    13   26b
Lewis         R. N.         11a    21   11b
Ligrand       John O.       04a    03   04b
Lilley        E. B.         19a    04   19b
Linder        John          25a    09   25b
Linder        William       25a    10   25b
Loafman       Benjamin      17a    05   17b
Lockett       James         10a    29   10b
Lockridge     James         09a    06   09b
Lockridge     James H.      10a    02   10b
Long          George        09a    21   09b
Long          John          09a    10   09b
Loper         Jonathan D.   16a    04   16b
Loven         Mary          14a    22   14b
Lynch         Josiah        25a    19   25b
M***gham      Simeon        10a    15   10b
Macon         Abner         09a    24   09b
Maddox        Elijah        06a    13   06b
Mahan         Peter         13a    25   13b
Mahan         William       02a    14   02b
Mahew         James L.      20a    26   20b
Manus         John          04a    24   04b
Manus         Nancy         04a    26   04b
Marshall      John          20a    14   20b
Marshall      Joseph        19a    20   19b
Marson        John          08a    11   08b
Martin        James         18a    10   18b
Martin        Janet         03a    02   03b
Martin        Lewis         07a    04   07b
Masby         Daniel        12a    16   12b
Masters       John          13a    08   13b
Matheny       William       14a    16   14b
Mathery       Collings      02a    07   02b
Matthews      Butler        10a    10   10b
Matthews      Levon         19a    25   19b
Mayes         John          02a    12   02b
McClenden     James B.      04a    19   04b
McClenden     William       07a    21   07b
McCloud       John          19a    23   19b
McCloud       William       09a    20   09b
McDaniel      A.            11a    13   11b
McFall        Saml. P.      02a    03   02b
McIntosh      Benjamin W.   19a    24   19b
McKinney      John          24a    03   24b
McKinney      Robert        23a    12   23b
McKinney      Samuel        23a    16   23b
McQuarey      Micajah       03a    09   03b
Mear          James         22a    16   22b
Menser        David         17a    14   17b
Meshew        Jesse         14a    08   14b
Milburn       William       21a    08   21b
Miliner       John          15a    19   15b
Mills         A. R.         06a    09   06b
Mills         Absalom       14a    25   14b
Mills         William       06a    10   06b
Milner        Benjamin      23a    10   23b
Mineer        Noah          22a    14   22b
Minser        Solomon       18a    03   18b
Mitchell      Jeremiah      18a    01   18b
Mitchell      William       12a    08   12b
Montgomery    Joseph        18a    15   18b
Moor          Ira           07a    07   07b
Moor          Thomas N.     08a    05   08b
Morgan        Thomas        10a    03   10b
Morris        Elijah        07a    09   07b
Morris        Frances       20a    28   20b
Morris        Joseph S.     07a    16   07b
Morris        William       20a    09   20b
Morrow        John          15a    26   15b
Mott          James         07a    05   07b
Mott          Mary          26a    07   26b
Moulder       Haley         19a    28   19b
Mullin        F. H.         14a    01   14b
Murphey       James         16a    03   16b
Myers         Henry         13a    22   13b
Myers         John          14a    04   14b
Neal          Thomas        09a    03   09b
Neale         Andrew        20a    08   20b
Neale         Thomas, Jr.   22a    20   22b
Neale         William       02a    13   02b
Nelson        Mary Ann      11a    14   11b
Nevill        G. W.         02a    08   02b
Newton        William       04a    28   04b
Nichol        John W.       23a    08   23b
Nichols       James W.      22a    28   22b
Nichols       John          10a    13   10b
Nichols       Wi***         10a    16   10b
Nolen         Robert        19a    22   19b
Odaniel       James         03a    24   03b
Oliver        Martin        18a    02   18b
Oliver        Shadrick      23a    05   23b
Oliver        William       05a    11   05b
Oneal         Barnard       24a    26   24b
Oneal         John          25a    06   25b
Oneal         William B.    07a    13   07b
Orr           Hugh          09a    26   09b
Outlaw        D. A.         02a    04   02b
Outlaw        John C.       05a    22   05b
Overton       Jno.          02a    02   02b
Owen          Hezekiah      26a    17   26b
Owen          Rueben        06a    05   06b
Owen          Thomas        26a    16   26b
Owen          William       20a    24   20b
Owens         David         10a    09   10b
Palsgrove     Henry         06a    01   06b
Palsgrove     John          05a    27   05b
Parker        Edward        09a    16   09b
Parker        Elisha        17a    25   17b
Parker        James         07a    10   07b
Parker        Stephen       17a    07   17b
Parker        William       17a    06   17b
Parrish       Ransson       20a    06   20b
Patrick       Andrew        24a    23   24b
Patterson     Thomas        19a    13   19b
Paxton        Amos          05a    09   05b
Penney        Enoch         19a    10   19b
Phillips      Burrell       06a    06   06b
Phillips      Harrison      11a    07   11b
Phillips      John G.       19a    21   19b
Piercefield   Jeremiah      09a    01   09b
Powel         Robert        19a    03   19b
Prentis       Francis       02a    10   02b
Priest        Fielden S.    05a    14   05b
Priestly      Phillander    02a    09   02b
Puntney       Joseph        12a    04   12b
Quigly        James B.      11a    18   11b
Radcliff      John          18a    19   18b
Rambough      Moses         21a    19   21b
Ramey         Robert E.     18a    23   18b
Ramey         S. G.         09a    05   09b
Ramsey        David         21a    07   21b
Ramsey        Hugh          04a    02   04b
Ray           Dennis        17a    09   17b
Ray           Samuel        16a    19   16b
Ray           Stephen       08a    22   08b
Ray           William       16a    28   16b
Redman        Samuel        25a    08   25b
Reed          Archibald     26a    08   26b
Reed          William       19a    17   19b
Rees          Jesse         17a    08   17b
Reese         George        08a    13   08b
Reese         James         08a    26   08b
Reghn         Allen         16a    25   16b
Revel         Isaac         26a    06   26b
Rice          William       05a    25   05b
Richardson    Acy           07a    27   07b
Richardson    Henry         03a    17   03b
Richardson    James         10a    26   10b
Richardson    John          10a    23   10b
Richardson    Richard       10a    27   10b
Richardson    S. S.         18a    12   18b
Richman       S.            18a    25   18b
Ridgeway      William       08a    02   08b
Rieger        Richard       09a    11   09b
Riely         Erasmus       06a    23   06b
Riely         James         06a    22   06b
Riely         William       10a    05   10b
Ringo         James S.      26a    15   26b
Roach         William S.    24a    15   24b
Roberts       John S.       24a    27   24b
Roberts       William       14a    13   14b
Roberts       William       16a    06   16b
Robertson     William       11a    01   11b
Robertson     William       16a    09   16b
Rodgers       R. D.         23a    04   23b
Rodman        Alexander     25a    01   25b
Roper         Joseph        04a    23   04b
Ross          William       08a    06   08b
Rosson        Amos          04a    09   04b
Rosson        Elizabeth     10a    18   10b
Roy           Eleanor       03a    10   03b
Rudder        James         20a    15   20b
Rumley        Henry         23a    21   23b
Rumley        John J.       16a    08   16b
Rusk          Joel          05a    17   05b
Russell       Jacob         12a    22   12b
Rutledge      William       05a    24   05b
Ryan          Robert        06a    24   06b
The free display of the 1830 Hickman County, Kentucky census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Chuck Lindwall and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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