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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Sackey        James         07a    23   07b
Salla         Thomas        17a    02   17b
Sample        John          02a    11   02b
Sams          David         13a    18   13b
Sams          Wiley         13a    19   13b
Sanders       Elisha        10a    25   10b
Sarner        James         10a    06   10b
Sarrick       Manly         06a    20   06b
Sarver        Thomas        22a    18   22b
Scott         Joseph        20a    07   20b
Scott         Richard       18a    14   18b
Scott         Richard, Jr.  22a    03   22b
Scott         Samuel        03a    16   03b
Scott         Thomas        18a    20   18b
Searce        Lewis         02a    26   02b
Sellers       Luke          24a    13   24b
Shaw          John          18a    24   18b
Shearfield    E.            22a    12   22b
Shearfield    J.            22a    11   22b
Shelby        William       20a    05   20b
Shields       James         16a    24   16b
Shields       Josiah        21a    27   21b
Shuck         Andrew        06a    17   06b
Shuck         E. Y.         18a    16   18b
Simmons       Benjamin      07a    11   07b
Skaggs        John G.       22a    08   22b
Sloan         Thompson      13a    12   13b
Smelsen       Obadiah       04a    15   04b
Smith         C. G.         19a    16   19b
Smith         Drowy         05a    23   05b
Smith         Joseph        11a    16   11b
Smith         Joshua        25a    05   25b
Smith         Robert        26a    01   26b
Smith         Samuel B.     26a    19   26b
Smith         Samuel H.     25a    28   25b
Smith         William       12a    05   12b
Spicer        Claybourn     21a    25   21b
Spicer        James         26a    21   26b
Spicer        Thomas        15a    11   15b
Sprouse       Jesse         13a    20   13b
Sprouse       Samuel        13a    28   13b
Stacy         Benjamin      25a    24   25b
Stacy         Moses         10a    08   10b
Stafford      Marlin        21a    03   21b
Stalling      Sherman R.    15a    03   15b
Stallions     Rueben        17a    17   17b
Stephens      George        04a    20   04b
Stephens      Jonathan      02a    22   02b
Stephens      Richard       15a    01   15b
Stephens      William       19a    12   19b
Stewart       Samuel        12a    10   12b
Stewart       Thomas        03a    08   03b
Stogton       Thomas        22a    05   22b
Stone         Anderson      05a    13   05b
Stubblefield  Merril        16a    17   16b
Stubblefield  Stephen       16a    16   16b
Stubbs        Dennis        15a    20   15b
Sullivan      Peter         22a    17   22b
Sutton        William       12a    14   12b
Tarver        Howel         22a    13   22b
Tayler        Gabriel       03a    21   03b
Taylor        F. T.         15a    10   15b
Taylor        John          06a    08   06b
Taylor        John E.       11a    09   11b
Taylor        Joseph        03a    06   03b
Taylor        Richard, Jr.  11a    08   11b
Temple        Z.            06a    15   06b
Tharp         John          21a    17   21b
Thomas        Charles       21a    28   21b
Thompson      Benjamin      20a    17   20b
Thompson      Henry         17a    27   17b
Thompson      Jesse         19a    02   19b
Thompson      Moses         15a    13   15b
Thompson      Sion          25a    15   25b
Thompson      William       08a    19   08b
Tipton        William       11a    02   11b
Trigg         Daniel        18a    07   18b
Triplett      Fielden       04a    10   04b
Troop         John          22a    07   22b
Turner        George        19a    19   19b
Turner        Robert        26a    18   26b
Turpin        Seburn        26a    09   26b
Tyler         Austin S.     02a    24   02b
Tyler         James P.      05a    26   05b
Tyler         John W.       02a    19   02b
Tyler         Willet        02a    27   02b
Underwood     Jane          13a    11   13b
Ury           Joseph        02a    28   02b
Uton          Isham         24a    11   24b
Uzell         Elisha        14a    19   14b
Vanpool       David         08a    23   08b
Vanpool       John          08a    25   08b
Vinson        Oliver        22a    24   22b
Vinson        Thomas        15a    17   15b
Vinton        George        03a    05   03b
Vintson       Forcel        04a    13   04b
Vintson       Thomas        25a    23   25b
Wade          Caleb         06a    25   06b
Wade          Jeremiah      08a    03   08b
Wade          William       06a    26   06b
Wade          Zechariah     06a    27   06b
Wale          Martin C.     25a    22   25b
Walker        Robert        11a    03   11b
Wallace       H.            15a    21   15b
Wallace       Joseph        05a    21   05b
Ward          Michael       10a    01   10b
Warden        John          26a    20   26b
Ware          John B.       24a    10   24b
Warford       Samuel G.     06a    02   06b
Watson        Beacham       20a    19   20b
Watson        Daniel        19a    08   19b
Watson        G. B.         19a    07   19b
Watson        James         12a    13   12b
Watson        Michael       12a    24   12b
Webb          Burrell       15a    22   15b
Webb          John          17a    20   17b
Webb          Jordan        08a    24   08b
Webb          Willis        05a    19   05b
Webster       John          07a    12   07b
Wester        Willis        13a    26   13b
Wheeler       Sebern        07a    20   07b
Whitaker      Alexander     12a    11   12b
Whitaker      Alexander     26a    12   26b
White         Demsey        16a    12   16b
White         Eli           05a    10   05b
White         William       12a    06   12b
White         Willis        09a    18   09b
Whitesel      Peter         07a    24   07b
Whitney       Simon M.      13a    14   13b
Wiley         Luke          21a    01   21b
Will***       Marian        10a    14   10b
Williams      Elizabeth     14a    07   14b
Williams      Jacob         05a    02   05b
Williams      Jesse         21a    06   21b
Williams      John          04a    01   04b
Williams      John          24a    22   24b
Williams      Samuel S.     12a    02   12b
Williamson    Tucker W.     11a    15   11b
Willingham    Thomas        09a    23   09b
Wilmoth       Edmund        21a    23   21b
Wilmoth       James         21a    26   21b
Wilson        James         05a    16   05b
Wilson        John          19a    15   19b
Wilson        John          22a    10   22b
Wilson        Samuel        14a    03   14b
Winstead      W. C.         23a    07   23b
Winters       James         06a    28   06b
Wittingham    Jarrett       10a    12   10b
Woodell       James         15a    27   15b
Woodring      Coonrod       18a    13   18b
Woodrough     Baker         11a    06   11b
Woods         John          18a    17   18b
Woods         Thomas        24a    04   24b
Woods         W. W.         11a    23   11b
Woolfolk      John          21a    09   21b
Wright        Edmund T.     08a    12   08b
Wright        Richard P.    16a    18   16b
Young         George        03a    07   03b
Young         William       21a    04   21b
The free display of the 1830 Hickman County, Kentucky census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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