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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Edington      John          10a    20   10b
Edmington     Henry S.      11a    04   11b
Elliott       Rueben        03a    27   03b
Elliott       William       12a    28   12b
Engram        George        14a    18   14b
Engram        John          14a    17   14b
Enloe         Benjamin      22a    26   22b
Eperson       Beverly       18a    06   18b
Evert         James         25a    11   25b
Evert         Lemuel        25a    12   25b
Evins         George        22a    25   22b
Evins         Marvel N.     14a    11   14b
Farmer        Benjamin      17a    01   17b
Farmer        Jesse         16a    22   16b
Farmer        William       20a    02   20b
Farmier       Absalam       07a    06   07b
Farral        Binum         20a    16   20b
Ferguson      B. W.         07a    15   07b
Fields        Absalom       24a    01   24b
Fields        Allen         25a    03   25b
Fields        Ambrose       23a    20   23b
Flanigan      James         19a    18   19b
Flippo        John          07a    28   07b
Flowers       James         08a    09   08b
Flowers       John          10a    11   10b
Floyd         Ambrose       09a    27   09b
Floyd         Samuel        15a    06   15b
Fore          Polly         21a    20   21b
Foster        John          17a    19   17b
Francis       William       04a    17   04b
Franklin      A.            15a    12   15b
Fulks         Kenner        14a    26   14b
Galaspy       John P.       12a    27   12b
Galaspy       Matthew       12a    25   12b
Gamble        Nancy         19a    14   19b
Gardiner      Clement       16a    14   16b
Garner        John          08a    07   08b
Garrison      B. D.         05a    01   05b
Garry         William       10a    24   10b
Gaskins       William       24a    24   24b
Gattin        Hardy         14a    21   14b
Gentry        John          09a    12   09b
George        Joseph        06a    11   06b
Gholson       Jacob J.      14a    06   14b
Gholson       James J.      21a    13   21b
Gholson       Richard D.    08a    04   08b
Gholson       Tolly C.      21a    12   21b
Gibson        Isaac B       03a    04   03b
Gibson        James W.      11a    17   11b
Gibson        John          02a    25   02b
Gibson        Samuel        03a    03   03b
Glenn         William       20a    04   20b
Goodin        James         13a    15   13b
Goodwin       James         16a    13   16b
Grace         Eleana        17a    11   17b
Grace         Eleana, Jr.   08a    01   08b
Grace         Nathaniel     04a    04   04b
Grace         Thomas        03a    26   03b
Graham        David         09a    09   09b
Graham        David         21a    15   21b
Graham        James T.      13a    13   13b
Gray          David         06a    12   06b
Grayham       John          23a    18   23b
Green         David S.      14a    28   14b
Grider        Cornelius     10a    19   10b
Griffey       Thomas        26a    23   26b
Grooms        Horatio       18a    08   18b
Grundy        Joseph        21a    16   21b
Guill         Isaac         17a    23   17b
Guin          James         02a    20   02b
Gullion       William       21a    02   21b
Hall          Adam          12a    21   12b
Hall          David         13a    05   13b
Hall          Evin          23a    27   23b
Hall          James         13a    04   13b
Hall          William       08a    15   08b
Hamilton      John          07a    18   07b
Hammett       Elijah        13a    16   13b
Hammon        William       05a    28   05b
Hancock       Samuel        16a    20   16b
Hanks         John          17a    26   17b
Hanley        W. W.         17a    10   17b
Hanna         John          18a    26   18b
Hansbury      Cornelius     25a    25   25b
Harden        Olho          09a    14   09b
Harkless      Daniel J.     14a    05   14b
Harper        James         07a    25   07b
Harper        William       04a    14   04b
Harris        William       19a    11   19b
Harrison      Robert H.     18a    18   18b
Hart          Robert        17a    15   17b
Hartgrove     Sary          14a    02   14b
Harvey        Mary          17a    21   17b
Hass          Coonrod       17a    16   17b
Hawchins      Alexander     14a    14   14b
Hawley        Benjamin      14a    27   14b
Haws          Samuel        08a    18   08b
Haws          Samuel, Jr.   13a    03   13b
Hayes         Joseph        24a    28   24b
Haynes        Adam          23a    01   23b
Haynes        George        04a    27   04b
Haynes        John          15a    14   15b
Hays          Hamilton      14a    15   14b
Head          Washington    11a    24   11b
Heasley       John          09a    04   09b
Helm          Thomas        15a    08   15b
Henderson     James         22a    01   22b
Henry         John          16a    15   16b
Henry         John D.       06a    18   06b
Henry         Lewis         24a    09   24b
Hernden       John *.       11a    20   11b
Herren        Matthew       04a    07   04b
Herring       A.            23a    26   23b
Hewlett       Alfred        25a    16   25b
Hewlett       Thomas        06a    14   06b
Hobbs         Thomas        03a    20   03b
Hodges        Hezekiah      23a    25   23b
Hodges        Samuel        26a    10   26b
Hoffman       Philip        18a    09   18b
Hogan         Micajah       15a    15   15b
Holeman       William       13a    24   13b
Holm          William       08a    27   08b
Hopkins       William       22a    19   22b
House         Bright        17a    28   17b
House         Everet        08a    10   08b
Howard        Benjamin      18a    21   18b
Howard        S. W.         15a    07   15b
Howard        Shadrich      20a    21   20b
Hubbard       Nathaniel     05a    08   05b
Hubbs         Mark          09a    02   09b
Huey          William       04a    22   04b
Hughes        Joseph        18a    11   18b
Hunt          William, Jr.  11a    11   11b
Ivins         Alexander     20a    01   20b
Jackson       Aiven S.      09a    15   09b
Jackson       John          17a    12   17b
Jackson       John, Jr.     07a    08   07b
Jackson       Prudence      16a    23   16b
Jackson       William       24a    08   24b
James         Thomas        20a    27   20b
Jenkins       W. B.         11a    19   11b
Jernigan      David         07a    14   07b
Jobs          John          22a    22   22b
Johnson       John          03a    13   03b
Johnson       S. H.         03a    12   03b
Johnson       Thomas        14a    20   14b
Johnson       Thomas G.     05a    18   05b
Johnson       William H.    26a    22   26b
Jones         Benjamin      04a    06   04b
Jones         William       20a    23   20b
Jordan        William S.    04a    08   04b
Journey       James         17a    13   17b
Kelly         David H.      15a    09   15b
Kelly         George P.     19a    26   19b
Kerr          N. M.         09a    07   09b
Killingsworth Jere          23a    14   23b
Kinser        Henry         18a    27   18b
Kirby         H. C.         17a    03   17b
Kirby         H. M.         16a    05   16b
Kirby         Phillip       21a    22   21b
Knight        Abel          21a    05   21b
Knight        William       06a    16   06b
Knight        Winkfield     24a    16   24b
Knox          John          12a    18   12b
Kyle          Harriett      18a    05   18b
The free display of the 1830 Hickman County, Kentucky census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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