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Abernathy   Elisha           St Andrews    702--09
Abernathy   Elizabeth        St Andrews    702--10
Abernathy   Frederick        St Andrews    702--02
Abernathy   Henry            St Andrews    702--06
Abernathy   James            St Andrews    702--03
Abernathy   Jarratt          St Andrews    702--04
Abernathy   Jno, Sr          St Andrews    702--01
Abernathy   John, Jr         St Andrews    702--08
Abernathy   Martha           St Andrews    702--05
Abernathy   Miles            St Andrews    702--07
Abram       Adam             Meherrin      769--02
Adams       Dancy            St Andrews    702--18
Adams       David            St Andrews    702--11
Adams       Elizabeth        St Andrews    702--12
Adams       Jesse            St Andrews    702--13
Adkins      Abraham          St Andrews    702--15
Adkins      Richard          St Andrews    702--14
Ahoer       Edmund           St Andrews    732--16
Allen       Arthur           Meherrin      769--03
Allen       Howell           Meherrin      742--06
Allen       Jeremiah         St Andrews    703--09
Allen       John             St Andrews    703--07
Allen       Wm T             St Andrews    703--08
Allen       Wyatt            St Andrews    703--10
Alley       James            Meherrin      742--05
Alley       Rebecca          Meherrin      742--04
Amus        George           St Andrews    703--11
Anderson    Caleb            Meherrin      742--01
Archer      Amos             Meherrin      742--02
Aslin       Laurence         Meherrin      742--07
Atherson    Joel             St Andrews    703--05
Atherson    John             St Andrews    703--04
Atherson    Lewis            St Andrews    703--06
Atherson    Sarah            St Andrews    703--03
Atkins      Frank            Meherrin      770--12
Atkins      George           Meherrin      742--03
Avery       Barrington       St Andrews    702--17
Avery       John             St Andrews    702--16
Avery       Tillman          St Andrews    703--02
Avery       Wm               St Andrews    703--01
Bailey      John             Meherrin      744--13
Baily       Elizabeth        Meherrin      743--02
Baird       John             Meherrin      743--04
Banks       Elizabeth        Meherrin      743--10
Barker      Burwell          Meherrin      742--12
Barker      Thos             Meherrin      742--15
Barlow      John             Meherrin      743--17
Barnes      Drury            Meherrin      744--02
Barnes      Harrison         Meherrin      742--14
Barnes      James            St Andrews    706--09
Barnes      John, Jr         Meherrin      743--01
Barnes      John, Sr         Meherrin      744--08
Barnes      Stephen          Meherrin      744--15
Barrow      David            St Andrews    704--12
Barrow      Denis            St Andrews    704--13
Barrow      John, Sr         St Andrews    704--10
Barrow      Wm, Jr           St Andrews    704--11
Barrow      Wm, Sr           St Andrews    704--09
Bass        Benjamin         St Andrews    705--01
Bass        Ephraim          St Andrews    705--07
Bass        Hartwell H       St Andrews    705--06
Bass        James, Jr        St Andrews    705--05
Bass        James, Sr        St Andrews    705--04
Bass        Partin           St Andrews    705--02
Bass        Thos             St Andrews    705--08
Batt        Alexander W      Meherrin      744--10
Batt        Wm               Meherrin      744--03
Baugh       James            Meherrin      743--05
Baugh       Joel             St Andrews    704--19
Baugh       Littleberry      St Andrews    704--18
Baugh       Silles           St Andrews    704--17
Beasley     Peter            Meherrin      743--12
Beck        Polly            St Andrews    706--15
Bennet      Elizabeth        St Andrews    705--11
Berton      Ann              Meherrin      744--12
Biggs       Richard          St Andrews    706--06
Birdson     John M           Meherrin      744--14
Birdsong    Judith           St Andrews    705--13
Birdsong    Merritt          St Andrews    705--12
Birdsong    Wm M             St Andrews    705--14
Birthright  Peter            St Andrews    706--14
Bishop      John             St Andrews    704--06
Bishop      Martha           St Andrews    704--05
Bishop      Marticia         St Andrews    704--08
Bishop      Mary             St Andrews    704--07
Bithshears  Jesse            Meherrin      744--11
Blackwell   Robert           St Andrews    706--07
Blalock     Elizabeth        Meherrin      743--13
Blanch      Ezekiel          Meherrin      744--04
Blanch      Samuel           Meherrin      744--05
Blick       James            St Andrews    705--10
Booling     Peter            Meherrin      769--04
Booth       Franky           St Andrews    706--04
Booth       Thos             Meherrin      742--08
Boswell     Susan            St Andrews    704--04
Bouls       Betsey           Meherrin      742--10
Bradley     Michiel          Meherrin      743--11
Brady       Tabitha          Meherrin      743--03
Bragwell    Jesse, Senr      Meherrin      742--16
Branch      Edward           St Andrews    706--16
Brasswell   Jesse            Meherrin      744--16
Brasswell   John             Meherrin      743--06
Brewer      Biddy            St Andrews    706--17
Brewer      Henry            Meherrin      742--09
Brewer      James            Meherrin      743--08
Brewer      John             Meherrin      743--07
Brewer      Shadrick         St Andrews    706--18
Brewer      Simon            Meherrin      744--18
Brewer      Wm               Meherrin      743--09
Bridgeforth John             St Andrews    704--14
Briggs      Elizabeth        St Andrews    706--03
Briggs      Frederick        St Andrews    706--05
Brintle     James            St Andrews    706--10
Britt       Isaac            Meherrin      744--07
Brodnax     Wm E             St Andrews    704--03
Browder     George           Meherrin      742--13
Browder     John             St Andrews    705--03
Browder     Joseph           St Andrews    704--15
Browder     Urius            St Andrews    704--16
Brown       Aaron            St Andrews    703--14
Brown       Davis            St Andrews    703--17
Brown       James            Meherrin      744--09
Brown       John             St Andrews    704--02
Brown       Raleigh          St Andrews    703--15
Brown       Reupard R        Meherrin      744--01
Brown       Richardson       St Andrews    703--16
Brown       Thomas           St Andrews    704--01
Brown       Wm               St Andrews    703--13
Bruce       James            St Andrews    705--09
Brumbalm    Fanny            St Andrews    706--12
Buckley     John             St Andrews    706--11
Buckner     Wm               St Andrews    706--13
Bugg        Pleasant         St Andrews    707--02
Burge       Baudford         St Andrews    705--15
Burge       Beverly          St Andrews    706--01
Burge       Frederick, Sr    St Andrews    703--12
Burge       James            St Andrews    706--02
Burge       Thos             St Andrews    705--16
Burnett     Dugger           Meherrin      743--14
Burnett     Lewis            Meherrin      742--11
Burnitt     John             Meherrin      744--06
Burrow      Willie           St Andrews    706--08
Burton      Thos             Meherrin      744--17
Butler      Samuel           St Andrews    707--01
Butler      Sion             Meherrin      743--15
Butler      Wm               Meherrin      743--16
Cain        Daniel           Meherrin      769--05
Cain        Henry            Meherrin      769--07
Cain        Peter            Meherrin      769--06
Callis      John             St Andrews    708--09
Camp        John             Meherrin      745--08
Carpenter   Isaac            Meherrin      745--15
Carpenter   John             Meherrin      745--06
Carpenter   Martial          St Andrews    708--14
Carpenter   Mary             Meherrin      745--11
Carpenter   Richd            Meherrin      745--16
Carpenter   Willis           Meherrin      746--01
Carrall     Sterling         Meherrin      746--03
Carrington  Francis          St Andrews    708--17
Carrington  Patrick          St Andrews    708--08
Chambless   Rebecca          St Andrews    708--05
Chapman     John H           Meherrin      745--03
Charles     John W           St Andrews    707--04
Cheely      Charles          St Andrews    707--18
Cheely      John             St Andrews    707--17
Cheely      Joseph           St Andrews    707--14
Claiborne   Phill            St Andrews    708--07
Clarke      Amy              St Andrews    707--07
Clarke      Elisha B         St Andrews    708--12
Clarke      John             St Andrews    708--13
Clary       Benjamin         Meherrin      745--04
Clary       John             Meherrin      745--09
Clary       John, Sr         Meherrin      746--02
Clayton     John             St Andrews    707--03
Clayton     Wm               St Andrews    707--09
Clemmons    Sally            St Andrews    707--16
Cly         Merritt          St Andrews    707--08
Coleman     Nathaniel        St Andrews    708--16
Coleman     Richard          St Andrews    708--02
Collier     Benjamin         Meherrin      746--04
Collier     Charles          Meherrin      745--13
Collier     Mary             St Andrews    707--05
Collier     Michael          Meherrin      745--12
Collier     Wm G             St Andrews    707--06
Collier     Wm S             Meherrin      745--14
Collins     Littleberry      Meherrin      744--19
Conley      Lewis            St Andrews    708--04
Conley      Wm               St Andrews    708--03
Connel      Robert           St Andrews    708--01
Connel      Wm               Meherrin      745--01
Cook        Lucy             Meherrin      745--02
Cooly       Abraham          St Andrews    708--06
Cooper      Reuben           St Andrews    708--10
Cordle      Charles          Meherrin      745--10
Cordle      Martha           St Andrews    707--10
Cotton      Henry            Meherrin      745--05
Craugh      Mary             St Andrews    707--13
Critchton   James            Meherrin      745--07
Crittenton  Richard          St Andrews    708--11
Crook       Betty            St Andrews    707--15
Crook       Giles            St Andrews    707--11
Crook       Robert           St Andrews    708--15
Crook       Sarah            St Andrews    707--12
Dabney      James            St Andrews    710--06
Daly        Arthur           St Andrews    710--04
Dameron     Alexander        St Andrews    710--01
Daniel      Hezekiah         St Andrews    709--03
Daniel      Joseph           St Andrews    709--02
Daniel      Martha           St Andrews    709--05
Daniel      Wm               St Andrews    709--04
Davis       Benjamin         St Andrews    709--08
Davis       Hezekiah         St Andrews    709--06
Davis       Hollen           St Andrews    709--09
Davis       James            Meherrin      746--16
Davis       John             St Andrews    709--07
Davis       Patty            Meherrin      746--15
Davis       Thos             St Andrews    709--10
Davis       Wm, Sr           St Andrews    709--11
Day         Jesse            Meherrin      746--10
Day         Lucy             Meherrin      746--08
Day         Polly            Meherrin      746--09
Dean        Robt             St Andrews    710--05
Delbridge   Benjamin         St Andrews    710--03
Delbridge   Peggy            Meherrin      746--06
Delbridge   Thos             Meherrin      746--07
Denis       Richard          St Andrews    708--18
Dixon       John             St Andrews    710--02
Dobbins     Bowles           Meherrin      746--17
Drumgode    Edward           Meherrin      746--11
Drumgode    Thos             Meherrin      747--01
Drummond    Grief            Meherrin      746--13
Drummond    John             Meherrin      746--05
Drummond    John, Jr         Meherrin      746--12
Duff        Hugh             Meherrin      746--14
Dugger      Armon            St Andrews    709--12
Dugger      James            St Andrews    709--15
Dugger      James, Jr        St Andrews    709--13
Dugger      Richmond         St Andrews    709--14
Dugger      Wm               St Andrews    709--16
Dunkin      Nancy            Meherrin      747--02
Dunkley     Fanny            St Andrews    709--01
Dunn        Ishmuel          St Andrews    709--17
Easter      Welchen          Meherrin      769--08
Eaves       William          Meherrin      747--17
Edmunds     Abagail          Meherrin      747--06
Edmunds     Benjamin         St Andrews    710--08
Edmunds     Benjamin         St Andrews    711--05
Edmunds     Hevy             St Andrews    710--12
Edmunds     James            St Andrews    710--11
Edmunds     John             Meherrin      747--10
Edmunds     Mary             Meherrin      747--04
Edmunds     Rebecca          Meherrin      748--01
Edmunds     Thos, Jr         St Andrews    710--10
Edmunds     Thos, Sr         St Andrews    710--07
Edmunds     Upton            St Andrews    710--13
Edmunds     Wm               St Andrews    710--09
Edwards     Bramly           St Andrews    710--18
Edwards     Francis          Meherrin      747--12
Edwards     Isham            Meherrin      747--14
Edwards     Jesse            St Andrews    711--02
Edwards     Jesse, Jr        Meherrin      747--16
Edwards     Jessee           Meherrin      747--03
Edwards     Littleberry      St Andrews    711--07
Edwards     Lucy             St Andrews    711--04
Edwards     Mary             St Andrews    711--06
Edwards     Sarah            St Andrews    711--01
Edwards     Thos             Meherrin      747--09
Eldridge    Bolling          St Andrews    710--16
Eldridge    Howell           St Andrews    710--14
Eldridge    Thos             St Andrews    710--15
Elliott     John             St Andrews    710--17
Elliott     William          Meherrin      747--11
Ellis       Stephen          Meherrin      747--05
Elmore      Wm               St Andrews    711--03
Evans       Frances          Meherrin      747--08
Ezell       Benjamin         Meherrin      747--15
Ezell       Brinkner         Meherrin      747--07
Ezell       Davis            Meherrin      747--13
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