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Mabray      Gray             Meherrin      755--17
Maclin      Augustin         St Andrews    721--17
Maclin      Elizabeth        Meherrin      757--11
Maclin      Frederick        St Andrews    722--01
Maclin      Henry            St Andrews    722--02
Maclin      Joseph           St Andrews    722--03
Maclin      Thomas           St Andrews    721--16
Maidlin     Michael          St Andrews    724--07
Mainning    Thos             Meherrin      756--06
Maiton      Dessie           St Andrews    723--05
Major       Wm               St Andrews    723--15
Mallery     Roger            St Andrews    724--04
Malone      George           Meherrin      756--17
Malone      James            Meherrin      756--18
Malone      John T           Meherrin      757--02
Malone      Jordan           Meherrin      756--10
Malone      Lucy             Meherrin      756--11
Manning     Wm               Meherrin      757--16
Manson      John             St Andrews    723--17
Mares       Israel           Meherrin      755--14
Marrable    Benjamin         Meherrin      757--06
Marshall    John             Meherrin      757--04
Marshall    Wm               Meherrin      756--15
Martain     John             St Andrews    721--15
Mason       Elizabeth        Meherrin      756--14
Mason       James            Meherrin      757--14
Mason       John             St Andrews    723--09
Mason       John             Meherrin      769--14
Mason       Judith           Meherrin      757--09
Mason       Nathaniel        St Andrews    723--06
Mason       Wm               Meherrin      757--01
Matthews    Drury            Meherrin      755--16
Matthews    Lucy             Meherrin      755--10
Matthews    Luke             St Andrews    724--12
Matthews    Matthew          St Andrews    723--08
Matthews    Nelley           St Andrews    724--10
Matthews    Samuel           St Andrews    723--07
Matthews    Thos             St Andrews    724--11
McKenney    James            St Andrews    723--01
McKenney    Wm               St Andrews    722--17
McKenny     Charles          Meherrin      758--01
Meade       David            St Andrews    722--04
Meade       Richd H          St Andrews    722--06
Meanley     Richd            Meherrin      755--15
Meanly      James            St Andrews    724--03
Meridith    David            St Andrews    722--08
Meridith    David, Jr        St Andrews    722--14
Meridith    Frederick        St Andrews    724--08
Meridith    Thos             St Andrews    722--16
Meridith    Wm               St Andrews    722--15
Merritt     Charles          Meherrin      769--12
Merritt     Dick             St Andrews    724--14
Merritt     Henry            St Andrews    723--02
Merritt     James            Meherrin      769--13
Merritt     Toby             St Andrews    724--09
Miller      Benjamin         St Andrews    723--04
Miller      Jacob            St Andrews    723--03
Mitchel     Dianna           St Andrews    722--09
Mitchell    Ann              St Andrews    722--11
Mitchell    Jesse            St Andrews    722--13
Mitchell    Joshua           Meherrin      757--13
Mitchell    Lucy             St Andrews    722--07
Mitchell    Randolph         Meherrin      757--17
Mitchell    Robert           St Andrews    722--10
Mitchell    Thos             St Andrews    722--12
Mize        Dennis           St Andrews    722--05
Mize        Eady             Meherrin      758--05
Mize        Henry B          Meherrin      758--02
Mize        Jeremiah         Meherrin      756--13
Mize        John             Meherrin      755--12
Mize        Lucy             Meherrin      758--03
Moore       Benjamin         St Andrews    723--12
Moore       Benjamin, Sr     St Andrews    723--11
Moore       John, Sr         Meherrin      757--15
Moore       Richd            Meherrin      758--04
Moore       Sterling         Meherrin      756--16
Moore       Thos             St Andrews    723--13
Moore       Thos             Meherrin      756--03
Moore       Turner           Meherrin      758--06
Moore       Wm               St Andrews    723--10
Moore       Wm, Jr           Meherrin      757--07
Morris      Daniel           Meherrin      756--02
Morris      Henry            Meherrin      755--11
Morriss     Edward J         St Andrews    723--16
Morriss     Henry            St Andrews    724--02
Morriss     Nathaniel        St Andrews    723--14
Morriss     Robert           St Andrews    723--18
Morriss     Sherod           St Andrews    724--01
Moseley     Jane             Meherrin      756--04
Moseley     Jesse            Meherrin      756--12
Moseley     Levy             Meherrin      757--12
Moseley     Mary             Meherrin      757--03
Moseley     Nathan           Meherrin      757--10
Moseley     Rebecca          Meherrin      756--01
Moseley     Tabitha          Meherrin      756--05
Moseley     Winney           Meherrin      757--05
Moss        Diley            St Andrews    724--13
Moss        Jane             St Andrews    724--05
Moss        Mary             Meherrin      756--07
Moss        Meridith         Meherrin      756--08
Moss        Wm               St Andrews    724--06
Mossley     Samuel           Meherrin      756--09
Murrill     Wm               Meherrin      755--13
Myrick      Matthew          Meherrin      757--08
Nanney      Abel             Meherrin      758--10
Nanney      Drury            Meherrin      758--13
Nanney      Tabitha          Meherrin      758--08
Nanney      Wyatt            Meherrin      758--09
Neal        Thos             Meherrin      758--11
Newman      Dorothy          Meherrin      758--12
Newsam      Aaron            Meherrin      769--15
Newsam      Bartsam          St Andrews    724--19
Newsam      Baxter           St Andrews    724--18
Nicholas    John             Meherrin      758--07
Noble       Alexander        St Andrews    725--02
Nolley      Josiah           St Andrews    724--16
Nolley      Nehemiah         St Andrews    724--17
Nolley      Thos             St Andrews    724--15
Nunely      John             St Andrews    725--01
Ogbourn     Benjamin         St Andrews    725--12
Ogbourn     Edward           St Andrews    725--14
Ogbourn     Henry W          St Andrews    725--15
Ogbourn     Winney           St Andrews    725--13
Oldham      Bishop           St Andrews    725--09
Oldham      Charles          St Andrews    725--07
Oldham      Isaac            St Andrews    725--08
Orgain      Littleberry      St Andrews    725--06
Orgain      Polly            St Andrews    725--05
Orgain      Wm               St Andrews    725--04
Orgain      Wm D             St Andrews    725--03
Overby      Brickner         Meherrin      758--17
Overly      Thos             St Andrews    725--16
Owen        Abner            St Andrews    725--11
Owen        Booling          Meherrin      758--15
Owen        John             Meherrin      758--14
Owen        Nathaniel        St Andrews    726--02
Owen        Phillip          Meherrin      758--16
Owen        Robert           St Andrews    725--10
Owen        Sterling         St Andrews    726--01
Owen        Thos             Meherrin      759--02
Owen        Wm, Sr           Meherrin      758--18
Ozmon       Richard          Meherrin      759--01
Palmer      Wm               St Andrews    728--06
Parham      Lewis            St Andrews    726--12
Parham      Nathl            St Andrews    726--13
Parham      Thos             St Andrews    726--15
Parham      Wm               St Andrews    726--14
Paris       Thos             St Andrews    726--16
Parish      Goodwin          St Andrews    727--08
Parish      Henry            St Andrews    727--09
Parish      James B          Meherrin      760--10
Parish      John, Jr         St Andrews    728--10
Parish      John, Sr         St Andrews    727--07
Parker      Nancy            St Andrews    726--03
Parker      Sterling         Meherrin      760--11
Parkham     Lewis A          Meherrin      760--09
Patitto     James            Meherrin      759--08
Patitto     Littleton        Meherrin      759--09
Pattitto    John             Meherrin      760--01
Pattitto    Robert           St Andrews    728--04
Paup        Betty            St Andrews    728--11
Peagrain    Edward           St Andrews    727--06
Pearcy      Richard          St Andrews    727--10
Pearson     Drury            Meherrin      760--05
Pearson     John             Meherrin      759--16
Pearson     Johnson          Meherrin      760--04
Pearson     Littleton        Meherrin      759--13
Pearson     Morris           Meherrin      759--12
Pearson     Wm               Meherrin      759--14
Peebles     Allen G          St Andrews    727--12
Peebles     Frederick        St Andrews    727--04
Peebles     Jane             St Andrews    727--11
Peebles     Jesse            St Andrews    727--14
Peebles     Mary             St Andrews    727--13
Pelham      Pompy            St Andrews    728--08
Penn        Elizabeth        St Andrews    727--03
Penn        John             St Andrews    727--02
Pennington  Wm T             St Andrews    727--05
Penticost   Wm               St Andrews    728--07
Percivall   Joseph           St Andrews    726--17
Perkins     Genny D          St Andrews    727--16
Perkins     Gidion           St Andrews    728--01
Peterson    Jesse            St Andrews    727--15
Phenix      Wm               St Andrews    726--18
Phillips    John             Meherrin      759--17
Phillips    Nancy            Meherrin      760--03
Phillips    Thos             Meherrin      760--06
Phipps      Benjamin         Meherrin      760--02
Pilkington  David            St Andrews    727--01
Pilkington  Wm               St Andrews    726--19
Pompey      Beckey           Meherrin      770--10
Pompey      Betsey           Meherrin      770--09
Pompey      Mary             Meherrin      770--08
Pompey      Wm               Meherrin      769--16
Porch       Isabella         Meherrin      759--15
Porter      Tayall           Meherrin      770--01
Powell      Edward           Meherrin      759--07
Powell      James            Meherrin      759--04
Powell      John S           Meherrin      759--05
Powell      John, Sr         Meherrin      759--06
Powell      Ludwell          St Andrews    728--09
Powell      Thos             Meherrin      759--03
Power       Henry F          Meherrin      759--10
Preston     Joshua           Meherrin      759--11
Preston     Nancy            Meherrin      760--07
Price       Randolph         Meherrin      760--08
Pritchett   Daniel           St Andrews    726--06
Pritchett   Edmund           St Andrews    726--04
Pritchett   James            St Andrews    726--05
Pritchett   Joshua           St Andrews    726--07
Pritchett   Moses            St Andrews    726--10
Pritchett   Wm               St Andrews    726--11
Pritchett   Wm, Jr           St Andrews    726--09
Pritchett   Wm, Sr           St Andrews    726--08
Pryor       Luke             St Andrews    728--03
Pryor       Phillip          St Andrews    728--02
Purdy       Leonard          St Andrews    728--05
Quarles     Catharine        St Andrews    728--14
Quarles     James            St Andrews    728--12
Quarles     Jno              St Andrews    728--15
Quarles     Wm               St Andrews    728--13
Rachal      Frank            St Andrews    730--13
Ragsdale    Nimrod           St Andrews    728--16
Rainey      Judith           Meherrin      761--05
Rains       John             Meherrin      760--13
Rains       Rebecca          Meherrin      761--03
Ramsey      James            St Andrews    730--14
Randolph    Edward           St Andrews    728--17
Raney       Benjamin         St Andrews    730--08
Raney       Jesse            St Andrews    730--07
Raney       Wm, Jr           St Andrews    730--06
Raney       Wm, Sr           St Andrews    730--05
Rawlings    Benjamin         St Andrews    729--16
Rawlings    Daniel           St Andrews    729--14
Rawlings    James            St Andrews    730--01
Rawlings    Littleberry      St Andrews    729--13
Rawlings    Randolph         St Andrews    729--15
Rawlings    Sarah            St Andrews    729--11
Reace       James            St Andrews    730--15
Reavs       Nancy            St Andrews    730--16
Reid        James            Meherrin      761--06
Reid        Jesse            St Andrews    730--12
Reid        Nancy            St Andrews    730--10
Reid        Susanna          St Andrews    730--11
Reid        Tabitha          Meherrin      760--17
Reis        Oney             Meherrin      760--15
Rhodes      Phoeby           St Andrews    730--09
Rice        James            St Andrews    729--05
Rice        John B           St Andrews    729--07
Rice        Richd            Meherrin      761--07
Rice        Wm, Sr           St Andrews    729--06
Richardson  Arthur           Meherrin      761--02
Richardson  Jordan           Meherrin      760--14
Richardson  Thos             Meherrin      761--04
Rideout     Giles            St Andrews    729--04
Rideout     John             St Andrews    729--02
Rideout     William, Jr      St Andrews    729--03
Rideout     William, Sr      St Andrews    729--01
Roberts     Molley           Meherrin      770--11
Robertson   Edward           St Andrews    729--10
Robertson   Henry            St Andrews    729--09
Robertson   John             St Andrews    729--12
Robertson   Molly            St Andrews    729--08
Robins      Abraham          Meherrin      770--02
Robins      Adam             Meherrin      770--03
Robinson    Wyatt            Meherrin      760--12
Rogers      George           St Andrews    728--19
Rogers      John             St Andrews    728--18
Rooker      Wm               Meherrin      761--08
Rose        Elizabeth        St Andrews    730--02
Rose        Henry            St Andrews    730--04
Rose        Wm               St Andrews    730--03
Rybary      Daniel           Meherrin      761--01
Ryland      Jeverson         Meherrin      760--16
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