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Saddler     Featherstone     St Andrews    733--13
Saddler     Henry            St Andrews    733--15
Saddler     John             St Andrews    733--14
Sanford     Milley           St Andrews    731--13
Saunders    Ebin             St Andrews    732--07
Saunders    George           Meherrin      762--13
Saunders    Jesse            St Andrews    732--09
Saunders    Joseph           St Andrews    732--08
Saunders    Thos             Meherrin      762--02
Saunders    William          St Andrews    732--06
Saxon       Benajor          St Andrews    734--10
Scarborough Jane             St Andrews    734--06
Scarborough Wm               St Andrews    734--05
Scroggins   Gardner          St Andrews    733--02
Scroggins   Henry            St Andrews    733--04
Scroggins   John             St Andrews    733--03
Seamore     Wm               St Andrews    734--11
Seward      Benjamin         Meherrin      761--14
Seward      John             St Andrews    734--07
Shell       Edmunds          St Andrews    733--10
Shell       Elizabeth        Meherrin      761--10
Shell       John             St Andrews    733--09
Shell       Lenmon           St Andrews    733--08
Shell       Wm               Meherrin      761--12
Shelley     John             St Andrews    733--11
Short       Anderson         St Andrews    732--15
Short       Armstead         St Andrews    732--18
Short       Elizabeth        St Andrews    732--11
Short       Griffin          St Andrews    732--17
Short       John C           St Andrews    732--14
Short       John, Sr         St Andrews    732--10
Short       Major            St Andrews    733--01
Short       Willie           St Andrews    732--13
Short       Wm               St Andrews    732--12
Simmons     Thos             St Andrews    731--15
Singleton   Charles          St Andrews    734--12
Singleton   Randolph         Meherrin      761--16
Sinns       Howell           St Andrews    734--08
Siroms      Richd            Meherrin      762--03
Smith       Abraham          Meherrin      761--15
Smith       Bolling          Meherrin      762--10
Smith       Clement          Meherrin      762--06
Smith       Cudbith          Meherrin      762--15
Smith       Ely              St Andrews    732--04
Smith       Frederick        St Andrews    731--18
Smith       Frederick, Jr    St Andrews    732--03
Smith       George           St Andrews    732--02
Smith       James            St Andrews    731--17
Smith       James            Meherrin      763--01
Smith       Jane             Meherrin      761--17
Smith       John             Meherrin      762--17
Smith       John             Meherrin      763--04
Smith       Pleasant         Meherrin      761--13
Smith       Richd S          Meherrin      761--11
Smith       Sally            Meherrin      763--06
Smith       Sherod           Meherrin      763--05
Smith       Stephen          Meherrin      762--04
Smith       Sterling W       Meherrin      762--11
Smith       Thomas           St Andrews    730--17
Smith       Wm               St Andrews    732--01
Smithson    David            St Andrews    732--05
Soward      John, Sr         Meherrin      762--08
Soward      John, Sr         Meherrin      763--02
Soward      Joseph           Meherrin      762--07
Soward      Samuel           Meherrin      762--01
Soward      Silvy            Meherrin      770--13
Spain       Wm               Meherrin      762--12
Spears      James J          Meherrin      762--16
Stainback   Robertson        St Andrews    733--07
Stainback   Wm               St Andrews    733--05
Starke      Lewis            St Andrews    731--14
State       John             St Andrews    734--13
State       Randolph         St Andrews    731--11
Statia      Laurence         St Andrews    733--06
Steagale    Bottom           St Andrews    731--16
Steagall    Thos             Meherrin      762--09
Steed       Ann              Meherrin      761--09
Steed       Mark             Meherrin      762--05
Stewart     Caleb            St Andrews    733--12
Stewart     Dempsey          Meherrin      770--05
Stewart     Wm               Meherrin      770--04
Stith       A*****           St Andrews    731--06
Stith       Andrew           St Andrews    731--10
Stith       Fanny            St Andrews    731--08
Stith       Griffin          St Andrews    731--02
Stith       J****y           St Andrews    731--05
Stith       Ja**             St Andrews    734--14
Stith       John             St Andrews    731--07
Stith       Lucy             St Andrews    731--09
Stith       Nancy            St Andrews    731--01
Stith       Obadiah          St Andrews    731--12
Stith       Richd            St Andrews    731--03
Stith       Thos             St Andrews    731--04
Stone       John             St Andrews    734--01
Stone       Lathain          St Andrews    734--03
Stone       Peter            St Andrews    734--02
Stone       Richd            St Andrews    733--17
Strange     Benjamin         St Andrews    733--16
Stroud      Thos A           St Andrews    734--09
Sturdavant  Wm               St Andrews    734--04
Sturdivant  Lucas            Meherrin      762--14
Sturdivant  Susannah         Meherrin      763--03
Swanson     John             Meherrin      761--18
Tally       Grieve           St Andrews    736--09
Tanner      Richd            Meherrin      764--08
Tarpley     Edward J         St Andrews    736--13
Tarpley     Elizabeth        St Andrews    736--10
Tarpley     John             St Andrews    736--14
Tarpley     Martha           St Andrews    736--15
Tarpley     Wm               St Andrews    736--16
Tarver      Andrew           Meherrin      764--05
Tatum       Batt             St Andrews    736--17
Taylor      Benjamin         St Andrews    736--03
Taylor      Daniel, Jr       St Andrews    735--16
Taylor      Daniel, Sr       St Andrews    735--15
Taylor      David            St Andrews    735--17
Taylor      Elizabeth        St Andrews    735--18
Taylor      John             St Andrews    736--04
Taylor      John             Meherrin      763--10
Taylor      Jones            St Andrews    736--01
Taylor      Joseph           Meherrin      763--18
Taylor      Lewis B          Meherrin      763--12
Taylor      Robt             St Andrews    735--14
Taylor      Thos             St Andrews    735--13
Taylor      Wm               St Andrews    736--02
Thacker     John             St Andrews    735--11
Thacker     Wm               St Andrews    735--12
Thomas      Allen            Meherrin      763--17
Thomas      David            Meherrin      763--11
Thomisson   Banister         St Andrews    736--06
Thompson    Darvill          St Andrews    736--12
Thompson    Robert           Meherrin      764--06
Thrower     Christopher      Meherrin      763--09
Thrower     Edward           Meherrin      763--08
Tilley      John             Meherrin      763--13
Tilley      Sarah            Meherrin      763--16
Tilman      John             Meherrin      764--03
Tinsbloom   Thos             Meherrin      764--01
Towns       Laban            Meherrin      764--02
Trehern     James            Meherrin      764--07
Trotter     Benjamin         St Andrews    735--10
Trotter     Catharine        St Andrews    735--06
Trotter     Elin             St Andrews    735--09
Trotter     James            St Andrews    735--08
Trotter     Richd            St Andrews    735--07
Tucker      David, Jr        St Andrews    734--17
Tucker      David, Sr        St Andrews    734--16
Tucker      Hartwell         St Andrews    735--03
Tucker      James            Meherrin      763--07
Tucker      John             St Andrews    734--15
Tucker      John             St Andrews    735--04
Tucker      Leroy            St Andrews    735--05
Tucker      Mary Ann         St Andrews    735--02
Tucker      Wright           St Andrews    735--01
Tuder       Robert           Meherrin      763--14
Tunstall    Benjamin         Meherrin      763--15
Turbifield  Seth             St Andrews    736--05
Turnable    Roger            Meherrin      770--06
Turnbull    Robert           St Andrews    736--11
Turner      Ann              St Andrews    736--08
Turner      Charles          St Andrews    736--07
Turner      Wm               Meherrin      764--04
Vaughn      Averit           St Andrews    737--10
Vaughn      David            Meherrin      764--11
Vaughn      George           St Andrews    737--01
Vaughn      Herod            St Andrews    737--03
Vaughn      James            St Andrews    736--18
Vaughn      James            St Andrews    737--07
Vaughn      James            Meherrin      764--10
Vaughn      Jane             St Andrews    737--04
Vaughn      John H           St Andrews    737--06
Vaughn      Micajah          St Andrews    737--05
Vaughn      Moody            St Andrews    737--09
Vaughn      Richd            St Andrews    737--08
Vaughn      Stephen          St Andrews    737--02
Vaughn      V. Peggy         Meherrin      764--09
Wade        David            Meherrin      767--08
Walker      Alexander        St Andrews    739--04
Walker      Ann              Meherrin      766--05
Walker      Cupid            St Andrews    739--15
Walker      Edward           Meherrin      767--03
Walker      Jesse            St Andrews    739--03
Walker      John             St Andrews    739--14
Walker      Peggy            St Andrews    739--16
Walker      William          Meherrin      764--16
Walker      William P        Meherrin      766--06
Wall        David S          Meherrin      768--03
Wallace     Robert           Meherrin      767--15
Walpoll     Lucy             St Andrews    737--12
Walton      Elias R          Meherrin      766--02
Walton      George           Meherrin      768--13
Walton      John             Meherrin      767--11
Walton      Joshua           Meherrin      768--11
Walton      Wm               Meherrin      767--07
Ward        Benjamin         Meherrin      768--05
Ward        Jesse            Meherrin      768--08
Ward        Johnathan        Meherrin      768--02
Ward        Joseph           Meherrin      770--07
Ward        Samuel           Meherrin      769--01
Ward        William          Meherrin      765--16
Ward        Wm, Sr           Meherrin      766--07
Warwick     Wm               Meherrin      767--06
Watson      Angelica         Meherrin      765--04
Watson      Littleton        Meherrin      765--13
Watson      Polly            Meherrin      766--10
Watson      Robert           Meherrin      766--13
Weaver      Wm               St Andrews    738--03
Weay        Tabitha, Jr      Meherrin      768--12
Webb        Isaac            St Andrews    738--16
Wells       Claibourn        St Andrews    739--11
Wells       Joseph           St Andrews    739--10
Wessen      Anderson         Meherrin      765--11
Wessen      Buckner          St Andrews    737--11
Wessen      Isaac, Jr        Meherrin      767--13
Wessen      Isaac, Jr        Meherrin      768--10
Wessen      John, Jr         Meherrin      765--01
Wessen      Littleton        Meherrin      765--12
Wessen      Washington       Meherrin      765--14
Wesson      Edward           Meherrin      767--02
Wesson      Sterling         Meherrin      766--03
Wheeler     Moses            Meherrin      765--17
Whit        Shaderick        St Andrews    739--07
Whitby      Burwell          Meherrin      764--14
Whitby      John             Meherrin      766--15
Whitby      Robert           Meherrin      767--04
Whitby      Wm               Meherrin      766--04
White       John             Meherrin      766--14
White       John, Sr         Meherrin      767--14
Whitemore   Wm G             St Andrews    739--13
Whitlock    Thos             St Andrews    739--08
Wilkerson   Wm               St Andrews    739--09
Wilkins     John D           St Andrews    738--01
Wilkins     John L           St Andrews    737--17
Wilks       Burwell          St Andrews    738--17
Wilks       Henrietta        St Andrews    739--02
Wilks       Joseph           St Andrews    739--01
Williams    Alexander        Meherrin      764--13
Williams    Benjamin         Meherrin      765--10
Williams    Burwell          St Andrews    738--12
Williams    David            St Andrews    738--10
Williams    Elizabeth        St Andrews    738--05
Williams    Elizabeth        St Andrews    738--08
Williams    George           St Andrews    738--09
Williams    Isaac            Meherrin      765--05
Williams    James            Meherrin      768--17
Williams    John             St Andrews    738--13
Williams    John             Meherrin      765--02
Williams    John R           St Andrews    738--06
Williams    John, Jr         Meherrin      764--15
Williams    Joseph           St Andrews    738--11
Williams    Lucy, Sr         Meherrin      768--09
Williams    Mary             Meherrin      768--07
Williams    Miles            St Andrews    738--04
Williams    Nancy            Meherrin      765--06
Williams    Peter            St Andrews    738--14
Williams    Phillip          Meherrin      767--17
Williams    Robert           Meherrin      767--01
Williams    Samuel           Meherrin      768--16
Williams    Thos             Meherrin      765--07
Williams    William          Meherrin      768--06
Williams    Wm               Meherrin      767--12
Williams    Zebulon          St Andrews    738--07
Williamson  Littleton        Meherrin      768--01
Wilson      Dick             St Andrews    739--17
Wilson      John             St Andrews    738--02
Winfield    Edward           St Andrews    739--12
Winfield    Edward           Meherrin      766--11
Wissen      John, Sr         Meherrin      764--17
Woodard     Edmunds          St Andrews    739--05
Woodriff    George           Meherrin      765--03
Woodriff    George, Sr       Meherrin      765--08
Woodruff    George B         Meherrin      766--08
Woolsey     Abner            Meherrin      766--01
Woolsey     Wm               Meherrin      767--10
Worthington Samuel           St Andrews    739--06
Wray        Catharine        Meherrin      765--09
Wray        Francis          Meherrin      767--09
Wray        Nancy            Meherrin      766--17
Wray        Reubin           Meherrin      767--16
Wray        Tabitha          Meherrin      766--12
Wray        W. John          Meherrin      764--12
Wright      George           Meherrin      765--15
Wright      Josiah           Meherrin      766--18
Wright      Martha           Meherrin      768--18
Wright      Merritt          Meherrin      768--14
Wright      Nancy            Meherrin      765--18
Wright      Samuel           Meherrin      768--15
Wright      Sterling         St Andrews    738--15
Wyche       Elizabeth        Meherrin      766--09
Wyche       James            Meherrin      768--04
Wyche       John             Meherrin      766--16
Wynn        John             Meherrin      767--05
Wynn        Joicy            St Andrews    737--15
Wynn        Peter            St Andrews    737--13
Wynn        Robert           St Andrews    737--16
Wynn        Wm R             St Andrews    737--14
Yates       Benjamin P       St Andrews    740--01
Yates       Wm               St Andrews    739--18
Yeargan     Samuel           St Andrews    740--02
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