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Feggan      Peter            Meherrin      769--09
Field       Richard          St Andrews    711--10
Field       Susan            St Andrews    711--09
Finch       Wm               Meherrin      748--13
Firth       Wm               St Andrews    711--16
Fisher      James            St Andrews    711--12
Fisher      Wm               St Andrews    711--11
Fletcher    James N          Meherrin      748--15
Fletcher    John             Meherrin      748--05
Fletcher    Midleton         Meherrin      748--07
Fletcher    Molly            St Andrews    711--08
Fletcher    Nathan           Meherrin      748--03
Fletcher    Richd            Meherrin      748--04
Floyd       Allen            Meherrin      748--12
Floyd       Ann              Meherrin      748--06
Floyd       Drury            Meherrin      748--10
Floyd       Jordin           Meherrin      748--11
Floyd       Josiah           Meherrin      748--09
Fort        Edwin            St Andrews    711--17
Fortescue   Wm               St Andrews    711--15
Foster      Beverley         Meherrin      748--14
Foster      Elizabeth        Meherrin      748--16
Foster      John H           Meherrin      748--02
Foster      Peter R          Meherrin      748--08
Frasier     John             St Andrews    711--13
Frasier     John             St Andrews    712--01
Freeman     Elizabeth        St Andrews    711--14
Gee         Benjamin         Meherrin      749--10
Gee         John             St Andrews    712--02
Gee         Robert           St Andrews    712--05
Gee         Tabitha          Meherrin      749--08
George      Geremiah         Meherrin      749--05
Gholson     Jane             St Andrews    712--07
Gholson     Thomas           St Andrews    712--09
Gholson     Wm               St Andrews    712--08
Gibbs       Francis          Meherrin      749--13
Gibbs       Sally            St Andrews    712--12
Gilbuck     Ann              Meherrin      748--17
Gilliam     Samuel           St Andrews    712--03
Gladich     Benjamin         St Andrews    712--06
Glover      Daniel           Meherrin      749--09
Gray        Wm               Meherrin      749--11
Green       Benjamin         St Andrews    712--11
Green       Clement          Meherrin      749--07
Green       Dolly            St Andrews    712--13
Green       John             St Andrews    712--10
Green       Mark             Meherrin      749--12
Griffin     Wright           St Andrews    712--16
Griffith    James            Meherrin      749--01
Grimes      Rebecca          St Andrews    712--04
Grisham     Asa              Meherrin      749--03
Grubbs      Hickerson        St Andrews    712--15
Grubbs      John             Meherrin      749--04
Grugg       Wm               Meherrin      749--06
Gunn        Dudley           Meherrin      749--02
Gunn        James            St Andrews    712--14
Hall        Edward           Meherrin      752--06
Hall        Richard          St Andrews    715--11
Halloway    Daniel           Meherrin      752--07
Hamlet      Carter           St Andrews    715--01
Hamlet      Elizabeth        St Andrews    715--03
Hammon      Wm               St Andrews    713--11
Hammons     Robert           St Andrews    714--02
Hampton     David            St Andrews    713--06
Hampton     Jeremiah         St Andrews    713--04
Hampton     Wm               St Andrews    713--05
Hancock     Francis          Meherrin      752--14
Hancock     Sarah            Meherrin      751--15
Hanks       Thos             St Andrews    714--10
Hardiway    Henry S          Meherrin      752--09
Hardiway    James H          Meherrin      750--09
Hardiway    Sarah            Meherrin      750--10
Harper      Nathaniel        St Andrews    714--11
Harper      Wm W             St Andrews    714--12
Harris      Charles          St Andrews    714--03
Harris      Henchen          Meherrin      752--02
Harris      Larkin           Meherrin      752--10
Harris      Martha           St Andrews    714--05
Harris      Reuben           Meherrin      751--06
Harris      Robert           St Andrews    714--04
Harris      Sterling         St Andrews    714--06
Harris      Wilson           Meherrin      751--07
Harrison    Benjamin         St Andrews    713--03
Harrison    Charles          St Andrews    712--18
Harrison    Cuddy            St Andrews    713--01
Harrison    Gabriel          St Andrews    713--02
Harrison    Henry            Meherrin      752--03
Harrison    James Q          Meherrin      752--04
Harrison    John             Meherrin      749--16
Harrison    John             Meherrin      751--09
Harrison    John             Meherrin      751--10
Harrison    John             Meherrin      751--12
Harrison    Joseph           Meherrin      750--19
Harrison    Mark             Meherrin      750--14
Harrison    Mary             Meherrin      751--11
Harrison    Mary Ann         Meherrin      750--07
Harrison    Patience         Meherrin      770--14
Harrison    Richd            Meherrin      752--13
Harrison    Salley           Meherrin      750--18
Harrison    Willie           Meherrin      750--06
Harrison    Wm               Meherrin      750--13
Harthorn    Peter            St Andrews    714--09
Hartwell    Armstead         Meherrin      752--05
Hartwell    Harrison         Meherrin      751--03
Hartwell    Littleberry S    Meherrin      750--17
Hartwell    Richd            Meherrin      749--15
Harvey      Telford          St Andrews    712--17
Harwele     Ishmuel          St Andrews    713--15
Harwele     John H           St Andrews    713--14
Harwele     Manson           St Andrews    713--12
Harwele     Senor            St Andrews    713--10
Haskins     Creed            St Andrews    713--07
Haskins     Elizabeth        St Andrews    713--08
Haskins     John             St Andrews    713--13
Haskins     Robert           St Andrews    713--09
Hawkins     Edward           St Andrews    715--05
Hawkins     Smart            St Andrews    715--04
Hawkins     Uriah            Meherrin      750--05
Haygood     Randolph         St Andrews    714--07
Haygood     Richd            St Andrews    714--08
Hicks       Fanny            St Andrews    715--16
Hicks       Isaac            St Andrews    714--13
Hicks       James            Meherrin      751--04
Hicks       Jesse            St Andrews    714--16
Hicks       John             Meherrin      751--01
Hicks       Jordan           St Andrews    714--15
Hicks       Judith           Meherrin      750--08
Hicks       Lewis            Meherrin      750--04
Hicks       Paschal          Meherrin      749--18
Hicks       Rebekah          Meherrin      749--17
Hicks       Reuben           St Andrews    714--14
Hill        Charly           St Andrews    715--07
Hill        Hartwell         St Andrews    715--08
Hill        Herbert          St Andrews    715--06
Hill        Jack             St Andrews    715--15
Hills       Abner            Meherrin      750--20
Hobbs       Benjamin         Meherrin      750--02
Hobbs       Gilliam          Meherrin      750--03
Hobbs       Hubbard          St Andrews    714--17
Hobbs       Jno P            St Andrews    715--02
Hobbs       John             St Andrews    714--18
Hobbs       Sarah            Meherrin      751--08
Holdoby     Joseph           Meherrin      750--01
Holloway    John             St Andrews    715--14
House       Ambrose          Meherrin      750--15
House       Claibourn        Meherrin      751--13
House       Elizabeth        Meherrin      750--11
House       Green S          St Andrews    714--01
House       Isaac            Meherrin      751--02
House       Isaac T          Meherrin      750--12
House       John             Meherrin      750--16
House       John             Meherrin      752--01
House       Joseph           Meherrin      749--14
House       Merritt          St Andrews    713--17
House       Wm               St Andrews    713--16
Howerton    Drury            St Andrews    715--09
Howerton    John             St Andrews    715--10
Hudson      Drury            St Andrews    715--13
Hudson      Gregory          Meherrin      752--08
Hudson      Robert           St Andrews    715--12
Huff        James            Meherrin      752--11
Huff        Lewis            Meherrin      752--12
Huff        Wm               Meherrin      751--05
Huskey      James            Meherrin      751--14
Ingram      Benjamin         Meherrin      753--05
Ingram      Catharine        Meherrin      753--12
Ives        James            St Andrews    717--14
Ivie        Austin           St Andrews    717--10
Ivie        Hardiman S       St Andrews    717--11
Ivy         Benjamin, Sr     Meherrin      753--06
Ivy         John             Meherrin      753--08
Jackson     Coleman          Meherrin      752--18
Jackson     David            St Andrews    717--06
Jackson     Ephraim          St Andrews    717--03
Jackson     Ephraim          Meherrin      752--17
Jackson     Green            St Andrews    717--08
Jackson     Randolph         Meherrin      752--19
Jackson     Richd            Meherrin      753--07
Jackson     Robert           St Andrews    717--07
Jackson     Stephen          St Andrews    717--04
Jackson     Wm               St Andrews    717--05
James       Cary             Meherrin      753--02
James       Edward           Meherrin      769--10
James       John P           Meherrin      753--04
James       Robt             Meherrin      769--11
James       Wm, Jr           Meherrin      753--13
James       Wm, Sr           Meherrin      753--03
Jarratt     David            Meherrin      753--11
Jerdan      Edward           St Andrews    717--01
Jerdan      Freeman          St Andrews    716--19
Jerdan      John M           St Andrews    717--02
Jett        Francis          St Andrews    715--17
Jett        Thornton         Meherrin      753--01
Johnson     Absalom          St Andrews    716--14
Johnson     Anderson         St Andrews    716--15
Johnson     Benjamin, Jr     St Andrews    716--16
Johnson     Benjamin, Sr     St Andrews    716--11
Johnson     Henry            St Andrews    716--17
Johnson     Joel             St Andrews    716--12
Johnson     Lewis            Meherrin      753--10
Johnson     Lucy             St Andrews    716--13
Johnson     Wm M             St Andrews    716--10
Johnson     Wm, Jr           St Andrews    716--18
Johnson     Wm, Sr           St Andrews    717--09
Jones       Abednego         St Andrews    718--04
Jones       Anthony          St Andrews    718--06
Jones       Benjamin         St Andrews    716--01
Jones       Christopher      St Andrews    716--07
Jones       Elizabeth        St Andrews    716--05
Jones       Enus             St Andrews    718--05
Jones       George H         St Andrews    716--06
Jones       James            St Andrews    717--15
Jones       John             St Andrews    716--02
Jones       John C           St Andrews    716--09
Jones       Kennon           Meherrin      753--14
Jones       Moses            St Andrews    718--01
Jones       Nancy            Meherrin      753--09
Jones       Ned              St Andrews    717--16
Jones       Robert           St Andrews    716--04
Jones       Robert           St Andrews    718--03
Jones       Samuel           St Andrews    718--02
Jones       Thomas           St Andrews    716--08
Jones       Topsall          St Andrews    718--07
Jones       Willis           St Andrews    716--03
Judd        John             St Andrews    717--13
Judd        Thomas           St Andrews    717--12
Justice     Ratrain          Meherrin      752--16
Justice     Rebecca          Meherrin      752--15
Kates       Henry            St Andrews    718--08
Kelley      David            Meherrin      754--02
Kelley      Edmunds          St Andrews    718--14
Kelley      Henry            St Andrews    719--02
Kelley      James            St Andrews    718--17
Kelley      Jesse            Meherrin      754--01
Kelley      John             St Andrews    719--01
Kelley      Joseph           St Andrews    718--19
Kelley      Lewis            St Andrews    718--16
Kelley      Martha           Meherrin      754--03
Kelley      Robert           St Andrews    719--03
Kelley      Thomas           St Andrews    718--18
Kelley      Wm               St Andrews    718--15
Kenedy      Jane             St Andrews    719--13
Kenedy      Jesse            St Andrews    719--06
Kenedy      Wm, Jr           St Andrews    719--05
Kenedy      Wm, Sen          St Andrews    719--04
Kidd        Joseph           St Andrews    719--12
King        Benjamin         Meherrin      753--15
King        Charles          Meherrin      753--16
King        Charlotte        St Andrews    718--10
King        Elias            Meherrin      753--17
King        John             St Andrews    718--12
King        Mary             St Andrews    718--11
King        Miles            St Andrews    718--13
King        Wm               St Andrews    718--09
Kirkland    David            St Andrews    719--07
Kirkland    John             St Andrews    719--11
Kirkland    John, Jr         St Andrews    719--10
Kirkland    Stephen          St Andrews    719--08
Kirkland    Wm               St Andrews    719--09
Laffoon     Wm               St Andrews    721--08
Lambert     Benjamin         Meherrin      754--08
Lambert     Lewis            St Andrews    721--12
Lambert     Sarah            St Andrews    721--10
Lane        Simon            Meherrin      755--09
Lanier      Allen            Meherrin      754--11
Lanier      Benjamin         St Andrews    720--02
Lanier      Dandy            St Andrews    719--14
Lanier      David, Sr        St Andrews    720--07
Lanier      Frederick        Meherrin      755--02
Lanier      John             St Andrews    720--01
Lanier      Nicholas         St Andrews    719--16
Lanier      Robert           St Andrews    720--03
Lanier      Robert           Meherrin      755--03
Lanier      Sarah            Meherrin      755--01
Lanier      Sterling         St Andrews    720--04
Lanier      Thos             St Andrews    719--15
Lanier      Thos, Jr         St Andrews    720--06
Lanier      Wm               St Andrews    720--05
Laurence    Sterling         St Andrews    721--13
Leath       Richd            St Andrews    720--08
Ledbetter   Asbern           Meherrin      755--05
Ledbetter   Hansten          Meherrin      755--08
Ledbetter   Hubbard          Meherrin      755--06
Ledbetter   Isaac            Meherrin      754--12
Ledbetter   James            Meherrin      754--15
Lesslie     Benjamin         Meherrin      754--04
Lester      Claiborne        St Andrews    721--07
Lett        John             Meherrin      754--18
Lewis       Benjamin         St Andrews    720--10
Lewis       Jesse            St Andrews    720--13
Lewis       Mason            St Andrews    720--15
Lewis       Micajah          Meherrin      754--06
Lewis       Nicholas E       St Andrews    720--11
Lewis       Ruel             St Andrews    720--12
Lewis       Sandal           St Andrews    720--09
Lewis       Wm, Jr           St Andrews    720--16
Lewis       Wm, Sr           St Andrews    720--14
Lightfoot   John             Meherrin      755--04
Lilley      Natha'l          Meherrin      754--09
Linch       Aden             Meherrin      754--07
Linch       Lyon             Meherrin      754--10
Linch       Syrach           Meherrin      754--17
Linch       Wm               Meherrin      754--05
Lock        James            St Andrews    721--14
Lock        Richd            St Andrews    721--11
Longbottom  Boolling         Meherrin      755--07
Longbottom  John             Meherrin      754--16
Love        Allen            Meherrin      754--14
Love        James            Meherrin      754--13
Loyed       Stephen          St Andrews    721--09
Lucas       Charles          St Andrews    721--06
Lucy        Frederick        St Andrews    721--05
Lucy        Jesse            St Andrews    721--04
Lucy        Joshua           St Andrews    721--02
Lucy        Rachal           St Andrews    721--01
Lucy        Robert           St Andrews    721--03
Lundie      Elizabeth        St Andrews    720--17
Lundie      Lucy             St Andrews    720--18
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