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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Acers         Askiel         193a 16 0193b
Adams         Daniel         215a 3  0215b
Adams         David          216a 7  0216b
Adams         James          234a 22 0234b
Alexander     Edwin          197a 11 0197b
Alexander     Jas R          233a 8  0233b
Alexander     John           222a 25 0222b
Allan         Hensel         241a 14 0241b
Allan         Lewes B        242a 9  0242b
Allen         Henry D        196a 23 0196b
Allen         John           199a 2  0199b
Allen         John S         204a 15 0204b
Allen         Joseph         192a 26 0192b
Allen         William        212a 25 0212b
Amenitt       Andrew         225a 4  0225b
Anderson      Henry          205a 13 0205b
Anderson      James          193a 25 0193b
Anderson      James          231a 13 0231b
Anderson      Peter          204a 21 0204b
Andrews       P              204a 26 0204b
Armor         James          234a 20 0234b
Armour        Joseph D       194a 9  0194b
Armour        Robt           194a 1  0194b
Armstead      Anthony P      226a 19 0226b
Armstead      P F            236a 6  0236b
Armstrong     James          229a 13 0229b
Armstrong     Septemus       193a 19 0193b
Armstrong     William H      224a 25 0224b
Arnold        George D       224a 13 0224b
Arnott        William        239a 18 0239b
Aron          George         239a 15 0239b
Arthur        Charles        232a 19 0232b
Ashcraft      Francis        230a 5  0230b
Asher         John           206a 21 0206b
Askew         Aron           229a 12 0229b
Austin        John           213a 17 0213b
Bailey        Abraham        236a 26 0236b
Bailey        Jonathan       229a 4  0229b
Bailey        Richard        219a 23 0219b
Bailey        Richard        229a 7  0229b
Baker         Charles        220a 15 0220b
Baker         Eliza          221a 24 0221b
Baldin        John           243a 4  0243b
Bales         Jesse          197a 24 0197b
Baloo         George         226a 1  0226b
Barksdale     Alexander      225a 16 0225b
Barnes        Richd          193a 21 0193b
Barnet        A B            192a 9  0192b
Barnet        Thos           189a 15 0189b
Barnett       William        240a 10 0240b
Barnett       Wm             190a 18 0190b
Barney        Thomas         193a 26 0193b
Barns         Sheadrick      235a 10 0235b
Baron         Elizabeth      197a 10 0197b
Barr          Isaac          240a 8  0240b
Barr          Samuel W       187a 8  0187b
Barr          Wm             196a 7  0196b
Barrett       Jas            199a 7  0199b
Barron        Alex           197a 9  0197b
Barry         William        218a 12 0218b
Bartlett      William G      216a 19 0216b
Barton        William A      214a 4  0214b
Basket        William        222a 21 0222b
Baston        James          231a 16 0231b
Baugh         James H        241a 5  0241b
Baugh         John           227a 3  0227b
Baugh         John           238a 5  0238b
Baugh         Richard        227a 4  0227b
Baugher       William        188a 19 0188b
Bean          Stephen        195a 11 0195b
Bearland      John           223a 20 0223b
Beasley       Dorcas         214a 10 0214b
Beasley       Harmon         207a 23 0207b
Beasley       Jincey         214a 18 0214b
Beasley       Nancy          214a 8  0214b
Beasley       Rachel         207a 24 0207b
Beavers       Hugh           241a 19 0241b
Beavers       Jesse          219a 9  0219b
Beckwith      Jonathan       226a 13 0226b
Beckwith      Wm             215a 17 0215b
Bedford       Matilda        228a 26 0228b
Belan         Rainy          196a 24 0196b
Belau         George         243a 7  0243b
Belcher       Craven         213a 25 0213b
Bell          Benjamin       224a 24 0224b
Bell          Coley          222a 11 0222b
Bell          Leander        189a 7  0189b
Bell          Samuel         226a 12 0226b
Benford       Hugh           227a 25 0227b
Benford       John           222a 6  0222b
Benham        James          206a 23 0206b
Bennett       Reuben         209a 19 0209b
Benningfield  James          190a 19 0190b
Best          Charles        243a 8  0243b
Best          Elija          219a 16 0219b
Bevers        Allen          195a 8  0195b
Bibb          Nathan         211a 18 0211b
Bibb          Thos H         204a 22 0204b
Biditon       Henry          240a 25 0240b
Bigger        Joseph         203a 25 0203b
Billingsly    William        207a 6  0207b
Bird          John           209a 10 0209b
Bishop        David          233a 24 0233b
Bissett       William        240a 13 0240b
Blackburn     Powers         222a 23 0222b
Blassingame   Harrison       200a 17 0200b
Blastengen    Harvey         202a 18 0202b
Body          Nathan         225a 26 0225b
Boggs         George C       189a 19 0189b
Boggs         George, Jr     203a 1  0203b
Bohannan      Benoni         233a 12 0233b
Bohannon      Ambrose        193a 6  0193b
Boore         John           217a 6  0217b
Boothe        Nathan         206a 15 0206b
Booty         John           201a 19 0201b
Bourland      Bayles E       203a 9  0203b
Bowden        Thomas         207a 5  0207b
Bowland       Charles        205a 18 0205b
Boyd          John           204a 9  0204b
Boyd          Miles          191a 23 0191b
Boyds         John           231a 19 0231b
Boyds         William        231a 20 0231b
Boyles        William        211a 24 0211b
Brackenridge  James          240a 16 0240b
Brackenridge  Robt           215a 16 0215b
Bracket       Burnet         190a 24 0190b
Bradshaw      William        243a 3  0243b
Brandon       Martha         206a 12 0206b
Brandon       Masey          235a 16 0235b
Branson       John           194a 10 0194b
Bratton       Hugh           208a 11 0208b
Bratton       Hugh           236a 7  0236b
Brawley       Hiram          193a 23 0193b
Brawley       John           193a 24 0193b
Bridges       John           197a 1  0197b
Briges        Margaret       235a 2  0235b
Brittle       James W        226a 7  0226b
Britton       James          208a 26 0208b
Brooks        James          205a 26 0205b
Brooks        Robert         225a 21 0225b
Brooks        Wm             192a 19 0192b
Brown         Danial         228a 4  0228b
Brown         David          217a 9  0217b
Brown         David          243a 5  0243b
Brown         Elisha         201a 6  0201b
Brown         Elisha         228a 5  0228b
Brown         Eliza          227a 19 0227b
Brown         Elizabeth      233a 2  0233b
Brown         Frederick      232a 1  0232b
Brown         Gabriel        195a 12 0195b
Brown         Jas            196a 15 0196b
Brown         Jessee         227a 11 0227b
Brown         John           239a 2  0239b
Brown         John H         225a 6  0225b
Brown         Leonard        230a 22 0230b
Brown         Obadiah        192a 25 0192b
Brown         Rolin          200a 25 0200b
Brown         Roughan        224a 4  0224b
Brown         Saml           211a 6  0211b
Brown         Samuel         236a 17 0236b
Brown         Shedrick       227a 15 0227b
Brown         Stephen        231a 6  0231b
Brown         Thomas         210a 4  0210b
Brown         Thomas         227a 24 0227b
Brown         Turner         225a 1  0225b
Brown         Westly         196a 17 0196b
Brownlow      Isaac          187a 1  0187b
Bruce         Joel           229a 18 0229b
Bruce         Wilson         229a 17 0229b
Brumbley      James          217a 5  0217b
Brumbley      Samuel         216a 14 0216b
Brumley       Austin         194a 23 0194b
Brumley       Larkin         194a 17 0194b
Bryan         Joseph         209a 6  0209b
Bryant        Ann O          212a 3  0212b
Bryant        Rial           234a 6  0234b
Bryant        Ryall          190a 14 0190b
Bryant        Samuel         225a 12 0225b
Bryant        William O      209a 20 0209b
Buckner       Frederick      189a 23 0189b
Buford        Benj           231a 9  0231b
Bumpass       Gabriel        227a 1  0227b
Bumpass       James          227a 7  0227b
Burgess       Delila         215a 1  0215b
Burney        Charles        240a 14 0240b
Burney        Saml, Sen      192a 5  0192b
Burns         Benjamin       241a 21 0241b
Burns         Gilford        187a 17 0187b
Burns         H Q            190a 15 0190b
Burns         Henry C        227a 14 0227b
Burns         Jeramiah       227a 10 0227b
Burns         Joseph         227a 9  0227b
Burns         Robert         236a 9  0236b
Burns         Samuel         241a 12 0241b
Burns         William        232a 21 0232b
Burton        John           228a 10 0228b
Burton        William M      229a 1  0229b
Burton        Wm             202a 24 0202b
Butler        Gabriel        188a 23 0188b
Butler        John           187a 5  0187b
Butler        Susanna        206a 11 0206b
Butler        William        232a 5  0232b
Butler        Wm             197a 14 0197b

The free display of the 1830 Lauderdale County, Alabama census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Bob Davis and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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