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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Paine         Andrew M       242a 10 0242b
Palette       James          240a 3  0240b
Palmer        Martin         211a 11 0211b
Palmore       Claiborne      194a 19 0194b
Parish        Nicholas       219a 19 0219b
Parker        Cebern         214a 2  0214b
Parmer        Randolph       223a 23 0223b
Parsons       George         232a 10 0232b
Partee        Hugh           192a 3  0192b
Pastoll       William        239a 12 0239b
Patton        David          232a 20 0232b
Payne         A M            212a 19 0212b
Pearson       P F            203a 6  0203b
Penny         James          224a 9  0224b
Penny         William        226a 16 0226b
Perriman      John           221a 18 0221b
Perteet       Edward         195a 24 0195b
Pettis        Horatio        195a 5  0195b
Pettis        Winsted        196a 10 0196b
Petty         Alfred         222a 4  0222b
Philips       Thomas         223a 2  0223b
Phillips      Grey           208a 6  0208b
Phillips      James M        188a 4  0188b
Phillips      Jessee         227a 22 0227b
Phillips      John           224a 21 0224b
Phillips      Joseph         217a 22 0217b
Phillips      Kesiah         208a 9  0208b
Phillips      Sebry          211a 5  0211b
Phillips      Sterling       237a 21 0237b
Phillips      Thomas         211a 23 0211b
Phillips      William        223a 16 0223b
Phillips      William B      240a 15 0240b
Pickens       John G         236a 8  0236b
Pickens       L M            211a 19 0211b
Piller        Wm             199a 22 0199b
Poke          Shelby         202a 2  0202b
Pool          Gilbert        190a 17 0190b
Pool          John           191a 16 0191b
Pool          Perkins P      220a 25 0220b
Pope          Alex           205a 23 0205b
Pope          Bennet         222a 7  0222b
Pope          John           218a 9  0218b
Pope          Willis         203a 15 0203b
Porter        Anderson       233a 20 0233b
Porter        Austin         208a 4  0208b
Porter        Charles B      223a 12 0223b
Porter        William        230a 13 0230b
Posey         Caldwell       193a 4  0193b
Posey         S C            203a 18 0203b
Powell        Henry G        234a 4  0234b
Powers        Thomas         223a 8  0223b
Prat          Jesse          193a 17 0193b
Prater        Quiller        208a 8  0208b
Pratt         Fanny          234a 15 0234b
Price         Ben            215a 7  0215b
Price         David          189a 10 0189b
Price         Joseph         187a 16 0187b
Price         William        188a 16 0188b
Price         William        208a 20 0208b
Price         Wm H           219a 11 0219b
Pruet         Ellen          223a 21 0223b
Pruet         Thomas         223a 13 0223b
Pynchon       George A       203a 7  0203b
Quezon        John D         228a 3  0228b
Ragsdain      Wm G           217a 17 0217b
Ragsdell      Benj F         219a 21 0219b
Rain          Isaac          241a 15 0241b
Rainey        Washington     213a 21 0213b
Rand          James          232a 13 0232b
Randolph      John           236a 2  0236b
Rast          John S         225a 9  0225b
Rea           Benjamin       231a 17 0231b
Rea           Joseph         229a 11 0229b
Read          Josiah         204a 11 0204b
Reader        David          230a 3  0230b
Reader        Jacob          236a 12 0236b
Reader        Thomas         222a 12 0222b
Redding       William        237a 14 0237b
Reed          Andrew         191a 11 0191b
Reed          James          191a 13 0191b
Reeder        Danl           210a 17 0210b
Rees          Washington     229a 9  0229b
Reese         D B            192a 16 0192b
Reese         R D            201a 8  0201b
Reeves        Eliza          242a 22 0242b
Reeves        Jas            198a 19 0198b
Reeves        Joseph         236a 1  0236b
Reid          Archibald      232a 18 0232b
Reid          Ephraim D      219a 12 0219b
Reiley        M H            224a 18 0224b
Rentford      Anderson       223a 15 0223b
Reynolds      Hugh           240a 21 0240b
Rhodes        Elisha         228a 21 0228b
Rhodes        Elisha         238a 4  0238b
Rhodes        Jacob          221a 21 0221b
Rhodes        Jonathan       238a 15 0238b
Rice          Green P        204a 23 0204b
Rice          Manson         237a 3  0237b
Rice          Nathan         195a 2  0195b
Rice          Richard        226a 5  0226b
Rice          William        212a 8  0212b
Richardson    Henry          199a 13 0199b
Richardson    Isham          198a 7  0198b
Richardson    John           198a 12 0198b
Richardson    John           202a 17 0202b
Richardson    Jonathan       235a 24 0235b
Richardson    Joseph         235a 25 0235b
Richardson    Lucinda        242a 26 0242b
Richardson    Mathias        188a 17 0188b
Richardson    Saml P         220a 2  0220b
Rickson       Charles        242a 21 0242b
Riddell       William        226a 3  0226b
Riddle        William        226a 15 0226b
Right         John, Sen      198a 6  0198b
Rigin         James          235a 17 0235b
Ritter        Haslet         199a 12 0199b
Rivers        B S            240a 18 0240b
Rivers        Joel           221a 11 0221b
Roach         George         213a 7  0213b
Roberts       Henry          208a 24 0208b
Roberts       John           232a 8  0232b
Roberts       Joseph B       193a 9  0193b
Robertson     Elizabeth      234a 12 0234b
Robertson     Higgs          241a 11 0241b
Robertson     James          198a 10 0198b
Robertson     John           197a 17 0197b
Robertson     John           242a 14 0242b
Robertson     Joseph         198a 8  0198b
Robertson     Margaret       242a 12 0242b
Robertson     Mathis         218a 23 0218b
Robertson     Miles          200a 26 0200b
Robertson     Phillip        241a 16 0241b
Robertson     Thomas         241a 8  0241b
Robertson     Tyre           201a 22 0201b
Robins        Richard        242a 4  0242b
Robison       Elizabeth      214a 12 0214b
Robison       Henry          210a 5  0210b
Robison       James          209a 23 0209b
Robison       Russell        210a 24 0210b
Rodes         Henry M        237a 17 0237b
Roffe         Wm             200a 20 0200b
Rogers        James          190a 13 0190b
Rogers        Lemuel         191a 5  0191b
Rogers        Saml           190a 11 0190b
Rogers        Thos           193a 5  0193b
Rogers        Wm H           204a 1  0204b
Romain        Peter          190a 9  0190b
Roper         James          193a 11 0193b
Rose          B              192a 23 0192b
Rose          Eleanor        191a 15 0191b
Rose          John           191a 9  0191b
Rose          Richard        218a 6  0218b
Rose          Wm             191a 21 0191b
Rose          Zachariah      192a 20 0192b
Ross          James          217a 21 0217b
Ross          Labin          198a 20 0198b
Ross          Thos           201a 18 0201b
Roudy         John           191a 22 0191b
Rountree      Chesly B       189a 11 0189b
Ruchin        Richd          200a 21 0200b
Rucker        Western T      205a 2  0205b
Rusk          John           202a 14 0202b
Russell       Alexander      224a 11 0224b
Rust          Robert         240a 9  0240b
Saffrons      Peter          205a 9  0205b
Sample        James          206a 14 0206b
Sands         Thos           204a 16 0204b
Sannoner      Ferdinand      203a 20 0203b
Saturfield    Gazeway        228a 2  0228b
Saunders      Silas          234a 24 0234b
Savage        Samuel         238a 7  0238b
Scott         James          240a 19 0240b
Scott         John           215a 13 0215b
Scott         Joseph         221a 4  0221b
Scott         William        241a 4  0241b
Scruggs       Finch          188a 7  0188b
Scruggs       William        225a 5  0225b
Seal          Saml           215a 11 0215b
Seaton        Henry          206a 1  0206b
Seaton        Henry          218a 24 0218b
Sessums       B N            198a 18 0198b
Sessums       R H C          189a 6  0189b
Shaw          Mary           205a 24 0205b
Shaw          Robt           189a 14 0189b
Shawl         Jane           206a 17 0206b
Sheffield     Ephraim        219a 10 0219b
Shelborn      John P         231a 14 0231b
Shelborn      Samuel P       239a 16 0239b
Shelburn      Samuel         189a 5  0189b
Shelburn      Silas          188a 15 0188b
Shelby        Irvin          209a 24 0209b
Shelton       George         191a 19 0191b
Shelton       James          212a 11 0212b
Shelton       James          237a 5  0237b
Shelton       Mark           224a 14 0224b
Shelton       Robt           194a 3  0194b
Sherodd       Irvin          224a 5  0224b
Sherrod       Robert         227a 20 0227b
Shields       John           201a 11 0201b
Shinall       William        226a 24 0226b
Shoulders     Allen          193a 3  0193b
Siber         Julian         204a 4  0204b
Simmons       George         189a 16 0189b
Simmons       George         208a 19 0208b
Simmons       James          190a 8  0190b
Simmons       William        236a 21 0236b
Simpson       Hugh           213a 1  0213b
Simpson       John           205a 15 0205b
Simpson       Thos           203a 11 0203b
Singley       Jacob          242a 11 0242b
Skares        Harry          213a 2  0213b
Slause        Lewis S        212a 9  0212b
Smith         Duncan         200a 13 0200b
Smith         Duncan         209a 21 0209b
Smith         Frederick      241a 22 0241b
Smith         Henry          226a 18 0226b
Smith         J L D          209a 11 0209b
Smith         James          230a 19 0230b
Smith         John           241a 18 0241b
Smith         John L D       236a 3  0236b
Smith         Jos A          199a 3  0199b
Smith         Lenos          222a 22 0222b
Smith         Littleton      216a 11 0216b
Smith         Shadrick       239a 4  0239b
Smith         Solomon        198a 11 0198b
Smith         William        221a 1  0221b
Smith         William H      223a 22 0223b
Sneed         Geo W          207a 3  0207b
Snipes        Phip           223a 4  0223b
Spain         Rachael        238a 17 0238b
Spalding      Alexander      220a 18 0220b
Spalding      John           205a 16 0205b
Sparks        Crittenton     212a 17 0212b
Spayne        John D         218a 10 0218b
Spears        George         208a 3  0208b
Speegle       Emanuel        189a 24 0189b
Spigle        David          234a 3  0234b
Spigle        Sterling       234a 7  0234b
Springer      Jonathan       195a 21 0195b
Springer      Polly          235a 1  0235b
Stacy         Benjamin       234a 25 0234b
Standridge    James          230a 6  0230b
Stanford      James          192a 24 0192b
Stanford      Thos           192a 11 0192b
Steele        James          219a 17 0219b
Stegall       Kelly          192a 6  0192b
Stein         William        239a 25 0239b
Stephens      William        206a 20 0206b
Stephenson    Josiah M       228a 18 0228b
Stepp         Henry          234a 11 0234b
Stepp         Joseph         234a 10 0234b
Stepp         Joshua         234a 8  0234b
Stevenson     William        233a 15 0233b
Steward       James          209a 18 0209b
Stewart       Alex           197a 18 0197b
Stewart       Duncan         198a 17 0198b
Stewart       John           242a 16 0242b
Stone         John           215a 20 0215b
Straughan     Green B        213a 14 0213b
Strawn        Stehen         217a 13 0217b
Strong        Fielding       237a 15 0237b
Strong        Joseph         219a 3  0219b
Strong        Richard        228a 20 0228b
Strong        Richard        238a 3  0238b
Sturgeon      Elias          195a 19 0195b
Sturgeon      John C         234a 19 0234b
Stuts         Jacob          201a 17 0201b
Stuts         Leonard H      197a 21 0197b
Stutts        Wm             196a 5  0196b
Summerhill    Henry          226a 17 0226b
Summers       Isaac          197a 7  0197b
Sumner        B M            190a 2  0190b
Sutherland    James          222a 24 0222b
Sutterfield   Gazawey        222a 1  0222b
Swearingam    Wm             221a 7  0221b
Swearingen    John           219a 2  0219b
Symons        Jacob E        236a 5  0236b

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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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